The Cleanest & Worst Social Media Apps for 2022

I’m considered among the veterans of social media, because I’ve been using it for as long as it’s been out there…just like many other people. The only difference is, is that while a lot of people use it for keeping up with society I’ve used it for a number of different reasons.

Needs for social media

In my time, I have used every single one of the social media platforms out there for marketing my brand, influencing people positively, keeping up with what’s going on in the world, sharing my own personal life, and trying to at least stay up-to-date with trends that people love. I’m not a trendy person, but I like to know what others are into, in order to have something to relate to them about. Yes, throughout my time using social media for those things, I’ve come to know all of the apps pretty well.

For many people, social media is like a home away from home, on their phone. It takes them away from the problems in their lives. It helps a lot of people to daydream and go into their imaginative worlds in which they wish their real life was like. It helps a lot of people to connect with others that in their every day life, they wouldn’t even dream of connecting with. In fact there are a lot of people that don’t even have a lot of friends face-to-face, but have many of them on the Internet. Indeed, social media has changed the face of society forever. It’s created a lot of opportunities for people too. It made it possible for a lot of people to market their small businesses and companies, or even themselves.

Collective Thought…

“ Energy is consciousness. Consciousness is made of intelligence. Both energy and intelligence together, equal spirit”.

Alura Cein 2016- The Church of I.M ( In my courses at ) ( “Faded: The Circle of Life to the Soul- My Quote Mentioned By Author Trish Avery)

As a spiritualist, the one thing that I think most people are unaware of about social media is that, there is an energetic tone to it. Like I said, it’s a home away from home for many. This means that there are a lot of energies swarming around in a collective reality, just not all in the same location. It’s a quantum thing LOL. Let me explain.

“Energy is consciousness. Consciousness is made of intelligence. Both energy and intelligence together, equal spirit”. Since energy is behind all things, including thought… Then when a bunch of people are using their consciousness to believe in something, or come together under one united thought all the same, it becomes a collective consciousness. It’s much of what this world is made of.

That’s right. Planet earth is nothing more than a reality created by a collective consciousness. And since that is possible, think of all of the other things that people create on a daily basis? This is why it is said: “ where two or more are gathered in my name, the presence of God is near”.- Matthew 18:20. Names are a vibration. It is a spoken word that carries it’s own frequency. But then again, all words are. All together, everyone gathered in the same “name” putting out the same vibration, enhances the energy and the intention of the thought. And that’s where the presence of “God” comes in, because they are creating some thing. It may not be visible in this world, but it exists on the mental and spiritual plane. It’s also a known fact scientifically that distance doesn’t exist. When it comes to social media, everything I said above applies. This is because without distance and with everyone gathered in the same thoughts or ideas, they are basically uniting on the mental/spiritual plane while they are on the same social media apps, looking at the same things or gathered together for cyber events etc. and this is why people have started to take their social media lives, so seriously over time.

For many, they can’t step away from it even for a minute. It’s become so real to them. Even their own physical lives in this reality don’t seem to be as real anymore, as what they have created for themselves on social media. It’s really important to the majority of people in society now. And so, all of the thoughts and energies that are being pumped into the apps through the users who on them at the exact same time, are actually creating a whole other reality just in the mental zone and spirit.

The Social “app-set“

I’ve tried to keep my time short, when it comes to being on social media. I’ve noticed a lot of things in regards to social media, on a spiritual level and the things that I’ve noticed, may be things that others wouldn’t even think about or consider. But for those that follow me, I’m sure what I’m saying makes a lot of sense. I’m sure there are a lot of people that will come to read this article, that will also agree.

Let me ask you this…

Aside from having social media withdrawal, have you ever felt a sense of nervousness before going on the Internet? Do you get anxiety before opening your social media app? But then again, it’s hard for you to stay away? I’m sure a lot of readers will answer “yes” for all of those questions. And that’s why I referred to the bundle of emotions experienced as the social app-set instead of “upset”. Because that feeling of being upset is being triggered by the app.

The reality of, virtual reality

When you go into the spiritual world there are many layers to each spiritual plane. The Internet is very similar. You have the regular Internet, which most people go onto. Then you have the deep net. And then there is the dark net. It’s amazing that you could be looking at just one regular website about kittens, but yet underneath of it there is a whole world of things going on beneath the surface. A webpage about kittens, could be the face front for a hidden forum that has people seeking an assassin or something like that. A website that hosts biblical knowledge, could have a drug ring hidden underneath of it. There are so many layers to things when it comes to the Internet. Indeed it is a very scary world if you think about it. Just like most people believe in heaven, the human world, and hell, the Internet has it’s layers as well. The surface Internet being very similar to the physical world of every day life which is visible. The deep net being very similar to the world of spirit that most people don’t see but with some gift, can access… And then there is the dark Net which is much like hell because it houses all of the things that need to be hidden because of how grotesque they can be. I don’t know if any of you have ever had experience with the dark Net, but I have. It’s a very terrifying place. Looking at it, makes you wonder what kind of physical world you are really living in. All the while, everybody goes on social media day by day, focusing on fashion, appearances, moneymaking, information, news, politics, celebrities, tips, hacks and all kinds of other things that seem innocent enough when in comparison to a lot of other ugly things happening in the world that you don’t hear about every day.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that energetically, there are so many layers to reality, just as it is with virtual reality. Going on to social media, you are not just logging onto a page with millions of viewers, but you are connecting with them energetically as well too. You are sharing that moment of a world with them as you are all taking interest together. Not only that, but there are also very dark things going underneath of the surface that even though you don’t see it, you’re connected and clicked in with that as well. And that’s because all of the layers to reality, and virtual reality work the same. Just like the world of spirit is going on all around you right underneath of you every day as you walk through it, in the air… When you connect into social media and its energies… You are also experiencing the shadows along with it. Those shadows are going on all around you there, just like spirit does here. Only you’re not aware of it.

My rating system

It’s true that every single social media app is going to have a lot of the same content. It’s inescapable. However I’ve noticed, there are some social media apps that are a little cleaner. What I mean by that is, the energy is a little bit better. The content is a little calmer, and it isn’t as intense of an energetic atmosphere to log onto it. I have noticed that a lot of people that I have spoken with throughout time that are regular social media users, have all experienced a feeling of heaviness or anxiety when they go to log into their social media. I noticed that a lot of them were using the same apps.

I did an experiment to see if I experienced the same things. I did. And so I was inspired to try out all of them and to give myself enough time on each, that I could really get a feeling of them all. And that led me to writing this blog. I want to share with everyone the social media platforms that seem to be the very best overall, based on a few things that I was rating them in regards to. Here are the things that I was taking note of when observing these apps, in order to get a good feeling of them to fairly rate them properly later on.

I looked for which apps created more anxiety when going on to them. I also looked at which apps seemed to have a more relaxed and easy-going vibe when surfing on them. When on them, I also looked at the contents. I wanted to see what appeared more so, on certain apps than others. Then I looked at which apps had more access to communicating with other people. I wanted to see which apps gave people the ability to comment or talk, versus which apps only allowed a person to share or like without communication. I also wanted to look into whether the apps that I felt were more energetically clean, had any association with the amount of communication on them, or lack of. I also experimented with what type of atmosphere the apps themselves gave off.

As I said, social media is a home away from home for many people. OK then, what kind of home? I wanted to psychically tap into which apps gave off which types of energetic essence. For an example, which apps gave off a feeling of nostalgia in comparison to other apps that may have given of a vibe of being more hype. There are all different types of energetic signatures, and I was definitely looking into all of them.

I also wanted to see how open these social media platforms were to people of different beliefs systems and political opinions. I noticed that as of 2017, a lot of apps of social media had really started to become prejudiced against others who held certain political or religious views. I wanted to know which ones specifically and compare it to others that felt more open to everybody. Lastly, I channeled into the energy underneath of the social media platforms. Did I feel any dark web activity there? Were there any ulterior motive or agendas for the social media platform? What about the creators? Were they involved in anything they shouldn’t be? What I mean by that is, were they a part of promoting some form of negative agenda? Or were they responsible for spying on users, selling their information… Basic dishonesty?

I mentioned earlier, that I don’t like to spend much time on social media. For me, I like to just post, and leave. If I see anyone that I am close to in my feed, then I’ll certainly hit the like button on their post before I go. My Internet usage involves that, and my blogging. I check my emails as well to on occasion when I can. With all of that bundled up together in a day, I probably spend no more than 30 minutes a day on the Internet. However, in order to really feel out the different social media platforms, I had to extend that time a little bit this year. Of course I’ve already had some psychic information come up when using the social media platforms throughout the last how many years, but I really wanted to be sure before putting out my public opinion. And so I extended my Internet usage to about one hour a day. It wasn’t all in the same 60 minutes, but instead I broke it up. I used 30 minutes earlier in the day to check emails and post, and then the other 30 minutes I took in three 10 minute intervals throughout the rest of the day and night. For an example, I would sit on one social media platform for 10 minutes around dinner time, and another… for another 10 minutes around 9 PM. The last 10 minutes of Internet usage was around 11 PM. That means that I would jump back and forth between the social media platforms that I chose for the day, for 10 minutes each in the evening and nighttime hours. That broke them up pretty significantly. For a couple of weeks I went on Pinterest, Instagram, and WhatsApp. And then for another couple of weeks I went to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. I would switch back-and-forth as time went by. I want to share with you my final results after a year of really channeling and observing deeply. Some of my review is going to include what I have observed on a surface level as well. I’m attributing my review to the year 2022 because of how times have changed in the last few years of my using social media at all compared to the one year of observation that I did on them intensely, in 2021 to 2022. These are the best and the worst out of them all, and why… I’m going to save the best for last.

The cleanest and worst social media platforms
My first video debuted on YouTube in 2013.

My first video debuted on YouTube in the year 2013, but I had used YouTube before that. Over the years I’ve noticed a lot of things about YouTube. When I first started using it, it was going by the motto, “Express yourself” and that’s exactly what the platform what is all about. There was such a variety found on YouTube back then with amateur bloggers just wanting to post their experiences, cool little homemade amateur skits and movies, news, and music. It was a lot of fun when I started doing my vlogging. My intention was to share what I knew spiritually and if other people found my videos because they held a similar spiritual belief, then I could connect with other people that wanted to learn a little further than what they already had been taught in their lives. I wanted to connect with people of all different religious backgrounds that just knew deep in their heart that there was something more to everything.

There were a lot of very genuine and authentic creators on YouTube back then. Throughout the years I’ve seen a lot of copycat behavior. People get inspired by one influencer, only to steal their basic idea and replicate it themselves for their own fame. YouTube became a platform of the same old content being replicated, and almost every single field of society. This involves funny videos, funny animal videos, spiritual teachers, Conspiracy theorist‘s, at home news anchoring, travel blogging etc. So many people were doing so much of the same thing, that it became so competitive.

After time, the algorithms became so strict, that if one person was getting more views than another, then it just pushed the other creator far into the background of YouTube. YouTube started to classify people and put them into either “main stream” or “far right”. This meant that if you were liked by the audience based on algorithms and you were talking about something that people wanted to hear, then you went directly into main stream. However, if you were talking about things that were a tad bit controversial, then you were sent on over into the far right of YouTube. The channels that were considered to be on the far right side, became subscriber-based only. Their videos didn’t show up in the search feed anymore even if they had more views then the videos considered to be main stream. This seemed to be extremely unfair. For an example, my YouTube channel has over 4 million views all together if you count back as far as when I started. However YouTube has only tracked data for views on a channel’s homepage, from 2018. Why they decided to eliminate any data before the year 2018, I don’t know why. Yet even with half of those views being counted for my channel, I should be considered main stream. Yet because of the subjects that I talk about in my videos, my channel is considered to be “far right” that YouTube censors me in a way.

What’s even worse, is that to ensure that a channel like mine doesn’t get much visibility whatsoever so that the algorithms don’t push me up there, they also have made it so that my subscribers don’t even see my videos show up in their subscription feed anymore. And I am not the only person that they’ve done this to. In fact there are so many original creators out there, that go through this all of the time. Looking at YouTube now, they have really become so main stream and trendy, that they only featured videos that are hosting content based upon what is more popular in society. It’s not about views anymore. Views in fact only just make a channel look more relevant. YouTube is basing relevancy upon what is socially accepted and search for. But spirituality is definitely a term that people are searching these days. It’s become quite popular in society that there are so many people out there more open minded now, that you can even find spiritual goods in a regular department store. Yet, they keep this type of content out of the way because it’s not considered to be main stream in their community guidelines so to speak.

My review on YouTube

When going onto YouTube I find that it’s a lot better when you know what you’re going to search for, and you just simply search for it. It’s good for learning a lot of things and it has a lot of great information on it. However, I do feel that they have really censored a lot of people from creating any original content based on stereotype and prejudiced. It’s restricting people from their freedom of speech, to keep them from getting views on their platform, just merely because of what they believe in and talk about. I understand that there should be some restrictions on certain content like pornography, violence and things of that nature… But if a person is just merely expressing their spiritual belief, or their opinion about some other topic… it should be allowed. Yet for some reason, they’ve done a lot of hard work in making sure that videos like that are pushed to the background of things while music videos and other popular subjects are up at the surface. I don’t get any anxiety when going onto YouTube like a lot of other people have mentioned that they get. I do feel some really bad energy when I go to research spiritual subjects that are in my own field though. This is because I know that a lot of other videos out there are just other competitors against each other and wanting credibility for their spiritual teachings. A lot of them have stolen from one another’s content and I don’t feel as though a lot of it is genuine. However, if you are going onto YouTube for any other reason such as to watch a funny video, research how to do something, or catch up with some thing you’ve missed on TV… It’s a great platform. I also love the variety of music that YouTube hosts as well. I still think they should fix the restrictions that they place on my channel though. It definitely makes me feel as though my freedom of speech has been taken away from me.

For a lot of apps created for texting, many of them are associated with a social media platform and its feed. I’ll go into some of those when I talk about their associated social media platform itself, a little later on. For now, I have to say that WhatsApp is definitely a good app for communication because you don’t have to worry about running into anything negative in the feed or any type of argument between people in the comments zone of a post, like some of the other texting apps associated with social media platforms. It gives you a little more reassurance to know that you can just go on there and text a friend without having to bump into some political argument etc.

Ethereal Consciousness and Alura Cein are both of my pages on this app.

When it comes to Tumblr, I used to really like Tumblr. It had a really fun vibe to it, and a lot of creativity. You could share your thoughts through an animated picture, or a quote. It was nice as well, that you could add your thoughts and tags underneath of it. People could find you through your tags, and just follow. You didn’t really have to have a whole lot of communication with anyone. People could “heart” your post and keep it moving. Yet, there was some thing that I noticed that was really fishy about Tumblr. I’ve never followed any accounts that were inappropriate myself, but yet as I was building my following a lot of porn related accounts would follow me. In fact, I had over 3000 accounts with porn related content on them, follow me on my Tumblr pages. I am above 16,000 followers now, and I can probably say that there’s a few thousand adult accounts that follow me still. I don’t follow them back, but yet I’ll still see adult related contact in the feed for some reason. It really baffled me. Every single time I went on Tumblr to post, something inappropriate would come up. Accounts with women who were naked and having sex with someone would appear in the feed. I hadn’t associated myself with any such thing and so it made me question what was really going on with Tumblr? I had to look into it a little more deeply.

When researching, I found that there had been a follow train in which someone was trying to lead more accounts toward mine, to help me gain more followers. I hadn’t asked them to do that, and I’m still uncertain as to who they really are. Yet what really confused me was, what was the reason behind making sure that these were all pornographic accounts that came to follow me? Were they trying to make my account look immoral, whereas I try to represent virtue? Was this like a silent smudge campaign?

This made me question Tumblr and it’s managers overall. According to the website they say: “The Percentage of U.S. internet users who use Tumblr, as of 3rd quarter 2020, by age group are in the ages of 15-25 years old”. If a majority of tumblers users are younger people why would they have so much porn related content on a social media platform where they know in their research that a majority of its users are of a younger audience? This really surprised me at the irresponsibility on their end. It’s said on a lot of websites that document things such as website views and statistics, that Tumblr is a social media platform with a younger age bracket. A lot of parents would see something like that on the Internet when doing their research, and just think it was safe for their child to use as a result. With that, their kid could be subjected to some pretty hard-core mature material. Tumblr has a beautiful aesthetic look to it, but it seems that there is something darker going on under the surface there.

I have only use Twitter a few times in the last how many years. In fact, I’ve gone on there maybe a few dozen times and I definitely didn’t try as hard to grow my following or post my content there, as I did with other platforms. I noticed some thing about Twitter right away, that made me feel standoffish toward it from the beginning. What was it? That it seemed that a lot of the users there were mainly those that had some kind of greater status in society. While celebrities use a lot of the social media platforms, it seemed that they were more predominantly featured on Twitter. A lot of them had grown their circles and would add their tweets, and grow significantly. The little people though, didn’t get very far. There definitely was a lot of social divide there. What’s furthermore, is that they definitely seem to have something against people having their own beliefs and opinions. A lot of what Twitter is about was exposed during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Everyone knows that I don’t support a political party or candidate. I feel that a lot of them have their own agendas and while I have nothing negative to say about anyone individually, I definitely don’t hold a political association. My beliefs are really out there when it comes to how I feel society and government should be led. I often keep my mouth closed in regards to that, in order to avoid any type of conflict. People may not agree with me. Not only this, but there are a lot of people who don’t agree with my spiritual teachings alone, yet to add fuel to the fire by stating how I feel about government and politics. I have mentioned some things throughout time, but I try to be pretty discreet in regards to that.

Still, it’s a fact that many people had observed how Twitter treated the president himself. He was the president, just like many other men before him. He may not have been liked by a lot of people, but he certainly should have been shown the same mutual respect as a lot of other leaders, if he had won that position fairly in the elections. Yet I seen him discredited, and he had a lot of defamation of character going on on Twitter. They even censored some of his tweets too, if it didn’t go along with a Democratic viewpoint. With that, I’m not really into any form of prejudice or racism. I don’t believe that people should be treated disrespectfully for any reason. I also feel that everyone has the right to express themselves as long as it’s done in a polite way with consideration to others so as not to deliberately try to offend anyone. Everyone has a freedom of speech though, although I believe it should be kind. It’s very clear that Twitter has some prejudiced and racism going on there when it comes to its users. If you are not on the same political side of things as they are, or if you’re not of a certain social status… Then you’ll probably not get very far using Twitter yourself. The only thing the social media platform would be good for, would be just to look at other peoples tweets, if interested.

Energetically, I felt that Twitter was really bland and it just seemed very office like. I didn’t feel as if I could really relax and sit on the social media platform for very long. It felt kind of wired like.


When it comes to Instagram, I think I would have to say that it has a pretty similar energy to that of its sister, Facebook. Instagram had a good vibe to it when it first came out, as it seemed to be a little bit easier to use. You could flip back-and-forth between its app, just decide what you were going to look at. A lot of the feed would have your followers in it, as well as the Discover page. Yet it became very deceptive over time. I noticed that a lot of the accounts on Instagram had purchased a majority of their following. There were a lot of accounts that featured people that were incredibly over a photo shopped, and seemed to be again following that copycat pathway, similar to that of YouTube. I would go on and see maybe 10 of the same type of accounts, and a month or so later, I would see hundreds of them. what’s more, is that all of those accounts would then become very competitive with one another. All of the same type of accounts we go on to follow each other and more accounts like themselves. This really botched the idea of any of them ever growing because if they were all just following similar accounts, then they would never find anybody outside who could possibly be interested. All of the people on those accounts interested in the subject matter, we’re just float back-and-forth between all of them. Eventually only certain ones would climb to the top while others would fade away. This seemed like another form of indirect censorship if you ask me. I explained this tactic in one of my courses.

What I explained in that lesson, was if there are three mechanics in a room looking for work with 20 people who are looking for a mechanic to hire, which mechanic that would be selected, wouldn’t be based upon his experience, but rather his appearance. Where in example let’s say that one mechanic had 60 years of experience and was known to be a master in his field. He was old in appearance, and looked unclean as a sign of long hours of working on cars. The other mechanic, had only been in the field for about 10 years, was semi-decent looking and still fairly young. The third mechanic just recently got his certification, was young and inexperienced but rather good looking. Out of those three mechanics, A few people would head toward the younger and better looking mechanic even though he lacked experience. Why? Because, he would be physically attractive. Just because those few people got up and chose him, a majority of the rest of the crowd would also choose him to. This would be based upon popular opinion, just from who they had seen the others choose before them.

Now let’s say that a whole bunch of those people went home and told all of their friends and family about this good looking young mechanic that they found. Just hearing the positive conversation and all of the hype about it, it may inspire some of the younger gentleman in those circles of families and friends, to go out and become a mechanic too. In the area, it explodes like a trend. From one part of the neighborhood to the next, everyone’s becoming inspired to become an auto mechanic because everyone in the neighborhood is talking about this one good looking guy. And so now the entire town is filled with new auto mechanics. What do you think is going to happen next? None of them are going to get any business. And that’s because the young auto mechanic who was chosen to begin with from the start, already had all of the popularity to begin with. Any of the others are only going to get business when he can’t conduct business due to being overbooked. It’ll help bring in the financial income, but most of the popularity is going to stay with the first guy. What’s worse is that the poor man with 60 years of experience who was a master in his field in that town, goes out of business. All just because of this one guy who is chosen not based on his experience but upon his look.

Eventually becoming an auto mechanic will fade away in that town as an idea for a career because something new will come up through some other word of mouth trend that circles around. The outcome of that, is that it’s going to be a town or neighborhood full of a bunch of very similar businesses competing with one another, whereas some do well and others fail. That is Instagram for you.

In order to burn out a subject as a fad or a trend, you have to get people to do it to death. When it comes to my field, that’s exactly what’s going on on Instagram and in many other fields. Look at business marketing, travel, modeling, food, music, holistic health, and fitness asan example. I was just talking to my son about music the other day. There are so many young people trying to rise up and becoming a rap artist or lyricist these days, that there are just too many of them for anyone else to really get noticed unless they meet the right people. It just looks like a huge population of people who are dressing alike, look very similar with hairstyles and fashion, making a lot of the same sounding type of music. I don’t understand it myself, as to why people would want to be like everyone else to that degree. There’s really nothing original in this world anymore. Everything is getting done to death and nothing new is coming up because people are so traumatized from having had their ideas stolen so much that they don’t want to put anything new out there anymore.

Instagram definitely doesn’t give you a good feeling of being at ease when you’re on it. Even though you get to choose who you follow, there’s always this feeling that something in going to pop up in the feed somehow, that’s going get you upset in someway. Even though, that’s not the case. It’s a very strange feeling that Instagram gives off. It’s just that the energy is not as weird as it is on Facebook. But in being able to tap into energy deeply, I have found that there is a very specific frequency to both Instagram and Facebook together. It seems as though there is a very strong and authoritative but deceptive type of tone to Facebook and Instagram. It definitely plays along with some of the social prejudice that’s going on out there in the world, and it especially sensors people. Let me tell you what happened to me with Facebook and Instagram specifically.

Being on Facebook, it always gave me a feeling of being watched. It felt like there was someone looking at my pages as I was scrolling on them as well. I felt like there was someone always reading my posts, but that they were like some invisible or ghost follower. It was a very heavy personality type, that didn’t seem to come with a very good intention. I thought a lot of hatred there. I’m not the only person who hasdescribed such a feeling when using Facebook either. In fact, there are a lot of people that have said the same thing. When it comes to my own personal experience, Facebook definitely gives me a feeling of being caged into one area and as if my own profile page is a prison. I have not been allowed to branch out too far into Facebook communities, nor have my contact shared there. I haven’t broken any of the community guidelines either. My posts were respectful and I didn’t mention anything controversial in the posts themselves. My links lead to blogs of my own, that came from from my own beliefs system and opinions. There wasn’t any contact in regards to violence or hate speech, and I didn’t really speak in regards to politics except to put up some predictions here and there. But in a lot of ways, my contact could be considered entertainment we’re just religious. If that’s the case, there are lots of religions out there saying a lot of different things, but they’re not getting shadow band the way that I am. It just seemed a little too targeted, if you ask me.from my own beliefs system and opinions. There wasn’t any contact in regards to violence or hate speech, and I didn’t really speak in regards to politics except to put up some predictions here and there. But in a lot of ways, my contact could be considered entertainment we’re just religious. If that’s the case, there are lots of religions out there saying a lot of different things, but they’re not getting shadow band the way that I am. It just seemed a little too targeted, if you ask me.

I also had some very strange experiences with my Facebook communities. When building them, I have a lot of people join in the beginning where I had several hundred members to my group. However, none of them were ever active except a few dozen. They didn’t comment, they didn’t communicate, they didn’t post. When I try to delete all of the profiles in those groups in order to eliminate the community all together, I couldn’t do it. The reason, was that some of those members somehow wouldn’t allow me to delete them. It was some kind of technical problem on Facebook end. Yet they didn’thave any answers or a solution. I got stuck with two groups with ghost followers in them, that I couldn’t see or delete but yeah it mentioned that I still had a significant amount of members even though the profiles seemed nonexistent.

Facebook also censored my links on every single one of my projects. They banned the link to my business website, each of my blogs, and it was odd to have so many links band all at once for just one person. A lot of times the link will get banned because they find something wrong with it or it’s been reported. But for a person to have every single individual blog or website band, that definitely says loads in regards to censorship. I write a lot of different blogs that the contact all varies. Even one of my software blogs had gotten banned on Facebook. Since Facebook is associated with Instagram, they were also banned on Instagram as well too.

Throughout several years of using Facebook and Instagram both, I never do grow beyond a certain number of followers. I’ll lose some and re-gain the same number that I lost, keeping me at the same exact figure, all of the time. I also get a lot of spam friend requests. Another thing that was discovered on Facebook and Instagram was that there were a few profiles that had stolen my identity on there as well too. None of the tags for my name ever appear, even though they’ve been used several thousand times.

I wonder who I may have angered over there at Facebook or Instagram LOL? Overall, Facebook and Instagram both give me very bad vibes because of my own personal experience. I don’t think it’s right to break a person’s first amendment right in their freedom of speech especially if it doesn’t have anything to do with any false misleading claims. My work could be categorized as an opinion or entertainment like I said, and so it shouldn’t have fallen into the misinformation category. How many other psychics out there predicted a number of events and are still up and visible? Think about it.

I haven’t really given TikTok much of a chance except to surf through it. I did post a couple of videos for my toddlers and I didn’t really get too far with them in regards to invisibility either. I wasn’t really posting to get invisibility in the first place anyhow. I really just wanted to share with a small audience of people that I felt close to rather than putting it up there on the Instagram platform. I do have a page for my toddlers there as well too. However, there is just this very heavy and dark energy to Instagram and Facebook, that I wanted to explore something that may have had a little bit of a lighter feel to it. In the beginning when they were first launching TikTok, I already knew that it wasn’t going to be a A healthy social media platform. I had for seen that there would be a lot of adult content and material that would be very influential to younger audiences of a negative nature. I was definitely right, when comparing it to what I see on the social media platform today. There are all sorts of videos that I really feel should be categorized under parental controls but aren’t. There seems to be this high school type of feeling to the app, in regards to popularity and trends. I feel as though it’s just as competitive as other social media platforms, and it doesn’t make me feel good after I’ve used it.

For all of the social media platforms that I’ve listed above especially, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok… I definitely have to say that those four had a dark feeling to them that made me feel quite a bit of anxiety and nervousness. I felt as though it was a very controlled environment while it allowed a lot of inappropriate material at the same time. I felt that there were a lot of bad energies floating around there, of people hating on each other and trying to rip each other off for their creative ideas. It felt heavy and discouraging.

The Best

Like I said, I would save the very best for last. I’d have to say that the cleanest social media platform is Pinterest. I get a pretty good feeling when I go on there. It feels kind of homey and there is a great variety of different things that you can look up based on what you’re interested in for that day. You can build boards that you can go back to as well. There really isn’t anything called a feed, but there is a homepage that pops up. Most of it just contains a lot of different ideas, and merchandise that people might be interested in. There are all different types of posts that contain picturesof the subject, rather than someone else. In other words, you don’t get a bunch of people trying to promote themselves in the pictures. You see a lot of really cool creative things. There are all different types of profiles from ones that follow spirituality, angels, controversial subjects, animals, celebrities, history, art… You get the idea. I truly enjoy surfing Pinterest as well too, because it’s completely controlled by me.

But if people think that they’re in control on Instagram and Facebook but they’re really not. A lot of the time stuff will pop up into your feed, that you didn’t even subscribe to or follow. and that’s because people can purchase time there through ads. On Pinterest it is a little bit different because, the ads just pop up in little boxes very sparingly, along the page, and most of the page really just contains the subject that you’re researching instead. I like that it doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of different things that you don’t want to see in terms of ads as well too. For example if you’re researching beauty, you’ll get a few beauty ads, and maybe something else along the lines of content that you like but nothing out of your interest zone.

Pinterest doesn’t have a lot of communication either which is nice for people that are just trying to get some quiet time surfing the Internet. People can choose the comment or not and for the most part they don’t. Pinterest is about sharing ideas rather than voicing more of your opinion about them. It makes it a nice calm place for most people that are using the platform. I really like it because you can choose to look up stuff without bumping into something that might be offensive if you’re trying to live your life free of immorality, or what you consider to be in moral for your own belief system. For an example, I use Pinterest to look at different stuff from my childhood, home ideas, and different types of fashion for toddlers. I don’t have to bump into any of that heavy energy that comes up on feed like that on Instagram or Facebook. Instagram and Facebook or more of like a self-expression type of platform, except they control who expresses themselves and help. I don’t understand why.

And interest lets you express yourself through the pictures that are circulated through the platform. I can make a board about angels and then look up angels. Every picture that I like about angels that I fine, I can see if the board. Other people that are researching about angels will find my board as well as others, and then save them so that they can come back to those photographs later on. Some of the photos have links that lead to other websites, and it’s all within your own control. There is no heavy energy of commenting, or scrutiny if somebody doesn’t like something. At Pinterest, if you don’t like it, then you don’t save it and you simply move along. At Facebook and Instagram, if you don’t like something and comment about it, it becomes a huge confrontation.

Facebook and Instagram both, are also infamous for people being belittled. I see a lot of bashing going on in comments, especially on celebrity accounts. I think it’s really sad. Why do people have to make each other feel so badly? 

When it comes to the social media platforms that I dislike the most, I just like them because a lot of them did have open forms of communication. A lot of people can take comments the wrong way and end up getting easily upset over something that someone else has said which leads to a lot of confrontation. The social media platforms that I disliked also had a very heavy energetic tone of control, authority, and prejudice going on underneath of the surface. They had been called out publicly many times for censoringcertain types of contents yearly because they didn’t agree with what it said. I felt as though they really robbed people of their freedom of speech where they had promised that they would have the ability to express that amendment on their social media platform when they first launched them. You can definitely tell that there is some a government influence and presence when it comes to Facebook and Instagram both, and I do know that they have been responsible for selling their users private information to third-party companies. I’ve had so many spam calls coming from people that I have some distant connection to on the platforms. I think it’s highly deceptive and intrusive. We should be able to trust companies with our information as well as with our beliefs systems and our political views without there being any kind of racist repercussion.

For the social media platform that I liked, it was really open, not so controlled, and there wasn’t too much communications there to where anybody would have to worry about there being any kind of argument. Everyone freely expresses themselves except it’s done through photos rather than words. For the social media platform that I liked, it was really open, not so controlled, and there wasn’t too much communications there to where anybody would have to worry about there being any kind of argument. Everyone freely expresses themselves except it’s done through photos rather than words. There wasn’t a heavy feeling of anxiety laying underneath of the surface of the app. It doesn’t even have any type of watchful feeling to it either, like the other social media platforms that I mentioned above. And so the very best social media platform for 2022 in my opinion would be paying interest because of its nice laid-back vibe and that it’s ultra private and open but open to self expression at the same time.

Obviously the best app to use would be one that didn’t push your views to the background or make it so that you had to look at Contin that you disapproved of yourself either. I like that you can choose to communicate on Pinterest rather than you’re forced to. Even though Instagram and Facebook both offer the option to turn off commenting, there’s still a heavy feeling to those two platforms just the same. When I log onto any of them, I always feel like there’s just this negative phantom underneath of it that makes me feel discouraged from even wanting to continue with my post. It also makes me feel a little bit nervous when thinking about looking at the feed. Perhaps maybe a lot of it has to do with the large amount of people that follow me or that I follow as well? Still it doesn’t change the energetics tone of the platform itself based on its creators and what it’s mainly being used for. Facebook and Instagram both in my opinion, are working hard to push an agenda instead of just really appealing to their users or even keeping their users information private. They don’t seem to respect their users at all, even banning projects or pose that a person puts up just because they don’t agree with it personally. It doesn’t even matter if it applies to their community guidelines or not. I feel the same way about certain browsers that I use as well such as Google. But that’s another story.

If you want to have a wholesome vibe around you and look at great things that you’re really interested in on a social media platform, then I definitely recommend using Pinterest above any of the others. I’d also like to mention hear that we now have our very own social media platform, for people to use freely and express themselves on it as openly as they would like to. We only ask that people be kind and respectful and the way they word themselves, for the sake of other people. Other than that, you don’t have to feel the heaviness where the control that Facebook gives off, with our platform. We love that people have different opinions and thoughts, and we love to hear people share them. We also like to connect with a lot of like-minded people as well too. The idea is, we want to attract all different types of people who are open to sharing their thoughts and opinions about things without fear. If you’re interested in joining such as social media network, please click here to explore it further. We’re still in the beginning stages of building it up, but everyone is welcome and it’s totally free to join..

In conclusion, I’d like to say that YouTube is pretty neutral depending on what you’re going to use it for. The energy can be heavy in certain places but not in all. When it comes to Twitter, I would definitely recommend that you skip over it. Some people like it and that’s fine, but I personally felt a very tire some vibration to it and I didn’t feel as though it fit my needs in surfing the Internet or in connecting with others. I don’t agree with Facebook or Instagram whatsoever, even though I do use the apps to keep up with people who also use them that I am in association with.In conclusion, I’d like to say that YouTube is pretty neutral depending on what you’re going to use it for. The energy can be heavy in certain places but not in all. When it comes to Twitter, I would definitely recommend that you skip over it. Some people like it and that’s fine, but I personally felt a very tire some vibration to it and I didn’t feel as though it fit my needs in surfing the Internet or in connecting with others. I don’t agree with Facebook or Instagram whatsoever, even though I do use the apps to keep up with people who also use them that I am in association with. I think Tumblr is definitely beautiful and it’s aesthetic presentation but it’s not really all that great for the age group that it says that it tries to reach. There are too many adult accounts on there with pornographic material, that you would definitely want to be careful in allowing your teenager to use it. I highly recommend fin interest because it’s a lot more wholesome and gentle and it’s energetic feeling to it. Those are all of the social media abs that I have observed throughout time and the ones that I really feel are good and who aren’t. I hope that this article helps you to understand some of the vibrations going on on some of the social media apps, and that it helps you to find one that fits you a little better energetically. I thank you so much for reading this and I truly wish you a beautiful happy new year ahead.


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