Strange Things..

I was walking down the street last night getting fresh air. I thought I was the only one, as it was dreary, cold, and raining. I held my umbrella, and thought to myself, “I love the rain”. I worried about Haiti then, and Florida, all of the places effected by the hurricane, so I stopped at the rain drenched playground as I was passing. I wiped the swing with the back of my sleeve, and sat down. The umbrella did not fit between the swing’s chains but I found another way to hold it, so I could still have coverage. I started praying. Usually, when I pray, my prayers are answered ASAP. Even though I pray for like 3 hours at night and two during the day, I needed to speak with spirit again.  I asked for healing, hope, and to raise enough money in my Fundraisers, not only for those suffering in the disaster, but also for the families in poverty, for the Holidays. Last year, I gained some support from a few people, and it was helpful, but considering how many are struggling out there, it simply wasn’t enough. This year, so many people in different situations, need the support. I pleaded with the Lords for assistance.  I think to myself, I have 3005 facebook friends, and only about 20 of them helped me. If each one gave a dollar out of that 3005 people, I would have much to work with in helping people. It kills my heart, because many say they are lightworkers but will not spare one dollar, to give to those in need.

After the prayers, I continued my walk, hopeful the requests would be heard.  I made my way to the convenient store. A nice cup of tea at this point would be wonderful. I was cold.  At the store, I was in line to pay for the tea. I felt a vision coming on, but I fought it. I pleaded “Not here, not here”…  But unfortunately, it happened anyway. I stopped in my place, standing totally still and my eyes wide in a stare. They rolled to the back of my head a little, as the scene began to unfold.

I saw Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump making a deal some time ago. She would pay him, if he would be the worst running mate, in order for the people in the U.S to feel they had no better option, than to vote for Hilary. I kinda knew anyhow, as I had many visions on their relationship as distant cousins in the past. The vision did not end there, I started to see  other things too. A death in the family, and  I also saw my own death later on. I came to, being shaken by the lady who had been standing in line with me at the register. “Miss, Miss, you okay?” She asked as kept rocking my shoulders back and forth for me to snap out of it. I was embarrassed. I started to cry as everyone stood there watching the whole ordeal. “Come sit down Miss”, the store clerk told me. A chair was brought from the back and I sat for a moment covering my hands over my face in total humiliation.  “Do you have seizures”? I was asked. I told them no, it wasn’t a seizure.  I got up to go home, but everyone kept insisting for me to rest a moment. Funny, I knew they said it not because they cared, but because they did not want me to pass out on their property,  and gain a lawsuit. I was fine though. So I finally got up, and left, feeling so humiliated, because none of understood, nor did they truthfully care. Everyone was looking out for them. I started my walk back home in the rain. As I did, I was still active in the visions coming in, only not as intense. Instead of the future, I was seeing the past clearly.  So much time had gone by in life, so quickly, and it still does.

When I got back, the kids asked where I had been. Then I told them what happened. Noah made fun of me, and said “Mom those stares that you get with your visions, are really crazy looking, I wish it didn’t happen in public”. I felt bad for him. If I were a kid and had a mother like me, I would be honored, but at the same time, embarrassed too. I was different, and the kids and their friends did not understand. I finished alot of work earlier on in the day. So I sat with the kids and my father to see their Presidential Debate with Trump and Hilary. I am not a politics person, but the entire conspiracy of this election is mind blowing. As I sat with the family, I thought to myself, wow, I wonder how Noah got to the bus stop for school today with this rain, because I had the Umbrella the entire time. So I asked him.

“Noey how did you stay dry on the way to the bus stop for school this morning? He looked lost, Amber took her ear phones out for a moment to listen to the conversation. Noah told me “Mom there was no school today, it is Sunday”. I know I remember him getting up and going to school though this morning. I saw him waking up, getting dressed, and being downstairs with my parents in the morning. Amber then cuts into the conversation. “What day did you think it was Mom?”. I thought it was Friday”, I tell her. And she shakes her head. “Mom, it is Sunday like Noah says, look at the calendar”, and she held up her labtop’s calendar. I start to feel a little overwhelmed. I had told Nancy I would finish her readings by Saturday, and Saturday has passed”. “Mom, just tell her, she should understand, you are not living in this time and space”. “But Amber, I had others for Sunday, some for Monday, and now with this set back. I may not be able to get everyone done on time”. She tells me, that everyone should get it, and I shouldn’t be being rushed anyhow, as it is my vision, and insight and my spiritual essence being used. I agree with her, but many anticipate their readings, and I do work to serve others, not vice versa. I leave the living room and go sit in my office. I was 2 days behind in human time. With the visions that embarrassed me at the store, and then this, I really wanted to hide. It was so strange, and not many get it. I wanted to take some time alone, but instead I worked on the readings I was behind on.

Getting a few done was a relief, but looking my client’s past life, I started remembering my own, and someone I loved, who was there back then, but not  in this life with me. I really loved him, and miss him. Imagine missing some one for a year, or a few days even? Not so bad compared to missing some one from 479 years ago. My weekend is eventful, and at least now I am back on track with human time. But I still do not want to go back to that store any time soon. After some careful thinking, and finishing the readings, I go back downstairs, the kids are still up. We stay up until 2 am talking, and planning somethings out. Then we go up to our rooms for the night.  I log on to the computer. “I will write a blog, but I won’t post it right away”, I think to myself.. Then I hear “ALLY!!”. I look around, at first thinking it was my Dad for whatever reason at that time in the morning. I get up and go into the hall way to see what he wants, but he is not there. I can hear him snoring through his door. I go back to the room, and pick up where I left off. Then, “Ally”, and male voice yells again. Then a woman’s voice says to him “Leave her alone,”. The make voice says, “its important though”.  It is my grandmother, telling a male spirit, to leave me alone. Mom-mom passed on, back in 2002. I am listening intently now, and I hear the male’s voice telling me to  be careful at night, as there is a spiritual teacher who is having people send me bad spirits. “I appreciate the warning”, I thank him. My grandmother says, she will stay to watch over me for the night.

I felt safer with her being there. But my kitten Jakey comes up and sits on my chest but looking in the opposite direction. I know he sees something, but to me it is cloaked from my sight. “Jakey what is it?” Jakey turns his head over his shoulder to look back at me. He says, “Mama, there is a large man here at the end of the cot what do I do?” I tell my kitty to ignore it, and to come up to the pillow and sleep. But he starts standing on his legs and using his front paws to battle whatever invisible entity in front of him. He makes a few huge swipes in the air, before the fur on his body and tail stand up, and he comes to the pillow like I had suggested.Must be the spirit that I forewarned of, by mom-mom and her companion.  I ask Jakey to describe what he saw. He says it was an older gentleman, bald, and he was very unkind in the face. I send light, and then ask “Jakey is he still there?”. “Yes mama”, he says in his adorable baby kitten voice…. I try to rid the room of the spirit. To no avail.

I pick Jakey up, and leave the room, if I can not get the spirit to leave in my power, than it must be someone with alot of pull down here n Earth. And without it subjecting to an angel’s light, shows it is a spirit who does not accept the light. Me and Jakey pray downstairs. Soon, the spirit is gone. We go back up. I thought, for one night I may try close my eyes and sleep, it was a very odd day. Especially, earlier that morning where we had a poltergeist activity in the home.

I wonder, “Who would hate me so much to send me an evil spirit?” I think over the list of people, and then get a vision of who. I am shocked. Well, maybe not. I had always felt something there with this person anyhow. So them sending me this energy, is not too surprising, just unexpected as to when. Terrible, that a another spiritual teacher would hate so much that they would send me harmful energy.  This is not the love and light that I hear them preaching about all of the time. This is pure wicked.  I lay down, and Dad knowing how I leave the body, and stop breathing, checks on me, every night to see if I am okay. “You still up Ally?”. I says “Yes Dad, me and Jakey saw a spirit, its okay as we handled it now”. He looks tired and ready to go back to sleep. I am not. I am so amped up. All day, it is like this. I can never sleep with this vibration. I wish I could, I used like dreams, and dream walking when I was small.  But not anymore.. “good night dad”, I say as he walks away. “No Al, I think you mean good morning, and he points to window where the Sun is coming up. It is a difficult thing live in this world and not fit in here anymore. But there is alot of mystery and adventure, so I am grateful to be, only wish I could semi normal sometimes. LOL.

I build a fractal cage of protection around me for the rest of the morning, anything can happen, in a day in my life..