I have had a lot of spirits come through with a lot of requests. And I’ve had a lot of experiences with them from quite eerie to down right humorous. But recently I had an experience with spirit and a balloon that reminded me of another that I had some time ago. I wanted to share these two true stories with my readers.

Dad is that you?

On September 26, 2017 I had made a post in my Facebook angels group about how I had had a prophetic dream about having a baby. It was September 26 of 2018 the following year, that she was born. I describe the dream as having had a baby girl that at the hospital two people had gifted to me rose quartz hearts. Here are the screen shots below.

My little baby girl was born September 26, 2018. And so the following year after her birth, my father had begun his transition of passing on. We celebrated a small birthday party for her in my dining room as my father laid in his hospital bed in my parents bedroom down the hall. I had purchased a large Princess Poppy from the movie “Trolls” balloon for the baby and had had it blown up at Party City not far from my house. Since my father couldn’t come out and celebrate with us, I had brought the baby into say hello to him that day and I remember wanting to urge him to come out of his bedroom because I knew that he still had a little bit of energy to him. I felt that he could have lived a little bit longer if we would have tried to keep him a little bit more mobilized and off of the meds. They were trying to give him morphine and sedatives but the heavens had said that it was only making things worse for him. I couldn’t get my parents to agree to let him out of the room though. And so, I had brought her to him. He was still quite coherent at the time and I know that since he had always made such a great effort with my kids, that he regretted not being able to sing happy birthday with her.

You see, I was very isolated while growing up because of who and what I am. I also threw a lot of prophecies that I had had throughout my childhood and teenage years had known that there were gonna be some pretty hard times in the world in the future that I really felt the need to always protect my parents. I knew my father was going to have lung cancer at some point also too. I never did leave home. When I had my children, I remained with my parents. My partner and I always knew that it was not going to work out and that our roads would go in very different directions. Even though I was loved greatly and that person always tried, it just wasn’t destiny. I was there to help him through some hard times and provide a love that he probably never would have experience otherwise, and he was there to be a best friend to me. My children were the center of that fate and that pathway. But to remain in a relationship? That was something that was always difficult for me. It’s very hard for anyone to really truly understand me as an Oracle. I’m not like these psychics on the Internet that do some divination and maybe have a quick vision or two. I am a true messenger and for that, I read many facets of the soul and many levels. I see the past, the present, and the future as well as many alternate pathways. Because of this, I’m always a reflection of others in a great divine and wise way to help them. And so my personality often reflect different people at different moments as well as different emotions that are felt in the atmosphere. Don’t worry, I’m not unstable LOL. It’s just that that is really hard for anyone to really see me. For those that do get to know me, they almost never let go. And so to remain on the safe side because my love is so unconditional and pure that any tiny bit of hurt is very traumatic for me, I’ve always secluded myself with my parents. I have found that being only around those that are pure and innocent have been very good for me because they reflect who I am for a change. And so being with my children is always brought me joy while remaining by my parents side to provide that heavenly protection for them as they provided for me and other ways.

And so my father and mother were always there. My dad was always my number one best friend. When people were having some pretty outrageous and fun New Year’s Eve parties, we were just here with the kids having our own little get together with some pizza and party hats. I know, it sounds lame. But to us it was the world. It was the same when it came to our holidays and birthdays. I recall that when my father first held the baby, he looked down at her and cried a little. He had told me that he was sad because he knew that the child would grow up never getting to know father was a very loving person that loves children and animals too. Not knowing one of his grandchildren really hurt his heart as he knew he was dying. Not being able to sing happy birthday to her really hurt him because he knew that it was probably the last birthday he was going to witness. Being just that one extra person at the party for me as he always had been, was so very important to me and so I know that deep down he had some regrets of not being able to attend but knowing that he was right down the hall was enough for me.

Some of those helium balloons last forever. My father passed away October 5 not long after the babies birthday. Princess Poppy bobbed up and down between the ceiling and floor in my living room downstairs as the rest of us sat morning upstairs. It seem that the balloon represented a small remnant of our last happy moment at that moment in time. The balloon itself was located in my living room downstairs in our bilevel home. That means that between the upstairs and downstairs there are two very small sets of stairs, one going down, and one immediately next to it going up. It’s just a very tiny little area. With natural science, one would calculate that if the balloon were to move anywhere, it would go into an area where there would be the most space. If the living room door downstairs had been opened, then it would’ve been more likely to have had a chance to move in the direction of either going straightahead, or to the left end up the stairs. But the thing was, the balloon didn’t have much room to move at all because the door was barely even opened a crack. Somehow the door had opened, but it’s still only opened may be about 4 inches. The balloon itself stood about 2 1/2 feet tall, and about and about 6 inches wide. Yet as me and my kids sat on the upstairs living room couch, we saw the Princess Poppy balloon moving its way up the stairs.

Now since the foyer area near the door is right there between the two small sets of stairs, it would only make sense that the balloon now somewhat deflated but not entirely, would probably in its weakened state just hover right there being caught in that little square it off area of the foyer. When I saw it, I just knew that there was more to the balloon than met the eye. I told my family out loud that they should watch the balloon because it was going to do something pretty extraordinary. I explain to them that the balloon was going to make it self up the stairs as if someone were walking it up, and that it would instead of reaching us in the living room… Make it self all the way down the hallway to my mothers room, enter her room, and rest right directly beside her on her bed. Since everybody usually believes what I say, they weren’t doubting me or anything but there was this “no way” surprised factor kind of hovering in the air from their reactions. It was almost as if to say that they needed to see it happen themselves.

The balloon did exactly what I had said but even a little bit more. As the balloon made its way up the second flight of steps without delay and with great ease, it’s turned right and made its way down the dark hallway toward my mothers bedroom as I had suspected it would. But I took it a step further and spoke to the energy surrounding the balloon and had said; “Dad if that’s you, walk the balloon back toward us”. The balloon in fact made a complete turn around and came all the way back down the hallway toward me and the kids as we stood there watching. However, when the balloon got close enough to me I had realized that it wasn’t my father.

I looked deeply into the energy to inspect a little bit more deeply and see if I could make out who was behind the traveling balloon. I was horrified! I saw a very terrifying face smiling in a grimacing way back at me as it are used its hands and energy to guide the balloon. I hadn’t said anything because I didn’t want to scare the children at the time and the balloon just turned and made its way back down the hallway again, going through my mothersdoorway and into her room just as I had said in the beginning. It seemed that the small detour making its way back toward us, had installed it as plans at all. The balloon rested right next to her as she laid in bed. Now anyone who couldn’t see spirit, would have probably saw that that was my father. Here was this very sentimental balloon related to a sentimental event that he had missed, and the balloon made its way to the same bedroom that he had been dying in the day on the birthday. Not only that but it rested right next to my mom. It sure would have fooled anyone. But spirits that are of a malicious Energy, often use very emotional situations and beloved people in our lives to try to trick us further or calls us paying. I had explained to my kids what it was because if they would’ve continued thinking that it was my dad, then they would’ve thought that his spirit was in the house and maybe tried to communicate with him. If that were the case, they would not have been reaching my father but instead that malevolent entity that was trying to pass itself off as him as it hid behind the balloon. This is why people have to be really careful when they tamper with the world of spirit. Spirits can mimic and mock anyone that you’ve known, that has passed away. And they most certainly will do so if the opportunity presents itself. They try to find any way to reach out to the world of the living so that they can make that contact and attach to your energy. I was able to handle the situation, and the entity was banished from my home. When I do readings with spirit were those that are deceased, I always read their blueprints. Even though a lot of spirits can try to imitate a spirits blueprint to appear as if they are them, there are differences that can be spotted that will definitely reveal who they really are at the end of it. They can’t actually replicate another blueprint entirely because it is against the law of spirit. They can only take so much of it and use it. And that’s why I look for other things more deeply so that I can always be sure rather than just judge the presentation of that spirit itself. I wish others that worked in the world of the occult would have the same ability to do so, but alas they do not. And this is why there are so many problems when it comes to others who have spiritual interferences, attachments, and many other issues and problems.

No Helium

Like I said, I have had so many spiritual occurrences because of who I am and my spiritual gifts and abilities that I could probably write several books. However a situation that recently occurred involving another balloon had reminded me of the story involving the Princess Poppy balloon situation.

That brings me to the most recent situation that I experienced. I’m all about encouraging my little ones to do well. I have several rewards programs set up for them for good behavior, tours, and other things that I encourage them to do that are virtuous. for one particular day, I had obtained a few balloons that were nearly just made out of latex and that I had to blow up myself with the air in my own lungs. This was a special treat for them because all kids just love balloons. You can punch them up in the air, you can kick them around, there are quite a few games that you can play with someone involving a balloon. That is, if you’re creative enough. I had four of them in total and because the children had been so good that day, I figured that I would reward them by blowing up two of the balloons for each of them to play with. My son Noah and his new girlfriend were in the upstairs living room where I had originally given the balloons to my little toddlers. I told the little ones to wish Noah and his girlfriend a good night, and then directed them downstairs. No one else had been home except for my mother who was in her bedroom asleep.

Now you have to understand that these balloons were blown up with only just my own oxygen. After blowing them up to a certain size, I tied them up and handed them to the kids to go play with at their own will. They were just so delighted having those balloons! They were bopping them up in the air, and throwing them up to watch them fall back down gently. I really enjoyed seeing the joy in them as they did so. Just the sweet innocence of two happy little kids with something as simple as a balloon, had really made my day. We were back downstairs in my living room/office. It used to be where I did a majority of my spiritual services for people but when I had the two little ones, I had to convert it into a living space for us all, and then take my work into the living space upstairs instead. I had given them the balloons as they are daily reward just before bedtime. It’s around that time that I teach them to say their prayers as well too. While teaching them, I also do my own prayers with prayer candles for some of the prayer requests that come in on my website. Alexander had been playing with his balloon just right behind me as I had lit up a few candles on behalf of a few people. But yet there was some kind of weird energy behind me that didn’t feel like Alexander’s aura. And so, I had postponed lighting the next prayer candle to turn around and see what was going on and to also just take a moment to watch him with his balloon a little more before it was time for him to lay down and go to sleep. It was at that moment that I saw him throw the balloon up into the air and it looked as if the balloon had gotten caught on something mid air. Yet there wasn’t anything physically there. Just some energy between Alexander and the ceiling where the balloon was being thrown up into. But it had seem to pause for a second in mid air. It was really odd but not as odd as what had happened next.

Once the balloon had released from that very small pause, it finally reached the ceiling but instead of hitting the ceiling and coming back down like it had done 100 times already before as Alexander had been playing with it for about an hour by that time… It didn’t come back down at all! The balloon stayed at the ceiling.

Again, this balloon had no helium in it whatsoever and was merely just a latex balloon with oxygen inside. I would have never given a balloon with helium to kids anyway not to play with anyhow. Helium can be extremely dangerous if it’s inhaled especially by younger kids, and they certainly would not have been able to play with it because it would have kept floating away from them. I also don’t own a helium tank. It was just a quick gamethat I had created for them out of a couple of dollar store balloons that I had gotten earlier that day to reward them with. But here the balloon was stuck to the ceiling. My ceiling isn’t sticky. No one physical was there making it to be so. And the energy to be honest with you, was just straight up creepy. Alexander and little Elora know me well enough by now that if I tell them some thing and give them a certain look, they know I mean business. And so seeing that the balloon was just hovering above us, I told them to get upstairs and shot them a look of intensity. Both of them hurried out of the room and up the stairs as I followed behind them. I wanted a witness. I found my son Noah and his girlfriend and ask them to come downstairs with me. I told them that they had to see something that was pretty crazy. Both of them hurried down to go and see what I was talking about. At first they didn’t notice anything because they were just looking straightahead. I told both of them to look up at the ceiling and tell me what they saw. As they looked up, they looked really confused. My son asked me why there was a balloon stuck to the ceiling. I told him to go ahead and just poke it with his finger a little bit. When he touched it it moved a little to show him that there was nothing sticky or adhesive that was holding it there. It just moved with great ease a tad bit and then rolled back into position looking looking as if it were there in a very stiff way. Both of the teenagers looked at each other in an expression so as to show that they were puzzled and looking to one another for some kind of a clue as to what was going on. But neither of them could explain it and so they looked back to me for answers. I told them that I was grateful that they witnessed the event and that they could head back upstairs and I would explain later and then I had taken a few pictures of it.

Looking at the energy I could obviously see what it was right away at the time, but I didn’t want to alarm the little ones or the teenagers or make them afraid. There was obviously someone standing there holding the balloon up to the ceiling like that spiritually. I’m pretty certain nobody could see it except for myself but I did take a few pictures and I will add them here in this blog as proof. If there’s anyone who is gifted with any spiritual site, perhaps maybe they can see some of the spirit that I am talking about.

Some ask me why the spirit chose to take the balloon and stand there holding it up to the ceiling like that. It was obvious that it wanted its presence be known. But who was it? And why did they want us to be aware of them? that’s a very good question and I will answer that now.

I had just finished doing a generational spirit removal service for a family service that a client of mine had recently purchased. There are all different types of methods that I’ll use to get rid of the spirits and dispose of them permanently but sometimes I have to do multiple sessions and I can’t do them all back to back or at the same time. I had only just begun removing the spirit and then banishing it from that family, earlier that morning. I hadn’t yet found out what to do with the spirit from that point forward. I was going to need to go back into spirit realm again once the kids went to bed that same night. But since there had been all of that time in between from the time that I had finished the service and when I had planned on going back in to get rid of the spirit permanently, the spirit had been lingering in my home. Taking my little ones balloon and holding it up to the ceiling was its way of trying to taunt me into thinking that it was going to target my little one as a threat because I had been interfering with a long line of its terrible interference as it had been causing for the person I had removed it from and their loved ones. It may sound ridiculous to some that it chose to take a balloon and hold it up as a way of making its presence known but it’s really frightening if you think more deeply about it. It was using the balloon as a way to signify who is the next target was going to be. That of an innocent child. Of course that’s terrifying for an angelic but as a mother… even more so. What mother would want their child to be targeted by a malicious entity? No one I would hope. But still it’s not a sense of being scared of the spirit as in I fear that I can’t handle it. It’s just the bad energy it brings and its ugly intentions that it harbors with it. There is no way to really ever describe what that feels like.

I finally finished the service later on that night. Granted, it was a little uncomfortable putting the kids to sleep before doing the rest of the service knowing that the spirit was still lurking around somewhere in the home. I had to keep a good eye out on the kids while also making sure that I got that service finished and completed. The spirit was finally done away with as it deserved and the children are perfectly safe of course.

Seeing a spirit mass with a balloon again had reminded me of the balloon situation that I had experience some years before. I shared the story with the rest of my family as they came home from work later that night after the service had been completed. My daughter and her boyfriend work very late serving at the restaurant. When my daughter arrived having been driven home by her boyfriend, I quickly approached them as he was walking her in the door to say good night. I told them all about the balloonand even showed them pictures. Of course my daughters boyfriend being the logical person that he is, had to go on the Internet and try to research whether a balloon that is blown up by the mouth with the oxygen can flow of word and stay there or not. Obviously, there is no such thing LOL. Scientifically it isn’t possible. That definitely puts some chills of our spines that night.

And so those are my two tales of my two experiences with spirits and their use of balloons. I have included some pictures down below for everyone to see. Anyone who thinks they may have the gift of sight can certainly try to take a look and see what they say but I already well know what is there. I just thought to share as it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.

This was the original angle that I had seen the balloon at first. If you look at the energy in the air underneath of the balloon, you may actually be able to see the outline of an apparition.
Here I am taking a picture of the balloon from another angle. You can see me in the reflection of the mirror there. You might be able to see some things in the energy as it was very thick.
Little Alexander is down there reaching for the balloon at the bottom.

For the record, I have done a lot of work with spiritual beings of all different types as my work requires it and being an angelic soul, I was given that authority to communicate. Throughout my Time here on earth, part of helping others is to get rid of spiritual problems that they have including entities. I have battled with my fair share of them throughout time. Lately I have been trying to promote my family generational Spirit Removal service because as I work with more and more people from all over the world in the years of my experience, I see more and more things. That experience helps me to add together information that I can then figure out ways through trial and error, to then find a solution for. Once I find a solution I added to my website. One problem that I’ve seen so many people face time and time again, is that of nasty Generational and Spirits. These things are so awful and calls a variety of different problems, that people have had a great difficulty in trying to grow spiritually or even in different areas of their life because of them. I used to try to remove them from one person but found that they would somehow always come back. I needed to figure out a way to get rid of them permanently. The reason why I became so adamant about it was because I really love people. I get tired of seeing them suffer. There are so many things that they suffer from to.

Karma causes suffering. The restrictions placed upon them by the matrix and life also cause a lot of trials. Their own mistakes often create burdens. And then of course Spiritual interferences, curses and entities. The one thing that I found much of that all to have in common, was that through everything I just listed, spirits can become spiritual attachments. When they do so they almost always find something to latch on to within a person that they can then pass on to someone in their family line. But the catch is, that the spirit also follows two. There are new generational spirits being created every day, as well as ones that have been following family lines since ancient times. With that in mind I have found that the only way to really do anything about it, is the clear all of that away. Afterwards, getting rid of the spirit and it’s attachment to the family can help it from ever becoming attached to anyone in the family again or returning to anyone as well. I really try to spread the wisdom that I come to know, so that I can bring more awareness to others and somehow help them if they need it. Any nasty spirit can become an ongoing problem not just for the person experiencing it at the time, but even for their cherished loved ones, And any loved ones that they will come to have in the future. I ask that anyone needing education on this will head on over to my website where they can read more.


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