Weekly Wise: Tarot for the week of September 7, 2020

  • For everybody who’s out there waiting for my “Angelic Herald” issue, it will be up there this week. Honestly, I held back on purpose this time because I was very much worried about how people were adjusting to the information. I certainly have always felt bad predicting things to happen, that caused fear or upset. Still, everyone should know what’s coming up and it’s my responsibility to share info that could be life altering to those directly affected. Wouldn’t you? I came to realize that no matter how some feel, the info still has to go out. Until then, here are the energies of the week ahead.

  • September 7,2020

  • There will come to be a frustrating situation for many. There will be an issue that occurs that many won’t be able to see a way out of. This could be a number of situations as you will find that each aspect of life could be affected or just one individually. You will want to be on the lookout for being a little short of finances, issues at your place of employment, and arguments with your companion or partner. There will also be a feeling of being discouraged by those around you, in relation to your goals. There will be an impulsive emotional nature that comes to the surface. Impulsive energy arises as many are infused with the energy to break new ground. Many may also feel a bit of impatience, and become so focused on their own feelings that they neglect the needs of others around them.
  • Many will want to be sure that they take care that their intuition does not lead them into reckless behavior. Some will act instinctively, and while thats positive since they won’t second-guess themselves, that impetuous emotional nature can also work against them if they assert more intensity than the situation might warrant. There’s a need for balanced feelings and a confrontational temperament…. with inspired action.
  • On another note, some will find themselves organizing for the upcoming fall and winter. Planning events, packing away summer clothes, planning fall fashion, readying for the harvest, and looking into fitness and education. Those will be areas of focus. There may be some financial planning, investing, and saving too. It’s my upmost favorite time of year. Ever since I witnessed the Autumn months from in spirit prior to my Earth journey, I always admired the Autumn. Then being here to experience it! Wow! It’s the best! It marks the end of the angelic year, the colors are amazing, the energy is light, and the smell in the air! It’s even a great time for manifestation and celebration. It was always a family favorite as both sides of my family loved it. Especially my late father who loved this time of year as well.
  • I know lotta things are going to be taking place in the world this far. Like I said I’ll put the predictions in the other website for the things that you need to expect and be ready for. However for now, just because the Autumn is going to bring with it a lot of turmoil in the world, don’t forget that life is what you make it where you are. As a result, you can really allow yourself to enjoy this time of year by putting focus and positivity into all of the areas of your life mentioned above instead. You are what you think of, and what you think of, you attract. Attract what you dream. Good luck.
  • If you need any insight or if things become difficult, come by for a more personalized reading.
  • For anyone who has booked a service, we are backed up a few weeks in orders to due to tech issues, and I am but one reader here. I’m working diligently to get everyone’s services completed. If you have been waiting long already, I just ask that you hang in there. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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