Missing you: Important Update and Thoughts

Hi everyone! Alura here. It was important for me to find the time to share my thoughts as well as an update. As always, I send to each one of you…my truest love. In my strong projection of it, I most sincerely hope that you all can feel the pulsations penetrating deeply right in your heart centers. I apologize for my absence online, and my unavailability in messaging in recent weeks. In part there are are a few reasons for that which led to the posting of this blog entry. I’ll explain more as I continue on.

Slowly Straying…

The Shift into Dark Consciousness

For now, let me start by saying that I certainly suffered in having felt a sense of grief in not being able to engage with many of you in recents weeks. Over the years, I honestly became emotionally invested and quite fond of everyone. At the loss of a few friends in time (over misunderstandings), it affected me in a deep way that I don’t think anyone could know. Even in 2018 when I had my baby shower, everything seemed to go well until afterwards when it seemed that a few cherished people who had attended… had strayed away from their friendships with me.

Then in 2018 it came. The “Dark Consciousness”. The very same force that I had been foretelling of for years. I had spent a lot of time in predicting and in trying to prepare many people through the articles, I began to see some of the people that I had spent years teaching, begin to slip. I had prayed that they would realize that they didn’t have to succumb or submit to defeat, if they would only go back over life coaching, courses, and articles. In doing so, they could combine all that they had learned and thus have a weapon to use to fight for themselves. I gave quite a bit of details in how the shift would trigger anxiety, an attraction to darkness, depression, isolation, and suicidal thoughts in people all over. It also creates tension and division in close friends and relatives too. The whole world has been effected by it. I can feel the vibrations of Earth, and while I remain strong myself… Earth is truly in an unhealthy state. Any life form that’s connected to it, takes on that condition too. We are a collective after all. I feel it in every moment. Therefore, I have cried for Earth, so many people, and the future. I don’t think that I can say that the tears have stopped.

It was in 2019 that visions of things to come that had replayed in sporadic intervals throughout my life were now coming at me, more clearer and even more vivid than ever before. I knew that things were about to happen but I needed more. The heavens had sent several messengers to communicate information to me that I would add to Alura’s Angels in the new column called: “The Angelic Herald”. Many articles throughout the different volumes of the newsletter, contained dozens of predictions. Each and every one would come true. 2016 truly was a magical year. 2017 was a year of hard punches, some magic, and adventure. 2018 was a year that seemed to have never existed. 2019 was a hard year of tragedy, betrayals, hard decisions, good byes, and anticipation. 2020? This is the year that brought about the “purge”. Many from the baby boomer generation had passed away, including my grandfather and his two sons… my father and uncle. My father and uncle passed within a year of their father, but only within two months of each other.

What it’s come to…

Falling Away

Grief is a hard thing to cope with. I have to say about it but I’ll save it for another time. I was wrought with grief though, but many didn’t even know. I kept my natural optimism with secret sobbing sessions here and there as I put my family, friends and clients first in my normal selfless fashion. However, as 2020 approached, I knew what was coming just a little beyond the start of its chapter. As the New Year’s ball was about to drop for the New Year of 2020, I felt doom, and impending tribulation. I said silently within myself, “See Dad, you left just in time. This year is going to be the year”. I can’t go out much due to my heightened ESP, so I stayed in as always. We watched the festivities in NY on TV.It appeared that all of the people who were there for festivities, were really hiding the sadness that they felt inside. It seemed as if everyone knew deep down that there was something getting ready to happen. Although, they didn’t know what it could be. I couldn’t help but to cry little while watching, but the person that I had been with at the time told me; “It’s New Years, you’re supposed to be having fun… not crying”. In response, I told him that if he knew the things that I knew, he would be crying too.

So here we are in the year 2020, with all of the predictions progressing. It has left even more of a depressed energy in the air ever since the coronavirus pandemic spread, leaving everyone stuck inside their houses. Oddly, the school called for my son just yesterday. The main office attendant asked if I wanted him to continue school at the building or at home. The woman had expressed to me that at this point it would probably be smart to keep him home, because none of the other students would be attending physical location. Every day when I step outside of my home, I look around at all of the people wearing masks, no one really talks to one another, and I see how severely monotonous things have become. It’s so strange how people have changed throughout all of this. People walk around as if they’re stuck in the yesterdays of their life rather than being in the present. The people we have known all of our lives have become like someone else and closed off.

Many have lost their faith while others seek to hide behind it. There’s so much confusion. I see people running back to conventional religion, while others become atheists, and others remain in between or dive off the deep end. Things have changed. There is even still more to come which will reshape history and society as we know it. It brings us to the end of the old ways, of the old age and rather introduces us to a new one. I don’t want to lie to anybody. With that being said, in the generations to come… it’s going to be extremely difficult. That’s why it’s important now more than ever before that everybody hang onto what they have left with inside of themselves.

The mysteries of the

So , what’s all of this talk of slipping? Well,


5 thoughts on “Missing you: Important Update and Thoughts

  1. My beautiful Ally 💖 I have always been here supporting from the background and will always be here and loyal to you to infinity and beyond my dear angel. Till this day I am always still going over your readings and learn something new. I will always be forever grateful and indebted to you for guiding and supporting me throughout these years unconditionally. Love you so very much and I miss you so dearly! Love your old mermaid friend Mezz 💖🙏🏼🌺 🧜🏾‍♀️


  2. Thank you for this Ally. I know things will get worse, but I am staying positive even though things are changing drastically. Thank you for being here for us. Thank you for giving us hope. Love you so much!!!



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