Alura’s Online Winter Celebration

Why do I always have these online activities? Well, one of the main reasons is because I know that these days many people are so close off and withdrawn. It’s hard for people to have trust in others. Families are not really family as much anymore, and people have a lot of social anxiety because they’ve been downright disappointed so many times by the world and people that have come across them in life. Not only this, but life itself is hectic. Time itself has been shortened and so there’s not enough time to get anything done. You get home from work and suddenly after a meal and a shower, it’s already late in the evening, without too many places to go and they’re not being very much else to do. Spending time with family seems nearly impossible these days as everyone is lost in their technology anyway. Additionally, everything costs a ton of money to even be able to go out and have any fun. People are feeling more lonelier than ever. After a long day at work and lots of other responsibilities, people don’t want to go out. They want to sit in their houses, and relax without having to worry about keeping a scheduled appointment or planned get together.

In fact, as a person that does services not only online but also in person, I have seen so many people cancel their appointments not only with me but with even their doctors. They just feel worn out and even at times… just outright forgetful because of the rush of life. it’s true that even people that have been extremely ill, knowing that they needed medical assistance, have canceled appointments or refused even going to a hospital because of these many reasons listed here today. I am a person that strives to make people comfortable. I want everybody to be happy and comfortable.

But I don’t want anyone to give up on life either. If you don’t feel like going out anywhere than fine. If you don’t want the obligation of having to keep an appointment or date, then that’s OK too. The idea is that you don’t feel alone, and that you have something to look forward to as well as someone to come to when you do need someone by your side. Life doesn’t have to be a total drag. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life sitting in front of Netflix either. There’s more to living.  I truly believe in bringing other people together. There are so many people all around the world that we could connect with and bond with but sadly because of distance and different pathways in life, we would not have met or came together under any other circumstances except the Internet itself. In my group everybody has come from a different background, beliefs system, gender, preference, race… and many live all over the world, not just in a different state. But yet we are all there together with many things in common. Yes there are a lot of things that we probably don’t have in common, but we don’t focus on the differences. We focus on the similarities and that’s what brings us more strongly together.

Are you a loaner? That’s OK most of us are too. I work with the public every day for my entire life revolves around it and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. But in my own personal life? Because I am in Oracle and an angel, it makes it very hard to live here and so I am very much alone a lot of the time. So we don’t have to be. And that’s why I do this. I want to inspire unity, which is the most spiritual thing.

Many of you that may have read “The Angelic Year”, are already well aware of my yearly festivities. And while I may do things a lot differently, it does bring a lot to look forward to in life. I enjoy living by the spiritual traditional ways, not the worldly. In the blog I talked about how the winter is actually considered to be a dead zone. A timeless period of withdrawing from the world, and taking the time out to clear ones south of the yearly energies, rejuvenate, get a hold of a new goals for the next year, and to also celebrate the hard work from the previous year. It is also a beautiful time of year to actually connect with others, your family, new friends, and to pay respects to the ancient spirits and god. 

What’s happening?…

1. A family in need:

If anyone remembers, I usually give a family who is in need, either Christmas or Thanksgiving cash that I end up accumulating through donations that I take outside of my own earnings. In other words will take $20 off the top of each days earnings throughout a few months and then I will give that to someone who is in need. However, one year I found a family that had claimed to have a child and was in need of the money for heat over the winter, as well as gifts for their son. I spiritually right into the situation and I knew that they were not being totally honest with me. But I saw the real reasons as to why they were withholding information and I still felt sympathy for them. There is no discrimination when it comes to charity. I still gave them the money regardless. But, just to be safer, Set is actually giving cash, I’m going to do what I did last year and put together a food basket as well as some toy donations and take that to a family in need instead. If anybody wants to donate to this cause as well, please let me know by email. I usually spend about $200 on the food and another $200 on the toys as well as some warm brand new clothing garments. honestly though, if nobody wants to help that’s totally fine as I did save up my own money quite a bit to be able to do this project by myself just in case. This will take place by the 20th of December. After I take the goods to the family, I will have a nice little prayer session in order to thank the heavens for what they have helped me to accomplish for the chosen family. An ad will be put into Facebook local, and craigslist, with interviews done through email, to find the family in need.

2. Holiday Cyber Tour of Lights-

December 13th. Philadelphia is the nearest major city to me, living here in the tri-state area of New Jersey. I’ll be heading out to Philadelphia to tour their beautiful Christmas lights set up. They have a lot of beautiful displays, some of which are free. There is a light show, the City Square’s tree, and a lot of other beautiful sites to see out there. I’ll be heading out there with my posse of children LOL. Well I’m out there I’m going to post a story to my Instagram for others to have a look and see a glimpse of Philadelphia in its glory. With it being such a historical area, it often looks so very beautiful around the holiday season every year. If you’re into the colonial historical period, then this would definitely be something you want to check out. If you live in the nearby areas why not head out there yourself? Maybe we’ll bump into one another!  If you end up having your own tour, even if only in your own hometown, please feel free to tag me in it and post it so that I can join with you on your adventure as well.

3. Nostalgic Holiday Watch Party- Saturday December 14.

As many people know I don’t watch TV as it makes me feel very sick. But during the holiday season there are some childhood favorites that I watched with my father while I was growing up. Every year he and my mother would watch Rudolph’s shiny new year. There were a few other really wonderful holiday films and I thought I would watch some of them with all of you. Even though we live far away doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good flick.  I will post the names of the movies and the order in which I’m going to watch them and at what time. You can join in if you are ever so inclined to.

4. Make cookies with me!- December 15

During the autumn equinox, I often get everybody in my group together, to make some pretty cool natural decorations from the beautiful fall colors outside. We do this for the celebrations on Samhain and reverence of the end of the year celebrations marked by the angels. For the holiday season this time, let’s try making some pretty cool cookies. I will also be posting a brand new YouTube channel additionally to my main channel which is not 100% spiritually related. It may end up taking off around the same time. If I end up launching that channel by that time, I will more than likely post a video of baking cookies along with some art and talk.

5. Pollyanna Check in December 16

That’s right this year I am having a Pollyanna right there on my very own Facebook page. As I’ve said this is to inspire others to connect with each other and to give to one another freely. If you’re going to participate there is a post on my profile page on Facebook. Just comment there and have your gift already purchased or crafted by December 16. I need you to show me confirmation that you have one. Pollyanna isn’t even exchange so there shouldn’t be anybody without a gift to give or receive.

7.  Sale in honor of the holidays and my birthday. December 16- Jan 1.

In honor of my birthday this year which is only a few days away from Christmas, I will have a sale running on the website just make it easier on anybody who would like to get services as gifts for their loved ones or even just to explore for themselves as I know that there are some people who are alone during the holiday season and need a little spiritual refreshment. The sale’s code will be posted via Instagram story and Facebook on my business page, on the 16th.

8. Pollyanna Exchange December 18

By December 18 the numbers will be called off for the Pollyanna in which everybody will be able to ship out the gifts to the person’s number that receives it. It will be a lot easier to understand once we get this thing going. Be sure to meet back at my Facebook page that day in order to participate in this wonderful new tradition.

9. Gift Raffle! Surprise Prize! December 20th.

Come by my Instagram on December 20 and a surprise gift will be raffled off to the first name drawn out of my followers.

10. YouTube Special- December 23

The weekly video and episode for spiritually awkward will not be posted that Wednesday on the week of Christmas for obvious reasons. I understand everybody wants to hang out with their families on that day and I’m not expecting anybody to be sitting on YouTube watching me lecture LOL. Instead I’ll be posting my holiday special episode at the beginning of the week instead of December 23. I’m actually really excited to talk about the topics in this video as it’s going to be late, and fun and very educational. I may even keep life comments up for people to talk about their own personal experiences and chitchat. Please keep things nice? I have always been very uneasy about keeping my comments open because people are very rude and critical. There are people that don’t even like me that just watch my videos for the sake of wanting to just put some negativity out there. To protect my viewers who are there for since your reasons, I have always kept the comments managed and approved. I may stop doing that though. I’ll just let the nasty people make fools out of themselves. But yes, please come by on December 23 for the video special, videos will still be posted in the meantime weekly.

Please also do not forget that we have the contest for the sacred space competition? I invited everybody to create their very own spiritual altar, and then to say in a few words what that spaces means to you, and then submit it to me by email with a photo. The winner will be drawn in January and can receive a $100 gift card.

Btw, if any of us get a good snow, which it was predicted by the angelic Herald on my angels website that we will… You best believe were another friendly snowman building contest to. I’ll keep you updated on that one though. For anyone reading this no matter who you are, where are you from… You are so immensely loved and I wish that you could feel my love from this post and just know that you are every ounce of important to me.


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