Contest Winner & New Challenge

My beloved followers! A few things to read this week. I posted another notice up on my spiritual services website if anyone wants to head on over there and read it, if you haven’t already. Here I want to elaborate a little bit on the scarecrow contest that I conducted back in October. I want to announce the winner end talk about a few things while I have the time.

For most of my contests, I usually have a pretty good number of contestants. I’ve done a makeover contest a few times, Plus other raffles that I’ve had on going on my spiritual services website. I still have them and I’m always happy to do them because it gives back to the people that support me whether through coming by and purchasing services, following me on social media and actively participating there by liking and commenting. I love when people have conversations with one another on my content. Anyhow I have had a variety of different prices throughout time end I’m sure that it’s helped at the winter out or at least got to enjoy it. This year, I wanted to do something a little differently by having a scarecrow contest. Autumn is a beautiful time of year because it’s closing out the hectic summer. Many people think summer is a time of having fun but for a lot of people it’s a lot of hard work. In Autumn, a lot of people get to wind down a little bit, going into the cold winter months ahead. Especially, for those that are in the northern United States and for all of us here in the North East. That’s true that the north east has a blend of unusual weather that often leaves us with cold bitter snow towards Christmas and day after. I can tell you from personal experience that I truly enjoy the fall because I know that I just had some time during the summer to explore outdoors and I know that in winter I won’t be able to do so as much.

The scarecrow is very symbolic. It represents a lot to those who view it spiritually. For farmers, a scarecrow keeps away predators that can harm the crop that they put their hard work into. Therefore to me, a scarecrow represents protecting one’s hard work from those that want to come along and destroy it. I wanted a contest to be that everyone made their scarecrow to represent something from their childhood. This was to be symbolic that those that feel threatened by anything in their lives that they’ve put their heart into, find protection in their purity in their innocence. And that’s why I chose this project. I didn’t get a whole lot of participants though

We had quite a few that emailed their results and as they were asked to, and a couple of members of my Facebook circle as well. Out of all of the entries I had to say that there were some who followed the instructions, and some who didn’t. There were others who really were greatly creative and some that blew me away. And so I would like to announce the three winners of the scarecrow competition for first, second and third places. I also am offering a free spirit choice reading to all participants of that contest. The prizes will be rendered to each of these winnersand participants by the end of next weekend. I’ll also describe why I liked each of these scarecrow entries.

First Place

My first place winner goes to a friend of mine named Isabelle. I was absolutely blown away with her theme because she stuck to the idea of the contest. It’s a magical little fairy scarecrow and it was made completely out of all natural resources such as plants. It being that she constructed this out of nature really showed her originality and that she really came from a place within herself to make it. She had a lot of Spirit but find her idea and so she wins the grand prize.

Second Place

The second place winner goes to my friend Toby who was really light on resources because of her life on the road. Keeping it in mind that I did say a person could make it from a few inches to a few feet tall and with anything they could find, I think she did a pretty adorable job putting this little guy together. I think it was very original and it showed a lot of love just in the fact that she threw something together just to be a part of what I was doing which shows support and that’s definitely a winner to me.

Third Place

My third-place winner is the author, Ena Whiteraven. You can find her writing at Superlative Deviation. I hope you enjoy her writings. I gave her third place because a lot of her young adult years were spent learning spiritually. In that, she learned a lot through Metatron‘s teachings with me. She put together her scarecrow from a cardboard cut out but the fact that the idea was original because she made it into the Vitruvius man, was really unique. I thought it deserved recognition and a prize personally. It showed that throughout her younger years whether a child or young adult, the one thing that really stuck with her magically was everything that she had learned in her spiritual journey. She even included the chakras in white to show enlightenment and creating this out of little material while still having it speak tons, was really impressive.

Thank you & Next?

Thank you to everyone who participated for the scarecrow contest. The prizes will be provided for by the end of next week. It’s really nice because the winner gets a $100 gift card prize to go to word Thanksgiving dinner or whatever it is that they need to use it for. But what is next? I want to keep these contests going to keep people motivated and inspired and so our next contest is going to be running for several months because you’re gonna need time.

The next contest…

The next contest is to do something amazing for someone out there the rules go as follows:

You have to be creative in finding something selfless inclined to contribute to someone or a cause. You have to have a picture to show proof of this. And you have to submit your deed and photo proof by March 10 of 2022. You can feel free to save the photo posts below, as a reminder. This is to help everyone feel motivated to still act in the form of light and love. Lately everyone has been feeling down and hopeless and sometimes it does a world of wonder not only for someone else, but for your self to do something kind. The winner will be judged upon how wonderful their deed was as well as the creativity put into it. There can only be one winner this time and the prize includes:

Grand Prize

In the grand prize winner is the only winner. There is no second or third place. One lucky person who has put in the effort to help me spread the word will win a $150 gift card, a free VIP membership for one year to my website, an Angel Reading and spirit goody box. I would also like to write a post about it for this website to inspire other people about what the winner had done in order to help someone or something else out there. Let’s get back on track with trying to spread positivity.

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