The adventure of Gidget, the mommy Ladybug, and animal totem.

I sat in my living room, cuddled up with my four year old. We were watching her “one hour” television time for the day. She had spent the day with her two year old brother playing and doing some art. But now it was time for just us girls. My little man had been put to bed and we went upstairs so as not to wake him. This was before I had lost most of my electricity.  

In the meantime, we wanted to enjoy the time that we had together. 

It was an amazing thing because we had just watched a movie called “Miniscule” about an adventure of a ladybug that got lost from his family and while looking for them, made friends with an army of ants. It was an adorable little cartoon. But here, as I looked up at the ceiling there were two ladybugs here in our home as well! 

What a coincidence right? As I got up to inspect them, I saw that it was a mother and baby ladybug pair. I looked at the spots and markings very closely and I pointed them out to my little girl. She was excited that the little character from our movie had come for a visit, so she thought. That would be what the mind of a child would conclude right? I went with it.

We watched them for a little while in amazement, these two beautiful creatures designed and created by the heavens. Ladybugs have always been a symbol in my family because they strongly related to my grandmother who loved them. She loved them so much that she had ladybug decorations in her home. Of course she loved hummingbirds too,  but ladybugs seemed to stick out with her more. She passed a few of her animal totems to me when she died. When she passed away, thousands of ladybugs had somehow gathered on the side of my house. It was another odd and rare occurrence. I have never seen so many ladybugs in one spot. 

Animal totem, mysticism, ladybugs,  animal spirit

But that night there were two of them in my home. We watched the interesting show of their flight, and suddenly out of curiosity she asked me what their names were. Being able to channel most things, I asked the mom what her name was. 

She told me her name was Gidget.

 I couldn’t get the name of the little one though. 

Gidget had told me about how they had come in through my back door after having to escape a predator. However she never mentioned what predator that was. Knowing insects, it could’ve been anything. I decided to leave them alone. Me and my little girl sat back down and had a wonderful discussion about creation and when we turned to look to see if the two ladybugs were still there, only the baby was left. 

Baby was left all alone. Where was the mother?  Frantically, we looked around to see if we could find her. Due to the movie we had seen, we didn’t want to see this little baby ladybug get separated from their family, and so we searched diligently. Finally we found the mother at a distance on the other side of the house. We picked her up and brought her back to her baby. We gathered both up in a cup, and took them both back outside. We put them in our garden.

The next night, both of my little ones were asleep downstairs. There were no little rascals awake to keep me company. I was just about to begin working. I had a couple of clients on schedule but I also had to finish up a few previous tasks. It was super quiet. I like it like that as it brings an essence of peace to my home. But in the midst of the quiet, I could hear a clicking against the wall. I looked and to my surprise the mother and baby ladybug had returned.

 I inspected their markings again to make sure that it was the same pair. The mommy and baby from the previous night before had very distinct markings. The mother had been almost an orange/red color and had six spots scattered on her back. She had four spots on one side, and two on the other. For the baby, he had been a little bit more on the orange side and had two spots. Both at the top near his head, one on each wing. I could confidently say that it was the same two. 

It was exciting to see them back in the house again. But how? We had let them go in the garden and they certainly wouldn’t have known to just come back through the door. We hadn’t had the door open much that day either. I was very surprised, but also a little bit puzzled. My mind was trying to figure out how this could be. I wondered if there may be a nest somewhere in my house and they knew to return to it? It was just too odd.

When I found them all in my home again for the second time, I had to inquire of the ladybug what she and her baby had been doing that led to them getting into the house. When hearing that they were being chased by a predator, I was more than intrigued to find out the rest of the story. The mother ladybug told me that on that first day, she was spending the day helping her baby ladybug to learn how to fly. After he got the hang of it, they rested in a very large forest.  

Animal totem, mysticism, ladybugs,  animal spirit

Nevertheless, they were let out again. Seeing them come into the house twice was already a sign but if they returned a third time? I would just know in my heart that there was a significant meaning. Sure enough, on the third night they returned. This time they brought with them the father ladybug. I truly hadn’t seen him before until now. I was really amazed by all of this. How truly exciting. Most people would have probably just squished them. But me? I was delighted in their company. I let them have a free roam of my house and I was excited to tell my little girl how they had come back again for a third time.

I worked over the course of the night. The ladybug family stayed on the living room wall. But a few hours into my work I started getting a little bit of a negative feeling from behind me, where the ladybugs were. I just nonchalantly turned around to take a glance, but it was then that  I saw a spider. It was slowly creeping closer and closer toward them on the ceiling. He was an ugly little bugger, red and brown. He was definitely headed in their direction. 

Spiders weren’t really too much of a surprising encounter in my home since we always have had so many of them. Just recently,  we found a huge spider in my laundry room that looked much like a tarantula. My son also shared with me that he was getting spiders in his room quite often. I know that spiders often come out from their hiding places when it’s humid. It has been hot lately, and I figured that they were coming out of the walls in order to cool off. I hadn’t seen one myself in about a week or two. 

My Lady bug guests were just gathering together as an innocent little family, when this mean spider decided he was going to try to make a meal out of them. Well I just had to stop it! I grabbed the spider in a napkin and threw it out the back door. Afterwards, I gathered the ladybug family together in a cup and put them on my grapevine outside. I figured that they would be safe there while taking cover under the large grape leaves.

Animal totem, mysticism, ladybugs,  animal spirit

The next morning, I was giving you kids breakfast and I happened to see that the little ladybug had gotten back in again. This time the rest of the family hadn’t been with them. I wondered what happened to them all. And so I communicated with the little guy to find out.

I showed the kids and then I let the ladybug go, taking them a little further away from the house at a time to ensure that he wouldn’t find his way back in again. What was the meaning of all of this? It wouldn’t be hard for me to interpret.

Ladybugs are a symbol of metamorphosis, just like the butterfly. They also represent family. They represent love, and partnership. I believe I did another article somewhere on my other website about the ladybug spirit totem. But in this case it wasn’t just about them being a ladybug, it was the overall message that they brought with them. It seems that these innocent creatures were always being stalked by a predator. Predators can represent a lot of different people in a person’s life, but spiders themselves represent people who will suck the life right out of you and leave you empty. It seems that as a mother with two children, there must be something or someone in my life that is trying to do just that. An entity? A person? A resource? Only the heavens know.

Protecting the ladybug family from the spider represented that there is definitely someone behind the scenes protecting me and my family. 

Appearing in the home was a sign that me and the kids feel a little bit cooped up in the house together lately. But even though there’s a great big world outside, it’s full of even more danger. It shows that we should always remember to be grateful that we have security and a safe haven. They got separated multiple times and so that is the sign that I need to keep a better eye out on the children. I am always right there by their side, but perhaps these ladybugs are trying to warn me of something to come. Perhaps that means that I’ll have to pay extra special attention to where the kids are at all times,until that time comes.

Ladybugs are also in some cultures seen as a sign of good fortune. Having a whole family of them appearing in my home together, tells me that even though we have hard times now, that will be blessed later in the future. I have had a hard time. Seeing these little creatures definitely served as a promise, but also a warning. It was nice to see the little family travel together and that I could keep them safe as they were visiting my home inside. 

It’s a wonder that people can still find such great amusement in these tiny little simple things. More and more every day, people become so lost in their technology. I don’t see children playing outside nearly as much as I used to. When I was a kid, we had to play outside. We were told to find something to do, even if it didn’t seem as if there was much of anything to do at all. I would always converse eight with the heavens and any divine messenger that they sent to me. They would show me all kinds of wonderful things, such as insects, clouds, birds, even just little blades of grass that contained a whole world underneath of it. I’m glad that I can teach my own children to be just as fascinated with the same. 

Seeing the ladybugs had its own separate meaning for my little girl too. A ladybug and her mother, represents how strong our bond is and that she should always look to me as a role model and guide. The mother ladybug was guiding her baby after all. They should also teach her that there are many dangers in the world, and in order to be wise and escape them, that she should look to me for answers and safety.

The ladybug appearing in our lives was not only a symbol of something, but a wonderful gift. I’m angelic and so any creature when it visits, is definitely a wonderful encounter. I’ve met a lot of life forms.  Star beings, deities, elementals, humans, animals and insects from all over Earth, its spiritual worlds, and beyond it. I have always seen everyone among those, to be a gift to the Universe in their own ways. Although, no offense intended….the human race is one out of the very few races who are a most destructive species. 

I have a great idea based on this post. I’ll add it to my Facebook profile. 

Forest? I know now that she meant the grass in my backyard. She had said that there was a very large wasp chasing them. I was a little surprised to hear that that was happening, because she had entered the home I thought, at night. She clarified that it didn’t happen at night. She and her baby ladybug had actually been hiding out in my home having arrived in the late afternoon. She told me that they were a little intimidated by the loud thumbs and booms of our footsteps and the barking dog. Yet she felt some type of safety there, the form of motherly protection around her which she found later, to be my energy. She told me that it wasn’t until we turned on the living room lamp that she knew that the light was a sign of hope and escape. They could see us sitting on the sofa, and she knew that I wouldn’t harm them.

She was very thankful that I relocated them outside, but it seems that the same wasp had somehow tracked them down again the next day. She entered the home with her baby the second time, through a crack in the sliding glass door that was made when my mother opened it just enough to throw the trash out on the back deck to be taken down to the garbage cans. My garden really wasn’t all that far away from my back door. When we put them outside again, she had found her partner. The father ladybug had been looking for his wife and child for the last couple of days. For ladybugs, days seem like years. It was a bittersweet reunion.

But just as he had found them, it started to rain and she remembered the warmth of being inside my home. The mother lady bug had led her husband and child back inside. They all had witnessed how I had saved them from the spider that was about to prey on them, and they were grateful for that as well. She told me that they were trying to stay as still as they could, that perhaps the spider would think they were dead and not find interest in having them for food. Spiders don’t eat things that are dead already as they like the challenge of catching their prey, and having fresh blood. Apparently though, the spider had seen one of them moving earlier as he had had his eye on them for a while, hanging in a corner hiding somewhere and observing.

The baby told me the rest of the story when I found him back in my home, but at that point he was alone. 

He revealed that the next day they had all gotten separated again as his mother and father took him to go and search for their home. Resting from all of the searching, they all rested on my ivy vine. It’s a huge vine, climbing from the ground and reaching almost up to my roof. The baby had fallen off of one of the leaves while sleeping and tumbled down to the ground. He couldn’t find his mother and father again because when they woke up, they didn’t see him with them. They figured that he was off flying around somewhere and went to look for him. It didn’t occur to them that he had fallen. Away they flew, while he was left behind down on the ground. He knew that they were probably already some distance away by the time that he climbed back up the vine. Afraid, he remembered what his mother had shown him, when she brought him into my house. He knew it was a safe haven according to his mom. That’s when I found him the third time.

For any species, life is a scary but wondrous thing. Could you imagine being anything but a human for an experience?

I want everyone to just consider the meaning of the ladybug but to also appreciate all living things and to treat them with love and respect. All things matter. They live and breathe, and they have a world of their own. Just because men can’t imagine or see from a different perspective, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Try to look deeper and treat everything with value. Everything on this earth is a way that the heavens can experience things here through all things. When you look at a creature or even another person, you are looking at the heavens, possibly looking back at you. Eyes aren’t just for everyone else to see, but they act as cameras into our world for those who live beyond it.


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