New Update


So, the newsletter already just went out for the month from my website, but we had a small change that took place that I needed to post about. In order for everyone to be informed, I will post this here and on other platforms. No need to reshare this.

As many know, I mainly use Instagram and Facebook to engage socially. For messaging, I had only two that I could use to respond to messages that came in. Messenger and private messages on iPhone. Unfortunately, I can’t find the time to jump back-and-forth to multiple platforms so I never downloaded any other texting apps. I also have never responded to Instagram messages due to the overwhelming number of incoming messages on social media… no matter which. I do apologize to the people on Instagram. I just clearly can’t handle answering all of those messages every day on three separate platforms.

Nevertheless, I am writing to let everyone know that my Facebook messenger is no longer working. I have tried for two days now to access it but when I go to open it it just closes out by itself. As a result, I am sure there are many messages that are coming in and I do apologize to those who took the time out to write them but until the issue is fixed, I won’t be able to use messenger. I can’t even get on there to see if my active light is off or on. What’s worse is, that even if I’m not using the app it marks me as having been active if I even touch my phone for any reason. This was brought to my attention earlier when a friend of mine saw that it had said I was active two minutes ago when I had not even used the Messenger app whatsoever. So we did an experiment and when I picked up my phone it indeed said I had been active, as my friend informed me for a second time. Therefore, if you see that it says that I’m active or that my light just so happens to be on, I’m definitely not there. I just wanted to make that clear so that nobody felt as though they were being ignored.

I also wanted to add a Facebook itself just really adds anxiety. I love the people, but there has been a very heavy negative energy there for quite some time now. Many people too, have brought to my attention that they felt it along with me…without my even having to mention it at times. I know that social media it’s self provokes feelings of anxiety and for many can be quite time consuming. This is why a lot of people have been disappearing from my group lately one by one. I want to suggest to avoid that, that you just follow what you really enjoy of other peoples works or mine, like, add your comment and be out. That’s what I do. I only spend about a half an hour posting on social media a day. For blogs and other works, I have someone doing the typing for me so that I don’t have to sit in front of the computer for very long. As everyone knows, I am highly sensitive to energy. I don’t even use regular lights in my home. I also suggest that you keep your phone on the charger next to a salt lamp for a majority of the day when you are not posing for those 30 minutes.

I’m also going to be doing some YouTube videos again. However, I’m not gonna care about editing, lighting or anything else anymore. I was never really into any of that and they were recommendations based on my daughter Amber’s suggestions to have a better presentation. I just want to talk about things that are important and that’s it. It doesn’t really matter about the rest of it. Additionally, don’t forget to stay tuned for my mini parenting tips on my Instagram page spiritually awkward too! I have a lot of fun things coming up with my family that I can’t wait to post about. Check out the last two tips, for all of you parental units!

Spirit Rant will also be back! I will post a copy of it on the Alura’s world on my general website but I will also more than likely have a copy person on YouTube as well in times where I can’t actually use WebCam. If you have questions, topics you would like discussed, for podcasting or YouTube from me, please submit them by email with “YouTube Idea” in the subject line. We already have a fantastic lineup.

I hope everybody’s doing well with the indoor change to life. For me it’s quite normal because I am very sensitive to outside energy, so I never really left my house to begin with. As an Oracle it is a very isolated life as we cannot have many distractions or atmospheric energy bothering us and we have to kind of live in a bubble or protective grid of our own inside. As an angelic, I don’t watch TV but if you do, I hope you found something entertaining and that you are making the best of these times.

Now back to readings! Yours, if you ordered any… will be on its way as soon as I can. If you asked for any invoices for services or products personally and haven’t received them yet, I’ll get around to sending soon. I am getting caught up for now.

Thanks, love & light!


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