Spiritual Theme: French Theme!

Bonjour! It’s French theme month. Last months Mexican theme was fun. My schedule was jam packed not only with work, but with so many cool things to do. I hope for anyone who participated, that you had fun too.

The theme for this month was selected because of the history involving the religious issues that happened throughout the lands. It’s interesting to learn. In seeing the Akashic records, I’ve seen how written history has been modified to fit agendas and not the truth. But there’s a lot to celebrate. The fashion, the music, the architecture, and the entertainment of France throughout its time. So find your favorite time period in France while following along with our scheduled activities and have a good time!

For the theme of October which is another month ahead, will be an awesome one. I’ll be traveling that month but hopefully I’ll have some cool things to share!

Au Revoir!


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