60 Day Challenge Update

In my ladies group, Spiritually Awkward we did a 60 day challenge. I hope you’ll join the group and participate with us, because the updates are not always placed here..

Thanksgiving is over thank God! LOL… What a horrible holiday anyway. Cooking food in honor of Indians that were slaughtered? Not my type of festivities but, so many people celebrate. And as Americans, my parents do too. We had a great Thanksgiving, except for the fact that my dad was in the hospital, a friend of mine‘s mother went into the hospital, and everybody seemed to get sick. Nevertheless, I am a little backed up with work, as I have so many readings on schedule and I’ve been out of touch but I’m back! While I was working through my orders, I noticed that our 60 day challenge had come to an end. I hope that you’ve worked on the goals that were set as:

1. Breaking bad habits,

2. Changing our dietary needs

3. Adding a fitness regiment

4. Removing toxic people from our lives

5. And trying at least when you think each week.

The only challenge that exists now is, to make sure to keep up on those things throughout time. My new challenge is all about the body. Inspired by a friend who is a fitness coach, Rob… he says that a strong body provides more energy, and more energy adds more motivation. I totally agree! That gave me an idea that Rob said he would help me with. But I want to do it with all of you too, for your own health. Are you up for physical challenge? Maybe we can get model Bella Abel to show us some Pilates and fitness too on her YouTube?!

Come to the Spiritually Awkward Group later for more. We’re calling this, Body Fir Soul.

Be sure to hashtag us! #bodyoversoul #spirituallyawkward #aluracein to spread the word!


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