Beauty Masks- Self or Mommy & Me

Natural Avocado Face Mask Ft Amber

I am really happy to be a mother again. I know some people would say that I am older and that I probably should have been done having children. But hey, what can I say? I have a lot of love to give and out there in the world the way that it is? It’s hard to find people that will really love you. So I always say, make your own family. Let that family consist of people that you love, people that you connect with on a deep level, and friends of all kinds that are loyal and constant. Family doesn’t just have to be blood relation. And since, most of the families these days don’t get along anyway, it’s kind of hard to make this kind of deep connections with your blood relations anymore anyway. Having my new daughter in my life has been a true joy. I get to share with her my teachings and help her to grow up to be the type of person that she should be, outside of social conditioning, stereotypes and archetypes.

Heard of being a spiritual teacher and also a parent, setting a good example for others. My daughter Amber had just recently started a 30 day no make up challenge. There are only a few of us partaking in the challenge. But it is still something really good for others who do come across it, to participate in. Or, to at least make themselves feel better in knowing that they don’t always have to put on a costume every day. It helps others to know, that they can love themselves just the way they are.

It also helps in spiritual parenting because it teaches your child that they can feel good about themselves naturally, as well as with cosmetics too. I am always trying to set a good example in diet and hygiene well. Even though my baby is small, she still likes to feel included. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to introduce good health and beauty processes. Right now we are learning yoga baby style, in addition to also taking care of our skin. It really makes her feel special. If you include your children and your activities to, they will also grow up feeling good about themselves. Since we have busy schedules as parents, even just a few minutes of including them in something, can mean all the world.

Beauty night! Adree kept making my mask slide over lol. It was a good laugh considering I look more like I had come out of a horror movie LOL

Here we are with our masks on. The other night Adree had the 14 karat gold facial mask while I used a hydrogel mask. We spend 1 hour each night with our beauty regime. We have a tight schedule with my having to work from 5:00 pm until 1:00 am 5 days a week. You also have to micromanage and squeeze other tasks for my job and, throughout my day with the baby including time for trance work and meditation. It is not easy but I get it done. With 6 hours (adding trance in between) of solely mommy and me time, I can certainly do a lot of things with her. Education, exercise, exploring and adventure, as well as our beauty routines. Here are a few snapshots of me and Adriel with our masks. I’ve also included snapshots of the masks them selves. We also do an eye mask twice a week, the one I’m using was a gift from my friend Bella. (Thank you, we love you!)

This eye mask was great. After working overnight it added moisture to my eyes making me feel refreshed.

Try them. They’re pretty cheap, and fun as an activity for you alone or you and “the girls” in your life. Doing this also helps promote feelings of confidence and self-esteem. There’s nothing like having a facial mask and really feeling important.

The gold tones, tightens and adds a vibrant glow to your skin. I have used it myself.
Hydrogel masks are scary looking and they are very itchy. My skin often feels a lot better after an hour of use rather than right after taking it off.


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