The Weekly Wise: Vol. 2

November 25th, 2019

This week we have…

The Star appears in reverse. Again, I’m not much for using the traditional card meanings because each card will be applied to each person uniquely and in an astrological sense, I know as an angel that the astrology here is different from what we know up there. No. Instead I use a different method as an Oracle to determine what it means.

This card shows a lot. Some went off on their own and while in a good place at that moment, found that they needed more help later when faced with obstacles alone. Learning, many thought that they were at a place that they could avoid the trials with better choices but life throws unexpected choices in the middle of plans. Without some knowledge on how to get through some of the matrix, one will run into some illusionary ends. This has happened to some indeed.

The Reversed Star also shows that while many of you dear people were trying to become the master builder of your lives, that while pouring the mortar for your foundation to be laid, there were a few things amiss. The ground was uneven, as many of you had difficulty in making needed changes in your habits. routine lives and connections. Many of you didn’t have all of the wisdom yet either. The four cornerstones were not on sturdy ground either.Many of you had tried to build upward without new morals or virtues applied, without thinking about things differently, changing your perception. And while many of you had the frame work to build, some of you skipped some nails and screws in some places thinking that the structure would still hold up. The nails and screws were steps ignored or dismissed. Without all of the right tools, the slightest disaster will come and knock the structure down or damage it. This is how many of you ended up. There a lot of others that did the hard work but found difficulties anyway, the powers that be prevented you from becoming a testimony that Gods guidance in your lives can create a heaven here. For some, they left the light of Heaven’s holy guiding star because you could not fathom as to why they haven’t would not step in to protect you against those imposed interferences.

In another view, others among you that feel lately that are you alone and that there is no one by your side to guide you, act as a your friend or a support. I’m not talking about having me as a support either,because I am here. I’m speaking about relatives, loved ones, friends. There are a lot of you too, who feel as if life is out of balance. Your emotions just run too deep to get past confusion or to get beyond those last needed efforts that could change everything. It feels like your hopes and dreams have all but been lost. Why?

Well firstly, in the last year or two there have just been so many things that had happened, that it’s hard to hang on to any dreams. A lot of you have lost someone that you loved, or a few loved ones. There were others that have also not done well in careers that they had great hopes in. There were also a lot of you that had dreams of pursuing your own businesses, that flopped. Additionally, with all of the details of your life path and purpose plan, you had hoped that the people that you loved the most would be on board for these most positive changes. Unfortunately, it seemed as if no one had understood. Many became very lonely and withdrawn. Instead of a great hope and a passionate pursuit, those feelings were replaced with a feeling of impending doom that no one understood where it was coming from or what it meant. It consumed them and made them feel hopeless, helpless and that there would not be much to look forward to from here. The great light in their life became nothing but a darkened sky

There is hope though. This card appearing this week is not to remind you of the depression that you’ve been drowning in, but is saying that you can’t give up. The Star exists within you. My students recall me mentioning the chariot and the throne? Yes! In Lightology I spoke of this.. The light is not outside, it’s within! Imagine that the light that is your consciousness inside of you, is a star of sorts itself. You have the ability to expand that light to shine bigger and brighter to be your own guiding light through self motivation and telling yourself that you have to keep pushing on, even if you don’t feel like you can. Nothing is hopeless, and you can still reach your goals even if a little bit later than you wanted to. It doesn’t matter if you have support although it’s nice to have it, what matters is that you support yourself. You have to keep your own mindset in the right place. The feeling of impending doom how many are experiencing, is something of a whole other caliber. This will be something that I talk about a little later on the YouTube channel. I hope you’ll stay tuned for a new videos every week. For now though, when you feel that feeling of emptiness or doom that comes upon you, go out there and stay busy. Do something that you love, as there must be something? Many don’t feel a connection to much of anything in this world now today, but even if it’s just staying at home alone and doing your own little thing that makes you happy, do it. When your thoughts try to get the best of you, think of something else and do the best that you can, to maintain belief in yourself and what you are pursuing. If you have made a mess of things and botched up some of the steps in your path and purpose, then don’t think of it as being hopeless. Instead, tell yourself you’re going to start over again then. Pick up where you left off and try again. It’s better to get there later, than never. Imagine how much better life will be when you finally do? Mini give up too easily. Sometimes the lack of creative ideas makes it a little more difficult to go to the next step. For many, they have tried to create their own path and purpose. A lot of people need to understand that there is a thing called destiny. While you can manifest things on your own, there is still a purpose waiting for you and if you are working outside of that purpose you may find more creative blockages to prevent you, to redirect you back to the path you are meant to be on. Think about that for a minute.

But it could be a number of things though.

If you’re in need of balance, then maybe finding out what areas of your life need the most balance, and then getting some good advice on how to fix them…could be the best course of action. nothing is ever unfixable. The best thing to do is to find answers and clarity on what’s going on rather than succumbing to it. And definitely don’t join the other side. Allowing the darkness to consume you is only going to be worse.

For help, support, and insight…

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