Psychic Forecast 2020

Welcome to the forecast for the new year of 2020. I’ll try to make it short and sweet so you don’t have a whole lot to read.


We start out at the month of January being about getting things back into gear. Getting us back into the swing of things, there are a lot of things to balance and prioritize in order to make the path a little smoother, going forward. There are a lot of things to think about and a lot of decisions to be made in regards to life purposes, new marriages to come, relationships, finances and continuing education or careers. It won’t be easy in trying to figure out what’s the most important step or which part of your life is needing the most attention but, it’s a good start to begin evaluating and then putting things in order. Eliminating things that you don’t really need to do, and spending more times on the things that you do, can help you really get far. January is a month of going back into the past to evaluate life lessons, that can be used in the future. You will find that you will also have to sift through your friendships and connections a little bit too, in weighing out the skills of judgment so to speak… In terms of who your real friends are and who they aren’t. This will help you to keep your focus on the right people, and then not give so much attention and focus into the -ones. It’s likewise for things that you should be focusing on as far as motivational tools as well. Like how much time will you spend on the Internet on social media versus actually getting out there and doing something with yourself? That’s the energy we have for January. You may feel some pressure but if you hang in there it’ll pass. Emotions will run high and some of them will run low. That means that you may have moments of depression and moments of happiness and you will have to teach yourself how to get yourself out of the lower state of mind. It’s not healthy to continue on in a depression.


You can bet on February being all about power struggles in your life. As you’re trying to get things in balance and figure them through, there’s always a test of sorts that comes in and tries to shake things up a bit to see how strong you are within. Also you’re going to want to figure out not only whom you want to invest your time into, but who invest most time into you? February will challenge you to look for the people in your life that use you. If that’s the case, you need to remove these toxic people immediately. While it’s hard to let go, it may be important to consider it, when it comes to people that don’t have your best interest at heart. Also you’re going to question yourself as to how much you’re actually giving back as well. We’re doing a motivational in my group in volunteering many places. It’s a group effort but it keeps everybody going so that we can give back this is equally. It is a beautiful thing, because if you don’t give back, then you’re going to stop receiving from the heavens. It has to be an even exchange. But yes, look for the people that use you or propose power struggles. It’s time to end with these useless cycles and anchors that hold you back. Give back to the universe in good deeds and you will see tons of positivity.

There may be some surprise births in February and March!


The month of March will be full of questions and doubts in regards to your path in general. Everybody goes through this every now and so often, in order to re-check whether they’re on the right track. It’s totally normal. Just don’t let yourself get stuck in the thoughts of doubt. There will also be some women who go through fertility issues during the month of March, as well as men. It is if you haven’t already given birth! As I said, there will be some surprises for a lot of women during that month in regards to either being too fertile or not fertile enough. You may also find that finances are a little short as opportunities will be running thin. March is the month to relax before the abundance comes in spring.


The month of April makes you reflect back on March, where things weren’t going so well. What did you do in that timeframe? Did you slip up on things you should’ve probably followed through with? Did you allow the energies to bother you enough that you slacked off? You may feel some regret over not having taken initiative like you should have. But that’s OK because as you’re going through the month of April looking back on small mistakes, you will go into the next month knowing exactly what you did wrong and what not to repeat the following month after. There may also be a missed opportunity and an altercation. Be aware to not allow yourself to be confrontational in the months of March and April. You may be feeling a little touchy around that time because there is a global depression that’s making everyone feel like they’re losing out, rather than gaining. This is also something you have to watch out for when it comes to psychological warfare. This plays into a persons spirit because their consciousness is their soul, and any thoughts that run through it, affect them spiritually as well. This is why it is so essential to remain positive even during times when you are in great questioning or struggle. For that month, you will be feeling as if it is a little hopeless to continue on at times, where you have to break that train of thought and get back on track using April’s energy in Aries, the Martian warrior.. so that you can have the warrior spirit to battle forward.


Yes! Things start to really look up around May. If you were able to find your way through the lower vibrational energy is of March and April, come May you’ll find that all of your efforts through fighting on, pay off. Financial abundance, more opportunities, promotions, inheritance, winnings and windfall profits will all be different things look forward to. It’ll also be a great time for family and traveling together. You especially want to center your attention or toward the older matriarchal and patriarchal figures and your family in the month of May as well, for their insight. They’ve been around a long time and so they can see things that others don’t. Just because they’re not hip to this day and age doesn’t mean that they don’t have potential to be helpful to your life path. This is a fantastic start to spring as many will find that things start to pick up speed for them.

Since there were so many holdups over the last couple of months, May is a wonderful time to start planting seeds that can grow. It is springtime after all, and also the start of the angelic year. you can really come up with some creative ideas at that time through being around family and allowing them to inspire you. It’s a wonderful time to start focusing on how you will leave your mark in the world. Abundance, family life, growth and results, new ideas, celebrations and a need to bond together. That’s what May is all about. I will also be hosting a live lecture out here in New Jersey sometime in May if anybody wants to come, it is free.


After all of the hard work of planting seeds for what you hope to manifest throughout the summer, you may run into some small conflicts. But it’s not going to be of any significance because they are just minor tests and obstacles to see if you can still hold your ground through hanging onto your dreams. You may notice that June brings an air of ignorance to people out in society too. People may get under your skin and you may find that you’re not really feeling all that social even though summer is just around the corner. I also find that the heavier winter months of the dead zone and early spring time will have made you a bit stir crazy. The end generation is getting worse every day. More and more people are succumbing to ordering things from online, and trying to stay inside away from the outside pressures of corrupt society. However, it’s not healthy to always remain so isolated. And that’s what many have done. June brings an air of frustration, built-up energy, that needs to be released. Planning a trip or some fun get together away, may be just what’s needed. There’s a lot of competition out there. In truth I myself can tell you that once I come up with an idea and I launch it, there are so many others to jump on the bandwagon, replicating my creative inspiring ideas. Then suddenly there’s so many people doing the same thing that none of us benefit. You’re going to find a lot of that happening in your life too. This may make you feel hopeless in terms of your passions and your inventions. Be careful not to share your ideas with others until you are ready to put them out there in the public. It seems that we live in a world that resembles something like Star Wars attack of the clones. When you get out there more and more, have faith in what your building. Don’t let others bring you down. Even when you feel as though people are throwing jabs at you or making you uncomfortable and things that they say because you’re on a different wavelength, stay strong. June is a month to show endurance and strength through fighting for what’s right fully yours, what you believe in, and anything that may manifest from all of that. June will also bring some small confrontations and arguments as relationships that you have decided to keep around from earlier months of cleaning out your life…are tested. they even notice that people you have cut off, try to pop up again. Hold your ground. Know the cycles. If a person has used you, abused you, sucked you dry, time and time again, then it’s more than likely that this is not going to change and you’re just wasting your time. You have far more important things to invest your time into. Conserve the positive relationships that you decided to keep instead I’m a put more passionate love and energy into making those connections stronger. There’s nothing like having a strong reinforced network around you.


It’s hard. We cannot deny that. Life has so many ups and downs and nowadays, those downs are far stronger in their impact than the ups. As you have spent the spring months planning and organizing, and then June for actually putting things into manifestation… You’ll find that July finally brings a time where you just want to get away from it all. You’re going to want to just take some time off away from people, the same old environment that you stay in day-to-day, and you may want to just retreat into your own comfort zone. Since summer will be present, you may find yourself getting distracted from your goals again. Wanting to spend time having fun, and participating in the activities of many around you, you may get off track with responsibilities. That’s OK. You may actually need a break. But the truth is, life gives us no breaks. Take some time, go out and party, have a good time… But always make time to stay on top of your goals and responsibilities as well. Find balance. You may also find that your emotions are running pretty strongly around July. We have some epic astrological events coming up this year that will have an impact that lasts the entire year itself. That is, if you allow yourself to be controlled by the matrix. If you went by your angelic astrology instead and started to free your mind from the confinement’s of this world, those things would be less applicable to you, because let’s face it….how can something affect you that you no longer recognize? When you start opening up to a whole new way of life and learn how to use tools that unplug you from the system so to speak, the things that are used to control you in the system, no longer apply. It’s a new age! So allow yourself to thrive in that new age, and rise above it. You can be anything you want to be if you really truly believe, and you don’t allow yourself to be pulled back by the obstructions of the lower forces around you, even the ones that are unseen. So yes, take some time off and re-balance, and don’t give up on your goals. Nothing is hopeless, and there are so many things that people think they can’t fix but are fixable. You may need some help or advising. If not, just make sure to take some time for yourself and don’t allow the sensitivities to bring you down. July is the time for you to start planning the trip that you’ve been wanting to take.

I will go into world predictions for the year and another forecast since it is of a different level of insight.


It’s all about movement for August. Perhaps you get to go on a journey and the one that you’ve planned in the months prior. Or it could be symbolic in a sense that things really start to take off for you in terms of achieving your goals. We’re getting ready to head into September which is a month for many people in going back to school or furthering their education. That is a form of movement is it not? Moving forward in knowledge and accelerating yourself into having wisdom is a great way to journey ahead in your life. Your body can go anywhere, but it is your mind that is limitless. Perhaps looking into broadening your education in terms of deeper mystical secrets, taking up a trade or profession, or even expanding on the one that you have… Those are really great goals for the upcoming fall. August though, promises that we will have enough time to balance out the forces that have tried to test us over the summer months. It will also question us as to whether everything is in order as it should be, or if there are other things that we need to pay attention to. We are embarking on a time in August where we need to really exercise self-discipline and shed some of the fun and lighter energies that we experience here and there in the summer, to really focus on applying direction towards our pathway. Many will want to look for a new job, go back to school, or expand maybe on a side career.Others, will need to sit down and really have a good strategy for any plans that they have regarding owning their own business or enhancing their profession. It’s a competitive world no matter what area of expertise you are in. August will be a great time to focus on how you are going to really advance yourself and the upcoming months ahead for autumn. Autumn is a time where people truly desire to be busy with the more technical portions of life because summer is over it’s not quite winter yet. Self-discipline comes in terms of how you act, your interactions with others and bypassing impulses. August makes you question yourself on so many levels, because self-discipline in all areas of life means balance. The upside down pentagram represents man out of balance and if you notice that symbol is everywhere. This is a huge red flag that we have global agenda and it is socially conditioning people to degrade down toward their more animal aspect of self. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Instead, rise above your elements and exceed in all that you are and who you desire to be. August brings movement and control, spiritually, intellectually, professionally, and physically.

By the angels, August gets you to focus on these things but in the background there are forces also traveling our way, no matter where it is that you are. September will bring some of those up to the surface.

Who can stop the fire?


September is going to bring some unfavorable conditions. Like O said, the world predictions… I’ll make later, and I will go into these a little bit further just prior to their happening but I will leave enough time for people to have time for preparation. Nonetheless, it’s imperative for you to focus on other things and to try to stay more positive, this is a month for you to enjoy going back to school, or even finding new creative, inspiring things  about the work that you’re already involved in. What’s more is that for mothers and stay at home fathers, your kids are going back to school. This gives you so much time to be able to sit back and enjoy doing some personal things for yourself. Hitting the gym, getting your body back into structure, dieting. September provides the time and space for adults to do those things. Younger kids in college or school may also want to focus on excelling in their schoolwork but also keeping themselves healthy. It seems that September is all about health and fitness. but it’s also about exceeding your own limitations when it comes to challenging yourself in your area of professional education. September may not have a whole lot of exciting things going on,But sometimes you have to go out and create the fun. If you follow me on social media you will find a lot of creative ideas that I’ll be putting out there for everybody to try. Please feel free to jump in and share your ideas as well. We have two groups on Facebook. One of them is The Truthian Circle. While that group is more centered around my mystical teachings, we do have a great dynamic in friendship there. However, it is more of a secret society-like based group, so I think many of you will enjoy the other group that I have which is a little bit more open. It’s called Exploring Angels.  It’s a great group because we talk about heaven, angels and spirituality pretty openly. But I will also share some pretty cool ideas in there as well. You can also join me on my Facebook profile page or on Instagram for more details. There will be contests, different themes and so on, that may take some of the boredom out of your month of September.

September is going to be a month where many need to be prepared for whether disasters.. it’s true. All throughout the year really! But it doesn’t mean to give up or stop trying to find passion in living. September brings a great need for you to keep that passion going to. During September you will find that maybe some of your relationships aren’t working out that well. You may seem uninterested or maybe your partner is. Family seems to withdraw and isolate all over again. You’ll also find that you’re the only one really working hard towards keeping things going. Those efforts may be deterred from feeling as if you’re doing it all for nothing, if there’s no cooperation. Don’t allow anyone or anything to bring you down. Keep trying. Your influence does pay off in the long run, even if not at the time that you hope for it too. Make life exciting for yourself. September is going to be a boring month but it’s a month to focus on health and fitness as well as planning things for the upcoming holiday season. It also marks the end of the year celebration for the angelic year, which can be a great deal of fun. There may be some delays in your growth, but don’t lose faith.


I really hate to do this but I’m an honest reader and I’m not going to sugarcoat things. October is going to be a very depressing month. Obviously, it brings a time of reflection even if you live in a warmer area. Seems like winter is not really as much as lower temperatures and snow anymore, but more so his state of mind. As the fall has already settled in and winter and it’s dead zone are headed your way, October will bring a lot of reflection work to the surface. With Septembers events and stagnation, you’ll find out that October provides a sense isolation and quiet. This is a month when your sensitivity is going to be at an all-time peak. When we spend more time by ourselves, then things that people say can sometimes hit us the wrong way. You’ll find a lot of sensitivity in your communication with others, but mainly just wanting to keep from communicating with others over all. It’s a moment of withdrawal, introspection and reflection. Make sure you are reflecting the right way. Not much will be going on for October except maybe a few festivals, but your heart will not be into it. Throughout the year with the world predictions that I will put up, there will be a lot of things that will have happened that have changed a lot of us. But where it is aligned with your personal life, September is questioning of your relationships and connections, and the signs that you have received in them that maybe some of them need a spark relit… October will bring you into a place of feeling like you just need a brand new start with brand new people, and a brand new place overall. But how can you make that happen? Finances will be a little unstable coming out of September, but as you get back into the groove of things in picking up your financial foundation, you gonna start thinking of what you wanna do with that besides just spending it on wasteful things. People do a lot of spending when depressed. But you’re going to start wanting to spend your money on investing into yourself, as well as even thinking about moving or starting over, all over again. October will bring a lot of thoughts on how you can bring some more finances back into your home situation.Perhaps if work gets cold or you may want to think of yard sales or different ways to partake in smaller festivals or flea markets, to make money. Maybe sell some of your stuff on eBay? Clean out the clutter. It’ll help you feel better for when you are confined to the house for winter months. In regards to relationships, where some of them seem to be feeling like it’s time for withdrawing, you should try to seek new ways to light that spark back up again before all is lost.


It’s no joke that fall starts to bring an air of melancholy. You’ll start feeling a little bit more of your mystical self again, but there may be some underlying depression behind it. it’s not going to be easy for you to come out of that funk that October brought with it. For some reason October is a darker month for many even though we like to rejoice in the autumn celebrations coming out of September up until the beginning of November. There are a lot of people who celebrate Samhain as well. As soon as the earth starts to shift from the summer solstice into the autumn equinox, between the two solstices, there is always something that is taking place and has been since ancient times. Because of this we see that there are moments of bad luck, broken friendships, and just feelings of being depressed and isolated. It doesn’t have to be that way. I always tell people if you have the right tools, you can fight against anything. And right now we need to fight more than we ever have before. That’s not gonna be easy and while it may be easier just to slip into a worldly way of doing things and let go, there’s gonna be a lot of consequences with that that you may not be able to come out of ever again. I wouldn’t chance it. No matter how hard this year may be with some of the world predictions taking place and other personal elements that are not disclosed in this public reading… You still have to fight onward. November is a month where things will become a little more subtle and you will start to feel some nostalgia coming around the corner. It’s true the nostalgia of things around that time and others, seems to be fading away more and more with generations such as those born in the early 90s and earlier. But for those of us that still feel it… it returns around this time. This is a month of planning ahead for the winter solstice, or other holidays that you celebrate during the holiday season. It’s a time to save up your money because come January, money is going to run a little thin. November will bring a few new faces your way. You will also lose touch with some older ones. Seems like this is the year of exchange. As there will be those who come, and those who go, you’ll find that the one thing that changes the most…is yourself. your financial situation will seem to be a lot better around this time but not for long so make sure that you save up. It’s going to be great, that you have a surprise return of someone special in your life.


As the end of the year comes to a close, December has brought with a whirlwind of change in the months prior. There of been so many new faces, and changing places, in life. 2020 brings with it some disastrous situations out there in the big wide world. But in your own life, the safety zone of your own bubble… Everything mentioned here is what you can basically expect generally. It will probably be some very personal situations for others that they may need to look into separately from this free reading. However, December will be a really fun month. As there were a lot of things that had happened, December will bring with it a little bit of joy and festivity. Finances will be planning for and the relationships that are there, Will be quite rewarding. However it will only be that way if you make it. You can also expect some windfall profit to come in, and a feeling of having a need to reinvent yourself. If you are aware enough, you will notice that there is a general shift in the energies around you in the atmosphere at this time. It is the desert after all. However some of the depression from October may still linger for some people, but for others, they are going to be lost in the nostalgia of new get-togethers and gatherings as well as the holiday season. There will be some out there who fall in love around this time especially.

 The End

Thank you so much for reading the yearly forecast. Again this is just general. You may need some updates for yourself personally and I do suggest life coaching as it is really rewarding when you were being guided through a transformation process. I also offer soul development, if anybody would like to enroll in that there’s a separate page on my website for it. Enjoy the year 2020, for what it’s worth!

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