Spiritual Theme Month: Mexican Culture- Week One

Activities for our first week of Mexican Culture month, bring us to go back to the nostalgia of childhood but with a new and cultural twist. Do you remember musical chairs? I do! How much fun was that? Yep! Okay so get ready to play this good ole past time but modified! Tonight, we celebrate Mexican food and drink, for exploring Mexican Culture. It’ll be a great experience but hey, every experience is going to be great. This one month long adventure adds to the Soul’s journey, and in what you participate in… you will learn from as well as make new memories.

Let the games begin!

First, you’ll need to set up a table with several Mexican appetizer dishes and a few entrees broken down into sampler size. Then, if you don’t mind taking in some alcohol on special occasions, grab some Mexican Tequila and start mixing several flavors of Margaritas. Be creative! Or, if you are like me and don’t want a bunch of substances in your system, mix up some Virgin style margaritas instead. The Virgin versions will probably be a lot better for those of you playing with your families including children.

After you have everything prepared, set up your table! Place the dishes and drinks going all around the dinner table. Make sure you have it set up to where there’s one sampler of food, one drink, one sampler, one drink… every other placement. By the end of set up, you should have a table that has some Mexican colors as decoration with there being a drink in between plates. Remove all chairs.

Next, call your participants in and have then all take a position standing at the table. Have someone control the music. Be sure to tell them to let it play for a little bit each time before pausing the music each time. Have them start up the music. Walk around the table with the music, holding the edge of the table gently to guide your way. When the music stops, reach out carefully for the food or beverage in front of you. Taste it! Gobble it all up! Put the plate or glass towards the middle of the table. The person who has eaten and drank more at the end of the game is the winner!

Later on, if everyone is still up to it…. have everyone lay back and watch a movie.

For kids and family: The Book of Life seems fun!

For adults: Instructions Not Included appears to be a good laugh and is still on the cleaner side of entertainment.

It’s totally up to you though. I hope you have an awesome time!


One thought on “Spiritual Theme Month: Mexican Culture- Week One

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