The anxiety of knowing

Recently, I was so very deeply touched by one of my students who came to me in my messages on my app. I was previously thinking about deleting my group on Facebook because of the difficulties that I’ve had in expanding my reach beyond them. Yet, even though my student respected whatever my decision would come to be… She recently asked me to not delete them. 

The reason why was because she was so concerned about the emotional health of the people in the group that she felt that it was a good place for them to find support. She had even said that she wanted me to keep the group up even if I never commented in it ever again. She touched my heart so much that I truly felt inclined to keep the group up indefinitely.

The reason why she had sent the message to begin with was because of another group member who had posted their feelings about some of the prophetic visions that I’ve included in the many “Angelic Heralds”, on my “Aluras Angels” website. Throughout time, they’ve all been very detailed about the many things that the angels have revealed to me regarding things to come in the future. A lot of those things have come to take place, but there are still so many more events to come. 

There seems to be an underlying common theme to all of the messages throughout time, if you read them all in order and try to understand beyond the surface. Many of my readers often have difficulty discerning the meaning of some of the prophecies because they are written in parables. However, I think that anyone who truly has a love of spirit and seeks to truly understand, can have the ability to decipher the meaning behind those messages if they really tried to. I have taught my students extremely well. By this point in time, many of them should have enough insight on how to understand. 

For those who are still struggling with understanding the cryptic prophecies, I truly don’t blame them. I know that sometimes it’s overwhelming enough just to read the parts that are in clear Layman’s terms that it might distract them from being able to focus and decipher through the metaphorical descriptions. Yet, I have to say that it’s important that I put the heavenly messages in the exact wording that the heavens provided them in. This is because the heavens feel that anyone who is meant to understand the message, will. If they don’t, then perhaps it’s just not time for them to. There could be a variety of reasons as to why it just may not be meant for them to understand. 

For one, they may be too sensitive, and can’t handle the truth behind the message. Heaven may be trying to protect those sensitive hearts by making it difficult for them to understand me on the surface…

Because of the prophecies, the heavens have provided a great deal of advice regarding how to be better prepared. In fact many of my clients have come and asked how they can be more prepared. They’ve asked if they should relocate somewhere else, and if so, where and when? Some of those clients happened to be in Florida. 

The heavens provided the insight for them that they should leave Florida to avoid any upcoming catastrophes that were on the way. Florida won’t be the only place that’ll experience many destructive events, it’ll happen all over the world. But for the sake of this example, many of them happened to be from Florida.  Quite a few of my Florida clients were told to leave by October in order to avoid any difficulties. One of my Florida students in particular, had asked when to expect a hurricane. She had read in one of the Angelic Herald messages that had revealed that there would be a hurricane. She wanted to know when it would happen, so that she could relocate if needed. The hurricane ended up happening just as I had told her that it would, on the brink of October. Hurricane Ian was certainly a destructive force. 

Many of the other Florida students that had come for insight as to whether they should relocate or not and when… hadn’t taken the advice to relocate after all. Instead, they remained right where they were. Hurricane Ian destroyed a lot of their homes. My heart truly goes out to them. Yet it should be a reminder that it’s important to listen to the heavenly insight so that everyone can be properly prepared. There are still so many things that are to come. This wasn’t the only example of how people did not listen to their heavenly insight and ended up facing a difficult consequence. It’s not a punishment, it’s a “cause and effect”.

For example, if someone tells you that a bomb is going to explode on main street, you certainly aren’t going to go stand on Main Street. I’m sure you understand what I mean. The point is, if you don’t listen to the advice that heaven provides for you and your family to stay safe, whatever happens is because of your own decision. It’s important to take the advice seriously.

Let me just say that the last herald had a lot of prophetic visions in it, but many of the Angelic Herald messages all have an underlying common theme. For years now, the heavens have been trying diligently to provide us with the insight that we need to stay a few steps ahead. Many of the Angelic Heralds, as well as the one just recently posted, have all pointed in the direction of there being war on a global scale. One of the prophetic messages mentioned countries at war with each other, but the names of the countries were disguised as animals. The recent angelic herald had some pretty cryptic truth in there, but some of it was pretty clear. “Stars falling from the sky”, “bombs bursting in air”, etc.

To add to the validity of the prophecies that were provided in 2016 and onward, we now have talks of nuclear war going on. I don’t want to scare anyone but it’s important to point out that the United States just purchased a new drug in October 2022, that is supposed to help save lives in the event that there something causes exposure to extreme radiation. Nuclear warfare definitely exposes people to radiation. With the amount of debt that the United States has right now, I doubt that they would invest in to something if they did not know something that made it important for them to do so. I’ve told family, friends, and everyone out there online who reads my work, that they really do need to keep themselves safe. Here is the link to the drug if you don’t believe me. It’s a drug made in case of nuclear danger.

The heavens have given me a location on where to go for me and my loved ones. Sadly, the matrix is always messing with me in order to try to take me down or get rid of me entirely. This isn’t anything new. I have had to deal with it since I was a child. You can’t imagine how many near death experiences I’ve had already, just in this lifetime. I have faith that the heavens will help me, but we are running out of time. I am experiencing some trouble financially still, and I know that the heavens understand that I still need some time to get some things together.

Recently Saturn brought some bad luck upon my mom and her house, which we all live in and that has been pretty costly. I also need to get surgery and unfortunately my health insurance won’t cover it. I’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for it and it’s going to be a lot of money. I am supporting everyone in the house right now on the income that I have, and with inflation, it just isn’t going very far. I’ve had some very nice people who have helped me by purchasing some services so that I could add the funds to whatever I needed. I’m certainly very thankful for that.

However, this time, I’m in a little bit of a jam where the amount of funds that I need is just far too much that it’s going to take me quite a while to gather it all together. It seems that the malevolent forces that always try to come against me have finally found a way to make life difficult.

The reason why I am saying all of this, is because… if any of you are able to take heaven’s advice to relocate to the location that they advised you to, don’t hesitate. I am praying diligently that I still have enough time to be able to get my surgery and get where I need to go before the bigger things happen. For those of you that are in a similar situation, I want you to know that I am praying for you all too.

I love you all so very much and I am truly sorry if any of the messages in the Angelic Herald caused you any anxiety or grief, but I am just trying to help. It’s so important to take the words of heaven seriously, especially now. For some of us, there may be forces at work that are making it a little impossible to make a move at this time but I know that heaven will find a way. Please don’t fear and pray with great faith that you’ll be helped at the appropriate time.

I know that many people wonder why I face so much adversity when I have heaven on my side. Heaven does help me, believe me they do. They have done so much for me. But I am here in the devil’s playground so to speak, and there are far more evil forces here. Those forces don’t want me here and they certainly don’t want me teaching truth or speaking for the heavens while I am here. They even try to scare off my students by causing them bad luck and implanting negative thoughts in their minds. I really hope that you stay strong and that you never give up on me. Your love and your belief alone give me the motivation and strength to continue fighting.

The heavens want everyone to know that there’s no need to fear. All things that are happening, are happening this way because they’re meant to. If everyone has faith and seeks out the advice of the heavens, they will be safe. For those who can’t seek answers, if they have faith, I am sure that heaven will protect them somehow as well. Even in this very trying time in my life, I am not losing any faith myself. In fact my faith is stronger. I hope that hearing of the trials that I’m facing and the blockage that it creates, that you’ll be inspired to still remain just as strong as I am, when facing your own hardships. It’s not easy to live in this world and especially to be responsible for others while you’re living in it. I know all too well how expensive it can be to support a large family, home and bills.

For those of you that don’t have those responsibilities, be grateful for the easier road that you have in your life. Show that gratitude to those that are sheltering you and caring for you.

In the meantime, I will continue to look for property where I need to go, and I will keep my scheduled surgery date in faith and hope that heaven will help me. Whether you’re having personal difficulties, money troubles, health problems, family issues, or if you are just concerned about things that are coming in the future regarding the world, if you are struggling with faith in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on my app. I’m here to help you. I know that life can be difficult and that the difficulties can try to mess with your faith. I see it through many people that come to me struggling with theirs. I have helped countless numbers of people both restore their faith and find a way to feel more hopeful.

I will post a video just as soon as I can. I hope that it will help everyone to lessen the anxiety that they may have regarding the prophecies for the future. Please send in any questions or concerns that you have, so that I can address them in the new video. I’ll put up a post on Facebook where everyone can comment what they want to know or talk about. Remember, I’m not allowed to talk about something’s, if heaven hasn’t permitted me to. I feel I’ll be able to answer slot of your questions and add helpful insight nonetheless.Please send in your question/s only in the comments on that post though. I want to stay organized to better have a chance at answering as many as I can.

I hope that you all know that you’re loved so very much and that I only ever just seek to do what the heavens guide me to do. Just as much, I’m not only do what they guide me to do for others but I’ll also listen to the advice that they give to me for myself. I trust them.

If you read the messages through the angelic Herald, don’t dwell on them and trust that if Heaven has given you a plan, it’ll all work out for the best 

A special thank you to my beloved friend Shauna, for caring about my work and the well being of others. I know that many of you feel the same, but I wanted to express my gratitude to her because she gave love and showed concern toward another group member when they were having difficulty recently. The Facebook group will remain”.


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