Winter’s Sacred Space

Recreated altar scene, as an idea! I’ll post some cool correspondences later.

It’s a beautiful time of year! With pumpkin spice, apple cider, slouchy sweaters, and the outdoors decorated in firey hues, Aitumn has always been my favorite time of year due to those things, the magical essence, and celebrations. With the “20 day giving of thanks” activity that is going on, Winter is silently creeping in around the corner!

My oh my! Not a highly looked forward to time of year! Having an extremely rare blood type, cold weather and I have never been friends. However, while winter is a timeless pit of hibernation provoking depression, loneliness, and boredom for many…it doesn’t have to be. The dead zone used positively leaves room for hiding away while working on your new bod to be revealed in Spring, time to read, loads of time for going through your things to clean out space, and so much more. I’ll be inspiring others with activities on my Facebook page and instagram @alura_cein and I hope you will follow me there for more! It’s going to be a fun time, and I love everyone out there and you the reader so much, that I want you to have a great time too.

In the meantime, the winter also has its spiritual holidays that I’ll cover as the season progresses but for now… it’s time to start planning for your new altar. Winter has a different meaning, different associations. and a different tone of energy for magic! We still have until December 1st before the Autumn will actually start to makes its descend to allow the Winter energy to emerge. This is in terms of energy, not weather. Still, I motivate you to start planning your Winter spiritual space now. Lots of thought should go into it anyhow, it’s sacred!

And don’t forget the “Embrace your space” contest for spiritual altars. Decorate your altar, submit a photo to me by email with a short summary as to why your spiritual space means something to you and gain a chance to win a gift card and other cool prizes! Enjoy the rest of Autumn and it’s celebrations!


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