Goes A’long way Soup

I love being a mother, a friend, a provider. To nurture others, involves many things. One of the things that I respect out of a number of things, is a good mother. A lot of people have troubles these days in trying to keep up with motherhood but I think simplicity really makes it a lot easier. Here is a recipe for a soup for the fall, that’s very quick and easy to make, definitely feeds a whole lot of people with very little ingredients, and is very cheap. It’s packed with vitamins as well for your little ones and for the health of your overall family. If you’re a singular individual making your way through this spiritual journey in the world, as soup can also be beneficial to you. Making one pot, you can have leftovers for about a week and even add to it as you go.

1 Sweet Onion or 2 small

2 Rutabagas

2 Carrots

4 Small Potatos

4 chopped celery sticks

2 Parsnips

Fresh Basil

Fresh Oregano

Fresh Dill

Fresh Majoram

If you want, you can add other things, but that’s the basic foundation of the soup.


It’s simple! Throw it all in a pot with about 7 cups of water., let it simmer of low for 2-3 hours or use a crock pot. You sure to use a lid to capture all of those savory flavors. 

The great thing about this is, like a lot of the other dishes that I make, it’s full of all kinds of vitamins. It’s great for lowering cholesterol, maintaining your weight, and it has magnesium, niacin, Vitamin E, Potassium, copper and dietary fiber. For a small family, it lasts throughout the week with leftovers. You could make some really wonderful bread with it. I made a small loaf of gluten free wheat.

I got a little extra fancy with it by cutting out one of my squash and hollowing it out to make it a bowl. I soften the sides of the slush though so that people who were eating it for dinner, could finish the soup and then scoop it out also the tasty squash. That with a side of bread sounds mighty good. Good luck with your soup if you decide to try it. And God bless you all

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