Copal Herb

If you spend a lot of time outdoors as I do, and live in the United States then you definitely will have noticed this particular plant, in your yard or even in the woods somewhere. It’s called Copal. For in-depth information, this species is also called The Tree of Heaven, Chinese Sumach, Copal-Tree, Stink Tree, or Varnish Tree. It is often confused with sumac; which is a highly poisonous plant when ground level but looses its toxicity as it grows taller. They are similar in appearance. So be careful. Copal, or the Tree of Heaven can be distinguished by the foul odor it lets off. Yes! It does have a terrible odor!

But, so do many other herbs that people work with. This plant can definitely be used to ward off negative entities involved in malicious speech or gossip. It’s a great way to smudge for banishing ritual’s. You should always ask any living creature, for its permission to take from it. Usually, I just look for some of its leaves that have already dried off and have fallen, on the ground instead of just picking them off. If you do have to take some from the actual plant itself, make sure that you have a very sharp knife or a pair of shears, so that it does not inflict any pain. You don’t want any bad karma and your rituals.

This plant specifically has a masculine vibration to it. Which is very strong for banishing any unwanted entities from the location. You should always do this during the proper Lunar cycle. This plant is related to the God Cainte in the Celtic pantheon, overcoming the negative speech of enemies, gossip or someone expressing their negative opinions against you. It will also help in eliminating rumors and curses uttered by words.

You will want to make sure that the leaf is fully dry. Bind them up with some twine which is flammable, and then smudge away! Be sure to ask the spirits to remove any unwanted gossip or rumors against you, and to continue providing protection against them, in the future. The smell when burned, is said to cause an aversion from the spirits, to want to attack you verbally. It also, causes their nasty rumors to turn back on them, those who are spreading them themselves. Enjoy!