Summer Updates June 2019

For those of you who follow me closely, it is very important to post these new updates so that everybody can know what is going on.

Restricted Courses?

Personally, many of you enrolled in the new courses, “Absolution” and “Awareness” courses. “Awareness” is a course for keeping up with your spiritual awakening and using what you know in the world around you. “Absolution” is a course going to the next level with forbidden knowledge. However, it has been a while since I have posted a new lesson in either one of those courses because the online classroom was not allowing me to upload anything at all. Every single time that I had tried, the website booted me off with an error message. It was strange because users enrolled in the courses were able to still access the website in order to log on. I could not understand why that could had been happening. I did my research to resolve the issue. I called teachable who had informed me that a former user had reported my link, several times! How malicious! I was told that my school was reported as “abusive” content. Reviewing my content while still on the phone with me, the operator had said that there were no restrictions as to what kind of content that I had been uploading, and that my courses would be allowed to remain on their platform. My classroom has been reinstated to me, and now I am able to continue with the courses as was scheduled. I apologize for the delay, and I am more than grateful to all of you who were patient with me throughout the last month and a half. Sheesh.

What the heck is “fringe”?

Now let’s talk about YouTube. It’s amazing to me that any of these social media platform have the right to take away the freedom of speech. I can understand should anybody post anything obscene, racist, terrorizing, pornographic, violent or hateful. But to restrict content because it is simply “different”, well that is violating my constitutional rights. YouTube has developed an algorithm rhythm that for many different religions, political, and spiritual channels, an alternative algorithm makes it to where their content is not visible to the mainstream. I had been aware of my channel’s censorship issue for a very long time, but I just did not know how, or why. Doing some research on this subject as well, I was relieved to have found answers. Now, I just have to work on a solution. I had heard of channel ghosting but I really did not understand the meaning of that. Recently, I had been watching another channel that was researching the lives of children with disabilities or birth defects. I am a huge advocate for helping children and animals myself. I often donate and promote St. Jude’s Children Hospital for Cancer Research. I want to help all that I can, and was looking for others who are trying to make a difference too. I came across “Special Books, By Special Kids”. The guy on that channel is a kind and loving man who is just trying to spread the awareness of disability, and that those people deserve acceptance and love in society too. His mission is to destroy the stereotypes and judgement towards those who are born different. I think it’s fantastic. People can be cruel. Kids who for example are blind, handicapped, challenged, or born with a cleft lip are made fun of, ridiculed and outcast by their peers. His channel touched my heart. What is wrong with his content? Are we not trying to make the world a better place? Or is that a lie? Nevertheless, he explained that his channel was losing views and discovered that he had been put on an alternative algorithm. I had never heard of the term “alternative” algorithm before. I did my own research on my own channel, and I found that something similar had happened to my channel. Actually, it was explained a little bit differently as to what had happened with my videos. I was told that my channel was placed on an algorithm classified as “far right” content… or fringe content. What the heck is that?

Well, it is content that is looked at as being radical or extreme because it provokes different ideas than mainstream society. Wasn’t the New Age prompted by mainstream at one time anyway? Yes! Some of it still is, of what they want out there anyhow. This just goes to show that I was right the entire time when I told everyone that the new age was for an agenda to introduce some new ideas, but to promote those things so much that it became a trend that later dies away. If people tire of something, it fades and new trends enter mainstream. There is more going on beneath the surface to promote an indoor, emotionless, self focused society. Good deeds, spiritual enlightenment, and love awareness is not an “it” thing anymore these days. Now, people are shut down and closed off while violence, disasters, and depression are taking over. They are shutting down people who publicly chose to a make a difference instead. I know that I’m teaching a different path of spirituality but to place me to the far right map of YouTube making it impossible for anyone to find me, is wrong. If my content did well in views on mainstream, then why not leave my channel alone? Because they must not had wanted me to make it to mainstream. It’s still violating my rights, and I have to do something.

Many people are exploring the Universe, Awakening, and the spiritual world. I want my voice to reach them. I’ll be contacting YouTube and making adjustments to my channel but I’ll be making a new channel too! All videos will be uploaded on my old and new channels as well as on my website too. My website has a platform for videos to broadcast. If you make videos on Spiritual content and are tired of being restricted, contact me. I would love to post your videos for others to find.

Social Media

Google+ has gone away. I used to like how a video from Youtube would automatically post on G+ for others to find. But it slowly decreased in its use. Facebook became the next platform, but let’s be honest here… we all have always felt that there was something wrong with FB. Then, it got boring and also restricted. My groups had idle members in it, only a few members post in groups created by others, and it seemed to make it easy for stalkers to reach you as well as social catfish. Now we have Instagram that is at the top for being most popular. I still have my Facebook. It’ll always be active, and I will post there too. But when it comes to activities, events, and my personal/ professional life… my own website and IG will be the main platforms that I use. Facebook seems judgey and limiting. I just don’t like the outcasting that goes on, in the FB communities.

If you, I also have a membership on my website too. We have some adjustments to make but it’ll be a great platform for interacting soon. There’s even an app.

New content

What would like to see? Anything! Magic, life experience, love, prophecy… you tell me! I’ll be sure to post about it. I’ll also be expanding on older subjects that we never went deeper into. No more conspiracy theories though ok? Not for awhile… write to us at


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