Bad Habits- Smoking

OK so people have a lot of bad habits or there are things that they would really like to do or achieve, but find it way too hard to do sometimes. In my other group for spiritually awkward on Facebook, we have a 60 day challenge. We were working on realigning our diets and exercise for healthier lifestyles. Now we’re going to head off towards breaking bad habits. I could keep this just do the group but I thought it would be wise if I posted some of these tricks to kick habits, here. Unfortunately I have not been at liberty to put up a new YouTube video yet. My newborn has only been home and settling in for a few weeks now, and I’m trying to merge our schedules. While they are not too different, they definitely need a little bit of a quiet space to do specific readings, so I am trying to work around that and also add in some video time during that space when I get there. For now, I think the blogs will do. Although, I think people are getting tired of reading LOL. I mean we are in a whole new day and age where people want everything to be easy and convenient, I am sure videos or podcasts would probably be a lot better. Bare with me though. The good stuff is yet to come for YouTube.

Let’s startstart with smoking. If you enjoy smoking then just forget about this attempt to kick your habit. People that I actually enjoy it but still have a thought in the back of their mind you want to quit, will have a lesser chance of actually quitting.

To quit, you will first want to start with getting a cup of water. Every single time you smoke a cigarette, throw the butt in the cup of water. Once it is finally the end of the day, look at the color of that water. That is the color of your lungs. Have you ever seen the nicotine on the walls of someone’s house who smokes indoors? That same residue was now coating the inside of your body. It’s a good thought to have every time you light up afterwards. Also those commercials that talk about you losing your teeth? It’s actually true. If you ever research dental issues for smokers, you will see just how awful your gum s become after years of smoking.. If you really want to quit you want to first stay especially active. Sitting around all day long is definitely going to have you light up because you are bored or just out of habit. Throughout the day, try to get up and move around a lot. Do activities that are good for your cardio.

Also, to quit smoking you will want to replace your “hand to mouth” habit. A majority of the reason as to why people also have trouble quitting besides the addiction to nicotine, it is because of the habit of putting something to your mouth. Replace your cigarettes with a pencil to chew on or maybe an extra large lollipop. You could even chew gum during times that you absolutely need one. Don’t give up, it’s hard. You are reprogramming your mind to do something else rather than light a cigarette. Which you have probably been so used to doing, for so very long. I would also suggest to stay away from other people who smoke too. The smell will actually trigger you to smoke in the first few weeks. Seeing other people smoking will also trigger you to want to have one because it will remind you of what it feels like to smoke. Many people often think that smoking, is there a nerves but nicotine is actually a stimulant. So why does it actually help with the anxiety? Does the nicotine once it crosses the blood brain barrier, will actually create a little bit of neurological stimulation. It will also stimulate your nervous system. Just threw a slight little thrill, it will make you feel something other than the anxiety it’s self, which is better than actually feeling anxiety LOL. Nevertheless, you will want to do deep breathing exercises to help with your anxiety instead. The deep breathing exercises were also help you to rejuvenate damaged areas of the lungs in the process of clearing out your longs well quitting smoking. Your body actually starts to rejuvenate itself 30 minutes after a cigarette. Can you imagine your health overall, after a few weeks of not smoking? Cigarettes also make your lips blue or purple and your nails yellow.

You may not have a keen sense of smell while smoking, because when you puff on your cigarette, secondhand smoke from the cigarette goes up your nose and damages some of your smelling. You will not be able to smell how awful the cigarette smoke actually smells until you have stopped for a few weeks and your sense of smell comes back. That awful smell should be enough to never make you want to smoke again. Unfortunately though, many people start back up. If you cave and have a cigarette, just try to get back on track. The worst thing that you could do to yourself is do you say that you messed up and give up entirely. Keep trying these methods. I would suggest you stay away from nicotine products such as patches we’re gone, because it will just keep the nicotine in your body longer and it will be harder detox from it which is another reason why people have trouble quitting smoking. Their addiction to nicotine is great. In actuality, many people have quit drinking and doing other drugs but have found it harder to quit smoking above all.

If staying busy, replacing your hand to mouth habit, staying away from smoking influences, and showing yourself the tainted state of your lungs, is not enough to help you quit smoking… then hypnosis will probably be the very next best thing. Hypnosis can help program the back of your subconscious mind to quit smoking. But you have to have a good hypnotist. I offer audios for hypnosis for a variety of different things, including to quit smoking. But they are not on my website. I make them for my clients who especially ask for them. It’s a great way to implant the thoughts in the back of your mind to stop. Smoking is actually shortening your life every time you light up. If you cannot afford to be hypnotized, tried doing daily affirmations throughout the day every single time you want to smoke, telling yourself that you don’t want to smoke. It could help in getting your mind aligned with the idea even if you can’t actually go through with it fully just yet.

Good luck. In three weeks you will be a non-smoker again!


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