Into Thanksgiving- truly giving thanks

Gratitude #1. I’m thankful for this little girl who brings me the innocence and purity that matches my own soul, which I have craved to find and see in this world.

Samhain 2019 is over but it’s still the angelic end of the year. The dead zone according to heaven begins officially December 21st. It’s still harvest time for now, and the festivities from September 21st up until November 1st now come to an end to prepare for one more feast day of the end of the year celebration. In traditions here, Thanksgiving was created to honor the discovery of the new world and their ability to build and sustain a life there. They ate what they grew to say thank you to Earth, the workers and the Indians who taught them how to work a new land. However, angelically we have one last feast of the end of year in November 21st to say thanks not just for our necessities but for many other things too. Showing appreciation is more than saying it! Actions speak louder than words do they not?

It’s a time to give! Even though a portion of my profits go to charity throughout the year, giving never stops from this heart within me here! Life in who and what I am, is all about giving. But giving comes in many forms, and in it… yes there is also a need for thanks. So this time of year is just as special because while I give daily, I have the chance to show gratitude for what I myself have received. As we move towards Thanksgiving tine now, I want to say that firstly I am sorry on behalf of the humans who murdered their allies the Indians for their land. Humankind is like that aren’t they? People that you love and help in your life, are usually the ones to hurt you most no matter the good you have done for them, it’s more true than not. Heaven says to love anyway and even in hurt, each person has touched your life for some reason to be thankful for.

Let’s use Thanksgiving not as tradition has it, but instead change things up a bit! From now until the 21st, activities will be posted in the FB group Truthian Circle… to inspire gratitude. The Dead zone approaches and many will feel its shift, leading into hibernation of sorts and a melancholic undertone. It doesn’t have to feel that way though. We have to find joy if it’s not going to come to us anymore as the worlds condition gets harsher. We started with the Autumn Harvest Celebration days of our end of the year festivities called Grianstad in ancient Ireland, now let’s celebrate the blessings themselves and lift the mood of darkened winter months ahead before they get here.

Check Truthian Circle, or my Facebook profile for more on this upcoming day of gratitude! Life can be fun, magical, and is what we make it! Get ready for for fun and inspiration!


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