An important reason you feel sick a lot

Greetings! Welcome back. 

I wanted to post an article that served as something like an update about a few articles that I posted throughout time that held major clues in regards to prophetic visions that I had. Those visions were in regards to dark consciousness, world events of today, and a little topic concerning the lungs and lantern flies.

Not long ago I wrote an article about there being black stuff that was coming down through the air and that it was purposely done so. I also mentioned how the lantern flies were sent for a reason. Well if ever there was a right time to explain, that would be now. 

In one of the messages on Alura’s Angels, it was revealed that the lantern flies are merely just a cover-up for the biological warfare that they’ve used in sending a very deadly type of mold that gets into the lungs.

 I spoke about this in an article when I was referring to dark consciousness. If you’re not a member of the website already, to access the article you may have to subscribe. It’s in one of the angel messages or prophecies that I have there. I believe it was in the message of Angel Bath Kol. 

Forgive me for not remembering, I’ve done so many messages for the heavens, and there’s been so many different topics covered there. You can certainly go to the site and search for the term “lantern flies”. It should take you right to the right article.

 I was hoping that my followers would put the clues together. I know that there are some who would really prefer that I just come out and directly reveal things instead of putting some of the prophecies in the form of parables. But please understand that it is very dangerous for me to post about certain things these days. Nonetheless, I feel that if I break up the truth into parts and put it into clues that my followers can look for, it makes it a little easier to get it out there onto the Internet. If I post a prophecy in riddle form on my Angel’s website, add some more details on my blog at Alura’s World, then I can provide further clarity here. 

This makes it so that it’s not all right in one place and not as obvious. I hope that it doesn’t make things too complicated for any of you out there who follow me faithfully. 

Getting back to the subject at hand, The lantern flies really play a significant role in regards to the subject of dark consciousness. The media says that the lantern flies are responsible for the black mold-like substance that grows all over agriculture. Yet I’ve had so many of these lantern flies in my yard over the last few years, and I haven’t seen any black mold caused by them on the plants. What I have seen, connects into my predictions. 

The mold comes from what I was referring to in this entry here. It was written on March 18, 2019. The lantern flies were said to have allegedly arrived on American soil in 2014. But there hadn’t been much mention of them prior to 2018. As of 2016, I’ve been talking about the agenda and the oncoming shift in consciousness that it would bring. I released “Dark Consciousness” in 2017, writing more on it as years went by. By 2018, the world was affected by the shift. 

The following year of 2019, the world was in preparation for what was about to come. And when I say the world, I mean the leaders of it. It was obvious that many people were unaware of the events to happen in 2020. When I released the article in 2019 for 2020, I think many people had trouble imagining that there would be so many awful things that would take place. 

Nevertheless, a lot of things that I’ve said are now openly coming true. I will be doing a video to mark which predictions have happened over time. In the meantime, as you can see, the world is now becoming more aware of a black mold that is permeating the soil throughout the United States. This is something that I was talking about when I spoke of there being a biological weapon. The entire world has mold going through the air, and once it lands, it doesn’t take much time for it to spread. According to “Smithsonian Magazine” it’s found everywhere and causes terrible lung infections. It’s exactly what I’ve been dropping clues about!

“Healthy adults and children can typically fend off a potential fungal infection, but some people—such as older adults, infants and individuals with compromised immune symptoms—have more trouble. Breathing in these fungi can cause them fatigue, fever, cough and other symptoms. Doctors, meanwhile, easily mistake these fungal infections for something else, such as Covid-19, tuberculosis or bacterial pneumonia”.

“The researchers looked at three main kinds of soil fungi that can cause lung infections in the U.S.: histoplasma, coccidioides and blastomyces. During construction, farming, landscaping and other disruptive activities, the soil can release fungal spores into the air. Once airborne, the spores make their way into the lungs and breathing passages of nearby humans.

Smithsonian Magazine;
Sarah Kuta
Daily Correspondent
November 28, 2022

Back to the lantern flies, I have a garden outside myself. The lantern flies sure do eat up a lot of the leaves of my vegetables, but there’s never been any black substance. The only time I’ve seen a black substance was in the last two years, including this one, where pumpkins or any other type of outdoor decorative plant that I have left outside, became covered in black mold. To add to this, we also have black mold in our home. I believe many people have it from getting within the ventilation systems and any open windows. Not only is the terrible pollution because of people feeling extremely fatigued, but black mold poisoning also causes the same type of symptoms throughout time.

If you remember, I wrote an article combating what other people were saying in regards to awakening symptoms. I had compared carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms to a lot of the symptoms of awakening that were listed throughout the mainstream websites for spirituality. The delusion of the New Age movement had people believing that when they were feeling ill, it was because of awakening. Sure, you’ll feel a lot of emotional turmoil through awakening, but your body should never feel physically ill. Because of the black mold in the air and the a really toxic carbon monoxide that exists within our atmosphere, what many people are experiencing today comes from the fact that our world is so polluted from human beings, and that the agenda has also unleashed the biological weapon that has some kind of mold in it, that weakens a person’s immune system. When you add the fact that they’ve released quite a few different viruses that affect the lungs mainly, you can see that they’re clearly trying to connect it all together to look like a natural phenomenon. 

This is especially dangerous for the elderly and for children. If you think about Covid, it wiped out a lot of elderly people. Now there are viruses that are attacking children, especially. I visit a lot of park areas for recreation, but my children are not allowed to play on equipment anymore. I would highly suggest that people consider wearing a paper hospital mask over their faces when they go outside and to use an air purifier indoors. If you have children, make sure that you use hand sanitizer a lot. Also wipe down your door handles and any other knobs in the house, with bleach wipes.

If for any reason, you see any kind of light, gray or black, dusting on the walls or ceiling of your home, or any kind of dusty hair, like fibers accumulating on your furniture or knickknacks even as soon as overnight after you’ve clean them, then you can pretty much be sure that you have mold getting into your house. You may want to make sure that your ventilation system and windows don’t have any leaks, and that you wash yourself pretty well when coming in from outdoors. Never wear the same clothes twice without washing. 

I can’t provide any other solutions to the issues that the world is facing today. However, putting this truth out there I can at least help people to understand what’s happening a lot better. The lantern flies were definitely a cover-up, but they’re also being used to devastate our farm lands. Between famine and pestilence, food is becoming pretty scarce. This also adds the fact that we’re going through inflation in there are issues with trade in the import and export system. This is also something that I warned about in the angelic prophecies. Please make sure that you do your best to keep yourself germ free, and to protect your lungs in any way that you can possible. Boost your immune systems and use Mullein. It helps. While

A good Light Therapy healing can also eradicate issues in the body that all of the above tips alone can’t fully help with. 

Many of you have had symptoms of a cold for a long time. The air is toxic, the world is toxic… in more ways than one. Be safe and healthy!


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