Saturn’s Retrograde Wrath: My personal experiences

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I’m sharing the way that Saturn’s 2022 retrograde has personally effected me and my family. The retrograde started in June and ends in October.

I wrote an article about the six retrogrades, but I didn’t mention how each planet’s cycle would affect people individually, because the effects would be different depending on each person. This doesn’t leave me exempt. Even if I may have the foresight to help to get around some of the things that will happen, I’m still going to experience some of the crud that comes with it. It’s all about the lessons in time. Those lessons are often learned through trials.

Indeed people talk about the trials that they face, and Heaven knows how I have had a share in what happens to the people around me who are being taught something.

Saturn’s Effects Alone

Listen to what’s happened lately. This all started right after the retrograde began. It started at the end of June and things are still happening to add to the first issues, and new ones are happening even now.

  1. My air conditioning broke again in June. It was so hot until a blessing came in the form of a another new air conditioner that was given to us as a gift. That saved us from the heat but then…..
  2. The electricity shorted in my home.
  3. My circuit box for the electricity is melted.
  4. No electricity means no more air conditioning…. again. We have only one outlet that works and we can’t use it for air conditioning since it’ll burn that out.
  5. Black mold was found in the air my house leading to nose bleeds and fatigue in my family.
  6. Both of the cars that are the main sources of transportation at my house had issues.
    It’s all happening at the same time.
    Money is really tight, probably not just for myself but for a lot of people. With all of the stuff breaking down in my home it really does add to the presence of Saturn’s wrath.
  7. Business slowed for me until it came to a standstill. (I’m blessed that an Angel makes sure the mortgage is taken care of and that we have food for the kids).
  8. My mom’s checks only equal out to the same amount that the bills come to thanks to heaven but it leaves no room for the repairs.
  9. The sink in the downstairs bathroom broke.
  10. A surgical procedure that I need for my stomach came up for next month, but insurance won’t pay for it.
  11. Taxes happen to be due and so I had to drain my savings to pay for them. .
  12. My son has both school and his birthday coming up.
  13. We ran out of food until September 15.


As a result of seeing a lot of this ahead of time, I spoke to the people in my home to let them know what to be aware of so that they could avoid these issues, but sadly no one took my warnings. I’ve been telling my family from the beginning of this year about many of the events that were going to happen that we’re experiencing now, right before they would happen so that we could do whatever we needed beforehand to fix the issues and save money. But the real lesson for them is that they need to learn to listen and not ignore things that heaven is obviously trying to help them to avoid.. Yes, here I am using all that I have to help them as far as my vision and sight, but yet I got caught in the wrath of the consequences.
I really hope that someday people will learn to take the advice that I provide right away.

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The planet’s energies are truly touching down on Earth

Saturn affects your luck and your financial means. It also plays a role in the magic of manifestation. Saturn adds to the time used in manifesting and how long your luck will run. In this case this planet has gone into its retrograde cycle, it’s going to do all of that but in reverse. Saturn will take away your luck,  getting it to run extremely thin and then make it nonexistent. In a financial situation, Saturn  will have the same effects where there will be struggle and lack of resources to fix the struggles that are faced. 

Since Saturn has a lot to do with luck and money, you’ll find that you may just be one of those people like me who ends up facing a lot of issues that require money to fix. And that’s how it gets you. 

I have said in a previous video before that the heavens are very good to me and I have to say that I am extremely blessed in this lifetime. But what my idea of being blessed is, may not be somebody else’s. I’ve never been wealthy and in fact for a long time in my life we didn’t have much of anything to get by except our necessities. As I got older and started my work in helping other people, I’ve been blessed to have a little more than just my necessities. However, I can’t say that I live a luxurious life. The things that I do for fun are common just like anybody else. I go to free parks, and libraries just so that I can have something to do with the littles ones.

Each day, I only have a limited time to really get out and do anything. As many of you already know I have to isolate after a certain time of day and a little bit before. I can only go out inside of a window of time or I’ll get completely drained. I think a lot of people are experiencing something like that these days though. The energy is super low and if you don’t have the ability to boost yourself up again like I do, then help is definitely needed. Nevertheless, with a lot of the problems in the world today, inflation being one of them…we’re all very limited on what we can do. I try to find fun things to do that are free. I’ll even go for a walk, just to get out of the four walls of my house so to speak. It helps me, my littles ones, Sasha, and Doug to have air.

I consider life to be a blessing just overall. I am extremely blessed in the fact that I could usually afford a little more than I could when I was younger (maybe not so much recently) and I have tried to make sure that everyone is taken care of in my home. But because my father is no longer alive it’s just me and my mom taking care of things now. And it’s quite expensive to take care of everybody and a home.

Since I do try to help my mother to save money on things, I often use my vision to find whether there is an upcoming problem on its way and I’ll tell her about it. But for my mother, she’s never been the type of person that acts in advance. Her lesson is to start listening to heaven in order to illuminate a problem before it occurs. I know that when heaven tells me to do something, I get right on top of it. As for my mom? Not usually. And so a lot of Saturn’s effects from its retrograde are teaching her that having insight come heaven is a blessing because it can help her to prevent having too many things from coming in on top of her all at once. She just needs to recognize that blessing herself.

Saturn, chronic, Father Time, astrology, retrograde,  zodiac
Saturn’s effects can really eat you alive

In the meantime, likes others who are close to people who are learning through struggle, I too am affected by it because I live in the home with her and whenever she doesn’t listen and something happens, it affects me and everybody else too. If she didn’t preserve funds like she was advised to, then we can’t fix the problems. As a result we end up with even bigger ones. I can only help as much as God allows because I have only so much to work with myself. In the past, I have predicted a lot of the world events that are happening today and that included Job loss, businesses that failed, and inflation. I also added a little prediction in there for myself.

In that prediction, I had said that due to my work being about spirituality and involved doing psychic spiritual readings for people, that eventually there would come a time when no one would really please spiritually speaking with me as an advisor, as a priority. Believe me I can totally understand. But it definitely means that I’m going to struggle quite a bit. I’m not complaining, believe me I just thought that by sharing my story, other people can see that maybe some of the struggles that they’re going through now, are a result of Saturn’s retrograde as well. That’s why it’s really important to always look into things. This way you don’t end up like my mother. Or to at least know what will happen to other family members ahead of time, so that you don’t end up like me, a person experiencing the results of someone else’s lessons.

It’s true that the planets do play a significant role in the things that are taking place in our lives every day. However, a general look into things isn’t going to give you as much depth. It’s always good to seek out a thorough analysis of what to expect so that you can prevent things or if they’re not preventable, know what to do to cope with them. Everyone is struggling in the world today and it breaks my heart to know that even though I am experiencing these terrible things, there are others out there going through even worse. I suggest we always pray for them, and for one another.

I truly believe that my mother finally sees the lesson. For now, we’ll have to make due with things as they are until the retrograde ends.

I am very faithful though. I know that heaven will come through in providing some kind of solution for us. They always help us when I ask them to. It may not come right away but it always comes nonetheless. I hope that you’ll have the same strong faith as well, no matter what’s going on in your life. 

For now, I know that my house will be filled with smoldering heat, and that it’ll take a lot to get rid of the black mold issue. I know we need electricity for things and I am blessed that we still have that one outlet. But things like that, they cost a fortune to fix. Yet, I know that throughout the difficulties, it’ll teach the people in my life to not take advantage of life‘s little luxuries. They had this same lesson a year before when we lost our central air conditioner. It’s funny how people will recognize the lesson when they are without something. But when the problem is resolved, they return back to the same outlook that they had, missing the value of wisdom and begin taking things for granted again. 

Sometimes even though you think you’ve understood the lesson, the universe will throw it right back into your lap, to make sure you understood it. Or, to make sure you never forget it. And that is 100% real. 

I care so much about my family and my clients that I always try to deeply implant that knowledge into their mind so that they can truly see with eyes that are spiritually opened so that lessons won’t have to come up so much for them anymore after they’ve developed that type of spiritual awareness. Life will be more of a breeze after that. 

But then again, that’s not to say that you won’t go through anything at all. The matrix has its way of trying to affect you somehow or someway. Even if you are “awake”, it’ll still find a way to come at you through the people that you share the experience with.

Again, there are many times that a person thinks that they’ve understood things, but maybe they didn’t understand it enough. 

Being a human on this planet is truly a strange but amazing thing. I look around and see how people take advantage of everything that they have. I watch as people take advantage of one another or that they take for granted that they even have the people that they do in their lives. I watch as people around the world and in my own personal life, ignore the things that they should be spiritually aware of. When I’m looking, it’s also very clear. It makes me wonder how they can’t see it themselves? but stepping outside of that wonder, I try to understand human nature. I’m sharing the experience with them to understand them, and I’m trying to help them to understand it too.

As these trials have come up during the retrograde of Saturn, it really helps me to reflect on the previous year in how the karmic debts of others, the spiritual lessons in their contracts, and the planets themselves have all come back annually to get people to readdress things or to insert new lessons on their paths. Now that we have six retrograde planets though, I’m sure we can expect a lot more than just this list of things that have happened to me and my family. It doesn’t end until October and Mercury’s retrograde, just right around the corner. What else could possibly happen? I’ve made a list of predictions for me and my family. Hopefully, everyone will play their part to make things easier from this point forward.

As for me? I have faith.

How about you?

Have you experienced the effects of any of the retrograde so far?

I want you all to know that even though I’m struggling financially right now, if there’s anything else that I can do for any of you during any time of struggle that you may be having, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can only offer you some humble insight to help you, but it is valuable. I truly seek to help you all.


2 thoughts on “Saturn’s Retrograde Wrath: My personal experiences

  1. Love you, Alura! I’m so sorry to hear about all this, but the way You explain it, it does make perfect sense. I’ll look out for things like this in my own life. Things haven’t been nearly as chaotic over here as that, but Mom’s place of work has been in turmoil. I do feel my own financial situation is at a standstill and haven’t been able to make any progress at all; but we still have a steady income coming in. Heaven takes care of things, as You said They would.


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