2020 Garden: And Battling the tart.

Hello there everybody. Blessings and warm embraces from me to you!

Even though this link has been maliciously blocked on Facebook, that is not going to stop me from continuing my blog. I love this platform in order to document my own personal journey while teaching many of you out there in yours. Sadly though, this blog was considered as a threat by someone, and no longer able to be shared. I did try to change the domain but apparently IP addresses are linked to very specific blog sites. And it seems that Facebook has already programmed into their system the IP address of this blog and of my Spiritual Services website. I’m still trying to figure out a way around it. In the meantime I’m not going to let it stress me out. I’ve known for a long time when I was up against and so I can only sit here and patiently wait with great faith that the Lord above will come through to help me as he always has. Mother goddess as well.

Part of this bug in my spiritual journey has always included the angelic new year and activities that I do throughout. This begins in May and ends on the Autumn equinox in September. I love this time of year because it is all about planting, growing, and bringing things to life. The produce is essential to health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. All of my products that I make are homemade. Therefore, I not only grow some of my gardens outdoors throughout that time of year… but I also have to grow some of them indoors all year around. I love doing both but, to be honest with you I truly love the outdoors more so. I have a very unusual way of gardening and hopefully I’ll get a chance to share a little bit about that as well.

This year, my daughters Amber, Adree,and I started our herb garden back on May 1 which was the first day of what we call “The Angelic New Year”. We had some guests come by but some didn’t want to attend out of fear of the pandemic. We planted a manifestation vine, danced around our themed maypole, and spent the whole day landscaping and doing repairs to our home. Later on, we did a little gardening. It was fun. A few days ago on May 21, 2020, I worked on designing the herb gardens. Right now there are three. Two are smaller for now until the baby plants grow.

The gardens themselves have the traditional herbs, but what’s amazing is that there are a lot of natural herbs in the wild too. So I have been working on a fourth herb garden that will contain wild and woodland herbs in it. As a small girl, “he who walks beside me in spirit” taught me a lot about nature. I learned about plants and their uses. The only thing was, was that I was never taught the names of the plants according to what humans called them. I had to identify everything by color, leaf or petal, location, sap, insects attracted toward it and the root of the plant. I had to be careful because some wild plants have other species that resemble them but are toxic. I was taught about everything that I came across. There are so many things in nature that even to this present day I am still adding plants, trees, berries, nuts, roots, and more to my grimoire. I enjoy venturing out into the forest to search for what I need at the time, but it’ll be more convenient to grow some of the wild plants that I use regularly in my own garden.

Some people like to plant everything together in their gardens. I almost always see rows of the same plants in gardens that I come across, but I don’t do the same in all of my gardens. I like to mix things up to give an ornamental look to my gardening. Almost everything that you will see in my gardens will be useable for food, medicine, ritual, scent, cosmetics or spell work. I can’t wait for the harvest.

Battling The Tart

Another part of my gardens include vegetables, melons, and fruit. I had an apple tree growing when I first moved into this house back in 2017. Unfortunately though, flooding rotted its roots and it didn’t make it. I have a great surprise to share with everyone this year! But I don’t want to spoil it now. So, I’ll just go on to say that I have always wanted to grow a few things specifically since I was a little girl. One of them being, a sour tart lemon tree, also known as a Meyer Lemon tree. Back in my 2010, I was picking up gardening tools for my garden that I was going to grow that year and came across one at my local Home Depot. I was thrilled! In the last few years before that, I hadn’t seen one in stores. I lived in another town then, about 5 miles away from that town’s location. Perhaps the stores in that area didn’t sell them? Nevertheless, I found one! I was ecstatic. I bought it. For only $7.99 I had made a dream of mine come true. Sheesh, for many people they dream to be rich, have a big house, or a nice luxury car. Stuff like that. For me? I dream of simple things, like owning a tree.

I put the little 1 foot tall tree and my bag of purchased gardening supplies into the trunk of my dad’s car (I didn’t drive, still don’t). My dad who passed away in 2019, was still alive then. He was quiet on the way home that day but he was usually a quiet guy anyhow. When we got home, I unpacked my purchases and put my tools in my small garden shed. Then, I sat down on the deck with my lemon tree. It was April, and so both of my kids Amber and Noah were still in school. I waited for them to get home to share with them this awesome find! Later when they both got home from school, they did their homework, washed up, and sat down with me and my parents for dinner. After listening to them about their day, I went on to express my joy over my lemon tree. They were pretty excited themselves too. I mean, they didn’t know a lot of other kids who could say they had a lemon tree! We all went out to the deck for evening tea and to look at the lemon tree again. It was just a tiny thing.

My dad joined us. He began sharing with us all about how in his younger days he had known a guy who had grown a lemon tree himself too. He advised me to start growing it indoors since April was still chilly and that really I could keep it inside as an indoor plant too, just as my father’s friend had done. I liked the idea. Live plants in the house made my energy feel crisp and clean anyhow. That was in 2010, and a few years went by….

It’s 2020 now as you know, and I went got myself another lemon tree for here at my current home that I’ve lived in since 2017. But it reminded me of what had ended up happening with that first lemon tree that I had. I was recently talking to one of best friends Dylan (Lauren) and had told her a short version of the story. Here it is…

Firstly, I suggest that after a year that you remove your lemon tree from the home. Starting at a foot high in 2010, by the time that we were moving out of that house and into a new one that tree was 8 feet tall. I could not get it out of the house by myself at all! The branches had a span of 3-4 feet in length, and the tree had reached to my ceiling. The doorways were another story. My doorways were only 6 feet in height. I don’t think people really expect the trees to get that large indoors, considering that they stunt the growth in the pot that they grow it in. This is in order to somehow control how big it gets. I didn’t know that. I mean I probably could have just asked about it, but I sincerely didn’t even think of it. I just watered it and fertilized it, and expected to trim it down at some point. But I had wanted to keep it alive and growing.. I had struggled to get that tree outdoors. Moving to a new location, I wanted to transplant it into the new yard of where I was moving to. I was so excited that I had grown a lemon tree that large, that I hadn’t even really cared about the battle that I was going through in trying to get it outside.

The pot was very heavy because of the soil and the trees’s size. I was trying everything I could to try to get it outside and onto the moving truck. I had even put it in the doorway and laid it on its side while wrapping the pot with plastic so that the soil did not spill out. I sat down on my butt with my back towards it, and tried to use my legs and feet to glide it out but that still didn’t work. I had to get some kind of help. Tired already, I called downstairs to anyone who might hear me. My father was laughing at me. He told me that I should’ve took that tree outside sometime ago because they get so big. Then he decided to tell me how his friend had run into a similar issue. He went into detail about how this guy had grown his lemon tree for far longer than I had grown mine. He told me that his friend couldn’t barely get it through his front door. I sat there staring at my father with disbelief. I couldn’t imagine why after all that time he had never told me that part of the story. Another thing was that my father had walked past that room every day where the lemon tree had been growing and never thought once to just let me know that he thought it was getting a little too big to be inside? I was stuck with this issue trying to figure out what to do next. I couldn’t lift it, let alone get it down the whole flight of steps. My father had discovered he had cancer later that same year that I had bought the lemon tree. Many years later, he was too weak to help me and plus he said that it would not fit on the moving truck at all. So he told me that I only had one or two options. I could just leave the lemon tree where it was inside, for the next people who moved in after us. Or, I could start chopping it up a little bit to make it smaller. I really didn’t want to cut the tree up at all. But I really didn’t have a choice. We couldn’t leave it inside. What if no one moved in right away? Who would water the tree? I didn’t want to leave it to die. I had been so proud of it in the beginning anyhow. So I decided I would cut it up a little. Then I would see if I could get it down the stairs, and into the backyard. I would just leave it on that property instead of taking it with me.

I finally had gotten lemon tree out of the house and transplanted into the backyard. I spent a few minutes saying goodbye to it as the movers were getting ready to pack us all up for us to head off to our new residence. I felt really sad that it wasn’t going with us. I still couldn’t believe for a second that my dad didn’t tell me to be careful growing inside. He was the one that suggested I started indoors to begin with. I also was a little surprised at how long I sat there and battled with that tart lemon tree! 2 hours! I really amazed myself that I hadn’t just thought of cutting the branches down before, myself. I was really genuinely proud of the size it had grown to. I wanted to take it with me at that size, since I had grown it for all those years. It was the first lemon tree that I had ever grown. It was a great dream come true.

I don’t know whether the people that moved in after us a few years later, left the tree in the backyard growing or not. But I did have to go and get myself another lemon tree. This time, I will leave it outside to grow for sure.

Gardening is one of my favorite things to do with my spare time. I really love making things come to life, and watching them grow strong and healthy as I nurture them. I also like to use what I’ve grown, to help other people, and my family to have a good state of well-being.


One thought on “2020 Garden: And Battling the tart.

  1. Just found this while looking up some quotes to post. I’m so sorry you have to deal with all this censorship! I loved the story and feel sad for your old tree. Hope the new people take good care of it.


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