August 2020: Update- Communication

Dear reader, I send forth to you many well intended wishes for prosperity, safety, and good health. I have another entry that will be posted shortly after this one, just going into some of the emotions that have been experienced lately. I feel what others feel. I think what thy think. Therefore, the sheer volumn of the intensity of emotionsthat I carry, is great. As an Oracle, I am a reflection of others after all. I think many will feel a connection to the information that will be found some time later. For now, I wanted to provide everyone with the courtesy of an update in regards to the lack of communication with me or lack of. Let me explain…

The Predictions & My Cell Hell

Since 2016, I started noticing that I had some stalking issues. I was being followed, while on foot and in the car. A little further in time, those very same people started even getting out and taking pictures of me and my family. My family and I also witnessed mass gatherings that took place in the empty parking lot at the local convenience store during closed hours. It’s located directly behind my house. There also were cars that would circle around my residence, going around the entire block. That took place at the same time every night… for a few months. It was around that same time that I had some very random people get into contact with me, who all seemed suspicious. When I slightly read into them, I realized that I had every right to feel that way. They were definitely there for several reasons. Those reasons all of which were harmful to me, and my work in some way. There were people too, who had been sent to lock me into an online trap. Some, also were there as a character to pretend to be a friend whom would get close to me, to gain information about me and what I teach. Knowing how accepting I am, it was a well played, and extremely painstakingly patient game. I had genuinely just wanted to show other people even my enemies, what it feels like to be loved and accepted unconditionally. Sometimes that can help people to change direction. It was a gamble that I was willing to take, but in this world… the odds don’t lean towards having the higher percentage result in good. Therefore, I had added a lot of catfishes, competitors, and hidden enemies to my social media pages through the years in hopes that they would see my work and demeanor, and perhaps change their opinion of me even slightly.
The Techno-trouble

The problems that I had been specifically experiencing were slowed Wi-Fi, my webpages taking forever to load even if my Wi-Fi signal was good, interrupted calls, dropped calls, strange clicking and buzzing in the background of calls. The other person on the with me and I both could also hear other people talking in the background of my calls that were not associated with me or the person that I had been speaking to. I also experienced times where I would open up my camera to take a picture and it would have a Live stream of my family somewhere else in the home playing on the camera as if someone were using it for a live security camera of sorts. It was very uncomfortable to see that I could view my family from the living room upstairs, while I was downstairs. But they had no security cams, cell phones or laptops that were on at the time that could have even captured their images. It was extremely suspicious, and so I asked my tech-support about it as I definitely believed that he might have had some answers considering he’s one of the best coding specialists out there in the tech world. However, the only thing he could tell me is that it must be a signal that was being transported and somehow bounced off of my camera from another that was hidden in a remote location. I asked him who would have the ability to do that? He replied, that not a lot of people had regular technology like that to use except people that were involved in the government or investigations.I was baffled it being that I wasn’t sure who would want to investigate me. Especially considering I haven’t been involved in any criminal conduct.

Other issues that I had were strange Wi-Fi networks popping up on my available Internet connections list. They were very odd in the names for the network and ones that I had never heard of before. As soon as I moved in here, I monitored the WiFi. I already knew everybody’s Wi-Fi network from within two blocks of myself. I always research things in order to always be aware. Yes, there were some very strange ones that were coming up on the list that seemed to have a code of sorts and definitely made me dig little deeper into it. I really couldn’t find out much considering that they were protected and secure.

I also experienced quite significant issues with being shadow-banned and censored throughout my work quite a bit. I couldn’t receive new friend request on Facebook, and Facebook posts went missing. I wouldn’t receive notifications for anyone’s posts in my circle either. There were many times that it was very difficult to get views on my YouTube videos or posts at all. Considering I have 1 million views on the YouTube alone, 10k subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of views on certain videos, it was very odd that I had only just a few hundred views per new videos that I would upload. I couldn’t believe it sometimes! I would certainly think that the video that I had uploaded was definitely one that would catch attention, it being that I was talking about something that was very real and very much experienced by many. But sadly, I would only get a few hundred views for it. It was definitely very overwhelming to experience. I’ve put so much hard work into almost everything that I’ve ever done. Especially in preparing for the topics of conversation for the videos. I based a lot of the topics off of things people had requested. Those videos should gotten a significant amount of reach.

In the years of 2018 into 2019, I was working harder than ever. I had just had a baby and it was hard to record new content considering all of the reading requests that I had on schedule. Any remaining free time was used for parenting. I would have to film with any opportunity that I had, sometimes even in the middle of the night while the baby slept. And there I was being shadow-banned the whole time! I felt like any efforts to educate other people were just in vain. My daughter Amber had even edited a really great video for the new course that I was launching. For certain we thought that many people would had viewed it, since it was pretty cool in the compilation of clips gathered, to tell a story. But that video also was shadow-banned.

With everything as it was, I was feeling quite discouraged because no matter what I did, it just never seemed to get me anywhere. I was beginning to feel like a failure all around. I just wanted to share my wisdom with people and educate them in the things that I know spiritually from my gifts of psychic vision and my communications with the heavens. I couldn’t imagine why that was so wrong, that I would be seen as a threat to others in higher places. How would anything that I was doing make them want to rid me from the scene?

 I also had a lot of issues with my batteries on all of the devices that I owned. At first they would often at times last a very long time when I was using them. I got a few hours before the phone or laptop would die. But after a while, both would start to decline in their batteries power quite rapidly. It was almost so rapid that I would only maybe make it to about a half an hour on a full charge before I would lose the ability to use my device. And that’s how a lot of the issues started out. I eventually came to a point where I couldn’t even really use my devices in comfort anymore considering that I always had to recharge while out and about, working on the run in administrative areas of my business. So I finally got another phone. I upgraded to the latest addition of the iPhone. I figured maybe having a better model than the one I had, might be the fix. However, that didn’t work at all.

Come in the year 2019, and after having been through several laptops, and cell phones in the recent years, I finally decided that I needed to find a way to protect the next device so as not to experience the same problems again. I had gotten myself the latest upgrade for my iPhone, for where my upgrades were at. My daughter had already gone to the iPhone XR and for me, I didn’t have anything more than the latest iPhone 6. I was certain that having the iPhone 7 would be exactly what I needed to fix a lot of the problems and issues. After all, iPhone 6 was already couple of steps behind the latest addition. Plus a new phone meant a new IP address. The iPhone 7 seemed to work! It seemed for a short time some of the blockages that I had been experiencing were removed. I had even gotten a very large amount of Facebook friend requests and some of them were clients that had never added me before in the past. Upon asking them why they were just adding me after all that time, they replied that they hadn’t been able to. Some of them had told me that they would click the button to “add as a friend” and it would just stay that way for the longest time. No response from me. But I explained to them that I had never even received a request. And I hadn’t. I hadn’t seen not one of them. It was very suspicious and definitely confirmed a lot of the thoughts on censorship that I had. How else would people be blocked from adding me as a friend? I wasn’t exceeding the friend limit. I was only just there between 3000 or 4000 friends at times.

I had a sense of renewed hope that I would finally be able to reach the audiences that I had always felt that I should be reaching. And the phone itself, seemed to really work well without any issue. I was really excited knowing that maybe now I could get a break and experience some clarity in my work without always having to feel like anything I would go on to do would fail like in the past. It was a horrible feeling to go through. Now, it was also in 2019 that I started putting up my world predictions and I was going very strong in posting them because there were a lot of things that I had foreseen that would come about only in the next few weeks into the new year of 2020 ahead. I knew some of the things that I had been predicting were true as they were, and would probably draw attention back to me. But I thought with the extra added protection through my device and Internet service, that I would be able to have some visibility even if for a short period of time. So I published the predictions on my Alura’s Angels site. I had a very good response to those predictions afterwards. They were getting a lot of views, and I received a lot of incoming emails asking questions about them. Again, it always somewhat perplexed me that I only had so so much visibility after all of the years of my work because after all, I was a well-known figure all around the world. I had hundreds of thousands of views on my Angels website, the same for my star seeds blog, 17k followers on Tumblr, 10K on Instagram, and 10k on YouTube. The YouTube channel alone had a million views. A lot of my videos had anywhere between 12,000 to 200,000 views on them, with just some videos lagging behind with 1000 to 2000 views at times. Considering the amount of people that I had worked for and how many reading requests came in a week, I definitely knew that I had a good amount to reach. But some of it has seemed limited throughout the years. Once those predictions went up, the experiences that I had with shadow-banning and censorship, as well as problems with my phone… returned. And much worse than ever before.

Oh my Gossshhh!!!! Not Again…

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced issues quite as challenging or frustrating, such as the ones that I am now recently going through. Firstly, my YouTube channel again started to exhibit signs of shadow banning because of the views being so small though I had gained 1000 subscribers on that channel organically. I couldn’t understand it. Where were they? 1000 new subscribers but yet the views on my most recent uploads didn’t budge? Yet people would write in and tell me that they had liked the video that I posted there. So it definitely should have shown that the numbers went up, at least by 100. But that was not the case.

Newer problems started to occur. I am back to having issues with the camera too. I can just be sitting here not even touching the phone, and many times I will see my cameras flash going off. I see pictures being taken on the phone but without me taking the pictures myself. I am also experiencing problems with the Wi-Fi again which I thought would have been taken care of since I have contacted my service provider. I also developed issues in my blog and business website getting censored which was really a hard one to swallow considering, I need at least business website to survive. My father just passed away not long ago, making it so that I have to support the whole family by myself suddenly. Without a way for others to reach out to me, how would I even help people or work to feed my children? The only way to have any business would be to advertise, but if the link was banned on the world’s biggest social media platforms, then how would I ever be visible ever again? I’m glad that I have a few friends in big places, or otherwise I would have suffered greatly. I also have issues when it came to posting. Almost every post that I put up is only visible to a limited audience and the audience would share, resulting only getting a limited audience as well. I’m not gaining as much growth. Then it has really gotten to be the peak of the issues when my phone’s camera and mic are said to be occupied by other applicants. However, I had turned off all permissions on all of the apps, that none of them could have permission to use either my mic or camera. So it isn’t possible.

I can’t answer a phone call, as they wouldn’t be able hear me. Believe me, I have tried. I can’t even use the mic or camera to do videos anymore since the camera interrupts and there wouldn’t be any audio. It really sets me back. Not long ago, I started having trouble with my texting too. Every time I try to text, I can only type a few words until anything else that I type after that… ends up becoming a string of codes. For example, I could be sending; “Hello there (Susan), I hope your day is zzx32! 0064$/? $20643(!&”. But it only happens in the apps for iMessage, messenger, and Instagram. That leaves me with no way to communicate. I did find that if I type the message in google docs first, I can copy and paste it into the text app and the message will register all of the words then. However with my busy schedule, I just don’t have the time to keep doing that with every single person, usually having a few paragraphs for each individual due to questions that they have or advice that’s needed.

I also do not have my “talk to text” ability anymore with the microphone not working. I used to use this feature in Google docs in order to get some of my readings out to people a lot faster, considering I could talk while it texted the information in the format of the reading. I could do so anywhere anytime throughout the day. Not having that feature holds me back because my children are up and running about throughout the day, and I certainly cannot record an audio around all of that noise.

Now, I have to wait until very very late at night into early morning to finish up the readings. Considering that it’s probably a better time for my energy anyhow, it’s not so bad. But I would still like to have the “talk to text” feature so that I can maybe get a few easier readings done for others, and have more time for larger readings by audio come nighttime. Nevertheless, now I’m doing both larger and smaller readings all at night time using the audio and it doesn’t give me a lot of room to get a lot of people done.

With my phone being this way, it is pretty obvious that it is experienced having been hacked. Usually hackers will then target those around you as well and many people that I’m close to have had similar situations happen to them, for those that live in my household that is. Even my own mother has had her Facebook messenger account hacked as there has been a person stating that they were receiving messages from her at 7 o’clock in the evening. My mother is usually in bed and asleep at that time and it’s making that the content of the messages were of a subject matter that my mother would not have knowledge of. You could also tell that it was not her because of the way that the texts were written. Some were at times in a professional tone, and then in other momentswith a bit of slang to them in other moments. It was definitely her profile but when reviewing her messages, there were new messages and that nature nor any to that individual who had brought it to our attention. Yet, they had a ton of screenshots to show us the conversations between themself and “my mother” had absolutely taken place. It’s a little creepy.

So now I am stuck with this phone. I’m in no way trying to indirectly ask for help. Instead, I’m just letting everyone know what’s going on, so that nobody thinks that I am trying to avoid them or that I am neglecting their needs, or questions in any way. And that’s because I just don’t have enough funds to go out and get another cell phone at this time. I had to use my savings to get this new one some time ago and as you can see, it did not last very long.

The phone in general had this not happened again in a more severe way, certainly had a lot of tools especially, that helped me to get my readings uploaded quick. When everything was working, I was happy because I was getting a lot of work completed for others who were truthly seeking answers in their lives. But now, I’m not able to really do anything until I get a new phone. I’m so sorry that I’ve been out of touch. I just want everyone to know that I am doing the best that I can in trying to stay in touch and get the readings done considering the situation that I’m in currently. Every time I get a chance, I do the readings and try to get them on over to the portal as quick as possible. But if I’m not struggling with the phone then I still have to worry about the fact that the uploads may not always register into the portal when I upload them as well. The portal itself is actually ran by my tech-support who built it, and I don’t have any access to the administrative part of that portal in order to accommodate anyone who may be experiencing any trouble. If you don’t see a reading there that should be, then chances are I haven’t gotten to it considering there are just far too many people to do readings for any more, or perhaps maybe I did do it in fact but the portal did not show its upload for you. Please be sure to email us, and let us know if you have any troubles with the portal in the future.

In conclusion, I have been trying with all of my might to get things back in order in regards to the phone issues, but sadly I am having some trouble getting a new phone. I will save up as much as I can to obtain it and I just wanted to at least write this article to let everyone know what was going on because I don’t want anyone ever feeling as if I am deliberately ignoring them them. I actually feel very sad that I can’t really talk to anybody as much as I used to, but hopefully I’ll have that fixed at some point so that I can get back into engaging with the people that I care about most, here online. For now, readings and services will take a bit longer to receive and I have no way to communicate except through email. However, I am so busy that I don’t get to see the emails too often, but I do access my inbox through my assistant who informs me of important emails at the end of each week. Ill try to post here and there through Amber’s phone if time permits me.

Please be careful with your devices. Don’t text with anyone that you know know well. Be especially careful of clicking on links. Report spam. And make your number private if it isn’t already. You’ll also want to be sure to inspect any apps that you download on your devices. Be sure that they’re legit. Try getting a VPN and run your number through an app called “Identity Watch” every so often. I always follow that advice, only my phone and laptops were hacked because of who and what I am. Im sure that with me being a real angelic soul, that my spiritual gifts and what I see are truly intimidating. Sometimes I wish that I had a legitimate and true organization or community to belong to for backup and safety. I suppose being involved in the spiritual/mystical world of the true occult being solo, can leave me wide open, and it has. I’m just thankful for the unseen powers that help me behind the scenes. Otherwise, I’m sure things would have been a lot worse.

Thank you for being understanding.


7 thoughts on “August 2020: Update- Communication

  1. I’m so sorry to hear all about that! I hope it will be better soon. For now I can suggest you to place some tape on your camera so that, they will see nothing. Maybe some of the things are related to the 5G too? And I remember it was in your prediction that there will have big problems with our phone, so yes I agree we need to be very careful. Maybe it’s naïve of me to ask that, because it might not change much, but did you try Android? Or it’s worse, I don’t know. I’d love Maybe it’s naïve of me to ask that, because it might not change much, but did you try Android? Or it’s worse, I don’t know. I’d wish to help you!


  2. I’m so sorry you’re going through this too!! Your always in my prayers as well and I’m glad to know because I have been thinking about you 💕
    Much love ❤️


  3. I am also sorry that you have been going through this and you’re always in my prayers as well ! And much love to you and the family ❤️


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