Spiritual Theme Month- Adios Mexico!

 This was a fun month,  jampacked with all kinds of different activities. Visiting Mexico from home was certainly an exciting adventure. These were the month’s activities…

I really had a great time cooking some Mexican cuisine here at the house. It’s nice that things are reopening out there in the world from the coronavirus lockdowns. It’s very nice that restaurants are offering outdoor dining. But here in New Jersey the weather is strange and sometimes it’s far too hot and stagnant in the air to sit and dine even outside. So I created my very own Mexican restaurant. I also had “Tacky Taco” night which the tacos had strange and unusual sauces in them. Some of the sauces were so burning hot and spicy, that I couldn’t even finish swallowing LOL. Other sauces were salty,  tarty, tangy, and sweet. It was a lot of fun.

We really stuck to the Mexican theme! We even made a huge Mexican style breakfast complete with a Mexican-Omelet. I used homegrown veggies from my own garden like tomatoes, chives, and habanero peppers. For drinks we had homemade Agua Fresca too. It was delicious although I had to use egg substitute due to being Vegetarian.

Mexi-omelet with habanero pepper.

We had a good time watching a pretty cool Mexican movie, and then went on to even see a scary film called “The Ruins”. For The theme day where we were supposed to wear Mexican fashion, I just added some very cute Mexican clogs and a cute little Mexican skirt.  Into the weeks, I also made a unique magical talisman based on the Mayan culture. I will more than likely keep it for myself though rather than selling it online. I also hosted “musical taste testing” here at my house. That was really a lot of fun. We played the theme music for Mexico in the background and walked around the tables blindfolded and when the music stopped we all had to stop and taste whatever dish was clearly in front of us. After everybody got a chance to somehow paste everything at least once, (some of us more than once) we just sat down and finished the rest of the meal.

“Musical Taste Testing” with Mojito Margaritas

Additionally, we made some delicious Mexican cocktails all throughout the month and included them in our “musical taste testing” table. We had a huge feast! There are some meat eaters in my family so it was a mixture of vegetarian and meat dishes. The cocktails for both virgin and with alcohol, depending on who was joining us. I had one of each on each occasion, because I don’t drink usually but I wanted to taste the difference with or without.  I wanted also sample the tequila which is famous in Mexico. We also watched some very scary tales from stories that people shared on YouTube while in Mexico too. 

Virgin and Regular Homemade Pina Colada

So this is the last week of Mexican culture as we celebrated it. We have two more events that are left to do. That includes that tonight we will celebrate a famous Mexican person. I was going to pick Selena but I think everybody has celebrated her all throughout the years. So therefore I would like to nominate Guillermo Del Toro. He is a fantastic filmmaker and I enjoyed his movie “Pan’s Labyrinth”. It was rich with metaphorical meaning and symbolism. It was also one of my favorite fantastical movies of all time. He has quite a few other films out there so in honor of his work and wildly creative imagination, I’ll be watching another one of his movies this evening, August 11 of 2020, in which I hope it’s just as good as the other. I am at a crossroads in picking between “Crimson Peak”, or “The Shape of Water”. Then we close our Mexican theme month out with a Mexican themed party on Friday. I will get a piñata, make some Mexican dessert dishes, as and have some nachos out as snacks. I’ll be taking a couple of recipes for different types of notches, off of Google. I even have my very own recipe which I’ll have for everyone to try as well. There will be another cocktail that I will be making for this event to entertain any adults who wish to have an alcoholic beverage as well as having some virgin cocktail beverages for myself and that will be called the jalapeño pineapple margarita. I’m sure that it will be wild and spicy and I know just the right person who will love that!

Simple but frozen Margaritas
Naranja Con Leche Frozen Margaritas

Jonathan loves hot and spicy! He and Amber’s significant other Michael, had a hot sauce sampling challenge not long ago in which the sauces included some of the hottest peppers known! They had Ghost Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Cayenne Peppers, Jalapeño Pepper, Carolina Reaper, and the Scorpion Pepper. It was wild and truly amusing to watch both guys tasting he’s extremely hot peppers just through having a spoonful of each type of peppers sauce. It was really comical. As they went up in hotness level, I could see both of them trying to really hold back the fact that their insides were burning. Both of them were really trying to hold it in! Men and their machismo! Well, you know guys and all! I don’t think either of them really truly enjoyed it because we still had some of the sauces left over from the hot sauce challenge and while it was said that those sources would be used on different meals throughout time, I saw the box tucked away instead of in the kitchen, which tells me that whoever put it there does not want it to be found and used! Who can blame them?! 

It’s been fun. The party this week will top it all off. I definitely hope that with the themes, many will follow and have a good time. Our next theme coming up for month, is going to be a blast but perhaps a bit more elegant. To participate and know what activities are going on, stop back here, on my Facebook or by viewing my Instagram stories to find out! I would also just like to say thank you to everyone who took the time out to participate. I hope everybody really enjoyed themselves and I find that this activity is one that brings a lot of inspiration but also educate others to the different cultures that we have out there. It’s good to understand one another as we all come from different parts of the world in our heritage and also in where we live now. The beauty in life comes through the differences that we all represent in who we are. Isn’t it nice sometimes to celebrate each other? I hope you had a beautiful month of August and I’m wishing you an even more beautiful month in September. Don’t forget,  it’s also the end of the Angelic year next month too in which we celebrate the equinox and  harvests from September throughout November 1st as we ready ourselves in preparation for the upcoming time of year that heaven calls “The dead zone” from December up until April with the New Year celebrations beginning again as always on May 1st. 


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