Spiritual Meaning of Pumpkins

Fire and pumpkin for Autumn Equinox 2020

Pumpkin to have long then a decoration in the history of the autumn equinox celebrations such as Mabon, Samhain, and Halloween. This time of year there’s also known as the closing of the angelic year, which begins in April, with its main celebration on 1 May. But with all of the decorations that richly paint the backdrop of our beautiful change of season, why are pumpkins so significant? Is it just merely because they are harvested around this time? Is it because the pilgrims had grown pumpkins around Thanksgiving time according to what the Indians had taught them? No.

Actually pumpkins and many other things that are involved in autumn time, have been used as far back as civilization. Especially, in colder regions. I don’t think pumpkins were use that much out there in the land of Egypt LOL. Actually autumn time celebrations including parts of the Angelic end of the year celebrations, have a lot of rich spiritual history where a lot of the foods and decoration have a lot to do with a very deeply rooted spiritual things. These go back even as far as the old way, which were more nature-based spiritual beliefs systems, even including the druids. The pumpkin and many other things, represent so much spiritually I’m sure that a lot of those things are not widely known.  I want to share what I know about the pumpkin’s meaning. I think they are just very beautiful.

The Pumpkin and its Spiritual Consciousness…

Firstly, we know that this harvest time represents yeah that’s where the goddess is well throughout the summer comes me to an end. She is now handing over the next season to her husband which he will take over the cold, strong, harsh disciplinarian of winter. And believe me winter is punishing! Not for Californians though eh? Just kidding. I’m sure that there are a lot of warm climate places who haven’t experienced winter like the East Coast or those in the UK. We angels/deities in the heavens call winter “the dead zone” since this is a part of the year where time is supposed to be on standstill.

If you think back of days of old to festivals like Saturnalia, then you can pretty much imagine how it worked. It was a time of just staying in, cozying up with a nice furry blankets, furry throw rugs, by your fireplace. It was a time of using up everything that you worked hard for throughout the summer, throughout the winter months. Which meant that nobody really worked during the winter months. It was too cold. It was not really a good condition for farmers especially since they couldn’t really gather any crops from the cold hardened ground.

Jams, sauces, pickled veggies, and jellies are made during the beautiful harvest months, stored in sealed jars. Hunters stripped and cleaned game to freeze it for later. The fur and every part used. Wines, and ales were barreled, and herbs readied for need. Afterwards, everyone would be ready for the winter season where eating, drinking and merriment were predominant. This was what Saturnalia and the parties of Dionysus were all about. Pure indulgence. That was because the Gods were good in providing for everyone great deal of plenty… It also resulted in gift giving, as a show of the gratitude.

“The gods are generous and so shall humans also be.”.

So as we are now storing up our “plenty” for the months of relaxation and enjoyment,  pumpkins are often a huge part the harvest and decor. Think of all the things you can make with pumpkin! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin or squash soup, pumpkin or squash spaghetti, noodles or sauce… Pies, or even salted roasted pumpkin seeds. What’s the big deal about pumpkins? Well, there’s a lot on the subject. It may get a little graphic so bear with me.

Pumpkins represent a woman’s womb. Through the umbilical cord, the Pumpkins vine, a beautiful womb is filled up with plenty such as all of the seeds of life inside. Then there is the nutrition of the pumpkins guts, representing the women’s placenta. This represents the goodness in which seeds of life will bear more fruit in the cycle of life itself. Pumpkins truly have a very deep and beautiful spiritual meaning do they not? Pumpkins are also very important because when you clean them out to obtain the inner goodness, the pumpkin becomes hollow and there is the ability to hold a candle inside of it. This is representing the fact that even though the “womb” has push forth the seeds of life, there’s light still inside of it. this is almost as if to say that the room that will always be the deliver of light to our world. Through that it words of death. Which is why jack-o’-lanterns were said to scare off souls of evil entities, or the lost souls of the deceased.

So as you can see, pumpkins are really important in regards to spirituality in there symbolic meaning in relation to do it, as well as the nutrition that they provide, and the beautiful decorations that they bring in what it stands for.


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