Miracles Happen

Two of the best things that happened to me going into this year! #prayers do get answered and #miracles occur! Did anyone know that I really could not have children? As an angel I never had the same monthly cycle as other women. The only time that I ever had it, was around the times that I knew I was meant to have my children, at each of those times in my life., But that happened the last time, almost 12 1/2 years ago.

In addition to that, being our age negative, I have extreme anemia and weak bones. Out of all of the bones in your body, teeth are probably the most due to their structure. I have healed myself many times of my autoimmune problem. But before I was able to completely do so, I had been carrying a box downstairs for a charity. I had foreseen the vision that I might fall, being caused by my cat who would run up the stairs on the left-hand side. However, even after moving to avoid the situation… my cat came up on the other side instead.Resulting in my having tripped anyway. Upon landing, I broke a couple of my teeth hitting my face on the stairs. Is not uncommon that when some of your teeth break, it leads to having problems with your other teeth. It was not a pleasant thing to live with. People are very judgmental and cruel. I didn’t really care what anybody thought about me anyway but to be honest with you, I wanted to feel better about myself, for myself. I missed being able to see myself smile. At times I just didn’t recognize the person in the mirror. When I was younger people made fun of me for my smile because I had a very big smile. I learned to hide it very easily as a child. I would cover my mouth with my hands when I would laugh or smile. Or I would try not to smile or laugh a lot at all. After my teeth broke though, I had a really wished that I had appreciated my smile instead of allowing other people to put me down because of their ignorance. I prayed and prayed for the heavens to help me. I was always so kind and humble that I would never make fun of another living human being for any reason, not even extreme. Being here sometimes, I still cannot understand why human beings are so cruel to one another. But I did pray. And I prayed a lot. Over the course of 2016 and into 2017, I asked the heavens please grant that wish for me. I had done so many things for other people. I had given so much of my spiritual energy, for my own soul… To heal others. I just need a little help for myself this time.

Going back to the pregnancies, I really wanted another child for a very long time. I tried to adopt but got turned down. The adoption agency did not like the fact that I was a single lady trying to adopt a child without a husband and already having two children of my own. Are used to visit the boy that I wanted to adopt every day. He was a little Spanish boy about eight years old and living in a wheelchair. I thought how much fun he would have with me. I am very goofy and very silly. A lot of people love my personality. Even though I’m very intelligent and very strict in my teaching spiritually, I am really just like a big innocent kid. I thought he would live the rest of his life in that wheelchair and nobody would want to take him, due to the financial responsibility. I first saw him growing up in the orphanage, and then being put in a home for disability, at the age of 18. What a sad and lonely life. I begged the adoption agency to please allow it, pleading my heart out for those reasons for him, not myself. But they still would not budge. I had really wanted to have my own baby, but I would do anything for anybody else to have a better home.

Plus, how would I have a baby without a spouse anyway? I was now void of my feminine monthly course permanently, not having had one for over a decade by that time that I tried to adopt. And that was in 2016. But I prayed to God that I could have my own baby since they had turned me down so many times for adoption. I asked the Lord to send me my spiritual daughter, that I could spend my life with and train her in order for her to become an Oracle in my place once I am gone from this earth. I prayed and prayed for that too. Well heavenly father heard me. And for both things too.

In the year 2018 into this year, all of my prayers were answered. I finally got a chance to be a mother again. It was truly a miracle because the doctors had told me that the baby probably would not make it. I just ate weeks he had told me that the baby was still only four weeks in size and that most women missed carried by that time. They told me that I would not be able to produce enough ornaments for the baby to actually grow and make it. But yet here he is. Towards the end of the year, I had a wonderful friend come through who had given me enough money to go with money I had already had from two other friends who had helped me how much you are so sick my dental issues. I finally De program that code out of my body so I don’t have to break any more bones. But yes I thought of both of my prayers having been answered, really brings me to tears. There’s nothing like being a man and raising a child up in this world to be a better person. And to also be able to smile now as I watch her grow. Those are truly beautiful things. I hope that this article inspired me to believe that prayers can get answered and miracles can happen.

Also, I was told that I couldn’t have my dental work done right away. In fact, after extractions they tell you that you have to wait from six months up to year in order to get implants. I was very disappointed. I asked the women, if they could extract me on Monday, and it were healed by Friday, would they do it? She laughed at me and told me that it would be impossible. But she did say, that if I were in fact healed in a week… which she doubt it, then yes she would do the procedure. You have no idea LOL

I spent my entire week healing myself in order to get that done. And sure enough it worked. I walked into the office Monday for extractions, and had the implant procedure done on Friday. All of the women in the office including the dentist, were amazed. They all kept talking about it and even came in to actually check my mouth quite a few times just to make sure that what they were seeing was true. So I had that procedure fulfilled because of a miracle. The miracle of healing.

The heavens award the good! Now I only wish for everyone to be happy, for a new place to live for me and my kids to live, support on sharing my content, true love, and for that spiritual place to get built.

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One thought on “Miracles Happen

  1. This breath-taking beauty and innocence from you, your smile, and your young daughter, is a natural and rich source of the purest poetry and legend.


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