Beauty Challenge? During a global pandemic?

A beauty challenge, during a global pandemic? I know it sounds like the least of your priorities and it is. But I am still going to go ahead with the beauty challenge for this year. Right now there is a lot of massive Steria, and there are many more things to come in the future that everyone needs to be aware of, and prepared for. Many people are feeling anxiety, depression, worry, and some even say they feel like all of this is some crazy dream. I understand your feelings. But back in the blogs that I had predicted all of this in, our heavens specifically say to stay positive and full of hope. And what’s more positive than making you feel good about yourself?

So with that in mind, this is absolutely free! You don’t have to obtain any of my services, you don’t need to go out and pay hundreds of dollars for a new makeover. There is no entry fee or cost to you whatsoever. There never is. I do these challenges to give back to the community and to cheer people up. When I say that I love people, I am true to my word.

So if you have any drugstore make up laying around at home, if you know how to cut your own hair, curl it, or even add color… Or you just wanna go with a totally new look naturally, why not enter in the beauty challenge? Just to remind everyone, the challenge is to pick one goal that you want to changing yourself or your life personally. Sending what that is, along with a before picture. Then over the next couple of weeks work when your goal and give yourself a little beauty makeover as well. Once you’re done, submit your after photo with a little summary of how you achieve your goal and how it’s made you feel inside and out both. This is a challenge to see if you can feel good about yourself both on the inside and the outside. Email before and afters to

The prizes are listed in my highlight on my Instagram profile under “giveaways”. I also have a promo there on my Instagram page. The prize comes from my own money. That’s right! I saved up enough money to give back to our lucky winner. Just as a way to say that I care, and to give you something to look forward to amidst all of this panic and destruction. Just because the world is ugly, doesn’t mean that you have to feel that way too.


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