Autumn Mason Jars- Grianstad Project

Leaves! They are the greatest natural decorative element that you can work with. I use the mason jar idea, often. It’s easy, turns out beautiful and not only gives us something to enjoy doing,but also to enjoy looking at.

For My Holidays and A gentle shift… each year we combine many celebrations like, lughnasadh, Mabon,Samhain, Halloween and All Souls Day… to give thanks for the blessings over the year which for me as an Angelic, starts in May. It’s fun a reason to party! But we make the decorations. It’s no real nature celebration using fake artificial material! By the 31st of October you should have some nice decor that you could even use until the end of November


Leaves, using the lightest shade of the colors that you can. Also don’t collect dry leaves. Be sure to obtain colorful ones that are still alive.)

Mason jars.


Mod Podge adhesive spray

Votive candles or battery operated LED inserts


Spray the leaves with the adhesive spray and arrange them on the sides of the jar inside. Smooth them out and be sure to leave little peek-a-boo openings for light play from the candle or LED. Tie some twine around your jar’s top, and voila! You can get as creative as you want.

Enjoy! Make your home or room look festive for the end of the month’s festivities.

#grianstad #aluracein #spirituallyawkward

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