I’m off to see the wizard

Dearest reader, welcome! It’s so good to have you here and I thank you for taking the time out to read this. You are very special to the heavens and to me. I’m excited to write this. At this time, I’m filled with anticipation for this new adventure. I’ll explain more.

To inspire…

This website is called a life of virtues, for a reason. There are so many things that happen in life in which we have to try to always be an example of Heavenly love through our behavior. We do so through the use of the virtues. It’s not always easy considering, that life itself is a very difficult thing. For the majority, it’s easier to take the opposite path. There are many times that people feel as though they are in a grouchy mood and they’ll just snap out on anybody that comes in their direction. There are many times that people no that they have to do something important but the side skip it instead. There are oh so many times that someone comes with an insult or complaint, and many will end up freaking out where there end up in a shouting match full of offensive and vulgar words. Not many stop to think. They simply just react. Living by the virtues takes practice and patience in moments like those.

But virtues should be applied also in how you pave your path in life, not only in how you communicate with others. You need them for both. I want to inspire anyone needing the inspiration, to always hold onto the virtues. Even in times of survival or while trying to get ahead in their lives. This article pertains to perseverance and endurance.

Hard times in Babylon

Throughout my angel prophecies, I’ve always expected that the angels were true to their word. Obviously, heavenly beings can’t lie. Therefore, I’ve always anticipated everything that they’ve ever told me would happen. I’ve tried to always be prepared as well. But I have to admit that there are instances where it’s a little hard to be prepared. I have a beloved cherished friend that I met through my work that often comes to me with the same issue. The blogs tell everyone to make sure that they have enough of this or enough of that, but some of the people reading don’t have a lot of financial resources. And so they ask me; “How can I be prepared, if I’m broke”? I totally understand where they are coming from. If they don’t have money to purchase some of the goods that they need to have stored away somewhere in case of a disaster, then how can they follow the advice of our heavenly ambassadors in being prepared? I always say, that if you have difficulties now, then there is always a solution. The angels don’t advise for you to do things, that are impossible. It only just appears to be impossible at the moment.

I have advised a lot of my students and clients that they should start doing different things in order to help themselves to get financially to be prepared. There are a lot of students in fact that come to me about their financial difficulties, looking for answers on how to solve them. When it comes to survival whether you believe it or not, many people look for the easy way out. Can you blame them? It’s so much more of a relief to know that there can be some kind of solution without having to break their back over it. But unfortunately, pain is gain in this world.

At times, and understandably… some of my students hadn’t always liked the advice that they got. There have been many ideas that came up in readings as advised by me or their spirit guides that included; upstarting a new business, going back to school, or just going out and hustling at a good old fashioned job. I understand where some of my clients did not want to take the advice. It all sounds hard, and like it takes a long time to get a result from some of those things. Then again, sitting around waiting for other solutions to appear isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. The more and more time that is wasted, a year or so later a person would be saying to themselves; “I would’ve graduated by now, or got that promotion by now, or my business could’ve been growing by now”… They definitely would have gotten somewhere over time. But people don’t want to wait. However, they idle time away doing nothing at all. I feel just horrible for them. They don’t realize that they’re wasting precious time, where they could be using it to grow. No matter how hard it seems to grow, or how long it takes to see results in the first place.

Yes! The world is in a state of chaos and there is still more to come. I’ve talked to a lot of religious people about these times and about two years ago many of them used to criticize me for promoting that we were in what many have referred to as “end times”. They would get very upset with me in fact, whenever I would mention it. But now, a lot of those same people agree with me. A few of them are very big religious leaders as well. It’s undeniable that the world is falling apart all around us. The planet itself is unhealthy, and humanity has not only been set up against one another, but they’re also at war within themselves. Babylon is getting ready to fall.

Can the world go back to barter trade?

I am very lucky because I have had the wonderful gift of working with a lot of people around the world through being a spiritualist. Even with the clients that I have had throughout time, they have been a huge help to me just by choosing me as their teacher or a reader. We play a role in even exchange, because I get to help them with Wisdom and Spiritual messages that they may not have ever had, while their orders help me to provide for my family. I’m so very appreciative for all of that.

I’ve always said that back in ancient times, people that had gifts like I do, were searched for all around the world. Even kings would send knights out on huge missions abroad just to find someone who had “the gift”. From prophets to seers alike, they were always provided for with shelter, gold, silver,jewelry, gems, food, and many other gifts, all tokens of gratitude for the help that their “gift” provided to those who went seeking for it. These days it just isn’t like that.

To be available for so many people and to continue writing, advising, and helping many people… I never really had time to work a regular job. I have had jobs, quite a few of them in the past as a matter of fact. I have had a lot of different types of jobs like working at department stores, telemarketing, babysitting, and then after college… I had a job helping people in the field of counseling. I even helped others who suffered from addictions since addiction had been covered in college. I had known a lot of people that suffered greatly from one addiction or another throughout my life. I went through a lot with my eldest daughter‘s father. I wanted to do what I could by helping people get better, so that they could get better for their children and themselves. But the truth is, I never really could work out in the public.

Why I didn’t work

As an angelic messenger, my psychic gifts are extreme, and I’m ultra sensitive. It could be why a lot of other seers and prophets of ancient times also lived their lives in very isolated areas and were so hard to find. I can tell you only from my experience though, and for me it’s too loud out there for me. Not just in the physical noise that you can hear with your ears, but in everything that I hear. On a Psychic level, I hear many frequencies, other peoples thoughts, thoughts of other living creatures, spirits, and even cross communication wirelessly. On top of that, there are a lot of projections that I get from other people, and there are lower vibrations of microwaves, radio waves etc, which all makes me very ill. It’s been this way all of my life, which is why I stayed isolated myself. I never really went anywhere, didn’t really have a lot of people around me, and I had that people around me that I felt but I can at least be safe with, when I did let people in. It’s one of few reasons (aside from the fact that I cherished them) that I stayed with my parents all of my life too.

I never stop “channeling”. I have tried and tried to block it all out, but I just can’t. Archangel Ariel told me that it’s because I am supposed to be an open channel at all times, in order to help whoever comes by, and I never know when the heavens will send them. With my having an open communication to heaven, it’s on their time and not mine. I could be anywhere when a message comes through. And so it has been really hard on me and always. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually… And just plain out energetically. It’s definitely a challenge.

A close friend of mine used to visit every year. As embarrassing as it was, she has even witnessed when the outside world really took a toll on me. It would happen even after we had just left the house and I had only been out for a few minutes. And trust me, you could ask her and she’ll verify that it’s a terrible condition that it puts me in, and isn’t something that I could fake. Nevertheless, I have my own messages from heaven that advise me for the better good of me and my family, while I obtain messages for others too. For mine? That leads me to the reason why I am writing this.

To Oz…

Again, I write this in hopes of inspiring other people. No matter how it’s going to be very hard on me, and the fact that I would be juggling so many more things than I already do… I may start looking for another job outside of this line of work, in addition to it.

I spend so much time worrying about the world and humanity that it was brought to my attention just the other day that I have to also start worrying about me and my family as well. Many things that the heavens have told me in regards to the future leave me with my biggest concerns of finding a home in a safe place and having means to survive while also being able to provide for my family.

It’s obvious that the angels never lie, and when they tell me that I should do something, I don’t ask myself about how hard is it going to be, or how long it’s going to take it in order to achieve my goals toward the accomplishments of my goals that lead up to their advice being taken 100%. Asking how impossible it could seem, will psyche people out from following heavenly instructions. Instead, as an angel myself with perfect faith and perfect trust, I’m going to try to ask myself what I can go about doing to take their advice, that would work. I ask myself: “What can I do to get there”? Indeed, I do ask the heavens for specific steps on what to do, and they do give them to me. But sometimes they try to test me to see my own wisdom as well. There are times that I get advice from them and it doesn’t work because of some other evil interference in this world that tries to hold me back. During those times, I’ll go back to the heavens for help which is when we will just counteract the interference with a new set of goals. We never give up. While planning, I will look at a balance of things in duality regarding the hardships and possible successes so that I can make a path that will be more productive.

There are many times that I’ve already known about what they wanted me to do, and I was only waiting upon their command on when I should get started on doing it. Even though it may seem hard, I trust them. I know that they have my best interest at heart. I know that in the area that I live in now, there’s going to be a lot of crime to come in the future. More so than there already is… Tenfold. They told me that. They also know that there will be some issues that arise later on with my work, even though I will always somehow be involved in teaching and doing readings for people.

The heavens know that I wouldn’t be able to pay a mortgage on an entirely new home while I’m a while paying a lot of bills… i struggle now. If I have difficulties financially later on because of the different things that the angels are predicting, then their advice makes sense to have some way to put a roof over our head, keep food on the table, and provide warmth. It’s really not easy supporting an entire family these days. My heart truly goes out to people that haven’t been as blessed as I have. That’s why I try with all of my heart to donate and give as much as I can.

And that’s why I need another job. I want to be able to do all of the things that I still do, while being able to look for a new home and provide for my family. I eager to prevent future troubles. I feel good about it. Eventually, I want to give even more to others in need, at times that God allows. For now, I do what I can even bring limited. Sometimes, I hurt my own situation doing so. But I put others before myself. These days, spirituality isn’t at the top of everyone’s list. People are losing interest in it because they are losing faith. Science is taking over the metaphysical and mystical. There are many people that are still very religious, but with all of the signs pointing to “end times”, out of fear a lot of religious people have given up on open spirituality especially. With the paths chosen by others out there, it goes in one direction or the other and leaves me kind of hanging in the middle. I also have to consider that a majority of the people out there believe that they are psychic these days themselves too. If they believe that they have some kind of gift or ability, they’re not going to look to me for advice. This also applies when talking about others out there that have entered into the spiritual industry. There are so many people trying to do what I do these days now, that it pushes me further and further into the background and makes it hard for others to find me.

I have to always serve Heaven, people in need and care for my family too. If I fail one, I fail them all in my eyes.

So with all of my strength, I say; “To Oz”. My friends, I am off to meet the wizard and what I mean by that is, is that it’s a confusing world out there. I refer to the wizard as being the one who is out there pulling all of the strings, making our world the way that it is. Many call this the system, while others have called it the beast. I am a non-conformist, but we do have to work to survive. I don’t support anything about this world whatsoever, but to live is to survive and the greed of the elite makes it difficult to survive without a paycheck. I know that it’s going to beat me down really bad getting out there in public, but I have to do what I have to do. I hope to make it all work, and save enough to help everyone.

Take these words from me as your trusted Oracle and sage, that while standing firm in your virtue and morals even then, sometimes you will have to do the things that you don’t like to do in life merely just to live. There are going to be a lot of hard things that you have to face up to, but to get anywhere you have to push through it in order to get to the happier moments that are on the other side. There’s an old saying that “the hard times don’t last forever”. But that only applies to those that are actually doing something to end them. .

If you are in a similar situation and the only other option that you have is to add more to your load of life by working harder or more, then add more load… Its a lot like a weightlifter at the gym. In order to get the gains he’s looking for, sometimes he has to add an extra heavier weight in order to keep growing. It may be unpleasant for the time being, but it will have a great rewards later on. Plus, it’s better than having your situation get worse off later on by doing nothing.

The idea of this entry is to inspire others to push past your difficulties by working and fighting hard through them. Remember that perseverance is the key as well as endurance alongside of it. If you have to go through some hardship at first with the promise that it could get better later, then be strong and courageous. Let me be a good example to everyone that even though I know that it’s going to be a ton of hard work on top of me as well as a lot of discomfort with my health, I’m going to get out there and do the best that I can to try to improve my situation and accomplish the goals that I have for me and my family. Yes there is no place like home, but Heaven is mine and while I’m here in Oz, I’ll try to make it work.

Even if you are in a different situation, the lesson in my article is that hard times end if you do something about it. Whatever your situation may be similar or not, you have to always try the very best that you can. And sometimes you have to do a little better than your best. It’s only through that experience that you find your own strength and what your truly capable of handling. A lot of people think they can’t handle very much. They say themselves out of doing this or that or in times of hardship they freak themselves out thinking that theres nothing that they can do to fix it. As I always tell my kids, there’s nothing in life that can’t be fixed. And even if it doesn’t, at least you know that you tried.

I hope to inspire you to also do the same.

If anyone is wondering as to whether I’ll still have time for my business and working with all of you, please just keep in mind that even though I’ll be a lot busier with more on my plate, I’ll still be working when is very same work hours as I do now. I start working at anywhere from 9 PM to 11 PM and my work hours and then this line of work, at 6:30 am. I do healings and prayers until 8 o’clock in the morning. My little ones then get up and I use the daylight hours to spend time with them and educate them. I’ll run some errands for my business late in the afternoon, do some administrative work, and make products from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The kids go to bed at 8 or 9 after their bath, make believe time and their bible study. I take a break for an hour and start readings again. Keeping that in mind, I will just have to take a few days to find another position. So I’ll still be available. I know that I can do this! Wish me luck in my search. I’ll keep you posted.


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