The Cemetery

There is an old cemetery which is in a sane asylum’s old burial grounds and also, where people buried their vets. This is very close in location to where my home is. One day, I was projecting out of body. and flew up into the sky. As I did, I went over a baseball field towards a water tower. I saw a huge sewer pipe where energy vampires were hiding. They started to chase after me once they realized that I was there in spirit form. I then tried to get my spirit body back to my physical body. I was very much afraid. I can remember floating up and to some tall trees to hide, but for some reason the leader of this group of spirits could not cross over outside of the vicinity of where the baseball field was. I was very happy to be safe. But I noticed that he could not cross the baseball field after me. That give me a lot of relief. Then I returned home afterwards, I jumped back into my body…

Then one day, my daughter Amber and I had decided to walk our dog. I started to notice that we were in familiar surroundings. Then I told her, this is where “I travelled out of body”! I told her that we needed to continue following the path, to discover what was there. Usually, when I end up physically at a location that I’ve visited spiritually, there’s a deeper meaning to it. So we followed my memory from the OBE travel and we did discover something! We found an abandoned cemetery.

Now what had happened was that, we were walking across the baseball field and the sports complex there. Once we got to the other side of the sports complex, we noticed a big abandon field where there were multiple spots scattered all over, that were kind a sloping in as if someone had dug a ditch there at some point in time. I am mediately knew there would be some spare activity in this location, due to my out of body experience. So we walked across the field, and we ended up tripping on something sticking up out of the ground. Looking down, We found a little piece of granite. We looked a little more closely and found that it was a corner granite and it lifted up just enough to be seen, buried deep under mounds of grass. So we started to dig up that corner of granite. We discovered that this was actually a tombstone. So we didn’t take anymore. We just cleared the grass and dirt away from the tombstone itself. We started looking around to see if there were more. For certain there were hundreds of greens. When we walked down towards the sloping ditches in the dirt, we saw that these were marked grades as well. They didn’t have a tombstone that just a little piece of concrete with a number on it. So I started to channel psychically, and discovered that these were patients from the nearby insane asylum. That insane asylum had many stories told about it that we had heard while growing up. There’s enough to petrify any child and the local county. It was also known to be haunted as well. The graves with the granite team stands, we’re definitely veterans as we did find a memorial stone up a hill, with the flagpole. I definitely made contact with a few spirits that day, but it was broad daylight. I felt more safe, and we did not stay long as we left only an hour later.

After telling my son and my daughters friend, they wanted to go and take a look as well. However took my son only that day because my daughters friend could not come, and my daughter did not want to go out that day. She gets in her moods where she wants to isolate herself with Netflix from the world LOL… I took my son, and for sure it was another day of making spiritual contact. We even found another rude bearing off from the cemetery in which led to a hiking trail that led you to the insane asylum. Walking down that road was surrounded by woods, specially on either side.I had visions of insane asylum patients being brought back here, back in the day. They were beaten and sometimes even died. My son and I didn’t like the energy, so we ran back towards the sports complex, and went home. I did some more channeling work later on, and discovered that the sports complex had been built right over top of old graves. I did go back not long after. My son and I had done a Ouija board session and a few EVP’s. In some of the photographs that I took, I found a demon in the picture. I deleted that photo right away, out of fear that it might attach to me. Usually, spirits attached if they know you have seen them. And the spirit did not look like a friendly one at all. It looked like a native American Indian, but had strange animalistic legs. It was very well-defined.I shared the photo with a few of my closest friends with in my inner circle of students. I told them to delete it as well.

Just the other day, my twin flame and I wanted to go for a midnight stroll. He is a spiritual fanatic just like me, so he wanted me to take him to the cemetery, because I had told him so much about it. When we got there, it was very dark and we both immediately felt the energy of the spirits who were trapped within that cemetery. There are many times spirits try to use my light as a portal back into the spirit world specially if they are stuck in the veil or purgatory. Some spirits are aware that they’re in such places. Especially ones that did not have knowledge, died confused, or were just bad people. There are many other reasons for being dropped. I’ll go into those at some other time in the future, but to continue on with my story…

There was a lot of dark spiritual energy as we were walking around. Jonathan and I both saw shadow people, a mist of spiritual energy, and felt many different negative vibrations all around us.

Spiritual vortexesComing up out of the ground. This was in the area of the ditches, where asylum patients were buried.

Spirit orb flying across the same area.

Spirit vortexes zipping all around,Even as Jonathan ran through of them.

He is a lot braver than I am even though I have been a psychic since I was a little kid. I should be used all of this by now, but when it comes to dark energy, I never get used to it LOL. Plus, I think because he doesn’t see them yet, it doesn’t seem as serious.Definitely could feel the spirits there though, and he did see the shadow person for sure. But, as I was trying to run away like a little coward, he was holding onto my arm. He wanted to stay and continue to be investigating so to speak, but I didn’t want to. I ended up getting to leave. But I felt something attached to us on the way out. Both of us individually.

I kept feeling energy running through my energy wings, down my back, into my lower back, down around my hips, straight down the front of my legs and in between my thighs. Lastly it reached my feet, where they started cramping up pretty badly. if I taking too much energy, my feet will begin to cramp up. I also felt something grab my wrist, while Jonathan and I were walking down one of the darker dirt trails where we had seen the shadow person. It got so bad that Jonathan had to walk behind me, to protect me from attaching any further as that is where it was trying to.

In the morning, I woke up with these bruises….

The energy was pretty intense. It was definitely so strong that it marked up my physical body like a poltergeist. Jonathan still wants to go back to the cemetery after all of that. But I think that he learned that it’s better to go during the day LOL

I had to do an energy clearing later on but I never got around to it because we felt like the spirits and left us alone after we left. However, the next night I ended up getting attacked again. The energy drain was so supreme, I couldn’t even keep myself awake or get up. It is very serious to mess with spirits, and cemeteries. Be sure you are ready to deal with the consequences. Or, at least be knowledgeable. Even after all of my many years of experience, it still sometimes gets a little out of control for me even still. I’m glad that I put my Metatron Grid protection back up now. , In order to really experience the energy. But now that it’s back up, I have nothing left fear. Spiritual energies are definitely very dangerous. Be careful when going to your local cemetery.

As for us? We are going to go back though… hehehehe.𗀇 To Be continued.