The generational spirits of Aunt Mary

I am definitely not at a loss for words when it comes to the topic of generational spirits. In fact, I talk about the subject quite a bit. I am extremely passionate about it because I have truly seen the way that these terrible parasitic creatures wreck havoc in the lives of those that are infested with them. And while I have added extensive information about them on the Church I.M website, this article isn’t about educating anybody on the subject although I think it could. I want to share some personal information in regards to something that a relative of mine experienced. I do hope that you’ll get around to reading the article on the other website though. It may open your eyes.

The people in this article will be renamed for confidentiality purposes. This subject is coming up in this article because I have been contacted by a lot of people throughout the years it especially recently about generational spirits. The truth is, many people are getting fed up with having to deal with the plague of these nasty spiritual beings. I’ve been working on a lot of the removal services for these types of spirits and while it’s an extreme type of spiritual work, it’s all worth it to me in the end if it helps the person in their family to liberate themselves from their family curse.

I had an aunt Mary who was married to a man named Larry that had been cursed with generational spirits throughout his bloodline. Whenever someone creates a sexual tie with someone, generational spirits will have the ability to pass on to the individual through that tie. Mary ended up getting his Generational Spirits passed on to her. She had had two children from a previous marriage and one child with Larry.

As an angelic, I don’t use the consciousness that was provided with his body. I am using my divine consciousness here. Therefore, Generational spirits don’t plague me. 

However, I have come into contact with them as they have tried to scare me. When it came to Mary, she suddenly ended up in a very violent situation with her husband. There was so much domestic violence going on in the house that it even affected her two eldest children. Her husband had been triggered by those generational spirits to feed the addictive personality in his genetic line. This is the way that they wrote to men. Over a lengthy period of time he was drinking alcohol, and using cocaine. He then also got involved in gambling. Mary ended up having pure bad luck. She was in financial difficulty and had trouble paying her bills and keeping on the utilities in the house. Going out to work on her own made things affordable again, but then something would always happen to where she would have to use the money that she had earned to fix or repair something or pay off some debt, that she still couldn’t pay for her utilities. Many times they went without heat or hot water. There were some very strange things happening in that house. Many times the children complained of seeing shadowy figures in the night, night terrors and paralysis in their sleep and there were other things that happened among the kids that I won’t mention here. These are the types of things that happen. Generational spirits will find any small flaw two use as a grenade to later blow up in your face all together. While grenades look small in comparison to bigger bombs, a grenade can do much damage.

From drug addiction, manic depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, delusions, failed relationships, money loss, problems being in a relationship, trouble getting ahead in life, anxiety, fear, and even supernatural activity… There are huge number of things that these spirits bring with them. And they always lead to the same and result. Trauma and one chaotic situation after another. For some though, they may not have a spirit that is that intense and may only experience some bad luck here and there. But then again there are other things that play significant role in causing those problems in a persons life too. We can’t forget about a persons stars, or even their very own choices. But let’s just stick to the story of Mary here.

Mary always ended up losing her job. This resulted in the fact that every time she tried to get to work, she had difficulty in getting there. She hadn’t had enough money for a car. Eventually she saved up enough money on her own as well as borrowing some from loving family and friends, that she could get herself a car. She was so excited to finally have her own form of transportation or have to bother anybody for a ride or wait for public transportation anymore. But even though the car was fairly new, it completely broke down. The engine caught fire in some freak situation and she was without a vehicle.

It took time, but she gave it another try. She got another car sometime later which within the first two weeks of owning it, the brakes went and almost got her into an automobile accident. The car was completely demolished. Luckily she was safe. Sometime in the distant future she ended up with another car. Again a similar scenario. Within the first couple of weeks of ownership, it broke down.

My father was they well respected auto mechanic. Anyone in the family with car trouble certainly always relied on him for advice. At other times relatives would ask him to take a look at their car to tell them what he thought so that they could have a well trusted and reliable opinion before taking it to an auto body shop… if he couldn’t fix it for them. Out of all of the people that came to my father for help, aunt Mary had come to him the most. Car after car, aunt Mary will go to my father asking him if there was anything that he could do. Many times there was nothing that he could offer her except to direct her to another car dealership where she could perhaps get a new one. Later in the future situations with the cars became less severe but we’re still happening. She would get a new vehicle and the tires would go flat without any visible cars. The transmission went on another car. An accident occurred on another, where the door was so smashed in that the wind came in pretty strongly that she couldn’t even hear the radio anymore. In the winter she was attacked by freezing cold air driving at 40 mph down the road. Snow got inside, and rain.

I could name many more situations but I won’t. This continued to happen throughout the duration of her life. Now, it came to pass that the daughter that she shared with Larry grew up to get her own drivers license. She was excited about driving and having her own freedom. However, Mary worried whether this generational spirit would plague her daughter. We talked about it quite a bit and I asked her often at times if she wanted me to help her move it. She didn’t wanna trouble me. For some reason being very religious she believed that God would remove it himself. And so the spirit remained. When her daughter got her very first car was apparent that the generational spirit had passed to her. She two started having the same identical car problems that her mother had. They would joke about it but they both knew that it was serious and also quite a bit of a nuisance. Having to get a new car all of the time or to repair one, became quite expensive and that meant having to work more hours and being away from the family longer. Things never worked out between Larry and Mary. Wow that may have been a good thing because of his violent and abusive nature, the spirits that made him that way would find their way into his daughters life.

Their daughter finally found someone that she thought she was gonna stay with and love. But like I said sexual ties make it possible for Generational and Spirits to pass to the next person and so, this happy fairytale relationship became a nightmare quickly. They had two children together, and it wasn’t long after that that he started to get into hard-core drugs and drinking. Later on, domestic violence. It was a repetitive pattern for Larry and Mary’s daughter, almost as if she was living their life.

I am very passionate about spreading the word regarding this subject because a lot of people suffer from a lot of issues that are caused by these types of spirits. Yet they aren’t very educated spiritually about it. These types of spirits permeate many areas of a person’s life even so deep into the crevices that they sometimes go undetected. However there are ways of discerning as the other one has them. In the lesson on my other website, I provide great detail regarding the signs and symptoms of this type of spiritual infestation. For some others that I’ve worked with, it’s been a lot worse than Mary’s situation. Although that sounds bad enough if you ask me.

I found that throughout time, the spirits can tend to get worse. There have been instances where families have had the spirit die down, the stronger the family is. But even when someone is planning a family, they think that their children will grow to be strong and they end up taking a wayward path later on. It’s true there are many things uncontrollable in the human world when one tries to create their own faith. People don’t realize just how much spirit intervenes whether negative or positive. I just know that many times Generational and Spirits go undetected and like aunt Mary’s situation, people blame that she just ended up with a bad lot in life. Nobodies higher self if they have one, chooses to go through a terrible lifetime journey. Why would a divine being wants their soul to suffer like that? There are ways of gaining extreme levels of learning even into areas of darkness, without having to go through the torture and torment of it. Yes certainly a person will learn from it, but how long will it take them to actually do so? There are so many people that I have known that are still going through terrible consequences of their own creation, and they’re a 60 some years old. You talk to them, they know what they’re doing is wrong and they know the consequences of their actions since they have experienced it so many times before. But they still make the conscious decision to repeat the same mistakes again, and again. Maybe in some cases. But in a lot of others, spirits that have been plaguing families since their creation, are responsible for a lot of the terrible circumstances that surround them. Darkness is like a vacuum and so it needs to suction anything and all that it can get since it is always trying to reach its Ville. And since the darkness is so far from the light here, the only thing that the spiritual beings can really obtain any energy from, it’s from absorbing more and more negativity that they create around the individuals that they latch onto. It’s easier to create fear than happiness.

People tend to settle for less and adapt to the chaos and negativities in their lives. But there is a way out, and they do deserve better.

Regarding Aunt Mary and her daughter, the story continues even down to their crazy car situations. It’s a shame that my dad‘s not here anymore to fix their cars when they break down. I can just hear him in the background saying; “Here comes Mary again with another hunk of junk”. As for me, while my father may had seen a clunker of a car pulling up, I would always see the dark essence of the spirit trailing not far behind it.

I wanted to take this time out to say that I wrote this with the best of intentions and to make humor out of a very tough situation. It’s in no way to mock aunt Mary’s situation at all whatsoever. I thought she was adorable and quite a woman to have endured throughout the difficulties throughout all of those years which showed a great deal of strength in her. I also hope to inspire others to want to get rid of their family generational spirits as well too. A lot of people have been working on that recently and I’ve seen a lot of wonderful results. I could never understand why if people could find help with it, why would they would leave it. Why not live a free your life without the burdens? Whatever those burdens are… love and light!


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