Sustaining Spiritually: How I use healing to cope

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These times that we’re living in prove to be difficult. There are a lot of demonic presences that are influencing people these days to act irrationally, aggressively, and hurtfully. In fact, many people are not who they used to be. Even if a person is trying hard to maintain, they may find that they’re fine one minute, and the next they’re not. Some inner form of anxiety and aggression takes them over. I work with the public and have many experiences in it. This happens everywhere though, even within the family. If a person is not taking care of themselves spiritually the right way then they are more vulnerable to the energies that are targeting everyone. This also includes dark consciousness which I know many people disregard when I mentioned it, but it is a crucial element to what’s going on today. It relates to the biblical scripture in which I had referenced of when evil will be cast from heaven “so speak”, and walk the earth. They can’t walk the earth, they’re not physical. The only way that they can do that, is through entering the consciousness of humans to walk through them. I’ll explain more down below.

On top of this, we also have the planets which lately are causing a lot of problems energetically and in everyone’s lives individually, in different ways. With all of these influences around us, people are extremely sensitive, defensive, and I’ve noticed that they don’t talk to each other with kindness anymore. People are ready to launch a verbal attack right away, and they don’t think before they speak. Others are losing hope and faith. There are many people out there that also just don’t care anymore because they’re under so much stress and have experienced so many rude and hurtful people over time, that they just don’t feel that it’s worth the effort to act righteously anymore. It’s true that with global issues and economic decline, that people are in a desperate way. It has become “every man out for himself”.

I see it all of the time, how many people even in a family, act without love toward one another. It’s understandable that people get stressed out and frustrated, but when people are just totally void of any kind of consideration to look at their loved one with love and kindness in their heart most of the time, then you can truly tell that the world has gone to that point of no return. Empathy is truly something that is near to almost lost.

Yes, even speech is just utterly devastating at times. I’ve heard some truly terrible things. Just the other day someone was using foul language around my children and someone who was with me had asked that person nicely to watch their mouth, at least around the kids. Yet, The individual couldn’t even respect the children in the room and replied with something even more foul. They had said: “Suck my enormous gigantic donkey d*?%!”. I tried to give you an example a while using the punctuations to fill in the rest of the curse word. This is how people are for the majority, at least around where I live at New Jersey.

I don’t judge people that curse, but there is decency. When there are little kids around people should have that mindset that the kids don’t need to hear certain types of words and as a result show some respect. However, even going out to have breakfast for my little ones, the people at the next table were using every single curse word that exists on this planet. And that is no exaggeration. Even just to ask them nicely to be a little more mindful, I knew it would get me nowhere. Therefore, I sadly had to sit through an hour of having to listen to that when my original intention was just to get out of my house for a little bit to spend some nice quiet family time somewhere.

It was really a good sign of showing the people around me just how badly the world has gotten. Again, if grown-ups decide to use curse words on their own time, I certainly don’t like hearing it myself, but I don’t judge them. It’s just the fact that people don’t think the way that they used to. When I was growing up, people still cared about acting a certain way or speaking in such a manner, around children. Just last night I took my nightly walk with my son to walk our dogs. as we were turning the corner, a girl started screaming at us about our dog, even yelling really loud to her friend who was only like 2 inches away from her: “Oh my F-ing God, look at that mother f-ing dog! F$&*! Is that Noah? Yo, f$?*! Hey dat ya mom Noah? Nice to F-ing meet you Noah’s Mom”!

I was totally in shock and had to step away from my son. He was trying to be super polite and just answered the girl’s questions and then told her that he had to get going. As we walked away, I asked him since he is a teenager, why kids don’t care about how they speak in front of adults anymore? He told me that he didn’t know because he himself always tries to be polite. Yet it was a perfect example of the lack of respect or morals that this world carries these days. I’m sure the girl was a beautiful person? and I’m not judging her just by her speech. But it did make me question why she felt the need to speak that way and especially while someone’s mother was right there?

There are so many things happening today, from great to small that show many of my predictions coming true. I’ve been talking about all of this since 2016 on upward, up until it actually has been happening today. I have many videos and blogs that show people that even though the world has always had crime and immorality, that the predictions that I made in 2019 for the 2020 events, all really proved to be true. The social distancing, being locked down indoors, separated from everyone really did make society change in the worst way.

There’s so much negativity, that even just a few years ago I had to isolate myself pretty badly being “psychic sensitive”. Now, I can feel the terrible cloud of energy everywhere I go at all times of day until I do my energy work on me and my family. I try to keep myself in a positive mindset, I am all about good health, stable and clear mentality, as well as balanced emotions. All of that helps my soul. But I’m not going to just take care of myself, I’m going to make sure that my kids and my animals also feel content too. I usually know when one of my children are feeling badly from it all. My daughter Amber works in the public waitressing. At restaurants people do have the ability to order drinks and so after a few too many, people do act differently. It gets to her sometimes too. I’ll do a lot of energy work for her behind the scenes, only to see a huge difference afterwards.

The idea is that there are a lot of spiritual influences causing all of this. Like I said in the paragraph above it is a variety of different things that are happening today energetically and through the influences of society that are creating all of this devastation. People are experiencing things and they don’t even know the reason why they’re having them. Hatred, anger, vulgarity, it all comes from spiritual interferences that trigger people to act outside of who they used to be while their heart was still full of a great deal of love. Instead of love, stress, depression, worry and anxiety fill their hearts instead.

What’s worse is that these particular types of emotions bring up very dark thoughts. This includes also subconscious thoughts and fears. It’s enough to drive anybody crazy. It’s definitely not a good way to go through life, allowing all of those things to affect you. Evil will try to implant thoughts within your mind that are totally opposite of who you are. I’ve had people report that they had sudden thoughts of harming other people, when they’re not even that type of person to begin with.

I really do try to find solutions for everyone including me and my family. However, it’s really hard to get people to listen to the advice these days. Whether it’s suggesting that they keep up with a healthy regimen of Spiritual Readings and Healings, having a Spiritual routine, or it’s just suggesting slight changes that they can make in themselves or their lives that could make things a lot better, it seems that they acknowledge what I’m saying but when it comes down to actually doing any of it, they don’t. Even if I try to deliver heavenly insight of something that is wrong or perhaps maybe they’re viewing something the wrong way, they get super defensive and go on attack mode. It hurts me when I see people that have been devoted to their spiritual pathway for so long, have to suffer through the ways of the world today at its effects.

In order to stay healthy and get through all of this, it is really important to follow the advice. However this is a blog about what I do. And if any of you find that it’s helpful for you or that you think it could be helpful to you, I am going to have a discount code up until the end of September 2022 that people can use if they want these services. Use helpfulhealing as a code at purchase. It will to help you save 30% off of anything that you think you need to help yourself energetically. I had a sale like this sometime ago and I was really happy to see how many people came through to make sure that they were healthy.

If you’re feeling angry, defensive, depressed, anxious, lazy, emotionally sensitive, or any other negative vibration, there could be a few reasons as to why you’re experiencing that. What’s concerning is that all of the below issues are responsible for illness, drain, fatigue, unclear thoughts, hearing voices, sudden rage, sudden bad health, health deterioration, possession and a damaged spirit body which creates even more severe issues.

Causes for those problems are: 

  1. Your own aura is conflicting with the energies of the environments that it’s creating a new frequency that is unbalanced and becomes a severe interference.
  2. The energies of environments that you go into are causing static interference in your aura.
  3. Both your energy and the energy of the environments that you are entering are creating a new negative frequency that causes interference.
  4. Natural disasters like earthquakes, are throwing your natural chi into a reverse flow.
  5. The spiritual energy of others or someone specific is negative and unhealthy that your aura and chakras are reacting in a desperate way due to the toxicity.
  6. You could have a hole or tear in your aura.
  7. There could be a clog in your Nadis, kundalini channels, or chakras.
  8. There could be an implant in your aura.
  9. There may be an entity or psychic vampire draining your chi.
  10. You could be mentally and/or emotionally over analyzing things that it throws your auric layers related to those areas in your energy body into overdrive, keeping too much of your own toxic energy trapped in them poisoning your own energy.
  11. You could be due for a new protection or upgrade.
  12. There could be a strong EMF current nearby.
  13. Your area could be a target of energy warfare, resulting in strong fields that are unnatural and creating symptoms of feeling like you’re dying or extremely ill.
  14. Your home environment may have toxic energy or be in need of a protection grid and angelic infusion that can protect, balance, and stabilize the vibrations around you, each day.
  15. Any of these issues may be happening while also affecting your physical health too. There could be a serious health problem being created.
  16. Generational spirits (if you still have them) could be causing drains as a way to unmotivate you, ruining both your dreams and current goals.
  17. You could be experiencing a symptom of some kind of heavenly interference that was sent to you to slow you, as a result of something that you did wrong.
  18. Possession

In any of those possibilities, it’s important to care for your spirit body by getting help. Your spirit body is just as important if not more  than your physical body. Your soul drives the physical body and both need good health. These times are dangerous not only for our safety but also spiritually. 

It’s not something to hesitate on and taking care of yourself and your spirit body both weekly and if not, monthly… is crucial for staying in a good place all around. If not, you’ll affect your health and you could risk lowering your vibration significantly that it takes from your growth and ascension. That can lead to a return to old habits and back track into a slow descent toward becoming your old self. You also risk possession or attacks, as those things were prophesied about for these times. 

Remember, possession is not how they show you in the movies. They’ll affect you, your life and those around you while taking over in such a way that you’re functioning as yourself but… not really like yourself. Spirits attach from the outside, working their way into your consciousness and once they get that far, it’ll be a nightmare trying to exorcise them. Most people change but remain unaware of the spiritual attachment/ highjacking. Entities seek to ride along like a passenger to eventually drive while sitting on the lap of the driver. The person will feel heavy and sense something, but for regular people who can’t see in a psychic way, they’ll not ever suspect that “they’re not alone”. 

While possession is the worst case scenario, any of the problems listed above have terrible effects of their own and it’s all something to avoid if possible. 

In my life experience as an Oracle and in the last decade or longer of working in this field, I’ve seen how vulnerable a human energy body can be and just how easy it is for the energies to create damage. For myself, I’m ultra sensitive and isolation as an Oracle is necessary. However, I have to live and that requires running a daily errand. I also have to get some air from being in the same environment too. That also requires that I excessively cleanse due to how I read everything around me, without trying. The energies pull at me like a magnet and that can cause terrible illness and drain if I don’t maintain caring for  my spirit body enough. 

I’m not in any way trying to promote fear, I’m trying to ensure that everybody stays healthy. Each and every day I have people who have been with me for a long time, or new individuals that will come to me and tell me how they’re feeling. In the things that I hear them describe to me  that they’re experiencing, it brings me right back to the prophecies that I have made over time. If you recall, I had said that the biblical prophecy of the end times being much like it was in the days of Noah, as one that I specifically pinpointed would be happening during our time. I also had prophesied that there would be a lot of entities walking the face of the earth these days, spiritually alongside people to plague them. 

I see this every single day and how the world has become and also in how the devil tries to warp and twist the minds of those that are trying to remain faithful and loyal to me as a messenger and friend. People may even see this themselves in the changes in the world and in the changes and how their loved ones have begun treating them.

I have another article coming up about that subject. However the most important thing to note now, is that everyone is vulnerable. In the Bible they never told anyone when the events were going to occur, or even when they were going to begin. Many throughout time have tried to give it a go in finding out when to expect these events, but to no avail. In my work, the heavens have graciously given me the gift of being able to foresee and prophesy about when that time was to be expected and the exact things that would come about at the beginning of that time. These were a little bit more in-depth and relatable to the times that we live in, then the book of revelations was.  And they gave us an exact year to prepare. In fact throughout time they’ve been helping us to know when every aspect of these things were going to occur, from the shift in consciousness up until the year of the actual onset of end times events (2020). 

It was said that evil would be hurled to the earth during foretold times (Revelations 12:9). I’ve explained thoroughly and provided everyone with the details that they needed to have awareness with. 

When you look at how the world is today, you can see just that happening! Spiritual entities seem to control the way that some people think or even live in the human world through others. Like I’ve said many times before, they’re not going to hold up a neon flashing sign of lights to let you know that that’s what they’re doing. They’re going to be cunning and remain undetected. However, there will be some signs that can be very telling, that if you are aware enough and careful, you can protect yourself a great deal. I certainly didn’t want to get off of the subject of what this article was originally about, but it does play a significant role in what I’m talking about. 

Still, this article is about energy, and how it is affected negatively. I wanted to share what I do for me and my family that helps us  have a more healthy and fulfilling experience. Many people may think that I’m trying to promote fear and I am certainly not ever intending to do that. This stuff scares me too, to be honest with you. I would not be a true messenger of heaven if I didn’t help others to be prepared or know what to expect. I feel that as the negativity increases, it’s crucial to care for your spiritual body and energy. It keeps you healthy, energetic, clearer minded, and makes it so that bad things can’t affect you as much.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Full spirit body cleanse each week and if not each week, I’ll try to do it at least every two weeks. 
  2. Angelic infusion on my home with an atmospheric grid every three to six months depending.
  3. I perform “The Works” package on my pets and kids every other week. 
  4. I use an EMF grid and Metatron grid on my kids and pets each year. 
  5. Purification sessions on myself, family and pets every three months along with the other services. 
  6. Full body cell rejuvenation for all of us every other month for physical health and youthfulness. 

Doing all of that with a strict spiritual routine, studies, prayer, diet, and way of life has kept us all in a good place. I noticed that when I didn’t do those things, family members were very aggressive and argued with each other. There was crankiness, depression, and they felt very unhealthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. They also lacked motivation. The healing services and lifestyle really keep us all in a wonderful place, much different than I see in most of the people in the world. 

Most of all we stay aware, and we have faith. We put everything to the heavens, and wait with trust. 

That really helps.

Helpful tips

Just some helpful tips in case some of you can’t go and obtain any services for some master healing, I’ll list them down below things you can do for yourself.

  1. Walk and workout daily.  It releases aggression and prevents it. 
  2. Cut out sugar and caffeine, they both cause irritability. 
  3. Listen to instrumentals.
  4. Do yoga
  5. Meditate
  6. Spend time with an amiable pal
  7. Have fun doing kid stuff with your kids, if you have children.
  8. Watch a funny movie.
  9. Avoid toxic people.
  10. Don’t feed into the ignorance or anger of others.
  11. Ask what a person means by something they’ve said, if you at first don’t understand it or have taken it wrong.
  12. If someone is getting defensive over something you’re saying, explain what you truly meant, and leave it at that. Don’t go into it anymore. Just walk away.
  13. Hike, or play a sport.
  14. If you get heavenly homework readings with me, focus on doing some of the activities in them. I truly love the ones that I get and they keep me busy.
  15. Study your spiritual wisdom, read the Bible or other scriptures.
  16. Dance!
  17. Visit beautiful scenery!
  18. Avoid negative words. Negative talk and negative words can also attract negativity toward you.
  19. Eat lots of healthy food, the healthier you are physically, then all of yourself will be in a good place.
  20. If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or irritability try to stay away from alcohol or other substances for a little bit of time, if not for good, then until it at least subsides.
  21. Do something nice for somebody else, doing a good deed always cheers people up.
  22. Use a massage chair.
  23. Practice the virtues.
  24. Don’t focus on the negativity of others.
  25. Join a club where you know there are a lot of positive minded people.

All of that should help keep you in a positive place but that’s not to say that you’re not gonna pick up a lot of negative energy around you. Even just your own thoughts can often contaminate your aura. There’s a lot of influences out there, and so it would always be in the very best advice that I can give, to keep up with your regular care while following these tips. I do!


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