Scorpio’s Tale End


Today is the full Moon in Scorpio! I just recently did a piece on Astro interferences for this month. As the month is closing, I will have another update for the new month of May. However, let us close out the month in knowledge of, the full moon in Scorpio.

Firstly, we went through some pretty intense warrior like energies recently. We had all of our astrological fighters, coming together in a war within the sky. We had Aries and Sagittarius, as well as the Sun’s intense energies, coming together to create a lot of interferences that made people feel defensive, touchy, edgy, and had many bringing up unresolved issues from the past, blaming others, having miscommunications… And so much more.

There were so many people feeling uneasy just from that energy combination, that it definitely ruined a lot of friendships that drifted apart during that time. Now, I wish I could say that we were in the clear. But we are not. Scorpio is the grudge holder. And it is also a water sign which totally invokes your emotional state. On top of this, the moon is also involved with your intuition, your emotions, your hormones, and also the vibrations of your aura because of the frequencies of the emotional field that it effects. The body is also made up of a lot of water. Almost a very large percentage of it. Of course this is going to affect the physical bodies well-being as well. The waters of your body are connected to a lot of the systems inside of the body, that need that water in order to work. We are looking at the circulatory system, the endocrine system, and even your digestive system… because of waste.

With all of that being said, we can come to a very sound conclusion of what all of these energies together, are going to bring about. With the full moon in Scorpio closing out this months warrior energies, you may still be feeling some resentment towards others, maybe without a reason to. Perhaps maybe, you do not even know why you feel that way to begin with. Or perhaps, you are misreading into things, that have led you to feel that way at all. It may also draw up old issues deep from the past, and the subconscious mind, that can create some feelings of resentment that are hard to let go of. And, if there are notAny people in your life that you have felt resentment towards, then this will definitely bring up things that you resent your self over instead. Perhaps all the things that you did not achieve and wanted to, things that you should have not said but did, all the relationships that you let go of but not we’re no any people in your life that you have felt resentment towards, then this will definitely bring up things that you resent your self over instead. Perhaps all the things that you did not achieve and wanted to, things that you should have not said but did, old relationships that you let go of that perhaps you were not fully ready to yet. And, perhaps friendships that you may have lost, and wish that you did not. Now, if you are in individual who has already had some resentment whether with yourself or with others, this energy here is only going to intensify that more. Either way, everyone is definitely going to be feeling some type of way in those areas.

A grudge, is an old conflict or issue that has never been fully resolved yet. That could be, where some of the resentment issues are stemming from. For example, if you have unresolved issues with a parent in your life from childhood, or perhaps a lover that at one time hurt you,… Things like that. If you were holding onto it, then Scorpio in the full moon will definitely have it hanging over your head, for you to do some thinking about.

Now this energy is not always a negative. As I always teach everyone, there is positive and negative in everything. But if you truly think about it, even the negative becomes positive at some point. Everything is crucial, and beneficial for learning. With Scorpio in the full moon, you may be feeling your intuition heightened. But are you reading into it the right way? You could get some misinterpretations in your intuitive notions, if you are still struggling with grudges or resentment issues as stated above. This may make it difficult for you to read it to other people’s intentions, due to trust issues that stem from the past, that you may be hanging onto in those grudges and resentments that come up. Scorpio in the full moon can definitely have your emotions on edge. It intensifies your feelings. Small things, may feel extra large to you this remainder of the month and into the new one. Things that people say, you may take the wrong way because of your emotions being at this very heightened state. Like I said in the last article “Astro disturbances”, many people make a great big deal out of mercury in retrograde. However, that is not the most frightening energy in our zodiac’s cycle. it’s true, that many times I go online around the retrograde cycles of mercury, and all that I see is everyone posting about it. It’s true, that it has become a bit of a trend. In light of that, it is important to also have knowledge of other things that can definitely affect you personally. Especially, when it has the potential to affect not only yourself, but your spiritual development, friendships, and your relationships with your lovers or your family. Now, is definitely not a good time for you to be making decisions or choices. I suggest that everyone wait it out, to the middle of May.

That is because, with the energies that we are just coming out of, and Scorpio in the full moon here, you could make decisions or choices based upon some intensified emotions, and then come to regret it later. This is why, during these periods of astrological interferences, are usually with drawl. I am not as social on social media or on line, as a result. I also try to avoid answering any text messages or taking phone calls, because I know how these energies play a part in relationships and communications. It is definitely a good idea to hold off, in making any life decisions or choices. But for sure, Scorpio in the full moon is going to make you feel as if you are picking up one things and with your emotions a little unstable, you may believe that the negative feeling that you are getting, is true. But it’s not. You are just misinterpreting it based on the intensified waters of your soul caused by Scorpio in the moon.Imagine it like this… Scorpio is a scorpion. They sting LOL. Now imagine when you are in the sea with a wound, like a scorpion sting. The salt water is definitely going to make it burn. However, it is a good point that salt water helps heal wounds. So after this small period of time in which Scorpio rules the moon, you will start to feel much better after it has passed. We have some very beautiful energy is coming up next month for everyone, as the cycles of the stars continue on.

I can tell you that from my own experience with this months energies from beginning, all the way up until the finish now… That it has made me very edgy. I have been full of anxiety. I have felt a nervous shaking in my body, and I certainly have been a little sensitive over things. There were many times, that my feelings were hurt throughout the month, and I had to kind of with drawl and pull back, just in case I was maybe feeling a little more intensely about it, then I should have. It takes great wisdom and self awareness to know, when your emotions may be justified but maybe not to the great extent that you feel them sometimes, only because there may be other influences at work. The truth is, that Mars and Pluto both have influence over Scorpio. We know that Mars is the planet of inner warfare, and warfare with others. We also know that Pluto is exploring the depths of one’s subconscious mind. For example, I have seen many people this month really drawling to the surface, content from the subconscious mind. However, Pluto also represents mysteries within one’s self, their connection with others, and life, as well as the divine… That and they need to come to terms with and understand. Pluto is also highly representative of the occult. The word occult just simply means hidden, and that definitely brings to the surface with in Scorpio, that there may be many hidden influences and factors around you, that you may not be aware of. They could be playing a major role, into your reaction during this period as well.

Obviously, the DeVine is always ruling over us. Many people like to keep control over their own lives any events that take place. But it’s true that we can’t always do so. I always say that free will is an illusion because, either you are living according to the will of the lower power is on earth who influence you there, or you are living according to the will of the higher heavens in the better good that they want from you there. It is extremely difficult because what people don’t realize is that what you do on earth, is totally controlled by the influences in social conditioning and in the world around you. But when you surrender to your higher power, then you started to work wonders in your life, when you allow them to take the driver seat. With Scorpio in the full moon, this brings that inner warrior, due to Mars being involved, to the surface. That is really what all of this is about. Who is in charge of your life? Is it God or is it the world? Are you making the best choices in relationships, friendships, and in resolving issues with your past, that are really helping you? Or do you give up and run back to the things of the world for comfort to cope? Whatever your answer may be, it is true that the heavens will always have a part in what happens in your life each day. If you are living your life allowing your emotions to rule over you, having an inner battle with yourself, then for sure things are going to come tumbling down. But if you are surrendering to your higher power and listening to the guidance, things can go a lot better and more smoothly. The full moon in Scorpio helps you to be reminded of this.

As the energies for the month come to a close, keep in mind that right now what you may be feeling or thinking, maybe real, but are you looking at it the right way? Could there be something hidden within yourself that you are fighting with, that has caused you to have the outlook that you do? And if you are having issues with other people or someone in your life, could it really be that this is something that has to do with yourself instead? Everything is a reflection of yourself after all. Be careful with your emotions this remainder of the month. Be sure to meditate and release these energies through healthy practices like yoga, and any type of athletics. Take your mind off things with some comforting music. By the time this is all over with you may just be able to balance yourself back out, that everything seems to kind of fade away or fall into place as it should anyhow.

As I had stated, I had been feeling some shaking is inside of my inner self. That can relate to your sacral chakra and your solar plexus areas of your spiritual body. Now, I was feeling this way because I had felt a number of other people, who are going through great or deal with in themselves this month. But for others, when these centers of your spiritual body, or unbalanced, you may be feeling angry, wrathful, jealous, spiteful, insecure, competitive, afraid and also very nervous. Because the solar plexus often relates to your will, if you were wheel has never been aligned with your higher self, there is a good chance that you may return to old things in your life that were never healthy for you at the time because of struggles you have been trying to fight through, but maybe felt that you couldn’t. It has to do with the ego big time, because the solar plexus rules the ego if it is not aligned with the will of the divine. You may find that you are taking part in self-seeking pleasures for yourself, which could lead to the collapse of your spiritual development. Your natural instincts may also be off because of all of the chalk or is connecting together. If one is off-balance, then many of them will also be that way. That could mean that while your solar plexus is experiencing disturbance, your sacral will also. That can lead to picking up on the wrong instincts about things or even instincts, when there’s nothing to pick up all at all.Nevertheless, unbalanced, you will be feeling a lot of the above. That may lead to you losing some important people in your life as well as the fall of all of your spiritual development that you have worked on. Don’t return to your past or old pathways at this time.

If you are feeling well balanced, then you will allow your crown to rule the rest of your spiritual body. Unbalanced, you may be feeling some intense pressure on the top of your head since Pluto rules the crown center. But if you are in a more balanced place with Scorpio in the full moon, you will feel quite intuitive and you will feel very aligned with your divine will and your higher self, as well as picking up on some discreet messages from your subconscious in which they are communicating. Your relationships and communication with others will be at their greatest place.

Good luck everybody with the energies of this month as they come to a close with Scorpio. For sure, I am often connected to many of you, and I can feel that there were some of you out there having struggles. Always know that I am here to talk with. And that I definitely understand more than you know.