When You Wish Upon A Star…

I have a great fortune in manifesting wishes. I am so happy to have this. In my life, it seems everything I have ever wanted, I have received. Not always right away. But it came…  Many think, it is so easy to has this occur in their own lives, but it takes such a great faith, no shadow of a doubt, and no second guessing. There is a saying to “live and let God”. This is so true!  I once waited 15 years for one of my wishes to come true. Time is non-existent anyhow. So, to me while it came quickly, I doubt many would have the patience to actually wait that long, and after even only a few weeks, they would give up. Hey, it takes time for people, places, and events to be influenced and changed, to make a wish come true. It is the same with magic! I have so many people want magic from me. Everyone is different though. Some got it in one week, while others got in a year. Some did not get it at all, as they had blockages, karma, doubts, or they were not subconsciously ready.

It is an awesome thing to be able to bring in many dreams and hopes. I never ask in greed though, and for what I do ask, I make sure to give back to the Creator or the spiritual world for. I do. Always. It is an even exchange. Tonight, and tomorrow, we have the Orionid Meteor shower, which is really Haley’s Comet, dropping off a lot spiritual energy, in the consciousness that comes to Earth. Stars are the heavenly host. Angels are called this. I know as a messenger myself, that intelligence comes from these larger bodies. Therefore, each meteor shower, is an oncoming group of souls. very shooting star, carries a new soul into the reality, and then it vanishes into thin air upon incarnation, leaving the physical vessel it used for a ride, in seconds. As the rock falls to the Earth, the soul is already in the new body. Wishing upon a shooting star is in all actuality, wishing on a the growth of a new soul. Since it still is closely connected to its soul family, until it is born, it has great power. I always have faith in this knowing. Tonight I saw three.

First there was one the size of a cantelope. It looked like a shooting moon! Then, the second I saw was red. The third, was tiny, and white. All frequencies of new souls. I know where each came from too. The portal was wide open from Orion this evening. not all of the souls will actually incarnate though. It is knowing which ones, where they came from, their intelligence, and their contract, that helps. Some only want to know what being in a physical womb feels like, and will leave either right after or soon. Some will be born. Some, they just come through this atmosphere to “feel” it, and then sit in the spirit realms here for another plan. Many do not know as I do, the truth and the blueprints, but I am not bragging here. I know many of he others out there always think I am. I am only saying. However, in this knowledge, I suppose it gives me an advantage of knowing who is who, and where to find them. It also helps me to know which to wish on, and which will help. They grant the wishes as an act of goodwill upon coming here, to bring joy into one’s life upon their entry. So beautiful.

I wished for peace, and love, and for people to start helping me and not dislike or reject me. I need to get my message out there in the world. I also wished for all of you to be safe and happy. The third wish I made, I did not make for me or anyone out here, but instead for those new souls to happy lives. I felt, no one ever thinks of them, so I would. I hope these wishes come true for all of us. I know they will. Welcome, to those souls, who will be known as Tamika, Bradley, and Anjan. May this world treat you right!