Time to stop?

 Hello dear reader, if you are here it’s because you know my teachings to some degree and follow them in certain places. I thank you for your friendship and loyalty and doing so. 

Over the years many of you have heard about my censorship issues. Sadly it’s been very difficult in trying to push forward with them. I have been extremely humble and patient throughout the process and I’ve tried to be very strong. However, I just posted on my Facebook today about what’s been on my mind, but I’d like to finish my thoughts here, so that perhaps others who are not following me on Facebook can also read it, if they follow here instead.

I’d like to start by saying that I know that all of my pages are rigged. I’ve been doing my own research and digging and I’ve come to discover a lot of bizarre stuff. For example, on my Facebook I have had a lot of friends over the years in the friends list. I spent a couple of months going through each and every single profile in my friends list. What’s more is that I have been following a certain circle of profiles whether a “friend” of mine, or a mutual friend, for even longer than that.

 I came to discover that a lot of them were linked together and sometimes it would just  circle me back around again and again. With that, and regarding a lot of the other profiles, I came to discover that many of them were fake. I don’t know how this came to be or why, but many of the profiles seemed to have stopped posting after a certain year.  It was really surprising to see so many accounts that really hadn’t posted anything since 2017, or the latest 2020. That’s a whole two years ago.

Because of that I went ahead and began deleting a lot of those accounts as well as anyone who seemed to be linked into circles of friendships with them. As soon as I did that, 200 additional profiles that I had in my friends list, suddenly all became deactivated accounts. It literally happened within the same week. I’m not certain as to what day because I wasn’t watching it every single second, but they all just went blank.

 I knew that they were deactivated because when I had started to unfriend them upon seeing that they didn’t have a profile picture anymore, Facebook would tell me that they were deactivated. That’s super weird isn’t it? How did deleting a few people on my end  lead to a bunch of other accounts just suddenly becoming deactivated? My only other conclusion is that perhaps they were bot accounts.

This was a surprising discovery for me, because as many of you know in the past, I’ve always said that growing my audience organically was the way that I wanted to go because it was done honestly. I’ve never purchased any views on any single one of my websites ever. If anybody else bought them for me, I was never aware of it.  I wouldn’t understand why they would do it knowing how I felt. If the counts were paid for, the new question is who paid them? And why? 

The only thing I can think of is, that it was done so that I wouldn’t have a good number of real accounts on there for my posts to get visibility. That is made a lot of sense when I thought back to some of the accounts that seemed active and actually shared my work, but the posts never got beyond their accounts. If they weren’t paid for, then the only other conclusion would be that maybe somebody used a computer program to generate the bot accounts instead? Either way, it definitely made sense as to why I haven’t been getting any visibility on Facebook. 

Instagram? Well that’s the same story. Some time ago, Facebook wouldn’t allow me to even advertise until I finally got in touch with somebody who could fix the problem. But then just today, I wanted to post my ad about our recent sale and yet they would not allow the boost button to boost the ad, to appear. They said it was poor image quality. So, I went ahead and tried two more ads that I had for the same sale. Neither one of those were acceptable. However, when I just posted the background image without the words of my ad on it, it was then able to be boosted. It seemed to me,  that the platform just wasn’t allowing me to post anything that advertised something for me specifically. Any of my other posts were able to be boosted.

It’s also a strange thing, that there seems to be a person taking a great deal of effort and time out of their life to replicate my Instagram accounts. Already, I have found about six or seven of them in the last year. The strange thing about them is, is that it seems that they do this all in one night. When I scroll down in the posts, it’s all on the same day. What’s furthermore is that they’ve replicated the accounts identically to my own. This means that they would’ve had to screenshot every single one of my pictures to a certain point, crop them, and then repost them in perfect order. They even did this for the highlights on one of those accounts too. 

It’s really overstepping the boundaries to replicate someone else’s original content not to mention that they’ve stolen pictures of my children which really creeps me out. It’s not right! A friend of mine went incognito to try to see if the person was scamming people for readings, and they were! It seems that this “friend” of mine was given a strange Venmo account to pay for the readings. I really don’t see what the person would expect to gain from having these imposter accounts except to mislead other people into making them think that it’s me, and then to give them a faulty reading which might lead others to believe that it’s actually me making a bunch of other accounts for myself. I would hope that everyone has seen my post on my Instagram about it. I’ve screenshot of these profiles and posted them as a regular post each time, right there on my own original Instagram. 

Thanks again Since I’m mentioning it again here, I have to say to everyone out there that I do not take any money from any other method except PayPal. Either you make the purchase through my WIX spiritual services site, or you can send the money to me via PayPal by using my email address. For any other method, I do not take people’s credit card numbers, I don’t take payment through Venmo and I certainly don’t do cashapp (although I did take one client through Cash app recently due to an emergency with the room PayPal account). If you are not dealing with me directly through my spiritual services website under my own domain of http://www.aluraspiritualservices.com, or through my business email where you have all emailed me through many many times before, then it’s definitely not me. I only have the accounts that you all know about, and that’s the only form of payments that I take.

 In the past I did accept Western Union payments for one person, but I had done that as a special favor for her because she had requested it due to some issues that she had had back then, with PayPal as well. Since then, I have not used Western Union or cashapp for anybody and I do not own any other Payments account. All of my work is done specifically through my spiritual services site, or through consultation in my email. 

It really just breaks my heart that I even have to make a post like this, saying any of this. It shouldn’t be happening and I definitely don’t want anybody getting caught in the middle of it. I’m so grateful that I have had people in my circle that I’ve had all these years that have remained loyally by my side. I am really thankful for their true friendships and support. However, how will anybody else ever reach me if there are all of these blockages going on?

When I think about it, none of it really makes any sense. Oh my YouTube channel page alone throughout the channel and all of the views added together it’s over 1 million and something. Some of my videos have gotten over 30,000 to 100,000 views on them. I get anywhere from 15K, the 20K views on Pinterest monthly, and my Angels blog has half a million views there. It doesn’t seem to add up at the end of the day, that nobody seems to share, like, or post my work for me out of all of those numbers. If they didn’t want to follow the actual blog, the very least that most people do is they will look up the person’s Instagram and follow them there. But yet even on Instagram I have dropped in a significant amount of numbers for likes and support.

I used to have 100 or more people that liked my stuff regularly on my Instagram page. Yet I’ve noticed that it’s gotten down to 27 people. The most likes that I get will reach 50. That definitely says to me that there are a lot of missing people. When I think about things throughout time I realize that there are a lot of people that used to be very good friends, that suddenly just disappeared. When I think about it, I noticed that they all started to disappear around the same time. When I thought about it even more deeply, I noticed that they all started coming to me pretty much around the same time as one another to begin with. This made me even more curious that I had to go back to some of those accounts and find out where some of them went. I was genuinely concerned because they just quietly stopped supporting them. Hey it’s not anyone’s obligation to follow or like my stuff, that’s for sure. But I had genuinely shared my wisdom and my love with them, and I hadn’t had any falling out with anyone, not out of this great group of people, and so it was a little worrisome. With everything that happened with COVID-19 and everything, I just wanted to see if they were all OK. When I went to those accounts, they hadn’t used them in quite some time! That means that they just abandoned their profiles. But why? These are very good questions aren’t they?

I remember throughout my work I’ve always tried to provide a lot of love and support to anyone that had come to me. I know that working through the Internet there can be many misunderstandings. I’ve always tried to make those understandings clear, and apologize for any hurt feelings or anyone felt, even though it was always unintentional on my end. I haven’t really made any enemies that I know of. Over the years I had a couple of people that left my circle over great misunderstandings that could have probably been straightened out rather easily, but I didn’t hold it against them. I just understood that maybe they were perceiving things in a certain way, and I didn’t want to pressure them by overly explaining myself. Even in blogs that I had posted after they had left, I have always mentioned how I terribly miss each of them and so I don’t presume that they hate my guts or anything and so I can’t understand where all of this is coming from. Then you have to imagine that even if I had made any enemies, why would they keep it going on for so very long?

The idea of this blog isn’t to complain, it’s just to voice out what I’ve discovered and to share with everyone reading it, where I’m at presently. I’ve honestly started to assume that I am deliberately being pushed into the background here. From censorship issues, a bunch of fake profile account so divert people, spam accounts that follow me so that no one else can see my stuff, and a bunch of bought accounts to block me from getting disability, this speaks loads of there being someone behind the scenes who is pulling the strings for all of this, I’ve already known who it was for quite some time and others that were linked to the situation as well. I can’t say that I’m not hurt, because I am. I’ve always told my students to watch out for the wolves in sheep‘s clothing as there will always be some out there in the world. But I have to say that working in the field of spirituality, this is one place that you would hope not to expect to come across any of them. Spirituality is supposed to be the one place that you can come as a refuge, whether as a teacher or a student. It’s supposed to have truth and good intentions. For all of the people out there that say that they want to see a better change in the world, or that they want to see earth ascend, a lot of people in Spiritual communities these days are only working for themselves. They’ve never been about helping anybody else out, and to deliberately make it so that someone’s entire purpose of living is crushed like a tiny bug, it’s truly evil. We all have the right to the freedom of speech and self expression. We all have the right to join with others who feel the same or are like-minded. Nobody has the right to stop anyone from that. In the world of mysticism and spirituality, it’s supposed to be about unity and togetherness. 

For everyone that says that they wish that all of the bad in the world would go away, they surely do add to it don’t they? And so, I’ve been thinking, if The world that self is evil, then it’s certainly not a world that I want to be a part of. I’ve isolated myself from it because of that. But if the world of spirituality is no different, then that’s certainly not a world that I want to be a part of either. Maybe backing off is giving them what they want, yes.. but to be honest with you it would give me a lot of peace. I have thought through a lot of this for many years and the problem still persists on, never getting any better, only ever getting worse.

 I am considering shutting down my job.

I really wanted to be able to continue working with others, but how can I do that if only a certain number of people find me? Numbers in this world are everything. They won’t take any of my work seriously if they head on over to my Instagram and I have 27 likes. They want to see some kind of legitimacy in my work through the support. 

The very ironic thing about all of this is that I actually have an expert computer technician and coder that has been helping me for many years. He has helped me get organized through a platform that he created for my work. I’ve offered to pay him but he’s always been very kind and told me that I could pay him through any services that he may need on my end, and in exchange for his. Yet he seldom ever asked me for any. I have gone to him with my concerns over the years about these very same problems, but he tells me that there’s not much I can do about it. I have mentioned the fake profiles, the censorship, and so much more… But he doesn’t have any answers and for the answers that he has provided, they haven’t been able to stop these problems. I figured that he’s busy enough and I’m just very humble for the help that he has given me and making me the new platform and so I don’t want to bother him too much. I decided I would go to someone else three separate issues and talk to them about it. 

Speaking to them on the phone, the person to go look at all of my social media platforms and definitely confirms what I’m saying. The accounts just didn’t seem right and the numbers just simply didn’t add up. Much visibility, but no support? “That’s not usually how it works”, he told me. He also went through a few other things with me and advise me properly on a lot of stuff. I really felt as though he took the extra time out to really listen to what I was telling him instead of just dismissing me as most people do. 

A lot of people seem to just overlook the fact that I’m telling them that I am censored and that I believe I have a hacker watching my every move. But this guy was really nice and really went out of his way for free, to take a look. He informed me that a lot of my suspicions about things were correct. He referred me to someone that could help, but after that person took a look at things… They decided to not want to help me after all. I thought to myself, “it’s that bad”?  He revealed the truth. I knew it all along, but it

Yes! It is that bad. It seems that it’s just one ongoing issue after the other. Even after all of this my spiritual services website was just hit with a spam attack. I’m very thankful that WIX comes complete with security because otherwise I would have had a lot of problems. 

As soon as I indicate that I’ll be working on another platform more, all of the spam accounts start moving on over there. I can’t mention how many fake profiles are even in my client portal. I have worked with thousands and thousands of people throughout the world over the years, and I recognize a whole bunch of names throughout the long list of clientele I have there. But, there are hundreds of others that I’ve never even heard of or worked with at all. Now that I’ve indicated I’ll be working through my spiritual services app, it seems that the spam accounts started automatically signing up to that platform right away. The spam sign ups were always there, but the bulk sign ups had started in May. That’s why I had asked a lot of my regulars and VIP members to add pictures and date of birth, to verify that their account was in fact active. It’s a known fact that if you end up sending a bulk email with your newsletter or any other advertisements and it reaches a number of fake emails that are registered into your contacts, that the emails will automatically mark them as spam. If the browser or host of that email has gotten enough of mine through those fake accounts and has marked them as spam there, then for real clients… My newsletters will go directly to their spam box instead as it’ll be technically computed into the system that mine is a spam email. People were doing this also to posts of mine. The computer guy told me that to get any visibility on social media, your stuff has to be shared. But then again there’s a sees me right back to the same problem as being blocked in.

I’m just really venting and so please forgive me. I had to get some of this off my chest here because it’s been a really difficult road trying to fight against all of this. If it’s not having to deal with all of these problems, then I will have problems with any of my cell phones being spam calls, or the system as well make it difficult for my readings to reach my clientele. It just seems to never end. Knowing that eventually the numbers are going to dwindle downward even more in the future, it makes me think about what I said before in the past. I’ve been saying over time that eventually the world would go into a very specific direction and because of that, most people would not be sincerely interested in anything I had to offer or say. It seems that people don’t want righteousness anymore. 

They just simply want to fulfill their own imagination to feel better about the reality that we’re all living in. But if no one is interested later on, then there’s not going to be any need for me. I definitely have a lot of work that I have to work through for people, and as I continue with that and survival course… I’m going to have to keep it in my mind to consider perhaps shutting down my business and doing this kind of work. I don’t want to continue putting out all of these attempts of trying to reach new people and help them, if it’s just gonna get me nowhere. I’m sure many of you understand where I’m coming from. Can you imagine just giving your heart to see many people and finding out that they were never real about supporting you to begin with? I know who my true followers are, as many of them are still with me, never give me a problem, never disrespect me or show me any quality of rudeness and they still stand by me as a friend in my group even when I can’t be there myself. 

There are still some that try to share my message even if it doesn’t get them anywhere, as they won’t give up on me. I’m not giving up either. I’m just merely stating that maybe it’s time to do something else. Of course I know a lot of you will still need me for many things and for you, I’ll still be there. I’ll have to put a lot of thought into what my decision will be, but if I don’t see improvement where it does get worse, then I’m pretty sure that I’ll just probably step back. I have submitted my blog writings from all of my websites for copyright and I protected them illegally under trademark. I’ll take them with me, or perhaps release books of them. I have to take my work with me though, if I go. I certainly don’t want to leave anything behind for anyone to steal or take from me, as I work very hard on everything that I have. If I’m not going to be the one that presents the information, then I’m not gonna let anyone else present it says I rightfully have the connection with heaven, everything that I have shared has been a part of my true story, and my true wisdom. It just wouldn’t feel right if anyone else did it in my place.

Like I said, I’ll be partnering this over for sometime but I had to let everyone know what I’ve been thinking and why. I really love all of you so very much and it’s always my intention to try to do what I can for everyone. But I do have feelings too, and when I see something that is wrong, I definitely want to separate myself from it. Don’t worry, for those of you that do love and support me, I’ll never leave you forsaken. I will let everyone know what my final decision is, sometime later in the year. I hope things get better by then.

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