In the land of my ancient ancestors, all of the holidays were different and actually responsible for inspiring many of the holidays that are celebrated today. The 4th of July, as everyone knows marks “Independence Day”. The history of the celebration is that America wanted to be liberated from England who at that time still power and authority over this country. Ever since America became an independent country, Americans have celebrated on July 4th to remember. But July 4th is not Independence Day to me, nor was it to the people of the old way, in Ireland.

It actually marks the day if the Midsummer Festival. They have different dates for that all over the world, but July and August are the hottest times of the year, making it Summer around those months. July 4th through the 27th, Midsummer. It’s a time to celebrate crops that will be abundant at harvest time, marriages, and the Solstice but a bit later. It’s a time where we celebrate magic and the changes of Earth and energy due the shift in the season.

So, if you like the fireworks and want a more whimsical reason to celebrate rather than feasting over warfare then this is the reason to go with, Midsummer. For me, I grill some fish for my meat eating guests and delicious vegetarian recipes for myself and my family. We have a bonfire offering herbs up as gifts to the Gods and during nightfall we still see the fireworks. In light of the war, I pray for the soldiers who fought in it and even for soldiers today who are in a dangerous position too. We make it a summertime Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy the celebration!


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