Tips- Surviving Depression

Depression, it seems like a loss…

All around the globe, depression is gripping so many people in it’s grasp. There are so many different forms of depression nowadays classified by psychologists, that they have a medication for almost just about anything. People try to go to therapists all of the time and often find that they are paying good money or allowing their insurance to pay, just to watch somebody stare at them or doodle in a notebook silently the entire session. Sure, they get the chance to vent, but what does that really do for them? Venting is releasing from that day of stress but what about tomorrow’s? Or the next day after? Additionally, many people end up going to a psychiatrist to talk about their depression and the result is that they are diagnosed with some disorder that ends up making them feel like something is terribly wrong with them. It lowers their self-esteem down further than where it already had been low. What’s furthermore, is that these individuals end up getting prescribed medication for the diagnosis, that ends up causing so many different side effects, that they end up needing another medication in order to cope with those side effects. And who knows? That particular medication may not help with all of the side effects, and they could end up on two or three different types of meds.

Many people don’t research the side effects and they will often try to self diagnose through the symptoms that they are feeling, thinking that it’s something completely different. This is where some thing called hypochondriacal behavior and thinking begins. A Hypochondriac is a person who seems to believe that they’re always unwell, even when they’re truly not.

Energy too, works in such mysterious ways. They always say it’s “mind over matter” which is 100% true. However, some unsuspecting person could walk into a grocery store and find that they are in the middle of the auras of hundreds of different people. Because of that, your thoughts and feelings will often channel through the layers of your aura as well. It cycles those energies back in through the spiritual centers, and then back into the physical body. If a lot of people are feeling negative in the same place at the same time, then that innocent person standing in the middle of it all is going to absorb all of the negative energies surrounding them. They may not realize it at first, but later on they start to feel ill, questioning why. Energy plays a huge significant role in the way that you feel. We can come back to the subject later, as we touch base on depression a bit more first.

Causes and effects of depression

So many people suffer from depression every day but yet they don’t know how to cure it. If not to cure it, many don’t even know how to cope with it. Untreated, depression can wreck havoc on a person’s emotional self, as well as mental. That could lead to other issues later on. For an example, a person who has severe depression that doesn’t know how to cope with it correctly could end up having bipolar disorder. As they struggle to try to find some happiness in their day, they’ll have a great moment of feeling happy, but to only fall down again later. They start to feel as if all is lost again. There are some who may be in severe situations that they have developed depression and anxiety from (abuse or traumatic experiences) that could lead into a state of paranoia. This is called schizophrenia.

There are also a lot of people out there who are severely depressed that they try to escape reality by getting lost within their own imagination instead. As that happens they start to bring that imagination into the reality, living a fantasy over top of this 3-D experience. This creates a delusional state of mind called psychosis. They can go from guru to guru, and from therapist to therapist. The results are almost always the same. The person will feel a little better at first but then eventually it will stop working for them.

I have done enough research and seen enough depression firsthand to know what people need in order to feel better. I have developed a motivational life coaching program on my website for depression and motivational support. It’s a wonderful program that has had great ways of helping others to feel uplifted in their moods, restored hope, and helped them to find the fun in living again. I also have a single service that can be booked if a person happens to just be having a really awful week that it made them feel extremely down.

Depression isn’t always experienced every single day just because the person has it. Depression hides away and as a person produces the right hormones and chemicals in their body to produce a little bit of euphoria to give them the sense that they’re happy one day, it could be just as easily lost the next day if those same chemicals may not be produced. It’s a chemical or hormonal imbalance. A person may know how to try to look at the brighter side of things too. They may do a pretty good job at keeping themselves uplifted, but once again, they fall really hard later. That usually leads to the person “crashing” and getting lost in feelings of hopelessness. After crashing, it’s like a domino effect. Feeling hopeless leads to a loss of interest in so many of the things that they used to love before. It’s a spiral of downward emotions and extreme fatigue.

I do want to add, that a lot of spiritual people feel this way especially. There are three different reasons for that. I have spoken about some of them before in the past. Being spiritual adds even more of a risk of depression due to awareness and sensitivity.

Society has been pushed indoors, forced to do nothing else than to entertain themselves on their cellular devices or televisions. I can pretty much guarantee that Amazon is doing pretty good right now with orders, as are companies like Netflix, Prime, and Tubi. Good for them! Being indoors all of the time will make a person isolate. They don’t have really much of anything else to look forward to since many can’t go outside or go anywhere else for that fact, they’re going to feel down. That will result in thoughts of life not having much left to hang onto.

When COVID-19 started to spread, the indoor lockdown regulations really took a lot away from people. They started to feel this sense of there being something wrong behind the scenes, that they can’t put their finger on. That started to make minds go in so many different places that many ended up feeling lost, as if they weren’t sure of anything. Thats a lot! Confusion, isolation, and sitting at home with ads that scream to you to go spend your money on the products, as well as feeling the magic ripped from your spiritual journey because of it becoming a fad! Being stuck inside will also force people in the home to divide. Believe it or not, nobody speaks to each other in the same home anymore. Everybody is off to the side doing their own thing. That adds to my heaping pile of the many causes for depression. You can also add loneliness and feelings of inadequacy.

Depression is also caused by a chemical imbalances in the brain. The Happy hormone or chemical is called dopamine. Actually dopamine and oxytocin together, work in perfect harmony to create a true sense of joy. Some people lack a production of those hormones which then later end up creating an imbalance because one or both, produce at different quantities at different times. A person can really feel a bit crazy as a result.

Depression is also caused by a person getting stuck in their own thoughts for far too long. Part of the problem with a lot of our youth today and adults to, is that they allow their thoughts to run wild. All of the worries and fears that they have in life seem to go on repeat whenever there’s a moment to try to gain clarity. Instead of gaining that clarity, they gain a tornado of thoughts that gives them scenarios of their fears happening are coming true were consistent reminders of those theories and comfort zones that they don’t want to step out of. As a result of their thoughts full of fear and uncertainty then create feelings of depression.

Those are a lot of big reasons as to why people feel depressed for sure. Especially nowadays where people don’t have the same life they used to have anymore. Normalcy has literally been ripped from society. So many people feel as if life has come to a standstill and without knowing what’s going to happen in the future, that uncertainty about what’s going to happen to them turns into manic depression, and the fear of change or of the future. I have heard some say that they’re scared to change because they fear that it’s possible that that change won’t work out in their favor and that they’re wasting time. There were a lot of people who came to me wondering why if they should continue trying if the world was just going to continue on as it is, making it a little impossible for some to create their dreams come true or to work on their life purposes. But here’s the thing… I have always forewarned about all of this throughout the years and my students should have known that I wasn’t mentioning it just for the fun of it. They maybe did not realize that heaven has a very divine and mysterious way of working things out.

For example, those who were afraid to get jobs in the past when their spiritual guides advised them to, were the very same people that found themselves in trouble when COVID-19 broke out because they needed money for food, supplies and rent when their sources of income were no longer available to them. Some people had lived off of a loving spouse who didn’t mind supporting them, but what if their spouse too had lost their job? There were others also that had worked at home and found that business got slower because people weren’t employed anymore in order to purchase merchandise or services. Listening to the heavens and getting a job when they were guided, would have definitely gave them opportunity to survive. Still, during the first wave of the COVID-19 I would get fan mail containing similar questions like: “Why is God doing this to the planet”? I would reply: “It’s not God. It’s that humans didn’t listen to the advice that God gave to mankind about pollution. He provided a solution or at least tried to prevent any bad situation from happening. But humans were stubborn. It’s true. If humans would have just not been as selfish, it’s certain that the world would’ve been different.

There were also people who were advised to start online businesses. Everybody’s doing the same exact things today. However, there were quite a few people that had received fresh and innovative ideas in readings with me that they would’ve been successful with. What a wonderful time to be advised to create such a thing too! Many jobs were transferred from the workplace, into becoming a work at home situation on the computer when Covid began. If only those individuals too, would have listened. They would’ve had their very own home-based business to keep them busy, and still grew toward financial contentment and success.

If everybody had been prepared with premonitions and warnings, as well as enough advice in guidance that would’ve helped them through this time. It seems as if many just fell into the dark energies of society today and allowed it to consume and weigh them them down. Who can blame them though? And that’s another reason for depression that I was mentioning above in the beginning.


Since your feet connect to the earth, and everything is energy, that means that your feet and the chakras underneath of them are channeling energy up and down from the earth, your body, to your crown and to the higher self. Since your aura is cycling and filtering out your thoughts and feelings that connect you to the environment and to others, then not only are you going to be feeling your own emotions but you also pick up and carry in your energy, the thoughts and emotions of others. Since we are all connected in the collective, it is the truth that what many feel, everyone else will start to feel as well. Once you start to feel sad, you channel that energy down through your feet and into the earth. The earth spreads it all around and then channels it way back up through your feet, to your crown and your aura again.

Additionally, you also have small little cords that connect you to others in this reality. If they’re feeling down, they’re channeling energy down into the earth too. And let’s face it, with all of the people feeling down these days, it makes it hard for earth to heal at all. It just makes a huge recycling bin of depression, being exchanged between every living creature here. I predicted that dark consciousness was on its way, back 2017. All of this plays a role in dark consciousness. It is the very same dark consciousness that is being absorbed by others, and then channeled into the earth and back up, etc. Many people believed themselves to be exempt because they had learned about it prior to it’s happening. A lot of people just didn’t think it would happen to them. But no one was safe if the proper spiritual care wasn’t continuously applied. Care is still needed now. New protection grids every 6-9 months would help with what I call “The Works” package being performed around the same time. A spirit body upgrade once a year helps keep your energy high and having some Angelic Reiki symbols added, in that lock the energy, would tie it all in.

For many, life has come to a stop and every day is like a repeat of the same purgatory over and over again. So how do you cope with depression under all of these circumstances? I suggest others to get the motivational life coaching for sure. Everybody seems to believe that they have great inner strength within themselves and that they can do things on their own. By now many of them will realize that they need the extra help. The Lord says:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5

That scripture is basically saying, that you can’t always expect to solve all of your problems. It’s OK to need help. I have had clients that used to come to me all of the time when they ran into a jam or needed some guidance or insight. They also wanted to learn how to become illuminated. That is a very deep state of existence to go into and is the last and final stage before going to the next level, saying goodbye to 3-D life and understanding forever. It requires perfecting one’s self in many ways but being here, no one will ever be 100% perfect. One must get rid of the ego in order to transcend. yeah, those who came for advice ended up telling me that they didn’t like the fact that they looked needy or that they looked as if they always needed help. The definition of the ego is “one’s idea and image of their self here as well as how they hope or think that others see them”.

It’s true that many use the word “ego” just to mean that a person has some narcissistic tendencies, or is arrogant. But in using this word in terms of spirituality, you are not really your true self here . Your true self is made of the spiritual, ethereal, and everlasting. Being here in this world, the flesh will chase after desires of the flesh. Like attracts like afterall. The desires or obsessive need for fulfillment on a p

Keep all of this in mind. Please believe me when I say that I know it’s a lot, it’s never a bad thing to show that you are wise in knowing that you may not have an answer for yourself or perhaps need to just have a confirmation of your own answer or solution. By seeking out help, it shows great strength and the willingness to learn and grow. Looking at it as if to imply that anyone do think that they were needy, comes from a place within the ego self. Humbling oneself would mean that they came for that guidance and advice whenever they needed it or wanted it, without making an opinion about themselves negatively for it. They would be grateful that they had access to such guidance because like I always say… People pray every single day but they don’t receive any answers. The answers to their prayers, eventually of course comes. But when all things are in order… Only, humans don’t hear words of wisdom directly. Life lessons that are meant to be learned here are often bypassed because of this. Karma ends up getting developed and will hold that person hostage against their own will resulting in their having to come back here again for another lifetime to work things through. Next time, without any memories of the previous life for the new one that they go into. How can they know what they’re learning then? They don’t.

Asking for guidance and wisdom from someone that you trust and someone who really is a voice for the heavens. You will want someone who has an all knowing, all seeing nature, to reveal a great deal of truth. You should have faith that heaven has sent you to the right place to gain help and assistance. It is truly OK to be imperfect as you go about your spiritual journey. It’s about bettering yourself, not about being perfect already. The idea is to eventually perfect yourself in areas that you can. Just do your best for now.

So in other words, it’s OK to need somebody by your side, through the thick and thin, and through the big questions in the small ones. I go to those in heaven for almost everything. Those who know me closely such as my best friend Bella and my daughter Amber, both know that everything that I say isfor a greater purpose and coming from a higher place. Even when telling a childhood story or talking to someone about something normal, I almost always have a Message of Higher understanding behind the things that I say. I am not here for myself but for others and so I will always act as an oracle for those that my focus has placed attention to. If the people around me in my close inner circle and those on the outskirts of that, would only come to know that everything in my existence is to act as a guide for others who truly want a better state of existence. Yeah, even though my life consists of exercising all knowing wisdom from a higher heavenly place, I still go to my superiors for them to help me too. It’s not that I have any major problems because they already know what problems actually stand for and what lessons are behind them, so I cope with them easily. But I will allow heaven to speak through me asking them for help and knowing just what they say to others and for myself. It doesn’t make anyone lowly just because it makes things better to have a support system especially of a secret degree.

For all things everyone should ask for the wisdom of those above them. Then they can weigh it out on their own scales of judgment to see if their own thinking is the answer that they received from heaven. If so, then they have a great confirmation. But yet they still shouldn’t give up on asking you for help just because they got it right a few times. Even if they have the right answer, heaven can put it in another perspective to help them see things from a different point of view. Like I said, the motivational coaching would help a person to have that extra support as well as answers. It can set them in the right direction on the right path again. However, for those that aren’t sure about whether they want to try out the motivational coaching or not, they could at least try to understand some of their former readings. A lot of the material in their Readings may actually have something to do with what they’re experiencing today. A reading in the present always explains the past and says a lot about the future, even if it’s written to sound as if we are only nearly talking about right now. Far too many people look over their reading. Many likewise listen to it when they first get it, and leave it sit there never to analyze it again. It’s very important to have help and support.


Anyone suffers from depression. It’s genetically passed on and spiritually you can inherit generational spirits who trigger the disease. But depression seems more commonly found in specific people.
    Women- females are more likely to have depression than men.
    LGBQT – members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender community seem to have a high percentage of depression. I noticed this as a fact while working with people struggling with orientation.
    Low income families
    People suffering from terminal illnesses, autoimmune diseases etc.
    Spiritual individuals

By race…

Hispanics- 10.8%

African Americans- 8.9%

Caucasian- 7.8%


The symptoms of depression are very similar to those of people living on a very low vibration. In fact, anyone who suffers from depression is more than likely on a lower vibration. This could be a result of any of the things that I mentioned above. Whether it be dark consciousness, spiritual influences, hopelessness, family issues, low self esteem etc… the signs are usually close in similarities.

1. Fatigue

2. Wanting to be alone (withdrawing)

3. Feeling irritable

4. Lack of energy

5. Loss of interest in activities

6. Loss of sense of humor

7. Feeling hopeless

8. Confusion over future

9. Making excuses to get out of socializing

10. Feeling like nothing brings happiness

11. Feelings go from crying, and emotional mood swings to anger and numbness.

12. Feeling really tired and lethargic and then at times feeling restless.

Here at the bottom of this article, I would like to include some tips on how to help yourself. Obviously there are some out there that may need a little extra help and that’s OK. It shows that they have a lot of strength in their willingness to keep fighting onward even if they need someone with them by their side to do that. Nevertheless I still feel as though having some tips and pointers could really help improve the persons situation greatly and so I will add them here. If you are experiencing depression, don’t let it get out of control. People who have allowed their thoughts to spin out of control as well it’s getting lost in their thoughts has become quite suicidal lately. You can see this in the rise of numbers of suicide rates as of recently this year. It is not hopeless, life doesn’t have to feel this way for you, and you can gain protection through having a protection grid placed all around you even if for a little while in order to filter out some of the heaviness. Along side of the tips that I’m going to go into down below, I always recommend that a person have “the works” package to clear out their energies and stay healthy and well.

I have always found that those who have had that particular service quite frequently, have kept an upbeat mood, stayed motivated, had a lot of physical energy, and their thoughts were a little more balanced. Because I pick up or what everyone feels and there are others and submit prayers to me, I can often channel so many people all at once including the earth that I too often feel the effects of the energies. Maybe a little more intensely than others but it’s definitely very hard on me. Because of that I do the works on myself once a week. I know that may be difficult for others to do but it has helped me in maintaining my energy as well as keeping a positive mindset through the struggles. Even though I’m different because I am an angelic soul who has already transcended, I can still channel the negative thoughts that other people have and go on to experience them as if they were my own, even if I know that they’re not. All of that will still greatly affect me. Have you ever felt happy, walked into a room and said hello to someone and they only just snapped “hi” back? Knowing that the person was in a bad mood, you tried to stay away and go about your own business hoping that you’ll stay positive and not allow another person to affect you. Still, even sometime after, you start to feel irritable. You don’t really notice it until you come across someone who’s trying to talk to you and you snap at them just like the other person had done to you. Yes energy spreads moods and thoughts around like diseases. It’s important to keep your aura clean so there any negative thoughts or feelings that you may be picking up one from others, all affect you negatively. There are even far harsher consequences for leaving negative thoughts and feelings in your aura over time. You may not want to take a chance in finding out what does consequences are. But just to give you a hint, you could result in having a health issue, or even worse… Ongoing depression. Even once depression flutes into another persons aura from someone else’s, it latches on pretty strongly and then starts to tunnel into the persons emotional and mental layers of the aura. Makes a hole that then starts leaking energy. Then at the same time, thoughts start becoming more negative and repetitive which then affects feelings again anxiety by adding worry, sadness, and stress. It’s a lot. And sadly that’s what a lot of people are dealing with these days. But overall, you don’t have to experience it at its fullest. Read below to see my tips and give them a try!

Tips to fight depression…

1. Look to the past– try to restore emotions based on the nostalgic memories from the past. Re-live a moment or two.

2. Be spontaneous- Try doing something different each week

3. Stay busy– keep your mind off of sad things by staying busy.

4. Be open– don’t spend time alone. Having others around distracts you from your thoughts and could bring opportunities to vent or even laugh!

5. Follow the schedule- Depression is terrible and it will make you procrastinate in the mornings so that basically most of the day you do nothing. Push yourself to follow a schedule first. Every day will get easier and easier to follow it and you’ll find yourself back in the swing of life again soon.

6. Health Watch– watch your health. It’s true that the worse shape you are, the worse you will feel.Eat right. Eliminating sweets can help balance your mind. Eat brain foods like nuts, blueberries, avocado, and granola. Take a walk or work out. It releases emotions and teaches self discipline which is needed to fight the down times in life.

7. Get sleep- try to sleep if you need to. Sleep deprivation is linked to depression and sleep helps bring the mind peace.

8. Music– Listen to happy upbeat music and watch how it uplifts you!

9. Get outside– nature is a natural healer. Being outdoors brings relief from your surroundings and renews your energy a bit since you will be out in the open and not trapped in stagnant energy.

10. Randomly visit- go see someone if you’re in the area, or get in your car, on the bus etc to go see someone once a month. It will give you something to look forward to. The company will bring some light into your life as well as support. If you make plans to go, you could cancel last minute.

11. Continue spiritual care– continuing with your spiritual care will help you out a great deal because most the time when people are depressed they don’t really feel like doing anything as they have lost interest in a lot of the things that they used to love the most. Sometimes you have to force yourself to do it but it pays off. Try to say a prayer in the morning even if you feel blocked. In the evening, try to do some reading and analyzing in the Bible. I suggest the book of Psalm. which is the best and most motivational. It has a lot of emotions that a lot of people can see within themselves. Get life coaching and stick with it if things are hard. Sometimes having extra help in the background can really take you far in regards to growth and healing. People seem to think that it’s a bad thing needing help or that it makes them look helpless if they have someone to give them a little extra kick in life. You’re definitely not helpless, and there’s nothing wrong with having someone on the side to give you good advice. The most successful people are the ones that have an advisor. Look at it this way, even the greatest of kings and presidents have had an advisor. Maybe you could benefit from having the same.

Try yoga too. Yoga is really great for opening up your muscles and your joints to release any negative energy. Make sure you have spiritual protection and try to do a little spiritual ritual for yourself every day.

That’s all everybody. That’s how you can cope with depression, recognize it and what causes it. Share this article to the other people can find help for themselves.

Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

B.K.S Iyengar