The Money Pit (Part Two)

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We bought this house to be happy. We thought that we had a new beginning. My father had saved up all of his life. He worked six days a week, from 5:00 am to 6:30 pm. We never had much show for it. He paid his bills, and that was just about all he could afford. He was never able to take us on family trips or outings. I have never gone to the zoo. I’ve only gone to a movie once with my father when I was three. Forget amusement parks, ball games etc. None of that existed. He never owned anything that was worth any value either. I’m proud of my father and grateful for the sacrifices he made to care for us.

In 2016, my prophecies and predictions will have led my family and I to make an Important decision though. Dad’s cancer diagnosis made it possible for him to buy a home through his disability. Based on what I foresaw coming in the future, we would need to buy a home and try to build a content and safe life. So we began our search for the first and only home that we would ever own. Upon seeing this home at open house, I liked it. But I had already foreseen that there would be trouble with it in the future.

I wouldn’t worry. With all of my heart, I figured that I could work hard and earn enough that I could then help my father with anything that was to come in the future. But with insight through my clairvoyance I knew that there were things being kept from my father as a potential home buyer. I tried to convince him to get his own inspector to evaluate the home just in case the inspector appointed by the real estate company wasn’t an honest one. I could already see that he would say just about anything that he needed to help the real estate agency make their sale. A sale for them meant that he would get paid. My father was a good man, who tried to save any money that he could, and gave everyone else the benefit of the doubt. Even though he believed me, he didn’t think he needed anyone to come in and reinspect the house. He allowed the real estate agency’s inspector to make the final evaluation. And of course… they had lied.

The inspector had told my father that everything was in good shape, and that he was OK to purchase the home.

Just as soon as we had moved into this house, things started to go horribly wrong. The electricity burnt out in some of the outlets. We realized that the siding was made with asbestos and that it was falling off, and falling apart. Next to that, everything else would break.Even the toilets broke numerous times. Truly the house seemed like a dream come true on the surface. We had always wanted a home that gave everyone ample space to live.

A Misfortunate New beginning

This was my room that I gave to the kids.
This was the kids room that I made for them out my old room.
Kids room now.
My bedroom and office before.
My bedroom and office now.

We had always wanted hardwood floors to prevent stains from occurring on carpeting as we had experienced in the past. This home had hardwood floors all throughout it! What was even more intriguing was that the first flood had ruined the floors downstairs in my area of the home. When they had been replaced, the wood that had been selected was of the very same kind that I had always dreamt of having in my own home, since I was a child! Cherrywood! Yet, that was just a temporary thing. I have no floors now. Even my mother had always wanted to have a front door that you could open, where there would be another glass door in front of it that you could look out from. It would bring in ample amounts of natural sunlight, and add a sense of Feng Shui to that particular area of the home. The foyer was always dark. Nevertheless, even the glass door had broken! How?

“Bad luck” isn’t a strong enough term

I used to allow my students to fly out here and stay with me for a week so that they could get ongoing life coaching and lessons. I have always said that it’s better when a person can work with me for a little bit face-to-face on top of the work they do with me online from long-distance. I was so excited that we bought this house because it made it so that there would be room to invite people over. Quite a few of my students have taken the opportunity to stay with me, a few times over the years. It was in 2019 that one person in particular had planned to visit me for a one week session. I am not any type of way, and so whether it’s female or male makes no difference to me. I know that my students respect me for the most part. I had also been working with him for a couple of years and I knew that he needed the most help. One of my other students had just left from staying with me only a few days before he was to arrive. My other student and I had done a week and a half of live life coaching together. She had only been gone a few days. The day came for his flight to arrive, I picked him up and brought him here for a few days as I had done with the previous girl.

I guided him with wisdom and ongoing intensive counseling. Things seemed to have been going well, but I could feel that something was going to happen. Knowing that things were going to turn into a bad direction, I tried to turn down the intensity of the inner work that I was doing with him. However, it didn’t seem to prevent the situation from taking place. It turned out that he had been emotionally triggered by the inner work that he was doing on himself. I tried to redirect the conversation, but he made it so that the subject had gone into a more personal place. The individual had started to confess their feelings toward me outside of our professional and friendly relationship. Kindly, I told them that I loved them very much, but that I was not interested in him in that way. I explained that it wasn’t rejection, but that I had to focus on my work of helping other people. I told him that I didn’t have time or room in my life for any type of romance back then. I know it must’ve hurt his feelings, but I had to be honest. I didn’t want to get involved with anyone because my work was/is so precious to me. However, the person became enraged, threatened me and decided that they were just going to punch through my front door on their way out.

Our glass storm door had shattered into millions of pieces. No, I did not call the police. I would never do that to someone that I had been trying to help. Losing my friendship will have taught them enough of a lesson. Friendship. Ah yes. This leads me up to a display of true friendship that I’ve been shown from all of this.

We’ll get to that in a bit though.

I may someday want to settle down, but not back at that time, and not with that particular individual. He was a good soul, but still had anger and violence to work through. I have kids. If they’re seeing this: “Please know that I forgive you and I’m only telling the story because it fits perfectly into what’s going on with my home”.

I never kept in touch with him after that. Although, I did hope that his life was full of happiness after that, perhaps having learned from his own choices. The issue wasn’t that he broke the glass. It seemed as if the house wanted it to happen to complement all of the other things that had happened, and bigger things that were to come in the future.

Back to the money pit…

Yes. The House. The Money Pit.

Every time someone bumped into the walls even lightly, a massive hole would be produced. Mice entered the house and overpopulated the inside of the walls. It genuinely started to appear as if the house itself were made of really nothing more than sticks and paper “so to speak”. Later a fire broke out, setting the entire wall and window of my office ablaze. The washing machine always broke down. We even purchased a new one, and it still broke! We’ve also lost electricity on one entire half side of my home. The air conditioner also kept shutting down. The central air unit was wired to its own fuse on my electrical box. It kept tripping due to the air-conditioning being very old and the electricity not having been updated to modern codes. Therefore, we lost both air conditioner and electricity a few times. However, last year, the house finally decided to “flip me the bird”.

Parrot gif, bird flipping, flipping the bird,
It flipped me the bird🥺

It made it so that the electricity had burnt out all of the electrical receptacles throughout the front end of my house upstairs. The living room, and the two older kids bedrooms that are on that side, did not have lights or an ability to plug anything in. Trying to fix it, I was told it would cost almost $30,000 to rewire the entire house. I didn’t think that it was a legitimate price. $30,000? That cost about as much as a new car or a small trailer home. Could one afford such a thing? On top of all of that, I ended up needing to have surgery fix my stomach. Even though the surgeon gave me the additional blessing of fixing all of me up, I just couldn’t feel any level of security in my life. I know all things happen for a reason, and even when I know what the reason is, and what it’ll bring… it still kind of stinks, having to go through the hardships that these types of situations bring.

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Last but not least, two floods happened. And now, this recent one. This third and most recent flood has really done its damage. The water ended up coming into the house and it spread all throughout. My living quarters had been contaminated. Sewage water! All of our belongings had been exposed to nasty underground sewage water. Underneath of my hardwood floors, there was always old asbestos tiling. Asbestos is a very dangerous substance, especially when it gets wet. This being the third flood meant that the asbestos tiling had already been soaked through a few times. Removing the floor over top of it had left the air open to asbestos contamination. We also discovered proof of black mold. We would have to throw everything away.

My closest friend and I had been talking last year about a lot of what was going on at my home. I started noticing around that same time that my dog’s food bowls would fill up with black mold over top of the food in them. The mold would develop even as soon as being left out overnight. I knew that there had to be black mold, hiding somewhere in the house. But there weren’t any open visible signs of it yet. There have been some black mold growing in a patch on one of the walls in the basement, but beside that…nothing that you could really see otherwise. We would all get nose bleeds, itchy skin, and it would lead us all to develop a lot of respiratory infection symptoms throughout time. There wasn’t much we could do about any of the problems because whenever we ever tried to fix anything… it would just happen all over again for some reason?

Around the same time that the “vicious six” planetary event has been going on, more had happened at my house. I asked the heavens why, and I was told that it was all related to karma that my mother had developed.

Yes, it’s all really overwhelming because it’s been one thing after the next. The same events continue to happen over and over again but in cycles. Even if I hire someone to properly fix something, it’ll still break again later on. This event, though, has made it so that we forcefully have to figure something out here. We can’t move because we don’t have any money. Everything that I did have, went toward my surgery, and toward all of the repairs for the previous issues mentioned above with the house. I have no income coming in with my job because I’m back up, and so just to give you an idea… I’m probably going to have to live through these conditions for a little while.

It’s most certainly a challenge to have to work through all of this, as not only a human being, but as someone with a heavenly mentality too. The stress and upset related to all of these misfortunate events often tries to bring me down. However, I try to pull myself back up and stay in a good place, because I know that this will lead to something good at some point later on. But until then, living so uncomfortably is going to make it just a tad bit difficult to be inspired or motivated for my work because I need a tranquil environment to work in. I can’t just start doing a reading in the middle of the living room, where some people are talking, sleeping, or watching something on their TV or phone. No, I need candles, incense, a room that is cleansed and blessed just for the heavenly work, and utter privacy. I won’t be able to get that for quite a while now. I still try to do the best that I can and one way or the other, though.

Bad things happen, yes. But with a positive mindset, it could lead towards a manifestation of something great. And it most certainly brought about a welcomed and happy surprise that just recently happened amidst all of this struggle

Please see the video at the bottom, for proof and update.

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“When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.”


A gift from a friend…

Whoah! What a blessing! Tobias Sid John just surprised me yesterday by showing up here at my house!
It was just what I needed.
I definitely did not suspect this surprise, this time. I have been so overwhelmed with my house being torn apart, because of the flood, and having to manage the children, keep my students from being upset with me due to all the delays, mowing the lawn, and trying to figure out what I should do that my psychic senses didn’t pick up on her arrival. Just as I was about to finish cleaning up from yardwork for the day, only a few minutes away from a clean shower and putting the little ones down to bed… I saw this friendly familiar face coming around the corner into my backyard! I was definitely pleasantly shocked.

It was a nice visit but I wished it lasted longer. It was my fault. I felt so bad. I didn’t have a lot of time and I know that it took a very long time to even get to New Jersey. Oh my goodness, what if I hadn’t been here?

I like the way that Toby thinks. Tobe’s mentality was “to even to get a hug for a minute would be worthy of an eight hour drive”. I would have probably felt the same way if I were on the other side of this. To give my friend some love knowing what they were going through would be a gift enough. it would definitely be something that I could do. I can’t believe my friend drove all that way to get here and just to make sure that I could feel better with some love. That’s real. Unforgettable. I am truly humbled by such a selfless act of kindness, and the beautiful display of genuine human compassion.

I know that a lot of you live really far and please don’t think that I am implying anything negative to anyone else just because I am praising Toby. I’m sure if any of you lived a little closer, you would come and give me a big hug too, as I would do for each of you as well. However, it’s just the fact that Toby is the only person that could and did. But I do have to say that I’ve had a lot of friends reach out, wanting to help me or show some love in some kind of way since Avrina ( Tanisha Suri ) offered to come and help, and Bella Abel also offered me a place to stay due to the damages here at my house.
Truly, I’m hanging in there everyone. The damage is surreal, far worse than any of the other times and sadly I have no place to work right now, but I have to try to work through everything positively with the knowledge that all things happen for a good reason, unless otherwise negativities get manifested for oneself through negative thinking. I’m really sad that this happened. I know why it happened, which is nothing to do with me, except for the fact that I’m here to support who it’s happening to with love and unconditional loyalty. Karma.

It’s not the kind of karma that I can just clear away that easily. The person hasn’t woken up yet, and there are something’s that just can’t be cleared out because it’s a part of their soul contract’s lessons, or another soul on the other side isn’t willing to forgive yet, until they see it themselves that the person that owes them karmic debts, has actually really learned. If they forgive and the person hasn’t learned, they’re just going to do it to somebody else and it’ll be a never ending cycle. Therefore, the person who is owed the karmic debt hangs onto it in order to ensure that the person is learning the lesson, and that it doesn’t anchor onto somebody else. That’s definitely something that can be understood. And at this rate, I don’t really think a karma clearing would really help out anyway because the individual continues to see life the same way.

It’s so funny because, I did do a karma clearing years and years ago for them, and because they hadn’t learned the lessons, they just repeated the stupid mistakes, and ended up creating even more karma, that later the result is what we are going through today.

I’m just really happy that I have good people in my corner too though.

I feel bad about the long drive that Toby took but this was a spontaneous endeavor, andwhatever the end result would be was simple: “it was the thought that counted either way”. i’m sure that even if I hadn’t been home, I would’ve had someone tell me that Toby had stopped by, and that would have made my entire day even just hearing that. But here I am, filled with so much happiness in my heart, because I got to see someone that I’ve really drawn closer over the years, whom I’m proud of in every single way. Plus, Toby mentioned not having the ability to get in touch with me anyhow, even if it was to let me know that I was getting a visit hahaha. Therefore, a great big hug wasn’t the only gift that I got out of this. It was a good thing that Toby came by because I found out that some of the messages don’t always reach me. Everybody says the same thing but I can never fathom it. The messaging through my app works well for me on my end over here. upon Toby saying that, though, something just clicked, and I have figured out why I don’t get some messages but for others, I do. I’m going to make another post here on this site with a little tutorial for those that have trouble getting their messages seen.
I just want everyone to know I’m really sorry if you’ve been one of those individuals having some trouble. If you read the tutorial down at the bottom, it should help us. But for now, let me just say that today was a really hectic day, cleaning up, having to manage the children and mow the grass (which was about up above my knees), sheesh! Yes, seeing Toby definitely made my day so much brighter. I truly hope that each and everyone of you have a friend nearby that can come and offer you some love when things are hard for you. I know all too well what it’s like to be alone, and it’s not pleasant. This visit made all of the ugly go away, even if it was just for an hour.

The tutorial will definitely make a difference with having some kind of way to communicate here for those who are not exclusive members of my club especially. Everybody matters to me. Hey, you’re welcome to come on down, if you don’t mind driving all that way while taking a chance with whether I’m actually home or not. It’s a risk to come unannounced since I’m not always here due to working with in-person clients at their home, but I hope everyone knows that my heart is definitely open to everyone.

I just wanted to put this post up because it’s important to show the simple things in life that are far more valuable than anything monetary. Having a friend that loves you is priceless. I hope that it inspires you to drop by someone’s home who you know has been dealing with some difficulties, one way, or the other, and give them a big hug! You have no idea how much something like that would mean to somebody, even if it were just a five minute embrace. Thank you Toby! And thank you to all of you out there, who continually show your love from afar. A card, a message, a thought, is all just as good as a hug.

You all mean the world to me.

Update Footage

My “Money Pit”.


In conclusion, though, this house has been “The Money Pit” part two. There are always three different directions that the future can go in. Right now, I’m watching to see what the next sign will be to determine which path I am headed on here. Bad circumstances can certainly be healed up with a lot of love from those that care about you. That’s why I stayed all of this time here with my mom because I couldn’t see her go through these difficulties alone. I don’t know what we’re going to do from this point forward since there are three pathways that could branch off from all of this.

Path A shows that we move out after getting everything fixed up, sell the place, and move somewhere safe that the Heavens have guided us to relocate to, and than continue to do well wherever we go from here. Path B shows that we fix all of this up, but have no extra money to move, end up staying here, and it happens all over again, and again, until I finally move out on my own somewhere. It ends with contentment, but some hardship. Path C is the worst option though. Path B turns out with me staying here until all of it is resolved, but then there’s no money left for survival, and it all happens all over again to where I have nothing in my life left whatsoever at all, and that includes my work. Losing my work will lead to me losing my home, and if I don’t have a home while being a mother to children, the state will take them and I’ll end up losing them too. Very scary isn’t it? When people see things like this happen to others out there, they can’t imagine all of the horrors that are lurking behind the scenes that could potentially spiral out of control as a result of just one catastrophic event. I feel that this house has been a curse. Let’s just hope that I end up on Path A, or even at least Path B.

Many blessings to you all with lots of love

The movie is hilarious and definitely makes light of my situation. I think of all of the people that have had damages to their homes from tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. My heart truly goes out to everybody. The movie will give you a good giggle though. Check it out. You can even imagine me in the position of Tom Hanks throughout the movie, to make it more comedic. Imagine me falling through the roof lol. The link to watch is here.