Weekly Wise Public: Vol. 5

Que pasa? Welcome to the public edition of the weekly wise service offered by subscription on my site Alura Spiritual Services. I used to do this every week but, I didn’t want to take away from the personal readings that people get privately for their own growth, if they were investing too much attention into these. It may confuse what they are getting from their spiritual guides, and so it is good to have it occasionally. The only thing that’s missing from this right now, or a few other columns that go along with the service. I’m keeping it short and sweet with the reading itself. So what do we have to look forward to this week? We have a very strange combination of cards. We have The Sun, The Moon, and The Devil. Wait whatttttt?!🤔😲😬. Muwhahaha, you’re all doomed… just kidding! Don’t worry it’s nothing bad. Hey many other readers may consider it to be a bad omen. It really isn’t. You just have to know how to look into things.

I can remember some of the Fortune Tellers of old who told your fortune simply for entertainment. It’s a shame they didn’t tell some poor superstitious believers that the reading was just merely side show. I see that a lot nowadays… and the Internet has made it very possible for these types of psychics to really get their work out there. From amateurs, to copyright thieves, copycats, and those doing it just for mere entertainment purposes. For me? I’m a real Oracle, and so I always take it very serious. I read the cards according to how heaven has decoded them, instead of the basic meanings out there. Although sometimes they help. But what is going on for us to receive this combination of the major arcana? Let’s have a look.

The Sun appears to help provide abundance in terms of warmth while you find answers, truths, and needs.  Life can be really hard and disappointing. But the idea is…. it doesn’t have to always be that way. In light of this card appearing, it appears to show us that even though sometimes things seem a little difficult and hopeless at times, light will always be shed in the dark, to provide answers and understanding in helping us to know exactly what we need to make things better. The Sun states that we should be prepared for some strong revelations and ideas this week, that can lead toward helping us to take the right steps and make the right choices that will result in an abundance of positive results.

Sometimes, people don’t realize that they actually produce their own results through prepping their path with thoughts first. But, where do those thoughts come from in the first place? The Moon adds to the revelations of The Sun.

Are you thinking to negatively or doubting too much? Are you feeling insecure and down lately, it’s weird it’s reflecting on to your path? You can’t just expect things to go well. You have to think that they will, know that they will. You have to talk about them like they will. However, there have been students of mine that have tried to have that positive outlook and later ended up having something flop on them anyway. They often question why, if they were exercising the right mindset? There are so many factors that play into a person’s pathway being what it’s meant to.  For example; do the people in their life believe in it with them? Do they want it for them? If not, those people could be anchors. is the person really being honest with himself about what they want? Do they have fear? Are they so used to things not working out, that even when they think that they will, there may be a shadow in the subconscious mind that holds an inkling of doubt? That’s why it’s so important for the sun to shine it’s bright rays of light into some of the deepest places within you this week. It’s so that you can figure out the answers to these questions. The answers that you find, will help you to know what you need to do next in order to start manifesting all of the right things.

That brings us to the next card.

Sometimes it is the hardest thing in a persons life to do, to release things that are toxic, unhealthy or holding them back. this could be a number of different things such as habits, routine, people, thoughts, feelings or even an entire way of life in general. Perhaps maybe it’s time to have some realizations in regards to what needs to be really changed. A lot of people think they know, then make some small changes thinking that that’s going to be it, but it really isn’t. There’s so much more needed. Maybe just a total reinvention of yourself and your life? A new start that leads to such a positive place, that all of your dreams start to come true. Or it could be as simple as just having to confront a few things like eliminating a bad habit or fear. Or on a major level, maybe it is time to endure the crushing heartache of having to walk away from someone that brings a lot of negativity into your life. A lot of people stay with individuals that bring them negativity or abuse. But the idea of it is, is that first do you want to do is to try to work through things with counseling or talking it out in regards to how you feel the right way. It can actually really help things along. But you have to know how to communicate. Most people don’t communicate the right way and that’s why things turned into arguments, jumping to conclusions, making assumptions, and then that can lead to even worse arguments in the long run. But if you do talk about things correctly, and things still don’t change? Perhaps maybe it is time to start planning an exit.

Altogether though, this card is talking about your own manifestations. And they can be deep. There are so many things about a person that they do not realize about themselves, but many other people can see. Even when being told, they may go into denial or get defensive. That’s why it’s hard for people to change. I think the subject has come up before, but since it has again… it’s the universes’ way of trying to tell you that maybe you didn’t get it right the first time. Maybe…not even on the second.

That’s OK. Life is about experience and change. And while you may have changed in a lot of ways, there are more than likely some that you haven’t changed in yet. Those may be the exact things that you still need to change, in order to grow and perhaps you just have not realized it yet..

The conclusion: The Moon acts as a surface for The Sun to bounce off of. Yes! The Moon is a dense solid surface just as it may be with some of the negative things in your life. But even without realizing some things at first, once the sun reflects off of that darker surface, you’ll start to find a great treasure. And what that is, is that some of the things that create problems in your life will start to become more apparent. That gives you the perfect opportunity to change your direction and to remodel yourself, your course, or your entire life if needed. That can bring such wonderful changes that could potentially make dreams come true, lead you towards new healthy relationships, a new found love and confidence in yourself, and even a great connection with heaven. Yes, rainbows are born from Sunny rays bouncing off of denser surfaces into reflections! And rainbows lead to not only treasure but brand new beginnings. 

This week, there will be a lot of thinking, and revelations that come easily to you in needed areas of life where you have been held back the most. Also, this week we are looking at promise. There may be some opportunities that pop up that you really have to use your awareness greatly in order to recognize, that may actually bring you some new business, expanding one that you have already, or opportunity for promotion at your work. Not right away though. Those things will appear but the results may be at a distance still.

For those that don’t have jobs but want one, finding one won’t be too difficult. There will come a job that you apply to, that you will at first think that you did not get, because you will not hear anything from the place right away. Also some of the opportunities that you reach for may not produce any results exactly during this week. But the opportunities will come up this week, themselves. Yes it is promising. We have to keep that outlook. Even though things don’t manifest entirely for you when things pop up, you have to have a great hope in your heart that they will. 

We have a lot of retrogrades coming up, as well as ones that are happening already. This may be messing with your mind a bit. You may be fluctuating back-and-forth between your moods, and negative and positive thinking. You may even read into other people to negatively, where as you should be looking at things more positively in order to form better relationships. Remember that when the rainbow appears at the end of it all, that people can only see it from a certain angle. Imagine walking down the street, looking up in the sky. Later, you check social media and there were people posting pictures of some rainbow in the same town. But you didn’t get a glimpse?!

How so, if you live in the same town? Because of the angle! That’s right! Its all about perspective. Coming from the wrong angle or perspective, you’re not gonna get any of this. You have to keep your mind open, your heart willing, and your dreams always in front of you with faith in tact. Things are gonna work out.

Take advantage of the opportunities and the reflections both, that come up this week. Opportunities can also come disguised as new ideas that you come up with. Please make sure that they are of your own creation? There are so many people out there trying to replicate others and doing the same things. Maybe that’s another reason why things aren’t working out for many people. Like I said in one of my courses, if you put 10 mechanics in a room with three people, the one person that has the most experience and is liked more so than everybody else, is going to get selected for the job first. And then, the odds are that the other two people are going to follow the person that did the selecting first while choosing the same mechanic. It’s all expertise. It’s also about influence and popular opinion.

What’s going to happen to the other nine mechanics? Well, they’re going to be without business. So the idea of it is, is to be unique and original always. That’s what people look for. Without it, people are not going to show much interest. Come up with your own path or get a reading to find out your path or purpose if you don’t know it already. Or maybe you are unsure still if it’s right? If you find that you’re not content with your purpose, compromise with your higher self a bit. There are always creative ways to work around it. The idea is not to give up.

But in the meantime, as you are working on yourself, make sure that you don’t have anything getting in your way that could be detrimental to your growth. Again, many people fail to even recognize what those things may be, on an ego level or even on their own shadow level too. Besides karma, these blockages can totally keep you in a repetitive cycle going around and around. You may experience small changes but for every two steps forward, you may take another three steps back. Getting guidance can help.

Try Pathwork Step One, or The Book of Life from my site, for deep insight as to what to see, change and then do. The Earth Angel Oracle reading is incredible too! I also recommend the “Path to The Fates” reading if you want to know how things are going to end up for you, going in one direction or the other. Others are the “Shadow Self” or the “Subconscious Dig” sessions. please be sure that you are ready though. Being told things that sit very deep within yourself that may not be the most positive, can sometimes trigger people. If I find that the reading isn’t going to work for you I will probably just refund you kindly. I have so many options for people to really grow from. Growth that leads to joy, is my main goal and desire for you. I do like to recommend that you try to bond with me a little bit after the readings though. It’s good to have a support system to back you up as well as having insight.

Take advantage of the clarity this week.

Lastly, we have to keep in mind that a pot of gold only becomes full, when it’s added to. You may want riches, recognition, true love, and good looks. Or maybe you are like me and are very humble, finding contentment in just having Gods presence, a happy average family, a small little home, and maybe a few adventures here or there. Whatever the case may be, there’s nothing in the universe thats just going to drop your dreams right into your lap. The sun will shine its light on different ways that you can obtain yours, but the moon will always get you to question why you want the things that you do. The devil, will always reveal some part of yourself that’s responsible for wanting them for the wrong reasons too. That pot of gold has to be filled with real gold , not fool’s gold. So don’t go fooling yourself. You have no idea how many people say that they want something for all of the right reasons, but have some hidden agenda underneath of the surface. One that they won’t even admit to they themselves. Keep it real. Try to work on what causes you to want things for the wrong reasons in the first place. And don’t forget to give back to the universe with real intentions, coming from a pure place within. Heaven always rewards those that are pure at heart. 

Also, give back with charity and time. That can be greatly beneficial for manifestation. Many people expect so many things, but they don’t realize that in order to receive, they have to also give. Ask yourself also, could the devil card represent some level of hanging onto things too much in your life, that you’re not giving back out of fear that you could lose out. Therefore, it makes you hang on to what you have already, too tightly? This is the wrong mindset. Nothing is forever anyhow. If you give and give, the universe will too.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read the weekly reading. I hope that you enjoy the wisdom and proverbial sayings. If you want to know more about yourself, your life purpose or pathway, or any of the things discussed within this weekly wisdom, please head on over to the website and book a session. I’m positive you won’t be disappointed. Good luck, and may the universe smile down upon with you great abundance.

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