Chakra Bath

A new activity that’s fun and full of vibrancy. Chakra bathing. A part of #aluras60daychallenge is trying new things. Chakra be there and can really open you up to change your mood positively and balance you out. This one is called the rainbow chakra alignment down.

I am selling chakra soaps that are infused with aromatherapy, specialized for each chakra itself. But this here is really a fun way to add a creative spin to your bath. Add flowers of all different colors throughout your bath! You can go picking your own, or buy some very small bouquets from the grocery store and put them in a large bouquet of multiple colors, just taking some of the petals or flowers from each color, to make your rainbow bath. This bath can really make you boost your feminine energy a great deal too. After getting in, light some white candles and sit back and meditate. See how different you feel!

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