An important reason you feel sick a lot

Greetings! Welcome back. 

I wanted to post an article that served as something like an update about a few articles that I posted throughout time that held major clues in regards to prophetic visions that I had. Those visions were in regards to dark consciousness, world events of today, and a little topic concerning the lungs and lantern flies.

Not long ago I wrote an article about there being black stuff that was coming down through the air and that it was purposely done so. I also mentioned how the lantern flies were sent for a reason. Well if ever there was a right time to explain, that would be now. 

In one of the messages on Alura’s Angels, it was revealed that the lantern flies are merely just a cover-up for the biological warfare that they’ve used in sending a very deadly type of mold that gets into the lungs.

 I spoke about this in an article when I was referring to dark consciousness. If you’re not a member of the website already, to access the article you may have to subscribe. It’s in one of the angel messages or prophecies that I have there. I believe it was in the message of Angel Bath Kol. 

Forgive me for not remembering, I’ve done so many messages for the heavens, and there’s been so many different topics covered there. You can certainly go to the site and search for the term “lantern flies”. It should take you right to the right article.

 I was hoping that my followers would put the clues together. I know that there are some who would really prefer that I just come out and directly reveal things instead of putting some of the prophecies in the form of parables. But please understand that it is very dangerous for me to post about certain things these days. Nonetheless, I feel that if I break up the truth into parts and put it into clues that my followers can look for, it makes it a little easier to get it out there onto the Internet. If I post a prophecy in riddle form on my Angel’s website, add some more details on my blog at Alura’s World, then I can provide further clarity here. 

This makes it so that it’s not all right in one place and not as obvious. I hope that it doesn’t make things too complicated for any of you out there who follow me faithfully. 

Getting back to the subject at hand, The lantern flies really play a significant role in regards to the subject of dark consciousness. The media says that the lantern flies are responsible for the black mold-like substance that grows all over agriculture. Yet I’ve had so many of these lantern flies in my yard over the last few years, and I haven’t seen any black mold caused by them on the plants. What I have seen, connects into my predictions. 

The mold comes from what I was referring to in this entry here. It was written on March 18, 2019. The lantern flies were said to have allegedly arrived on American soil in 2014. But there hadn’t been much mention of them prior to 2018. As of 2016, I’ve been talking about the agenda and the oncoming shift in consciousness that it would bring. I released “Dark Consciousness” in 2017, writing more on it as years went by. By 2018, the world was affected by the shift. 

The following year of 2019, the world was in preparation for what was about to come. And when I say the world, I mean the leaders of it. It was obvious that many people were unaware of the events to happen in 2020. When I released the article in 2019 for 2020, I think many people had trouble imagining that there would be so many awful things that would take place. 

Nevertheless, a lot of things that I’ve said are now openly coming true. I will be doing a video to mark which predictions have happened over time. In the meantime, as you can see, the world is now becoming more aware of a black mold that is permeating the soil throughout the United States. This is something that I was talking about when I spoke of there being a biological weapon. The entire world has mold going through the air, and once it lands, it doesn’t take much time for it to spread. According to “Smithsonian Magazine” it’s found everywhere and causes terrible lung infections. It’s exactly what I’ve been dropping clues about!

“Healthy adults and children can typically fend off a potential fungal infection, but some people—such as older adults, infants and individuals with compromised immune symptoms—have more trouble. Breathing in these fungi can cause them fatigue, fever, cough and other symptoms. Doctors, meanwhile, easily mistake these fungal infections for something else, such as Covid-19, tuberculosis or bacterial pneumonia”.

“The researchers looked at three main kinds of soil fungi that can cause lung infections in the U.S.: histoplasma, coccidioides and blastomyces. During construction, farming, landscaping and other disruptive activities, the soil can release fungal spores into the air. Once airborne, the spores make their way into the lungs and breathing passages of nearby humans.

Smithsonian Magazine;
Sarah Kuta
Daily Correspondent
November 28, 2022

Back to the lantern flies, I have a garden outside myself. The lantern flies sure do eat up a lot of the leaves of my vegetables, but there’s never been any black substance. The only time I’ve seen a black substance was in the last two years, including this one, where pumpkins or any other type of outdoor decorative plant that I have left outside, became covered in black mold. To add to this, we also have black mold in our home. I believe many people have it from getting within the ventilation systems and any open windows. Not only is the terrible pollution because of people feeling extremely fatigued, but black mold poisoning also causes the same type of symptoms throughout time.

If you remember, I wrote an article combating what other people were saying in regards to awakening symptoms. I had compared carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms to a lot of the symptoms of awakening that were listed throughout the mainstream websites for spirituality. The delusion of the New Age movement had people believing that when they were feeling ill, it was because of awakening. Sure, you’ll feel a lot of emotional turmoil through awakening, but your body should never feel physically ill. Because of the black mold in the air and the a really toxic carbon monoxide that exists within our atmosphere, what many people are experiencing today comes from the fact that our world is so polluted from human beings, and that the agenda has also unleashed the biological weapon that has some kind of mold in it, that weakens a person’s immune system. When you add the fact that they’ve released quite a few different viruses that affect the lungs mainly, you can see that they’re clearly trying to connect it all together to look like a natural phenomenon. 

This is especially dangerous for the elderly and for children. If you think about Covid, it wiped out a lot of elderly people. Now there are viruses that are attacking children, especially. I visit a lot of park areas for recreation, but my children are not allowed to play on equipment anymore. I would highly suggest that people consider wearing a paper hospital mask over their faces when they go outside and to use an air purifier indoors. If you have children, make sure that you use hand sanitizer a lot. Also wipe down your door handles and any other knobs in the house, with bleach wipes.

If for any reason, you see any kind of light, gray or black, dusting on the walls or ceiling of your home, or any kind of dusty hair, like fibers accumulating on your furniture or knickknacks even as soon as overnight after you’ve clean them, then you can pretty much be sure that you have mold getting into your house. You may want to make sure that your ventilation system and windows don’t have any leaks, and that you wash yourself pretty well when coming in from outdoors. Never wear the same clothes twice without washing. 

I can’t provide any other solutions to the issues that the world is facing today. However, putting this truth out there I can at least help people to understand what’s happening a lot better. The lantern flies were definitely a cover-up, but they’re also being used to devastate our farm lands. Between famine and pestilence, food is becoming pretty scarce. This also adds the fact that we’re going through inflation in there are issues with trade in the import and export system. This is also something that I warned about in the angelic prophecies. Please make sure that you do your best to keep yourself germ free, and to protect your lungs in any way that you can possible. Boost your immune systems and use Mullein. It helps. While

A good Light Therapy healing can also eradicate issues in the body that all of the above tips alone can’t fully help with. 

Many of you have had symptoms of a cold for a long time. The air is toxic, the world is toxic… in more ways than one. Be safe and healthy!

The anxiety of knowing

Recently, I was so very deeply touched by one of my students who came to me in my messages on my app. I was previously thinking about deleting my group on Facebook because of the difficulties that I’ve had in expanding my reach beyond them. Yet, even though my student respected whatever my decision would come to be… She recently asked me to not delete them. 

The reason why was because she was so concerned about the emotional health of the people in the group that she felt that it was a good place for them to find support. She had even said that she wanted me to keep the group up even if I never commented in it ever again. She touched my heart so much that I truly felt inclined to keep the group up indefinitely.

The reason why she had sent the message to begin with was because of another group member who had posted their feelings about some of the prophetic visions that I’ve included in the many “Angelic Heralds”, on my “Aluras Angels” website. Throughout time, they’ve all been very detailed about the many things that the angels have revealed to me regarding things to come in the future. A lot of those things have come to take place, but there are still so many more events to come. 

There seems to be an underlying common theme to all of the messages throughout time, if you read them all in order and try to understand beyond the surface. Many of my readers often have difficulty discerning the meaning of some of the prophecies because they are written in parables. However, I think that anyone who truly has a love of spirit and seeks to truly understand, can have the ability to decipher the meaning behind those messages if they really tried to. I have taught my students extremely well. By this point in time, many of them should have enough insight on how to understand. 

For those who are still struggling with understanding the cryptic prophecies, I truly don’t blame them. I know that sometimes it’s overwhelming enough just to read the parts that are in clear Layman’s terms that it might distract them from being able to focus and decipher through the metaphorical descriptions. Yet, I have to say that it’s important that I put the heavenly messages in the exact wording that the heavens provided them in. This is because the heavens feel that anyone who is meant to understand the message, will. If they don’t, then perhaps it’s just not time for them to. There could be a variety of reasons as to why it just may not be meant for them to understand. 

For one, they may be too sensitive, and can’t handle the truth behind the message. Heaven may be trying to protect those sensitive hearts by making it difficult for them to understand me on the surface…

Because of the prophecies, the heavens have provided a great deal of advice regarding how to be better prepared. In fact many of my clients have come and asked how they can be more prepared. They’ve asked if they should relocate somewhere else, and if so, where and when? Some of those clients happened to be in Florida. 

The heavens provided the insight for them that they should leave Florida to avoid any upcoming catastrophes that were on the way. Florida won’t be the only place that’ll experience many destructive events, it’ll happen all over the world. But for the sake of this example, many of them happened to be from Florida.  Quite a few of my Florida clients were told to leave by October in order to avoid any difficulties. One of my Florida students in particular, had asked when to expect a hurricane. She had read in one of the Angelic Herald messages that had revealed that there would be a hurricane. She wanted to know when it would happen, so that she could relocate if needed. The hurricane ended up happening just as I had told her that it would, on the brink of October. Hurricane Ian was certainly a destructive force. 

Many of the other Florida students that had come for insight as to whether they should relocate or not and when… hadn’t taken the advice to relocate after all. Instead, they remained right where they were. Hurricane Ian destroyed a lot of their homes. My heart truly goes out to them. Yet it should be a reminder that it’s important to listen to the heavenly insight so that everyone can be properly prepared. There are still so many things that are to come. This wasn’t the only example of how people did not listen to their heavenly insight and ended up facing a difficult consequence. It’s not a punishment, it’s a “cause and effect”.

For example, if someone tells you that a bomb is going to explode on main street, you certainly aren’t going to go stand on Main Street. I’m sure you understand what I mean. The point is, if you don’t listen to the advice that heaven provides for you and your family to stay safe, whatever happens is because of your own decision. It’s important to take the advice seriously.

Let me just say that the last herald had a lot of prophetic visions in it, but many of the Angelic Herald messages all have an underlying common theme. For years now, the heavens have been trying diligently to provide us with the insight that we need to stay a few steps ahead. Many of the Angelic Heralds, as well as the one just recently posted, have all pointed in the direction of there being war on a global scale. One of the prophetic messages mentioned countries at war with each other, but the names of the countries were disguised as animals. The recent angelic herald had some pretty cryptic truth in there, but some of it was pretty clear. “Stars falling from the sky”, “bombs bursting in air”, etc.

To add to the validity of the prophecies that were provided in 2016 and onward, we now have talks of nuclear war going on. I don’t want to scare anyone but it’s important to point out that the United States just purchased a new drug in October 2022, that is supposed to help save lives in the event that there something causes exposure to extreme radiation. Nuclear warfare definitely exposes people to radiation. With the amount of debt that the United States has right now, I doubt that they would invest in to something if they did not know something that made it important for them to do so. I’ve told family, friends, and everyone out there online who reads my work, that they really do need to keep themselves safe. Here is the link to the drug if you don’t believe me. It’s a drug made in case of nuclear danger.

The heavens have given me a location on where to go for me and my loved ones. Sadly, the matrix is always messing with me in order to try to take me down or get rid of me entirely. This isn’t anything new. I have had to deal with it since I was a child. You can’t imagine how many near death experiences I’ve had already, just in this lifetime. I have faith that the heavens will help me, but we are running out of time. I am experiencing some trouble financially still, and I know that the heavens understand that I still need some time to get some things together.

Recently Saturn brought some bad luck upon my mom and her house, which we all live in and that has been pretty costly. I also need to get surgery and unfortunately my health insurance won’t cover it. I’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for it and it’s going to be a lot of money. I am supporting everyone in the house right now on the income that I have, and with inflation, it just isn’t going very far. I’ve had some very nice people who have helped me by purchasing some services so that I could add the funds to whatever I needed. I’m certainly very thankful for that.

However, this time, I’m in a little bit of a jam where the amount of funds that I need is just far too much that it’s going to take me quite a while to gather it all together. It seems that the malevolent forces that always try to come against me have finally found a way to make life difficult.

The reason why I am saying all of this, is because… if any of you are able to take heaven’s advice to relocate to the location that they advised you to, don’t hesitate. I am praying diligently that I still have enough time to be able to get my surgery and get where I need to go before the bigger things happen. For those of you that are in a similar situation, I want you to know that I am praying for you all too.

I love you all so very much and I am truly sorry if any of the messages in the Angelic Herald caused you any anxiety or grief, but I am just trying to help. It’s so important to take the words of heaven seriously, especially now. For some of us, there may be forces at work that are making it a little impossible to make a move at this time but I know that heaven will find a way. Please don’t fear and pray with great faith that you’ll be helped at the appropriate time.

I know that many people wonder why I face so much adversity when I have heaven on my side. Heaven does help me, believe me they do. They have done so much for me. But I am here in the devil’s playground so to speak, and there are far more evil forces here. Those forces don’t want me here and they certainly don’t want me teaching truth or speaking for the heavens while I am here. They even try to scare off my students by causing them bad luck and implanting negative thoughts in their minds. I really hope that you stay strong and that you never give up on me. Your love and your belief alone give me the motivation and strength to continue fighting.

The heavens want everyone to know that there’s no need to fear. All things that are happening, are happening this way because they’re meant to. If everyone has faith and seeks out the advice of the heavens, they will be safe. For those who can’t seek answers, if they have faith, I am sure that heaven will protect them somehow as well. Even in this very trying time in my life, I am not losing any faith myself. In fact my faith is stronger. I hope that hearing of the trials that I’m facing and the blockage that it creates, that you’ll be inspired to still remain just as strong as I am, when facing your own hardships. It’s not easy to live in this world and especially to be responsible for others while you’re living in it. I know all too well how expensive it can be to support a large family, home and bills.

For those of you that don’t have those responsibilities, be grateful for the easier road that you have in your life. Show that gratitude to those that are sheltering you and caring for you.

In the meantime, I will continue to look for property where I need to go, and I will keep my scheduled surgery date in faith and hope that heaven will help me. Whether you’re having personal difficulties, money troubles, health problems, family issues, or if you are just concerned about things that are coming in the future regarding the world, if you are struggling with faith in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my app. I’m here to help you. I know that life can be difficult and that the difficulties can try to mess with your faith. I see it through many people that come to me struggling with theirs. I have helped countless numbers of people both restore their faith and find a way to feel more hopeful.

I will post a video just as soon as I can. I hope that it will help everyone to lessen the anxiety that they may have regarding the prophecies for the future. Please send in any questions or concerns that you have, so that I can address them in the new video. I’ll put up a post on Facebook where everyone can comment what they want to know or talk about. Remember, I’m not allowed to talk about something’s, if heaven hasn’t permitted me to. I feel I’ll be able to answer slot of your questions and add helpful insight nonetheless.Please send in your question/s only in the comments on that post though. I want to stay organized to better have a chance at answering as many as I can.

I hope that you all know that you’re loved so very much and that I only ever just seek to do what the heavens guide me to do. Just as much, I’m not only do what they guide me to do for others but I’ll also listen to the advice that they give to me for myself. I trust them.

If you read the messages through the angelic Herald, don’t dwell on them and trust that if Heaven has given you a plan, it’ll all work out for the best 

A special thank you to my beloved friend Shauna, for caring about my work and the well being of others. I know that many of you feel the same, but I wanted to express my gratitude to her because she gave love and showed concern toward another group member when they were having difficulty recently. The Facebook group will remain”.

The adventure of Gidget, the mommy Ladybug, and animal totem.

I sat in my living room, cuddled up with my four year old. We were watching her “one hour” television time for the day. She had spent the day with her two year old brother playing and doing some art. But now it was time for just us girls. My little man had been put to bed and we went upstairs so as not to wake him. This was before I had lost most of my electricity.  

In the meantime, we wanted to enjoy the time that we had together. 

It was an amazing thing because we had just watched a movie called “Miniscule” about an adventure of a ladybug that got lost from his family and while looking for them, made friends with an army of ants. It was an adorable little cartoon. But here, as I looked up at the ceiling there were two ladybugs here in our home as well! 

What a coincidence right? As I got up to inspect them, I saw that it was a mother and baby ladybug pair. I looked at the spots and markings very closely and I pointed them out to my little girl. She was excited that the little character from our movie had come for a visit, so she thought. That would be what the mind of a child would conclude right? I went with it.

We watched them for a little while in amazement, these two beautiful creatures designed and created by the heavens. Ladybugs have always been a symbol in my family because they strongly related to my grandmother who loved them. She loved them so much that she had ladybug decorations in her home. Of course she loved hummingbirds too,  but ladybugs seemed to stick out with her more. She passed a few of her animal totems to me when she died. When she passed away, thousands of ladybugs had somehow gathered on the side of my house. It was another odd and rare occurrence. I have never seen so many ladybugs in one spot. 

Animal totem, mysticism, ladybugs,  animal spirit

But that night there were two of them in my home. We watched the interesting show of their flight, and suddenly out of curiosity she asked me what their names were. Being able to channel most things, I asked the mom what her name was. 

She told me her name was Gidget.

 I couldn’t get the name of the little one though. 

Gidget had told me about how they had come in through my back door after having to escape a predator. However she never mentioned what predator that was. Knowing insects, it could’ve been anything. I decided to leave them alone. Me and my little girl sat back down and had a wonderful discussion about creation and when we turned to look to see if the two ladybugs were still there, only the baby was left. 

Baby was left all alone. Where was the mother?  Frantically, we looked around to see if we could find her. Due to the movie we had seen, we didn’t want to see this little baby ladybug get separated from their family, and so we searched diligently. Finally we found the mother at a distance on the other side of the house. We picked her up and brought her back to her baby. We gathered both up in a cup, and took them both back outside. We put them in our garden.

The next night, both of my little ones were asleep downstairs. There were no little rascals awake to keep me company. I was just about to begin working. I had a couple of clients on schedule but I also had to finish up a few previous tasks. It was super quiet. I like it like that as it brings an essence of peace to my home. But in the midst of the quiet, I could hear a clicking against the wall. I looked and to my surprise the mother and baby ladybug had returned.

 I inspected their markings again to make sure that it was the same pair. The mommy and baby from the previous night before had very distinct markings. The mother had been almost an orange/red color and had six spots scattered on her back. She had four spots on one side, and two on the other. For the baby, he had been a little bit more on the orange side and had two spots. Both at the top near his head, one on each wing. I could confidently say that it was the same two. 

It was exciting to see them back in the house again. But how? We had let them go in the garden and they certainly wouldn’t have known to just come back through the door. We hadn’t had the door open much that day either. I was very surprised, but also a little bit puzzled. My mind was trying to figure out how this could be. I wondered if there may be a nest somewhere in my house and they knew to return to it? It was just too odd.

When I found them all in my home again for the second time, I had to inquire of the ladybug what she and her baby had been doing that led to them getting into the house. When hearing that they were being chased by a predator, I was more than intrigued to find out the rest of the story. The mother ladybug told me that on that first day, she was spending the day helping her baby ladybug to learn how to fly. After he got the hang of it, they rested in a very large forest.  

Animal totem, mysticism, ladybugs,  animal spirit

Nevertheless, they were let out again. Seeing them come into the house twice was already a sign but if they returned a third time? I would just know in my heart that there was a significant meaning. Sure enough, on the third night they returned. This time they brought with them the father ladybug. I truly hadn’t seen him before until now. I was really amazed by all of this. How truly exciting. Most people would have probably just squished them. But me? I was delighted in their company. I let them have a free roam of my house and I was excited to tell my little girl how they had come back again for a third time.

I worked over the course of the night. The ladybug family stayed on the living room wall. But a few hours into my work I started getting a little bit of a negative feeling from behind me, where the ladybugs were. I just nonchalantly turned around to take a glance, but it was then that  I saw a spider. It was slowly creeping closer and closer toward them on the ceiling. He was an ugly little bugger, red and brown. He was definitely headed in their direction. 

Spiders weren’t really too much of a surprising encounter in my home since we always have had so many of them. Just recently,  we found a huge spider in my laundry room that looked much like a tarantula. My son also shared with me that he was getting spiders in his room quite often. I know that spiders often come out from their hiding places when it’s humid. It has been hot lately, and I figured that they were coming out of the walls in order to cool off. I hadn’t seen one myself in about a week or two. 

My Lady bug guests were just gathering together as an innocent little family, when this mean spider decided he was going to try to make a meal out of them. Well I just had to stop it! I grabbed the spider in a napkin and threw it out the back door. Afterwards, I gathered the ladybug family together in a cup and put them on my grapevine outside. I figured that they would be safe there while taking cover under the large grape leaves.

Animal totem, mysticism, ladybugs,  animal spirit

The next morning, I was giving you kids breakfast and I happened to see that the little ladybug had gotten back in again. This time the rest of the family hadn’t been with them. I wondered what happened to them all. And so I communicated with the little guy to find out.

I showed the kids and then I let the ladybug go, taking them a little further away from the house at a time to ensure that he wouldn’t find his way back in again. What was the meaning of all of this? It wouldn’t be hard for me to interpret.

Ladybugs are a symbol of metamorphosis, just like the butterfly. They also represent family. They represent love, and partnership. I believe I did another article somewhere on my other website about the ladybug spirit totem. But in this case it wasn’t just about them being a ladybug, it was the overall message that they brought with them. It seems that these innocent creatures were always being stalked by a predator. Predators can represent a lot of different people in a person’s life, but spiders themselves represent people who will suck the life right out of you and leave you empty. It seems that as a mother with two children, there must be something or someone in my life that is trying to do just that. An entity? A person? A resource? Only the heavens know.

Protecting the ladybug family from the spider represented that there is definitely someone behind the scenes protecting me and my family. 

Appearing in the home was a sign that me and the kids feel a little bit cooped up in the house together lately. But even though there’s a great big world outside, it’s full of even more danger. It shows that we should always remember to be grateful that we have security and a safe haven. They got separated multiple times and so that is the sign that I need to keep a better eye out on the children. I am always right there by their side, but perhaps these ladybugs are trying to warn me of something to come. Perhaps that means that I’ll have to pay extra special attention to where the kids are at all times,until that time comes.

Ladybugs are also in some cultures seen as a sign of good fortune. Having a whole family of them appearing in my home together, tells me that even though we have hard times now, that will be blessed later in the future. I have had a hard time. Seeing these little creatures definitely served as a promise, but also a warning. It was nice to see the little family travel together and that I could keep them safe as they were visiting my home inside. 

It’s a wonder that people can still find such great amusement in these tiny little simple things. More and more every day, people become so lost in their technology. I don’t see children playing outside nearly as much as I used to. When I was a kid, we had to play outside. We were told to find something to do, even if it didn’t seem as if there was much of anything to do at all. I would always converse eight with the heavens and any divine messenger that they sent to me. They would show me all kinds of wonderful things, such as insects, clouds, birds, even just little blades of grass that contained a whole world underneath of it. I’m glad that I can teach my own children to be just as fascinated with the same. 

Seeing the ladybugs had its own separate meaning for my little girl too. A ladybug and her mother, represents how strong our bond is and that she should always look to me as a role model and guide. The mother ladybug was guiding her baby after all. They should also teach her that there are many dangers in the world, and in order to be wise and escape them, that she should look to me for answers and safety.

The ladybug appearing in our lives was not only a symbol of something, but a wonderful gift. I’m angelic and so any creature when it visits, is definitely a wonderful encounter. I’ve met a lot of life forms.  Star beings, deities, elementals, humans, animals and insects from all over Earth, its spiritual worlds, and beyond it. I have always seen everyone among those, to be a gift to the Universe in their own ways. Although, no offense intended….the human race is one out of the very few races who are a most destructive species. 

I have a great idea based on this post. I’ll add it to my Facebook profile. 

Forest? I know now that she meant the grass in my backyard. She had said that there was a very large wasp chasing them. I was a little surprised to hear that that was happening, because she had entered the home I thought, at night. She clarified that it didn’t happen at night. She and her baby ladybug had actually been hiding out in my home having arrived in the late afternoon. She told me that they were a little intimidated by the loud thumbs and booms of our footsteps and the barking dog. Yet she felt some type of safety there, the form of motherly protection around her which she found later, to be my energy. She told me that it wasn’t until we turned on the living room lamp that she knew that the light was a sign of hope and escape. They could see us sitting on the sofa, and she knew that I wouldn’t harm them.

She was very thankful that I relocated them outside, but it seems that the same wasp had somehow tracked them down again the next day. She entered the home with her baby the second time, through a crack in the sliding glass door that was made when my mother opened it just enough to throw the trash out on the back deck to be taken down to the garbage cans. My garden really wasn’t all that far away from my back door. When we put them outside again, she had found her partner. The father ladybug had been looking for his wife and child for the last couple of days. For ladybugs, days seem like years. It was a bittersweet reunion.

But just as he had found them, it started to rain and she remembered the warmth of being inside my home. The mother lady bug had led her husband and child back inside. They all had witnessed how I had saved them from the spider that was about to prey on them, and they were grateful for that as well. She told me that they were trying to stay as still as they could, that perhaps the spider would think they were dead and not find interest in having them for food. Spiders don’t eat things that are dead already as they like the challenge of catching their prey, and having fresh blood. Apparently though, the spider had seen one of them moving earlier as he had had his eye on them for a while, hanging in a corner hiding somewhere and observing.

The baby told me the rest of the story when I found him back in my home, but at that point he was alone. 

He revealed that the next day they had all gotten separated again as his mother and father took him to go and search for their home. Resting from all of the searching, they all rested on my ivy vine. It’s a huge vine, climbing from the ground and reaching almost up to my roof. The baby had fallen off of one of the leaves while sleeping and tumbled down to the ground. He couldn’t find his mother and father again because when they woke up, they didn’t see him with them. They figured that he was off flying around somewhere and went to look for him. It didn’t occur to them that he had fallen. Away they flew, while he was left behind down on the ground. He knew that they were probably already some distance away by the time that he climbed back up the vine. Afraid, he remembered what his mother had shown him, when she brought him into my house. He knew it was a safe haven according to his mom. That’s when I found him the third time.

For any species, life is a scary but wondrous thing. Could you imagine being anything but a human for an experience?

I want everyone to just consider the meaning of the ladybug but to also appreciate all living things and to treat them with love and respect. All things matter. They live and breathe, and they have a world of their own. Just because men can’t imagine or see from a different perspective, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Try to look deeper and treat everything with value. Everything on this earth is a way that the heavens can experience things here through all things. When you look at a creature or even another person, you are looking at the heavens, possibly looking back at you. Eyes aren’t just for everyone else to see, but they act as cameras into our world for those who live beyond it.

Sustaining Spiritually: How I use healing to cope

Spiritual health, healing, stress management, reiki, spirituality, depression, faith, journey

These times that we’re living in prove to be difficult. There are a lot of demonic presences that are influencing people these days to act irrationally, aggressively, and hurtfully. In fact, many people are not who they used to be. Even if a person is trying hard to maintain, they may find that they’re fine one minute, and the next they’re not. Some inner form of anxiety and aggression takes them over. I work with the public and have many experiences in it. This happens everywhere though, even within the family. If a person is not taking care of themselves spiritually the right way then they are more vulnerable to the energies that are targeting everyone. This also includes dark consciousness which I know many people disregard when I mentioned it, but it is a crucial element to what’s going on today. It relates to the biblical scripture in which I had referenced of when evil will be cast from heaven “so speak”, and walk the earth. They can’t walk the earth, they’re not physical. The only way that they can do that, is through entering the consciousness of humans to walk through them. I’ll explain more down below.

On top of this, we also have the planets which lately are causing a lot of problems energetically and in everyone’s lives individually, in different ways. With all of these influences around us, people are extremely sensitive, defensive, and I’ve noticed that they don’t talk to each other with kindness anymore. People are ready to launch a verbal attack right away, and they don’t think before they speak. Others are losing hope and faith. There are many people out there that also just don’t care anymore because they’re under so much stress and have experienced so many rude and hurtful people over time, that they just don’t feel that it’s worth the effort to act righteously anymore. It’s true that with global issues and economic decline, that people are in a desperate way. It has become “every man out for himself”.

I see it all of the time, how many people even in a family, act without love toward one another. It’s understandable that people get stressed out and frustrated, but when people are just totally void of any kind of consideration to look at their loved one with love and kindness in their heart most of the time, then you can truly tell that the world has gone to that point of no return. Empathy is truly something that is near to almost lost.

Yes, even speech is just utterly devastating at times. I’ve heard some truly terrible things. Just the other day someone was using foul language around my children and someone who was with me had asked that person nicely to watch their mouth, at least around the kids. Yet, The individual couldn’t even respect the children in the room and replied with something even more foul. They had said: “Suck my enormous gigantic donkey d*?%!”. I tried to give you an example a while using the punctuations to fill in the rest of the curse word. This is how people are for the majority, at least around where I live at New Jersey.

I don’t judge people that curse, but there is decency. When there are little kids around people should have that mindset that the kids don’t need to hear certain types of words and as a result show some respect. However, even going out to have breakfast for my little ones, the people at the next table were using every single curse word that exists on this planet. And that is no exaggeration. Even just to ask them nicely to be a little more mindful, I knew it would get me nowhere. Therefore, I sadly had to sit through an hour of having to listen to that when my original intention was just to get out of my house for a little bit to spend some nice quiet family time somewhere.

It was really a good sign of showing the people around me just how badly the world has gotten. Again, if grown-ups decide to use curse words on their own time, I certainly don’t like hearing it myself, but I don’t judge them. It’s just the fact that people don’t think the way that they used to. When I was growing up, people still cared about acting a certain way or speaking in such a manner, around children. Just last night I took my nightly walk with my son to walk our dogs. as we were turning the corner, a girl started screaming at us about our dog, even yelling really loud to her friend who was only like 2 inches away from her: “Oh my F-ing God, look at that mother f-ing dog! F$&*! Is that Noah? Yo, f$?*! Hey dat ya mom Noah? Nice to F-ing meet you Noah’s Mom”!

I was totally in shock and had to step away from my son. He was trying to be super polite and just answered the girl’s questions and then told her that he had to get going. As we walked away, I asked him since he is a teenager, why kids don’t care about how they speak in front of adults anymore? He told me that he didn’t know because he himself always tries to be polite. Yet it was a perfect example of the lack of respect or morals that this world carries these days. I’m sure the girl was a beautiful person? and I’m not judging her just by her speech. But it did make me question why she felt the need to speak that way and especially while someone’s mother was right there?

There are so many things happening today, from great to small that show many of my predictions coming true. I’ve been talking about all of this since 2016 on upward, up until it actually has been happening today. I have many videos and blogs that show people that even though the world has always had crime and immorality, that the predictions that I made in 2019 for the 2020 events, all really proved to be true. The social distancing, being locked down indoors, separated from everyone really did make society change in the worst way.

There’s so much negativity, that even just a few years ago I had to isolate myself pretty badly being “psychic sensitive”. Now, I can feel the terrible cloud of energy everywhere I go at all times of day until I do my energy work on me and my family. I try to keep myself in a positive mindset, I am all about good health, stable and clear mentality, as well as balanced emotions. All of that helps my soul. But I’m not going to just take care of myself, I’m going to make sure that my kids and my animals also feel content too. I usually know when one of my children are feeling badly from it all. My daughter Amber works in the public waitressing. At restaurants people do have the ability to order drinks and so after a few too many, people do act differently. It gets to her sometimes too. I’ll do a lot of energy work for her behind the scenes, only to see a huge difference afterwards.

The idea is that there are a lot of spiritual influences causing all of this. Like I said in the paragraph above it is a variety of different things that are happening today energetically and through the influences of society that are creating all of this devastation. People are experiencing things and they don’t even know the reason why they’re having them. Hatred, anger, vulgarity, it all comes from spiritual interferences that trigger people to act outside of who they used to be while their heart was still full of a great deal of love. Instead of love, stress, depression, worry and anxiety fill their hearts instead.

What’s worse is that these particular types of emotions bring up very dark thoughts. This includes also subconscious thoughts and fears. It’s enough to drive anybody crazy. It’s definitely not a good way to go through life, allowing all of those things to affect you. Evil will try to implant thoughts within your mind that are totally opposite of who you are. I’ve had people report that they had sudden thoughts of harming other people, when they’re not even that type of person to begin with.

I really do try to find solutions for everyone including me and my family. However, it’s really hard to get people to listen to the advice these days. Whether it’s suggesting that they keep up with a healthy regimen of Spiritual Readings and Healings, having a Spiritual routine, or it’s just suggesting slight changes that they can make in themselves or their lives that could make things a lot better, it seems that they acknowledge what I’m saying but when it comes down to actually doing any of it, they don’t. Even if I try to deliver heavenly insight of something that is wrong or perhaps maybe they’re viewing something the wrong way, they get super defensive and go on attack mode. It hurts me when I see people that have been devoted to their spiritual pathway for so long, have to suffer through the ways of the world today at its effects.

In order to stay healthy and get through all of this, it is really important to follow the advice. However this is a blog about what I do. And if any of you find that it’s helpful for you or that you think it could be helpful to you, I am going to have a discount code up until the end of September 2022 that people can use if they want these services. Use helpfulhealing as a code at purchase. It will to help you save 30% off of anything that you think you need to help yourself energetically. I had a sale like this sometime ago and I was really happy to see how many people came through to make sure that they were healthy.

If you’re feeling angry, defensive, depressed, anxious, lazy, emotionally sensitive, or any other negative vibration, there could be a few reasons as to why you’re experiencing that. What’s concerning is that all of the below issues are responsible for illness, drain, fatigue, unclear thoughts, hearing voices, sudden rage, sudden bad health, health deterioration, possession and a damaged spirit body which creates even more severe issues.

Causes for those problems are: 

  1. Your own aura is conflicting with the energies of the environments that it’s creating a new frequency that is unbalanced and becomes a severe interference.
  2. The energies of environments that you go into are causing static interference in your aura.
  3. Both your energy and the energy of the environments that you are entering are creating a new negative frequency that causes interference.
  4. Natural disasters like earthquakes, are throwing your natural chi into a reverse flow.
  5. The spiritual energy of others or someone specific is negative and unhealthy that your aura and chakras are reacting in a desperate way due to the toxicity.
  6. You could have a hole or tear in your aura.
  7. There could be a clog in your Nadis, kundalini channels, or chakras.
  8. There could be an implant in your aura.
  9. There may be an entity or psychic vampire draining your chi.
  10. You could be mentally and/or emotionally over analyzing things that it throws your auric layers related to those areas in your energy body into overdrive, keeping too much of your own toxic energy trapped in them poisoning your own energy.
  11. You could be due for a new protection or upgrade.
  12. There could be a strong EMF current nearby.
  13. Your area could be a target of energy warfare, resulting in strong fields that are unnatural and creating symptoms of feeling like you’re dying or extremely ill.
  14. Your home environment may have toxic energy or be in need of a protection grid and angelic infusion that can protect, balance, and stabilize the vibrations around you, each day.
  15. Any of these issues may be happening while also affecting your physical health too. There could be a serious health problem being created.
  16. Generational spirits (if you still have them) could be causing drains as a way to unmotivate you, ruining both your dreams and current goals.
  17. You could be experiencing a symptom of some kind of heavenly interference that was sent to you to slow you, as a result of something that you did wrong.
  18. Possession

In any of those possibilities, it’s important to care for your spirit body by getting help. Your spirit body is just as important if not more  than your physical body. Your soul drives the physical body and both need good health. These times are dangerous not only for our safety but also spiritually. 

It’s not something to hesitate on and taking care of yourself and your spirit body both weekly and if not, monthly… is crucial for staying in a good place all around. If not, you’ll affect your health and you could risk lowering your vibration significantly that it takes from your growth and ascension. That can lead to a return to old habits and back track into a slow descent toward becoming your old self. You also risk possession or attacks, as those things were prophesied about for these times. 

Remember, possession is not how they show you in the movies. They’ll affect you, your life and those around you while taking over in such a way that you’re functioning as yourself but… not really like yourself. Spirits attach from the outside, working their way into your consciousness and once they get that far, it’ll be a nightmare trying to exorcise them. Most people change but remain unaware of the spiritual attachment/ highjacking. Entities seek to ride along like a passenger to eventually drive while sitting on the lap of the driver. The person will feel heavy and sense something, but for regular people who can’t see in a psychic way, they’ll not ever suspect that “they’re not alone”. 

While possession is the worst case scenario, any of the problems listed above have terrible effects of their own and it’s all something to avoid if possible. 

In my life experience as an Oracle and in the last decade or longer of working in this field, I’ve seen how vulnerable a human energy body can be and just how easy it is for the energies to create damage. For myself, I’m ultra sensitive and isolation as an Oracle is necessary. However, I have to live and that requires running a daily errand. I also have to get some air from being in the same environment too. That also requires that I excessively cleanse due to how I read everything around me, without trying. The energies pull at me like a magnet and that can cause terrible illness and drain if I don’t maintain caring for  my spirit body enough. 

I’m not in any way trying to promote fear, I’m trying to ensure that everybody stays healthy. Each and every day I have people who have been with me for a long time, or new individuals that will come to me and tell me how they’re feeling. In the things that I hear them describe to me  that they’re experiencing, it brings me right back to the prophecies that I have made over time. If you recall, I had said that the biblical prophecy of the end times being much like it was in the days of Noah, as one that I specifically pinpointed would be happening during our time. I also had prophesied that there would be a lot of entities walking the face of the earth these days, spiritually alongside people to plague them. 

I see this every single day and how the world has become and also in how the devil tries to warp and twist the minds of those that are trying to remain faithful and loyal to me as a messenger and friend. People may even see this themselves in the changes in the world and in the changes and how their loved ones have begun treating them.

I have another article coming up about that subject. However the most important thing to note now, is that everyone is vulnerable. In the Bible they never told anyone when the events were going to occur, or even when they were going to begin. Many throughout time have tried to give it a go in finding out when to expect these events, but to no avail. In my work, the heavens have graciously given me the gift of being able to foresee and prophesy about when that time was to be expected and the exact things that would come about at the beginning of that time. These were a little bit more in-depth and relatable to the times that we live in, then the book of revelations was.  And they gave us an exact year to prepare. In fact throughout time they’ve been helping us to know when every aspect of these things were going to occur, from the shift in consciousness up until the year of the actual onset of end times events (2020). 

It was said that evil would be hurled to the earth during foretold times (Revelations 12:9). I’ve explained thoroughly and provided everyone with the details that they needed to have awareness with. 

When you look at how the world is today, you can see just that happening! Spiritual entities seem to control the way that some people think or even live in the human world through others. Like I’ve said many times before, they’re not going to hold up a neon flashing sign of lights to let you know that that’s what they’re doing. They’re going to be cunning and remain undetected. However, there will be some signs that can be very telling, that if you are aware enough and careful, you can protect yourself a great deal. I certainly didn’t want to get off of the subject of what this article was originally about, but it does play a significant role in what I’m talking about. 

Still, this article is about energy, and how it is affected negatively. I wanted to share what I do for me and my family that helps us  have a more healthy and fulfilling experience. Many people may think that I’m trying to promote fear and I am certainly not ever intending to do that. This stuff scares me too, to be honest with you. I would not be a true messenger of heaven if I didn’t help others to be prepared or know what to expect. I feel that as the negativity increases, it’s crucial to care for your spiritual body and energy. It keeps you healthy, energetic, clearer minded, and makes it so that bad things can’t affect you as much.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Full spirit body cleanse each week and if not each week, I’ll try to do it at least every two weeks. 
  2. Angelic infusion on my home with an atmospheric grid every three to six months depending.
  3. I perform “The Works” package on my pets and kids every other week. 
  4. I use an EMF grid and Metatron grid on my kids and pets each year. 
  5. Purification sessions on myself, family and pets every three months along with the other services. 
  6. Full body cell rejuvenation for all of us every other month for physical health and youthfulness. 

Doing all of that with a strict spiritual routine, studies, prayer, diet, and way of life has kept us all in a good place. I noticed that when I didn’t do those things, family members were very aggressive and argued with each other. There was crankiness, depression, and they felt very unhealthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. They also lacked motivation. The healing services and lifestyle really keep us all in a wonderful place, much different than I see in most of the people in the world. 

Most of all we stay aware, and we have faith. We put everything to the heavens, and wait with trust. 

That really helps.

Helpful tips

Just some helpful tips in case some of you can’t go and obtain any services for some master healing, I’ll list them down below things you can do for yourself.

  1. Walk and workout daily.  It releases aggression and prevents it. 
  2. Cut out sugar and caffeine, they both cause irritability. 
  3. Listen to instrumentals.
  4. Do yoga
  5. Meditate
  6. Spend time with an amiable pal
  7. Have fun doing kid stuff with your kids, if you have children.
  8. Watch a funny movie.
  9. Avoid toxic people.
  10. Don’t feed into the ignorance or anger of others.
  11. Ask what a person means by something they’ve said, if you at first don’t understand it or have taken it wrong.
  12. If someone is getting defensive over something you’re saying, explain what you truly meant, and leave it at that. Don’t go into it anymore. Just walk away.
  13. Hike, or play a sport.
  14. If you get heavenly homework readings with me, focus on doing some of the activities in them. I truly love the ones that I get and they keep me busy.
  15. Study your spiritual wisdom, read the Bible or other scriptures.
  16. Dance!
  17. Visit beautiful scenery!
  18. Avoid negative words. Negative talk and negative words can also attract negativity toward you.
  19. Eat lots of healthy food, the healthier you are physically, then all of yourself will be in a good place.
  20. If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or irritability try to stay away from alcohol or other substances for a little bit of time, if not for good, then until it at least subsides.
  21. Do something nice for somebody else, doing a good deed always cheers people up.
  22. Use a massage chair.
  23. Practice the virtues.
  24. Don’t focus on the negativity of others.
  25. Join a club where you know there are a lot of positive minded people.

All of that should help keep you in a positive place but that’s not to say that you’re not gonna pick up a lot of negative energy around you. Even just your own thoughts can often contaminate your aura. There’s a lot of influences out there, and so it would always be in the very best advice that I can give, to keep up with your regular care while following these tips. I do!

Saturn’s Retrograde Wrath: My personal experiences

Saturn, retrograde, astrology, horoscope, astrologist, psychic, spirituality, Capricorn, zodiac, alura cein,

I’m sharing the way that Saturn’s 2022 retrograde has personally effected me and my family. The retrograde started in June and ends in October.

I wrote an article about the six retrogrades, but I didn’t mention how each planet’s cycle would affect people individually, because the effects would be different depending on each person. This doesn’t leave me exempt. Even if I may have the foresight to help to get around some of the things that will happen, I’m still going to experience some of the crud that comes with it. It’s all about the lessons in time. Those lessons are often learned through trials.

Indeed people talk about the trials that they face, and Heaven knows how I have had a share in what happens to the people around me who are being taught something.

Saturn’s Effects Alone

Listen to what’s happened lately. This all started right after the retrograde began. It started at the end of June and things are still happening to add to the first issues, and new ones are happening even now.

  1. My air conditioning broke again in June. It was so hot until a blessing came in the form of a another new air conditioner that was given to us as a gift. That saved us from the heat but then…..
  2. The electricity shorted in my home.
  3. My circuit box for the electricity is melted.
  4. No electricity means no more air conditioning…. again. We have only one outlet that works and we can’t use it for air conditioning since it’ll burn that out.
  5. Black mold was found in the air my house leading to nose bleeds and fatigue in my family.
  6. Both of the cars that are the main sources of transportation at my house had issues.
    It’s all happening at the same time.
    Money is really tight, probably not just for myself but for a lot of people. With all of the stuff breaking down in my home it really does add to the presence of Saturn’s wrath.
  7. Business slowed for me until it came to a standstill. (I’m blessed that an Angel makes sure the mortgage is taken care of and that we have food for the kids).
  8. My mom’s checks only equal out to the same amount that the bills come to thanks to heaven but it leaves no room for the repairs.
  9. The sink in the downstairs bathroom broke.
  10. A surgical procedure that I need for my stomach came up for next month, but insurance won’t pay for it.
  11. Taxes happen to be due and so I had to drain my savings to pay for them. .
  12. My son has both school and his birthday coming up.
  13. We ran out of food until September 15.


As a result of seeing a lot of this ahead of time, I spoke to the people in my home to let them know what to be aware of so that they could avoid these issues, but sadly no one took my warnings. I’ve been telling my family from the beginning of this year about many of the events that were going to happen that we’re experiencing now, right before they would happen so that we could do whatever we needed beforehand to fix the issues and save money. But the real lesson for them is that they need to learn to listen and not ignore things that heaven is obviously trying to help them to avoid.. Yes, here I am using all that I have to help them as far as my vision and sight, but yet I got caught in the wrath of the consequences.
I really hope that someday people will learn to take the advice that I provide right away.

Saturn, astrology, retrograde 2022, astrological events
The planet’s energies are truly touching down on Earth

Saturn affects your luck and your financial means. It also plays a role in the magic of manifestation. Saturn adds to the time used in manifesting and how long your luck will run. In this case this planet has gone into its retrograde cycle, it’s going to do all of that but in reverse. Saturn will take away your luck,  getting it to run extremely thin and then make it nonexistent. In a financial situation, Saturn  will have the same effects where there will be struggle and lack of resources to fix the struggles that are faced. 

Since Saturn has a lot to do with luck and money, you’ll find that you may just be one of those people like me who ends up facing a lot of issues that require money to fix. And that’s how it gets you. 

I have said in a previous video before that the heavens are very good to me and I have to say that I am extremely blessed in this lifetime. But what my idea of being blessed is, may not be somebody else’s. I’ve never been wealthy and in fact for a long time in my life we didn’t have much of anything to get by except our necessities. As I got older and started my work in helping other people, I’ve been blessed to have a little more than just my necessities. However, I can’t say that I live a luxurious life. The things that I do for fun are common just like anybody else. I go to free parks, and libraries just so that I can have something to do with the littles ones.

Each day, I only have a limited time to really get out and do anything. As many of you already know I have to isolate after a certain time of day and a little bit before. I can only go out inside of a window of time or I’ll get completely drained. I think a lot of people are experiencing something like that these days though. The energy is super low and if you don’t have the ability to boost yourself up again like I do, then help is definitely needed. Nevertheless, with a lot of the problems in the world today, inflation being one of them…we’re all very limited on what we can do. I try to find fun things to do that are free. I’ll even go for a walk, just to get out of the four walls of my house so to speak. It helps me, my littles ones, Sasha, and Doug to have air.

I consider life to be a blessing just overall. I am extremely blessed in the fact that I could usually afford a little more than I could when I was younger (maybe not so much recently) and I have tried to make sure that everyone is taken care of in my home. But because my father is no longer alive it’s just me and my mom taking care of things now. And it’s quite expensive to take care of everybody and a home.

Since I do try to help my mother to save money on things, I often use my vision to find whether there is an upcoming problem on its way and I’ll tell her about it. But for my mother, she’s never been the type of person that acts in advance. Her lesson is to start listening to heaven in order to illuminate a problem before it occurs. I know that when heaven tells me to do something, I get right on top of it. As for my mom? Not usually. And so a lot of Saturn’s effects from its retrograde are teaching her that having insight come heaven is a blessing because it can help her to prevent having too many things from coming in on top of her all at once. She just needs to recognize that blessing herself.

Saturn, chronic, Father Time, astrology, retrograde,  zodiac
Saturn’s effects can really eat you alive

In the meantime, likes others who are close to people who are learning through struggle, I too am affected by it because I live in the home with her and whenever she doesn’t listen and something happens, it affects me and everybody else too. If she didn’t preserve funds like she was advised to, then we can’t fix the problems. As a result we end up with even bigger ones. I can only help as much as God allows because I have only so much to work with myself. In the past, I have predicted a lot of the world events that are happening today and that included Job loss, businesses that failed, and inflation. I also added a little prediction in there for myself.

In that prediction, I had said that due to my work being about spirituality and involved doing psychic spiritual readings for people, that eventually there would come a time when no one would really please spiritually speaking with me as an advisor, as a priority. Believe me I can totally understand. But it definitely means that I’m going to struggle quite a bit. I’m not complaining, believe me I just thought that by sharing my story, other people can see that maybe some of the struggles that they’re going through now, are a result of Saturn’s retrograde as well. That’s why it’s really important to always look into things. This way you don’t end up like my mother. Or to at least know what will happen to other family members ahead of time, so that you don’t end up like me, a person experiencing the results of someone else’s lessons.

It’s true that the planets do play a significant role in the things that are taking place in our lives every day. However, a general look into things isn’t going to give you as much depth. It’s always good to seek out a thorough analysis of what to expect so that you can prevent things or if they’re not preventable, know what to do to cope with them. Everyone is struggling in the world today and it breaks my heart to know that even though I am experiencing these terrible things, there are others out there going through even worse. I suggest we always pray for them, and for one another.

I truly believe that my mother finally sees the lesson. For now, we’ll have to make due with things as they are until the retrograde ends.

I am very faithful though. I know that heaven will come through in providing some kind of solution for us. They always help us when I ask them to. It may not come right away but it always comes nonetheless. I hope that you’ll have the same strong faith as well, no matter what’s going on in your life. 

For now, I know that my house will be filled with smoldering heat, and that it’ll take a lot to get rid of the black mold issue. I know we need electricity for things and I am blessed that we still have that one outlet. But things like that, they cost a fortune to fix. Yet, I know that throughout the difficulties, it’ll teach the people in my life to not take advantage of life‘s little luxuries. They had this same lesson a year before when we lost our central air conditioner. It’s funny how people will recognize the lesson when they are without something. But when the problem is resolved, they return back to the same outlook that they had, missing the value of wisdom and begin taking things for granted again. 

Sometimes even though you think you’ve understood the lesson, the universe will throw it right back into your lap, to make sure you understood it. Or, to make sure you never forget it. And that is 100% real. 

I care so much about my family and my clients that I always try to deeply implant that knowledge into their mind so that they can truly see with eyes that are spiritually opened so that lessons won’t have to come up so much for them anymore after they’ve developed that type of spiritual awareness. Life will be more of a breeze after that. 

But then again, that’s not to say that you won’t go through anything at all. The matrix has its way of trying to affect you somehow or someway. Even if you are “awake”, it’ll still find a way to come at you through the people that you share the experience with.

Again, there are many times that a person thinks that they’ve understood things, but maybe they didn’t understand it enough. 

Being a human on this planet is truly a strange but amazing thing. I look around and see how people take advantage of everything that they have. I watch as people take advantage of one another or that they take for granted that they even have the people that they do in their lives. I watch as people around the world and in my own personal life, ignore the things that they should be spiritually aware of. When I’m looking, it’s also very clear. It makes me wonder how they can’t see it themselves? but stepping outside of that wonder, I try to understand human nature. I’m sharing the experience with them to understand them, and I’m trying to help them to understand it too.

As these trials have come up during the retrograde of Saturn, it really helps me to reflect on the previous year in how the karmic debts of others, the spiritual lessons in their contracts, and the planets themselves have all come back annually to get people to readdress things or to insert new lessons on their paths. Now that we have six retrograde planets though, I’m sure we can expect a lot more than just this list of things that have happened to me and my family. It doesn’t end until October and Mercury’s retrograde, just right around the corner. What else could possibly happen? I’ve made a list of predictions for me and my family. Hopefully, everyone will play their part to make things easier from this point forward.

As for me? I have faith.

How about you?

Have you experienced the effects of any of the retrograde so far?

I want you all to know that even though I’m struggling financially right now, if there’s anything else that I can do for any of you during any time of struggle that you may be having, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can only offer you some humble insight to help you, but it is valuable. I truly seek to help you all.

Celestial Events of this year: 2022

The heavens hold importance in life. From the tides, to the thriving of agriculture and life. But the celestial bodies also play a significant role in acting as an IV line attached to each of us. Sometimes there’s a healthy does and then there are times that there will be adverse effects. The sky Gods determine a lot.

For the rest of this year, there will be some pretty intense energies coming in because of some pretty charged events that are happening in the sky dome. The effects will differ from person to person, and since a few are rare occupancies, the doses that those events deliver may or may not be ones that you want… but then again they may be.

These events also hold significance in the age that we’re and in, playing a role in world events, Magic, karma, fate, and adding impact to the events to come personally and worldwide.

Rare and/or important celestial events 2022

Mars and Uranus Conjunction
Mars, astrology, 2022, horoscope, celestial sky events

The Mars and Uranus Conjunction is a less commonly occurring event yet it takes place August 1st! Use binoculars to view! Mars and Uranus will share the same right ascension, with Mars passing 1°22′ to the south of Uranus.

This brings the fight within you to the surface, for your spiritual journey. For those that are on it and see that it’s going well, don’t be alarmed when things start to come from the background of the shadows of life that you were less aware of, as it’s your shadow Self‘s way of trying to work through some of those remaining problems. For those of you that haven’t been doing so well, you’ll get more strength and courage to use more motivation and amp up your spiritual pathway.

I advise also that you don’t make any major decisions in your life during the time of this conjunction. Even though it happens tonight, the energy lasts for a little while afterward, giving you time to benefit off of the heavenly energies that are being provided. If you need help, seek support.

New realizations and spiritual insights will come up, both negative and positive quality during this time. This may take you into a whole new phase of your journey. If it’s in regards to general life, you’ll find that a lot of truths start to get aired to the surface. Use discoveries will help you to start makes sense of a lot of things in your life right now. If you want specific information about anything that may be arising at this time, please contact me and check out my spirit team insight or check out a reading that I have called; “Why”? The reading’s focus is on explaining why situations are happening, and the reasons behind them. If you have a specific situation going on and you can’t understand why it’s there or what it’s leading you toward, that reading would be right for you.

Moon phases, Wicca, astrology, 2022, mystical, horoscope, celestial sky events

The moon in all her glory

Moon and Saturn Conjunct

The moon will be highlighted throughout the month with some really beautiful energies. On the 11th, the moon will go in conjunction with Saturn. This Saturnalian energy delivers a good blast of Capricornian passion. With this type of energy, you will be more drawn toward the aesthetic aspect of life. You’ll want to take care of yourself, do something nice to complement your appearance, have a good time and be around others. But this energy also brings with it that capricorne and perfection. It’ll make you a little obsessive over details that maybe perhaps you shouldn’t be focusing on.

For example you want to pay attention to your beauty or health, and if there is that one little zit or a few extra pounds, it’ll really start to eat away at you. Use this energy to be motivated and focused on taking care of yourself, but don’t allow it to cause you to obsess over it. This energy will also provide you with a serious desire that comes up within you, although you won’t know what it is. This is coming from your inner self as your higher self is trying to get you to dig deep and find something to fulfill an area of your life that needs a little extra added spark. Could it be love? More success? If you are going through a part of your journey where shadow self issues come up a lot, you may find yourself fighting in areas of love or career instead, and this would be the perfect time for you to dig deeper as to what stands in your way in those areas.

The moon brings up your emotions and reflecting that off of Saturn, it makes it so that a lot of your emotions do you have to do a lot with Self, the material world, and things that you feel are wrong in it. Even though this energy can take you into a path where you start working on those things and improve, it does come with it some moments of feeling badly. Don’t get stuck in those thoughts and feels!

Horoscope, astrology, 2022, celestial sky events,
Aug 15. Moon Conjunct with Jupiter

It was already amazing enough that the moon and Saturn complemented one another, but now on the 15th we will also get a wonderful dose of the moon and Jupiter. 

Now, you will find that you are focusing more on self improvement as well as trying to get somewhere in regards to your financial situation and career. Back when focusing on aesthetics and health with Capricorn and the moon’s energy, that will have brought you to the point where you’re realizing that you need a little bit more in your life in regards to fortune. In order to achieve the dreams you have, money definitely proposes an issue if you don’t have enough of it to build a foundation on building those dreams. This will definitely prompt you to want to change that and improve your situation overall.

You will also find for some, that thinking about this could possibly bring you down. If there really aren’t many opportunities right now, you may experience the reversed side of this energy and feel as though you’re going nowhere. This could leave you feeling stuck and without direction and how to go about changing things. Can always come and seek for career advice around that time. You may even be feeling a little bit of this way now.

Since the moon is all about emotions, inner longings and secrets, Jupiter will start to get you to question whether the things in your life are what you really want in it, after all. Capricorn will bring some of your hidden desires to the surface and it may confuse your emotions to where you feel confused in life generally overall. Jupiter and the moon will give you a little bit of a chaotic mess within yourself, as you start to question whether those desires are that came to the surface, are what you really want after all. You may feel as if you’re stuck at a crossroads at this point.

Overall, Jupiter will heighten your reflection of self, where you are at at this point in your life, and where all of that leaves you in the mist of the world. The moon will add emotions that perhaps may be a little bit hard to cope with. You may start feeling as if you’ve failed in someway or that you’re going nowhere. Don’t believe those emotions. It’s merely just an illusion that is meant to act as a prompt to get you to get up on your feet and start moving. However, those that sink into depression instead of looking at things like that optimistically, may end up self victimizing themselves at that point and start feeling as if it’s hopeless. Don’t allow that to happen. Use whatever thoughts and feelings come up at this time that indicate that you’re not happy with your life or self, not to feel worse but to use it as motivation and inspiration to grow even further.

There will be some with certain celestial bodies in their astrological charts that will find that they gain a lot of blessings around this time. They may end up with a windfall profit or increase in their financial income somehow. For many that are using the positive side of this energy, they may even feel a burst of energy that will complement the motivational aspect of the conjunction. For others, they may feel drained and a sense of self loathing. Remember, don’t fall victim to these energies, rather use them for the best instead.

Uranus retrograde, 2022, astrology

Uranus goes retro August 24.

Uranus goes retrograde on August 24. This will send your mentality into a tale spin. Erratic behavior or mood swings might be possible. There is also the potential to experience an emotional awakening, or a sudden turn of events that allows a breakthrough. Life will go through changes and so will you, and during this time the events, thoughts and feelings resulting from them will unfortunately not be pleasant. Many dread the Mercury retrograde cycles but seldom ever pay any mind to Uranus. Uranus is rough.

This will be a time where your mind plays the most tricks on itself. Most of the things that you’ll think that are negative, may actually be just the illusions of your mind. This means that you may end up feeling down on yourself, thinking that you can’t succeed, or even thoughts that seem unusual for you.  I have had people contact me about some very illusionary thoughts they’ve had that we’re out of this world. One of the most nicest people in the world actually had thoughts during a Uranus retrograde that they were a murderer when they hadn’t even entertain any thoughts of killing anybody. This is definitely a weird time. 

Are your thoughts actually your own? Or are they products of the retrograde? If you’ve been struggling with things like this for a while though, could it be something you’re picking up on in the environment as an empath or is it your real shadow self?  It’s time to look deeper, if that’s the case.

This is also the time where life tries to play tricks on you. You may find that strange things happen. Bad luck comes, and in the slightest ways. For instants, something that you think is so small that doesn’t need any focus at the moment, actually ends up being something that you absolutely had to get done because without it lots of things start to fall apart. You may find that the people in your life are acting a little funny around this time too.

For those of you that are blessed and don’t experience bad luck or anything, those who are walking their path to illumination and are already in a place where they transcended a lot of stuff, you’ll find that you benefit from this energy through seeing a lot of good luck and clarity

Perseid shower, 2022, astrology, celestial sky events

Perseid Showers

What a blessing! Will some of those Star fragments actually be new souls who will be born on earth? If you’re 10 weeks pregnant by the 9th of August there’s a good chance then and after that your little one could have come to earth as a starseed riding out the wave. 

Additionally, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. For Star buffs like me, you’ll make this an entertaining event. Grab some outdoor lounge chairs, and a late night picnic snack and lay back to watch. It’ll be happening throughout the 9th to the 15th with the peak being around the 13th. 

The energy is wonderful! From the dates that this shower is going, it does fuel your inspirational spark. The shower is actually going on from the end of July but is usually more visible in August. The best time to watch would be right as the moon is setting, as the conditions would be more favorable since it’s the darkest around that time.

Partial Solar Eclipse Oct. 25

Partial Solar eclipse 2022, astrology, celestial sky events

The partial solar eclipse in October prepares the way for the total lunar eclipse in November. This will really put people into a place where they are balancing out their duality, or at least trying to. Your romance or desire for it will be emphasized, along with your own artistic self-expression. You may find realizations that help to understand why those areas need improvement or extra attention that will guide you to the right ideas to make those departments in your life even better. 

People will gravitate toward greater drama than usual and you might be inclined to strike out on an individual path, rather than one of social bonding.  

Many are feeling disconnected more these days anyway. Social distancing has been negative, as far as isolating others from one another. To reverse feelings of loneliness, and to rebuild associations, get back online. Pretty soon I’ll be doing a very special video about that subject that can help men who have struggled with the troubles on social media. In the meantime, try to get yourself back up and running when it comes to posing, engaging with others online, and even hanging out with friends in person. But don’t jump into it too fast. Still give yourself enough time that you can spend alone, to do the things that you love and like. Right now this energy should be one that empowers you. This could help you to gain confidence and also have a little bit better of a time in speaking. Self-expression will come easily and therefore socializing will be a lot better. Dive into your inner magic and when hanging out with others or engaging with people on the Internet, talk about your passions!

The partial solar eclipse also will bring forth a feeling of they’re being something left unfinished, or some sense of meeting closure to something but perhaps not knowing what that is. This is a remaining fraction of the energy that was brought in during the full lunar eclipse that happened earlier this year. There are a lot of things that people are grieving over and perhaps maybe the partial solar eclipse is trying to prompt you to go back in time at what you really feel is missing

Total Lunar Eclipse Nov. 8

I have a wonderful client that always contacts me when these special events arise. It’s nice to see that someone is interested in knowing what the true meaning behind these events really are. While these things go much deeper, I will only just scratch the surface here. 

As we approach November of this year, 2022, there will be another full lunar eclipse. This is a significant event for many reasons but when we look at it in terms of astrological energies it really does change a lot. You’ll find that a lot of what you’ve been through this year has put you through a Self evaluation that has been probably one of the most difficult ones you’ve been through. The energies are like a roller coaster, 2022 really took everybody up and down throughout it and a lot of realizations and insights that came to the surface from deep deep down, weren’t pleasant ones. As people recognize their goals and dreams, their surface desires and hidden ones, they’ve also had the shadow Self come up… sneaking up behind them. This full lunar eclipse is going to basically seal in anything that you have discovered is actually a part of your real true self. 

I’ll talk about this more regarding the deeper truth to the lunar eclipse in my course; The Bible Untold”.

Asteroid 2022, space rock, asteroid close to earth, astrology, celestial sky events

Space Crystals

As many of you know the earth is made of silicon which is the same property found in clear quartz crystals. Your body also contains this and so you are part crystalline as well. I’ve also spoken about a race of diamond light beings that exist on the planet 55 Crankry which is made of diamond. There are so many different races and people beyond earth. But regarding earth for now, since minerals and crystals are important in transmitting energy, many people fail to recognize the astroids also bring energy as well too. There’s a great reason is why there are so many approaching this year as this is something I’ll also talk about my course. For the better understanding of this entry though, the energies that these astroids are stitching together as an ethernet net in being in proximity to earth, are going to create something like a gnu grid, from space. It’s doing so naturally in order to try to create a new consciousness on earth but even through that, earth is emitting a lot of negative frequency right now because of the traumatic events that have happened to people throughout the last few years. When that negative energy rises upward and gets trapped in that brand new web that the asteroids are creating (so to speak) , it will then lock all of the energies inside of it together, creating a new collective consciousness in which all will vibrate on and exchange between, with one another and with Earth, on earth. 

These energies can prove to be positive for a lot of people that are on the right track. For others that have not been working on their spiritual journey, they may find that a lot of things change around them and they to change, themselves. Those changes may not be recognized though. However the changes in the world around them, will be. You’ll notice that most of everything that’s happening today, peaks and rises as many things that are going on in the world today are going to get a lot worse. As it does, the web that the asteroids are creating, will like the energy into earth and it’s multiple dimensions within the web, and then it will just channel way back down since it will not be able to exit the web itself. It’ll just be recycled consciousness back-and-forth, in the form of struggle. This isn’t something to fear though. If you continue to try to walk the path that you’re meant to through your higher self and that you’re doing the best that you can, your spiritual guides will be able to guide you to the right place to find help so that you’ll not be affected by these things.

For people that work with me, you can come along and get an angelic infusion in your environment. This will help you with a Protection grid both, to seal in positive energies so that the atmospheric ones don’t bother you. 

You may also want to have a special psychic energetic “seal” constructed so that you do not cycle the energies that are streaming through earth’s collective back-and-forth within yourself. There is help. 

My best advice to everyone right now is to either get help with the recommendations that I made just above, or do your best to try to cut yourself off from things that can pull you into the consciousness such as watching too much television, listening to too much new music of today, or engaging with others that are not of a spiritual lifestyle or mindset. This doesn’t mean to give up on them or casting out of your life, but perhaps maybe seeing less of them and trying to find others who are like-minded more, can definitely help you to not get pulled in. Many of you may find that you’ve already been returning back to previous habits and routines before you started your spiritual journey. If that’s the case then you definitely do need a little bit of help right now. Seek advice from your spiritual guides, get a full spirit body cleansing, and seek to receive a plan from your angels that can help you to get back on track with things, or to stay on track if you’ve been in a good place. 

Asteroid 2022-OJ5:  over 10 ft in size approaching Earth at its closest 250,000 miles.

Asteroid 2022 OW3: 57 ft in size and coming to earth at 1 million miles. 

Asteroid 2020  PP1: about 50 ft in size and about 3 million miles away.

Asteroid 2022 OX3, 90 ft in size and another celestial rock that will be over 1 million miles away.

Any celestial body such as an astroid is considered to be approaching earth and close if it falls into their category of measurement. They say that anything that falls within 30,000,000 miles of earth, it’s still considered to be getting closer. As you can see all of these are within that category if not a little closer than that. It’s also interesting thing to know that all of them are approaching at their closest here in the month of August on the first and second of the month. It comes just before the partial solar eclipse and the full lunar eclipse. These are definitely very important things to keep in mind if you are a truth seeker.

Portal To Open

A portal will be opened before the energies of the year are permanent  This will take place in September around the same time as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, occurring between September 18 and the 22, finally closing again on September 28.  What is it for and what is going to happen as a result of it? 

To start, it’s a lot deeper than I can discuss here. To enlighten you a bit for now, the portal is called “Capta Sursum”. Its purpose is to bring many souls who are alive and deceased both, to a better place in heaven. 

This will also uplift the souls of those who are staying, and help them to feel positive, act virtuously and speak kindly to represent heaven while still on Earth. People may feel limitations, and a strong desire to break free or start new. There’s more about this that I’ll put into my courses as well too.

Most importantly, stay positive and fight through the hardships, and use the positive results to invite even more. Spiritual beings will also be coming through the portal