The Weekly Wise- Vol 3

12/3/2019 foresight, and updates!

Divine love and greetings… welcome back. We have had some pretty heavy readings so far. But why wouldn’t they be heavy? What is this entertainment or something? Not hardly… well, maybe for some.

For those of you who are serious like me, this weeks reading proposes a very different energy. And thank goodness! We have had some heavy stuff coming up. A lot of it reflected what most people were feeling deep down inside. There were a lot of people who reached out after the last post. And I was glad of it. I know who is struggling still, even if they don’t reach out in order to hide it. Let’s take a look at what comes up for everyone this week.

The Prince and the Pauper

As a Master and Oracle, it is not uncommon for me to use parables or riddles in my work. Sometimes it’s better to have a person figure things through on their own as they do some thinking. Realizations can really help a persons spiritual growth. Then, there are others who don’t want to play little games and just want the answers upfront and center. For those of you who don’t like the riddles, I am sorry. This week actually really requires one.

Once upon a time, in the dark ages of medieval history and legends, there was a young boy who wanted to grow up to be something. He had a lot of dreams and didn’t know which dream to pursue first. All that he knew was, was that he wanted to do one of them. Some of those dreams had been inspired by a few friends that he had. One of his friends wanted to be a blacksmith like his father. The second friend of his, wanted to grow up a merchant like his own father was. The third, wanted to help build homes as he had some pretty awesome ideas in how he could insulate the houses as a villager so that they could be warmer. His father had been responsible for helping the building projects of villages in the surrounding area. It was not uncommon for young men to want to grow up to be like their fathers in those days. In fact, it was tradition for the son to take over the fathers work to keep the family tree going. Last names were often developed because of a persons family trade were the geographical location that they lived in. For example, my great grandmother’s last name was Broadwater. This was an extension of the name rivers that had been a new last name adopted by the Queen Elizabeth Woodville. The reason why they took the name rivers or Broadwater, was because they live very close by two bodies of water and which legends had been spawned in their families. Another example is, that her husband had last name Vickers. This last name had been given to them because they had all been in the family line of work regarding ministry. The vicar was another name for a minister sort of. As you can see, names were definitely developed based on location or trade. That’s how important trade was to the family.

However, the boys own father did not have much of a trade. He was a farmer and worked laborious hours out in the fields. So, he had developed an interest in the hopes of the other young men that he had befriended. As he got older he had gone to each friend asking if he could work with them and their fathers for a day. But no matter which trade he tried, he was unhappy with all of them. He couldn’t figure out who he wanted to be. Eventually, he decided that he would never find himself in looking at what others had been doing, but instead go out there and see if there were any other options that appealed to he himself through life experience. He was the poorest of all in his village. In fact, the king used to take a majority of his fathers crops, leaving most of his family with nothing. He did not want to end up like his poor father. He didn’t really know how we wanted to end up. Eventually he went on his way. He traveled far and wide throughout the land. Without any way to survive, he begged in In the streets for food. Afterall, without a trade he couldn’t work for his supper. He felt as if he had made a huge mistake. Yet, when he looked back on how his father had grown poor and struggled in his labor and toil throughout the summer months only to have everything snatched away in the autumn harvest all of his life, he thought to himself that maybe perhaps being a beggar was better after all.

Cruel winter months came. Out in the cold he shivered. It was then that a man came traveling along the roadside and saw him. He had been a craftsman, responsible for making wheels and all kinds of weaponry. He asked the young boy if he wanted to come with him, as he had seen that he was cold. Going with the man, the boy had learned how to make weapons, chariots and wheels. He worked for him as an assistant in exchange for food. But he could not remain with him forever. Later on, as he traveled further towards the boundaries of the land, he found a knight that had abandoned his calling.  The boy, tired from his travels… say down beside him as the knight warmed himself by a tiny fire. Suddenly they just began talking, and the knight had told the young boy of how awful war was, especially when the king had sent people out to fight against innocent people to just snatch lands away for his own wealth and power. The boy had heard all types of stories of war and the meaningless reasons behind them. He decided to travel with the knight and once in a while, they would stop to rest. During their rest stop, they would mock fight, as the knight had been teaching the boy some very strategic moves that he himself had used when in battle. But that situation could not last forever either. Eventually the knight wanted to return back to his family when he knew it would be safe and the king would not be seeking for him anymore. The penalty for abandoning the king’s army was death, not a fate that the knight wanted for himself. They parted ways.

Traveling alone, he thought to find himself a warmer place to live. He was tired of being out in the winter cold. And he had traveled far and wide to reach the new land that he had come to. When getting to that warmer location, the land was in chaos, and at war within itself. Still, somehow he had gotten caught up in the battle and had to fight for his own life. He had used some of the strategic movements that the warrior had taught him sometime ago. It seemed that he was natural at fighting. He had even helped a group of people to learn some of the battle movements and had helped them to remain safe. Still, it didn’t seem like the war was going to end soon in that land. He had to be on his way. In the remote location in which everyone had been hiding with him, he said goodbye to the group that he had been leading. Just 19 years old, he was already tired with life. He could travel no more. He had left home at the age of 15, and by that time… was a boy no longer.

Now a young man, he pondered why it was so hard for him to find his destiny. Nothing that he had done so far had gotten him anywhere. In fact, battle, making weapons, teaching others to fight, gallivanting with a knight, and traveling about an on an empty stomach most of the time, seemed to be much worse than the poor and laborious life that is father lived after all. He returned home to question his father about why he had chosen to stay in the same position in life. He wanted to ask his father why he had not strived for something better? Traveling a long time, over a huge distance… he finally arrived back to his homeland. Slowly, he made his way to his village with his head hung low. He couldn’t look up at the village before him, because he had known that all of his travels had been absolutely for nothing, leading him back to the same fate that he had tried to escape from. When he finally reached his father, his father in braced him. He was happy to see his son, who was now a young man himself. The young man told his father of all of his adventures and then asked him The question that he had waited so long to ask him. He looked up at his father and questioned him as to why he had not tried to seek a better position in life? Why did he settle for less? His father older and wiser, told his son that; “Sometimes people are given a lot in life. Some are born into their destiny, while others have to go out and pursue it. But then there are others who have destiny fall out of nowhere at their fate”. The father told his son that no matter which, a man must except his ultimate fate. Working with his father for a few years, suddenly word had spread throughout the land that the king had sent soldiers out into many of the villages to burn them down and take the land away from the villagers. The soldiers were to plunder all of the goods from the farmlands, then torch all the homes and farms themselves afterwards. The king had already taken many homes away from many of the people in the land through different villages. The villagers from those locations were either taken to the dungeon, forced to become soldiers, sold as slaves to nearby neighboring lands, or forced to work in the palace as servants.Soon the kings men would be heading towards the young men’s village. In hearing this news, everyone became frantic. They didn’t know what to do. They didn’t want to lose their homes or end up with any one of those outcomes in their lives. The boy, remembering what he had learned in making weapons, got all of the villagers from his village and a few neighboring ones…together. He taught them how to make weapons to fight against the king’s men. Then, what he had learned from the knight, he had taught the people. The same maneuvers that he had taught the people in the warring foreign land, he taught to his own people as well. Finally they were all prepared. All three villages been together under his leader ship and waited for the kings men to approach. And so they did.

The soldiers came raging towards the village with great aggression. With them, they still had cart loads of some of the villagers that they had captured from other villages but they had just annihilated. The young man and the people fought with great bravery. Winning against the kings men, they released the villagers that were imprisoned in the barred carts. this doubled the amount of people that the young man had in numbers. Everyone was fed up and didn’t want to succumb to the rulership of a king who could kill his own people. So the young man trained the freed villagers as well. all of them together marched across the land to find other villages that had not yet been plundered or burned down. They gathered together the other villagers from those locations and all of them together in a great multitude, made their way towards the Kings Castle. A great war broke out around the castle that day. The king had no choice but to come out and fight his own battle. Finally, faced with the young man himself, the King fought for his life against him. But he lost. The young man and the villagers had one against the tyrant king.

Since the young man had helped everyone to make weapons, training the villagers, freed the prisoners, brought everyone together as an army, and slayed the king too, The young man was crowned as king himself. For all of the things that he had learned in his journey in life experience, he had used for a greater purpose. His father had been right. Some were born into their destiny. Other people, had to go looking for it. Then there were some weird destiny chose them just like the young man here. Once a pauper, he was now a prince of princes. He ruled the land with great benevolence and was favored by all of the people in the land for all of the days that he reigned.  looking back on his life he knew that what was meant for others may not have been meant for him. Sure he could have ended up with a worse fate than anyone of those three friends. Where he could end up with something even better, as he did. Once poorest, once the last, he became the first and the greatest.

The Reading….

The reading this week has a very deep symbolic meaning. Obviously, it is about destiny. The prince of the cups appears trying to tell everybody that while there may have been many who were feeling down and out, there is still a great dream with in each of us that we still need to pursue. For others who feel like they are not getting anywhere, maybe they need to except that all of the elements will just come together perfectly when they are meant to, like our young man in the story. And seeking his feet he had learned many things through his life experience that had come together for his life purpose. Anything else that he tried didn’t work because it wasn’t a part of his purpose. Perhaps discovering what your life purpose is and taking from your life experience to create the rest of it, can help you to start manifesting your destiny. If you’ve tried that too and it still isn’t working, and perhaps it is not divine timing. Just like the young man, maybe there are events that need to take place in your life before the bigger picture can come together.

Additionally there are a few lessons here. There is a lesson in being humble. In his confusion the young man didn’t know what he wanted to do, he just didn’t want to be poor like his own father. But later on he excepted that maybe that was what was meant for him after all. He could’ve kept traveling, seeking bigger better things, he could’ve kept fighting the forces against it. But instead, he just accepted his destiny, what he thought was his final destination, and humbly went home.

There are also lessons in bravery and awareness as well. It is true that even through many experiences in life, during trials and tribulations, a person still will not gather their life experience together, to bravely create a better outcome. Instead, many succumb to the tragic hardships.For the young man to have to fight with the villagers against a powerful king and a huge army was definitely a tragic hardship if you ask me. But, he faced it bravely with courage. additionally, he only knew what to do because he used awareness of his life experiences together together the wisdom that he needed in order to come up with a solution that works not just for himself but for everybody. That plays into yet another lesson involving being selfless

It is true that our story has much wisdom and many lessons littered throughout it. But the main idea is that you discover what you’re meant to do, and do your best with it. Don’t give up if things don’t go your own way. Be brave and look for opportunities to use your life experience in that could be a part of your greater purpose somehow someway. It is true that those that come last I’m a come first later. Just like the end of our story had said, those who are the least, become the greatest. That is because people who are trying to force their fate, are doing so only for their own ends and means. They aren’t thinking about how they can help other people. As a result, selfishness, pride, and vainglory which is what that is,will lead a person who is selfish and prideful to do any to get where they want to go. Those people are just like the king. They want what they want, and they’ll do anything to get it. Even if it means trampling upon other people. And just like the story, people like that… they don’t make it in the end. Just like the kings stealing home and land from the villagers, people will even go as far as to try to steal another person is destiny two. I see it happening more and more every day. Nevertheless, the moral of the story and the reading both are that you need to live according to what your life purpose and destiny holds for you. Sometimes it’s not something that can be rushed. Be humble, breve and aware. It will come when it is time.

But if you are somebody that does not know your life purpose, Bear in mind that you may not have some elaborate life purpose to accomplish after all. Just like the young man’s father had been destined to remain a poor farmer in order to grow food for all of the villagers to survive one which was a lowly but no bowl purpose, your purpose maybe something small just the same. Regardless, your purpose is your purpose and it is magnificent no matter how big or little, no matter how grandiose or not. When you live on the path according to your life purpose, everything falls into place and you can be content no matter what that destiny is. And that is because the heavens, life experience, what your higher self knows to be righteous and what you will eventually become passionate about in the long run (even of small value), will be the path that makes you the happiest. Overall, everybody can go from a pauper to a prince it just requires knowing what your purpose is and knowing how to exercise the virtues in pursuing it or patiently waiting for it to come time for it to manifest on your path.

Additionally, this reading Signifies that everybody has sense of renewed spiritual vigor. Where is everyone had been feeling pretty low last few weeks, this week is starting to perk everyone back up and motivate them to inspiration. However, there may be some underlying emotions that you need to take care of. When people don’t have much of anything to hang onto, they tend to take the one thing that they do have, and hang onto it way too much in over access. Is there something in your life that you’re hanging onto too much? To much of something may not be such a good thing after all.

This week you will be feeling emotional, passionate, insensitive in a positive way. You will return back to the imaginative world of your inner self which will bring a great creative side out in the open from within your mind and even from your personality. Use this for all that it’s worth to work on some of those creative endeavors that you have been planning. The Holidays are coming up and that is a wonderfully creative and imaginative time of year. No matter what you are doing, perhaps maybe decorating your spiritual altar (for the embrace your altar contest challenge with me), seeking for those perfect gifts for your loved ones, giving yourself a makeover or renewal in life, or starting a new career or relationship, don’t allow a little things to get in the way. Only you decide how much power negativity has over your life.

And don’t forget, if you don’t know your purpose, come by the website and book a session with me. I can help you. I even have life coaching to help you work towards accomplishing that purpose in bringing all of the right elements together as well as your lesson spiritually. For those of you working on your purposes already, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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The Weekly Wise: Vol. 2

November 25th, 2019

This week we have…

The Star appears in reverse. Again, I’m not much for using the traditional card meanings because each card will be applied to each person uniquely and in an astrological sense, I know as an angel that the astrology here is different from what we know up there. No. Instead I use a different method as an Oracle to determine what it means.

This card shows a lot. Some went off on their own and while in a good place at that moment, found that they needed more help later when faced with obstacles alone. Learning, many thought that they were at a place that they could avoid the trials with better choices but life throws unexpected choices in the middle of plans. Without some knowledge on how to get through some of the matrix, one will run into some illusionary ends. This has happened to some indeed.

The Reversed Star also shows that while many of you dear people were trying to become the master builder of your lives, that while pouring the mortar for your foundation to be laid, there were a few things amiss. The ground was uneven, as many of you had difficulty in making needed changes in your habits. routine lives and connections. Many of you didn’t have all of the wisdom yet either. The four cornerstones were not on sturdy ground either.Many of you had tried to build upward without new morals or virtues applied, without thinking about things differently, changing your perception. And while many of you had the frame work to build, some of you skipped some nails and screws in some places thinking that the structure would still hold up. The nails and screws were steps ignored or dismissed. Without all of the right tools, the slightest disaster will come and knock the structure down or damage it. This is how many of you ended up. There a lot of others that did the hard work but found difficulties anyway, the powers that be prevented you from becoming a testimony that Gods guidance in your lives can create a heaven here. For some, they left the light of Heaven’s holy guiding star because you could not fathom as to why they haven’t would not step in to protect you against those imposed interferences.

In another view, others among you that feel lately that are you alone and that there is no one by your side to guide you, act as a your friend or a support. I’m not talking about having me as a support either,because I am here. I’m speaking about relatives, loved ones, friends. There are a lot of you too, who feel as if life is out of balance. Your emotions just run too deep to get past confusion or to get beyond those last needed efforts that could change everything. It feels like your hopes and dreams have all but been lost. Why?

Well firstly, in the last year or two there have just been so many things that had happened, that it’s hard to hang on to any dreams. A lot of you have lost someone that you loved, or a few loved ones. There were others that have also not done well in careers that they had great hopes in. There were also a lot of you that had dreams of pursuing your own businesses, that flopped. Additionally, with all of the details of your life path and purpose plan, you had hoped that the people that you loved the most would be on board for these most positive changes. Unfortunately, it seemed as if no one had understood. Many became very lonely and withdrawn. Instead of a great hope and a passionate pursuit, those feelings were replaced with a feeling of impending doom that no one understood where it was coming from or what it meant. It consumed them and made them feel hopeless, helpless and that there would not be much to look forward to from here. The great light in their life became nothing but a darkened sky

There is hope though. This card appearing this week is not to remind you of the depression that you’ve been drowning in, but is saying that you can’t give up. The Star exists within you. My students recall me mentioning the chariot and the throne? Yes! In Lightology I spoke of this.. The light is not outside, it’s within! Imagine that the light that is your consciousness inside of you, is a star of sorts itself. You have the ability to expand that light to shine bigger and brighter to be your own guiding light through self motivation and telling yourself that you have to keep pushing on, even if you don’t feel like you can. Nothing is hopeless, and you can still reach your goals even if a little bit later than you wanted to. It doesn’t matter if you have support although it’s nice to have it, what matters is that you support yourself. You have to keep your own mindset in the right place. The feeling of impending doom how many are experiencing, is something of a whole other caliber. This will be something that I talk about a little later on the YouTube channel. I hope you’ll stay tuned for a new videos every week. For now though, when you feel that feeling of emptiness or doom that comes upon you, go out there and stay busy. Do something that you love, as there must be something? Many don’t feel a connection to much of anything in this world now today, but even if it’s just staying at home alone and doing your own little thing that makes you happy, do it. When your thoughts try to get the best of you, think of something else and do the best that you can, to maintain belief in yourself and what you are pursuing. If you have made a mess of things and botched up some of the steps in your path and purpose, then don’t think of it as being hopeless. Instead, tell yourself you’re going to start over again then. Pick up where you left off and try again. It’s better to get there later, than never. Imagine how much better life will be when you finally do? Mini give up too easily. Sometimes the lack of creative ideas makes it a little more difficult to go to the next step. For many, they have tried to create their own path and purpose. A lot of people need to understand that there is a thing called destiny. While you can manifest things on your own, there is still a purpose waiting for you and if you are working outside of that purpose you may find more creative blockages to prevent you, to redirect you back to the path you are meant to be on. Think about that for a minute.

But it could be a number of things though.

If you’re in need of balance, then maybe finding out what areas of your life need the most balance, and then getting some good advice on how to fix them…could be the best course of action. nothing is ever unfixable. The best thing to do is to find answers and clarity on what’s going on rather than succumbing to it. And definitely don’t join the other side. Allowing the darkness to consume you is only going to be worse.

For help, support, and insight…

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The Weekly Wise: Volume One

My New Weekly Psychic Reading blog section…

Welcome to “The Weekly Wise” everybody. This is a little bit of a combination spin off from my weekly reading package on my website, and the weekly readings that I do every Monday for free on my Instagram story. I have decided to start doing them here on the spiritually awkward blog, because it gives me a little bit more room to provide insight. If you recall, the Instagram story format does not allow a lot of room. I had to keep the writing pretty small. every Monday I try to provide a bit of insight that can relate to everybody if not many people all at the same time. There is a very special method of doing this because obviously drawing a card for a large population of people, isn’t going to be too accurate unless you have a very special way of doing it. I see a lot of people trying to do a weekly public reading, and I have not related to much of the insight myself at all, personally.

I’ve also seen others try to replicate my Weekly readings, but in their own words. Some of them having been from my circle at some point in time. This was brought to my attention by others in my group who recognized the information. I am lucky to have such wonderful friends that know me and my style as well as my form of wisdom so well, that they can easily spot it even when it’s being reworded. If someone wants to share the information from my readings, that’s perfectly fine. But please tag me. Obviously others who are familiar with my energy and my style are going to detect that the reading was inspired by me. I understand others wants to present themselves as being legitimate out there in so they replicate my work as their own in order to try to gain that authenticity. But that’s not authentic. It’s really just fraudulent. Please understand that even though these readings and some of the wisdom in my blogs are all made public… Doesn’t give anybody the right to try to pass my work off as their own. It certainly doesn’t give anyone the right to try to fool other people that way either. Everything I do I do from my heart and my soul, who is expecting to provide people the very best that I can with truth and honesty. I expect others in this industry to try to do the same. Otherwise, they shouldn’t be in this industry at all. Just a side note.

The title of this particular section of the blog now will be called “The Weekly Wise” and the name is legally protected by copyright. I will start prosecuting people who are responsible for thieving my information, or my creative ideas. I have kept my mouth closed for far too long, and I am tired of being walked on. I am here to help other people, but I’m not a doormat and my ideas are original. If a person doesn’t have enough creativity on their own, then maybe they should find a field in which they have the creative inspiration naturally? Don’t fake the funk my friends. Don’t fake the funk🤥🤭🤡😬.

The actual service…

The Weekly Wise is a reading package that you can find on my site at and right now is one of our bestsellers. We have over sixty people who have subscribed to this service. That’s right. We have two packages for that same service where, you can just simply purchase a four week package right off of the website on the “Tarot & Divination” page, or if you have the Wix app, you can go ahead and actually subscribe to the service to continue receiving it monthly until you decide that you no longer want it. With those two options, we have had a lot of people who have really enjoyed this particular service for themselves recently. It’s been one of my best ideas that I’ve had this year, I feel.

A lot of people enjoy the customized, more personalized information, rather than an automated service. Still, if there are some of you out there that are trying to conserve your money and you don’t have the ability to purchase a package or subscription, you can still look forward to these free ones that I do weekly for the public. It is not exactly the same set up as the actual package, but it does provide for you a one card reading of weekly wisdom. The package itself provides an intuitive or three card reading. It’s still go above and beyond for others even with the free intuitive or one card reading though. Like I said, in order for any reading to relate to many people, there are so many different methods that I have to use and bring together, to be able to have that reading relate to as many people as it can. Unfortunately, just picking up a Tarot card isn’t going to be enough in the case involving a small population of people. There is actually a lot more work that goes into these free weekly readings publicly for everyone, more so then it is to do the reading for one person on the side privately. But that’s OK. I always want everyone to know how important they are, and how much I care about your lives. This is not just a hobby or something that I do for fun every week. I do these readings to point you all in the right direction, and to have guidance and insight. This way you can get the best quality of life, out of that week. You may still want to consider a personal package at a later date in the future though. They really do have great information, and are more detailed when personalized.

The Wisdom of the Week

On Instagram when I was using that as my main platform to post these readings, the reading itself has always consisted of an Oracle reading using vision or intuition, or a one card reading and interpretation. It will still remain that way here. Let’s have a look at this week’s wisdom in the card that was chosen.

Here, we have “The Hierophant”. However, our weekly representative is in a reversed position. I swear anyone can go look up the meanings of tarot cards online, but the reading won’t go deeper, or provide personal insight that way. Sorry, you do have to possess actual psychic abilities to be a card reader. Otherwise, you are shaming people who could look up card meanings for themselves for free. With that being said, while the site’s for meanings have a definition there… I see something a little different with this card popping up.

Life has changed, period. It’s the holiday season, as I do this reading here. The date being November 18, 2019. But with the holidays right there, are you feeling very enthused for the holidays? A little bit right? But not the same as you used to…am I still correct? You aren’t into the old traditions of your childhood as much anymore, and for those of you who are… if you were going to participate you want things to as they used be back then when things were more magical. Now that you are older, life has moved on in some ways, while in other ways it hasn’t at all.

Today, people that used to be a part of your life are not there anymore. It feels more empty. The holidays are rushed, and kill your pocket. A feast on Thanksgiving costs hundreds of dollars, for a mere hour that your visitors will eat in haste and rush out the door. Christmas? Many are so out of touch with their loved ones that no one knows what to give anyone. So tis the season for gift card exchange! You get a bunch of them, you give a bunch of them. What’s the point? And if you have kids, forget it. The commercialized world around us has kids greedily looking for expensive gifts that cost hundreds of dollars that make a parent have to save up for months to even buy it. They get one or two expensive gifts under the tree, and then Christmas is over. The children disappear into their rooms with their new gadgets, and the parents are back to their Internet use or television watching, awaiting dinner that also costed a fortune and seemed rushed through. Even when you go out to look at decorations, everybody’s yard is full of the same exact decorations as the yard next to it. Keeping up with the Joneses, it has taken on an entirely new definition. it’s no wonder that nobody really truly looks forward to this holiday like they used to. I am sure there are people out there like they self, who have a totally different meaning for this particular season. I celebrate the traditions handed down from my Celtic mystical ancestors. And we celebrate for many different reasons such as giving, magic, the changes of time in the seasons, as well as the celebration of many spirits in the spirit world. It’s rather amazing because the tradition is far different than that of the commercialize versions of these holidays alone. I wish I could invite you all over to my home for Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I’m actually thinking of inviting someone every year, from my circle. All expense paid, stay at my home. I would love to have that experience with people who actually care about me. Like I said, it’s hard to even connect with your own family around this time of year. With that being the case then, let’s make our own family. We’ll talk about that more later. But for now, I know exactly how you feel. Life has gone wildly fast around us. Time has spit up and made it difficult for anyone to get anything done. And by the time these responsibilities come up for the holiday season, nobody gets a chance to really enjoy it. Therefore, nobody really cares about it as much as they used to. It leaves some of us who still feel nostalgia surrounding memories in our childhood of better times, thinking about those better days. And it makes us miss people that we want to share our time with. Then it starts to make the time a year feel even more lonely.

The Hierophant reversed, it’s not just about the holiday season. That’s just an example. Obviously many of us to feel that way, but it’s not just around the holiday season itself. Many of us feel that way every day. This day and age is cold, full of illusions and deceptions. Pastimes are no longer bringing any joy and it’s not a huge goal for many of us to conform to conventional society. This card is saying that for those of us who are awake, that we are fed up by what we see. Additionally, many can relate to this card in its further implication of revealing the true spiritual state and condition that so many people are in. Let’s be honest here…

The reversed version of this card confirms what I have predicted long ago and still stand by today, the spiritual death. This card shows us that many have given up on their religions, even their unconventional spiritual practices, or just their own personal spiritual routine. Many people have seemed to just lost interest because matter how hard they try, there just seemed to still be something missing. Yes they could have found it had they really put their 100% into spiritual journey that they were open, but total changes something that many people find themselves in capable of. As Archangel Michael said in his lifetime as the ascended Master Jesus… You cannot put new wine into old wine skins. In other words the old leather is going to make that new wine taste like crap. It’s the same thing with your past. I just got done saying this to a client of mine and his reading last night. You can’t stay the same person on a new path. The person that you are hast to change with the new path that you’re on. Sure, you may have changed a little, but to really go forward in your transition, you have the change completely. And every new level that you reach, is going to require for you to evolve again. It’s in ongoing commitment. That is why I said it is not a hobby but a lifestyle. Many people who who were on board with working on their spiritual journeys with me, were only involved in it because it was trendy and a fun hobby of new interest. as soon as they realized that they had to change some of the more difficult things that held them back negatively in themselves, they started to regress slowly back to their old nature. They decided to go for new trends that seemed to give them more liberty not just being the same old individual but having the ability to explore into some things here or there. That’s just not how it works. No one is going to get fulfilled that way. Archangel Michael said you cannot serve two masters. You will be more devoted to one over the other. And that’s exactly what happened. Staying the same person while adopting spiritual practices, eventually is going to make it so that the same person that you have always been interferes with what you’re trying to do with your spiritual life., through the habits that are a part of who you are. So what ended up happening is that a lot of people got caught back up in their ordinary lives. They still check out some posts here or there, explore some other trendy spiritual things on the side, but they are swept away with family life, watching TV, bad habits such as smoking, drinking and drugging, getting online and looking for a sexual or romantic interactions from others, we’re watching the same repeats on Netflix. Any children in those homes are going to feel pushed to the background, depressed and very sad. But the parentsYou’re so caught up in their own lives, they will just give their kid anything to occupy them so that they will not be bothered. It’s a shame but it’s true. And so the little seed or spark of spirituality that blossomed at one point, dies away. Anyone who has worked with me that has had that happen, is going to feel a lot of guilt and probably avoid me. And that’s because deep down they know that I’m right. in fact having the knowledge that was provided for them, they will know that I was pretty much right about everything and that will make it hard for them to want to continue being my friend or a connection. For some reason, they will believe that I will look down on them or something…. which is totally not the case. I am here to help, if the help is wanted. If it’s not wanted anymore, then I’m not here to judge. I’m always a friend first, teacher second.

For others that are still on their spiritual pathway, there will come to be a point in their journey where they need to go to the next level. If they are no longer trying to reach that next level and they have just suddenly stopped where they were at the time, the knowledge that they have is going to make them look at the world in a way that makes them feel empty and numb. This means, that there are still attachments and anchors that need to be worked on, and knowledge that needs to be added. Without it, they will continue to feel that way until eventually they start to feel so empty that they become numb as well. That is because a lot of what people learn with me, is taking them toward the path of enlightenment. You can ask any Monk and they will tell you the same thing… If you get close towards enlightenment and you start to feel empty, and that means that you still have something left here to work out. And that you still need to go to the next level in your journey to understand why you were feeling that way. Otherwise the truth is that you see in the world will eat you alive because with more wisdom brings more sorrow. The next step is the balance in duality. Without it, the world will consume you. it is usually where most people end up drinking or turning to drugs to deal with the way that they feel being in the world. And that simply does not help. You can not cover up the feelings that you feel over the truth that you now know. You have to go to the next level. Many turn to the darkness since that is all that they see. But that is not all that they have to continue to see. Continuing on their path, I can show them glorious things. They have to continue the road towards enlightenment and creating their own heaven on earth.

Additionally, there will be some people that just see what’s going on in the world around them today and feel empty regardless. Whether they are spiritual or not, many people today or just feeling set up with life. Nothing makes them happy. Activities that they once loved are now things that have disappeared into the memories of the past. This has a lot to do with dark consciousness and the indoor generation as was discussed in several blogs and my YouTube videos.

In all, the card that is received this week represents a mixture of all of those things. And when I say nothing brings happiness anymore, I mean nothing. Relationships bring disappointment. Hobbies are empty. Things that are supposed to have meaning don’t and are rushed. Friends are all about themselves and leave you feeling empty and alone. Careers are full of monotony and enslavement. Money is a constant worry and stress. Additionally, even spirituality is not helping because many are not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. With all of this, the card is bringing out all of these things to highlight them to get you to wake up and make some changes so that you don’t have to continue feeling that way anymore. Since life has changed around you, you need to change around life.

Scams in the new age- Part 1

A very long time ago, before crystals were found in your ordinary hobby shop, on a billion instagram page, or in every single commercialized department store…crystals were bought in special places like gem stores or mystical shops.  Yes, for those of us who were born into mystical families, we had to make a day trip out of driving out to some hidden mystical store to go buy some goods because it was still considered taboo. Or, we had to mine our own stones. In fact, my grandmother and many of my other ancestors had collected a lot of Garnet, quartz crystals, Amber stone and so much more. I have a lot of those that were passed down to me here today. At one time it was thought that they would be valuable, not by price or value, but by the mystical element of them. Nope, not today.Even when it came to products, we had to make those handcrafted too, based on recipes handed down from our family lines in the Grimoires. Like I always say, spirituality was launched as a fast growing trend, which wasn’t really leading anybody towards awakening or enlightenment…but instead towards another fad that the government could make their money off of.

I have never been one to lie to people or go along with anything that I knew to be misleading. I never vouched for anyone that I knew who was claiming to be a psychic, when after they came to me for readings….I saw them not to be. In fact, I never threw them out there under the bus and I never will as I won’t speak against anyone since it’s not my business. However, in the overall spectrum it is my business to educate others and protect them.

I always cut off communication with the individuals that I knew to be lying whether in their professional area or just spreading false information because I don’t want my name associated with anyone like that. I don’t believe in using spirituality as a way to lie or mislead other people. Heaven sees the spiritual path as a way toward great growth and transformation. The soul is eternal and it belongs to eternity. Anyone tampering with that for earthly means, will be held greatly accountable in the spiritual afterlife.

Nevertheless, during times that I saw other things happening that I knew to be  deceptive… I had to inform others. I have always written an article or blog, or done a video, to expose it. One of those things just so happened to be something called an Andara Crystal.

The infamous Andara, the Crystal of Nothing

After the stone was sent to me as a gift (and I truly appreciated the gesture) looking at the so called crystal of extraterrestrial creation… I saw immediately through the lies. The young woman wasn’t trying to swindle me. A self proclaimed spiritual speaker, she really believed the hype of what she too had been told… I have my own psychic angelic insights into the I visual, but when it came to the Andara…she followed the trend and believed the lie as many did. I tried to tell her.

The story that was being sold about this Andara mystical stone was that an extraterrestrial craft had landed on a mountain and the electromagnetic energy has fused the sand, rocks, and minerals together making these new crystals of all assorted different colors. It caused the stones to contain an extraterrestrial vibration too. That’s why they were saying that they were so special.

However, spiriritually I did not feel that story of energy behind this stone resembling pink glass, in my hand. Furthermore, I also knew that Scientifically though electromagnetic energy had fused components together, they would not have been of a different variety of colors being that they were said to be of similar mineral composition on the same ground where they were said to be mined. Like stones such as Libyan desert glass and moldavite, the crystals formed would had been the color of the composition of the ground instead of these shards of rock that they likened to be very similar to different colored variations of obsidian, formed there. It was like a whole new ground full of fruity pebble’s. And guess what else? The area was now privately owned. What a convenience!

Perhaps the people that lived there didn’t realize that they had a rock glass garden underneath their land, and when they went digging, they found a bunch of the glass rocks littered throughout. Then, because of their star beliefs somehow believed that these were left by aliens? I’m not denying that there may have been some extraterrestrial activity up on the said mountain, but there have been many instances where electromagnetic fields of great surging energy have also affected other places throughout the world through things like otherworldly visitations, or even other sources of energy that acted like a conductor. Formations of multicolored glass, had never been the result.

Looking at the stone, I inspected it carefully myself. Knowing quite a bit about the different minerals and stones, as well as being able to read the blueprints of nearly everything, I did not see the same structure of crystal formation. I did not see even a structure that looked to be foreign or potentially formed by unknown electromagnetic energy sources. What I saw, was the same structure molecularly of that of glass. Glass still has some properties since it is a form of silicon, but once heat is added, it changes the science. It’s while the piezoelectric qualities are subtle to begin with, after melting the electrical aspect is no longer. The electrical Quality is what makes a crystal able to help a person in their vibration. Having a different vibration in each electrical frequency, makes each stone different for different purposes. While it’s not a huge difference, some people feel that they need them. I always preferred my crystals in raw condition to keep its original frequency. Back to the so called Andara Crystal, I certainly did not recognize it to be a stone from a natural environment, formed in the environment by nature or by any other situation that could have environmentally brought it into its condition. But I did recognize it from somewhere.

Aha! My aunt used them in her garden and house plants as decor when I was kid! All different colors, some were anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 depending on size or you could buy a huge bag of assorted colors from a glass factory! All of it was just the same as the fake Andara. But some retailers who were trying to pass it off as being some kind of special rare mystical stone, were charging anywhere from $30 to 100 at times. I have always tried to warn everybody about different things of that dishonest nature to save them from being scammed, but unfortunately many wanted to follow the trends at the time and did not listen to me.

I don’t remember exactly where the link is to the original article that I had written some years ago, but I believe it was on one of the blogspot sites where I had originally started my work in writing about spiritual topics and star seeds. If anyone who is familiar with my work can remember where the link is, please, let me know so that I can add it here for references.

But after a long time of trying to explain all of this other people, seemed to be a subject that had faded into the background of things. I always knew that proof would come out into the open someday, of the things that I had spoken about. it has been about three years since I had written the original article. And sure enough like most of the things that I predict to happen, proof has been shown.

My daughter and I have been working on some projects for the “Our Merchandise” section on the homepage of my website. I was out at the store Michael’s to get some hot glue for my gun and right there on the same aisle, were glass rocks! Haha! I exclaimed, A woman riding past me with her cart, looked at me with great surprise at this sudden random like outburst. I was so excited at my discovery I even turned around and told her the story LOL. I don’t think she cared very much but still, I had to share with someone besides my own daughter whom already when seeing them herself, knew exactly what I was thinking.Even though I had been amongst the first original influencers in the beginning, where many mystical crafts came from my family line, to my store, out there into the world… I still create no matter who has redone my ideas. I would never sell a fake item though. This is sad.

Here’s what I found at the store.

This would be labeled as an Angel Aura Andara and while it’s just glass, it would go roughly for $30- $40 on a site trying to pass these off as an E.T created stone.

It’s $8.49 at Michael‘s. If you look, it even has the same pattern in the glass as an Andara does. If you want a true crystal of real Extraterrestrial quality look into Moldavite, or Libyan Desert Glass where true celestial events created the essence within sands fused together as impact occurred. Or, buy a real meteorite.

Please be wise. Don’t believe everything that is mainstream. Most of what’s out there in mainstream is false and what the powers want people to know and be told.

Thanksgiving Activity Week 2


Last week, to show gratitude for all of the clothes that the heavens had given us throughout the year, we went through our closets, kid’s rooms (those of us moms), and any storage. In doing so, we took what we found and sent it to places for the needy that give it to those in need for free. Hey, the heavens gave us what we needed to wear and plus. Obviously, the body changes, weight is gained or lost, or maybe you just plain out don’t feel confident in something, especially kids. So why have it laying around the house? Giving to those in need can be rewarding, and helps you to clean & organize your home. The gratitude that a person struggling financially feels when they walk into a place a get a new shirt or outfit, when they needed it most. Especially, when it’s a decent clothing donation.

I remember working at a homeless shelter and seeing clothing with lots of stains all over it and a holes on it. And I thought I understand that it’s nice you donate what you have and that people should be grateful for anything, but they are human beings.But why should they have to walk around in stained up, holed clothes, just because they’re having a difficult time? So if you’re a little late on the donating, make sure that what you’re giving to the homeless is wearable, decent and good. Remember to treat others as you would have them treat you, if it were you in that situation.

This week, go through your cupboards or pantries and see what you have in there that you know you’re never going to eat. You know those cans of beans that you buy that nobody ever uses? Yep, we all have them! And hey, if you’re lucky like me, you will live with your mother who doesn’t keep track of the food she has already and buys like three of the same thing LOL. We must have had like six boxes of stuffing for the longest time.

Nevertheless, gather what you have. Send over some nice donations of food to your local charity pantry or take them to a soup kitchen yourself and see if you can help distribute food to those in need while also donating a nice box of it. Hey, you don’t have to be a superhero. Even if you just donated a loaf of bread and a few cans of something, it would be so very much appreciated by heaven. But the point is to give, to show that we’re thankful for the things we were given. God bless you all!

Winter’s Sacred Space

Recreated altar scene, as an idea! I’ll post some cool correspondences later.

It’s a beautiful time of year! With pumpkin spice, apple cider, slouchy sweaters, and the outdoors decorated in firey hues, Aitumn has always been my favorite time of year due to those things, the magical essence, and celebrations. With the “20 day giving of thanks” activity that is going on, Winter is silently creeping in around the corner!

My oh my! Not a highly looked forward to time of year! Having an extremely rare blood type, cold weather and I have never been friends. However, while winter is a timeless pit of hibernation provoking depression, loneliness, and boredom for many…it doesn’t have to be. The dead zone used positively leaves room for hiding away while working on your new bod to be revealed in Spring, time to read, loads of time for going through your things to clean out space, and so much more. I’ll be inspiring others with activities on my Facebook page and instagram @alura_cein and I hope you will follow me there for more! It’s going to be a fun time, and I love everyone out there and you the reader so much, that I want you to have a great time too.

In the meantime, the winter also has its spiritual holidays that I’ll cover as the season progresses but for now… it’s time to start planning for your new altar. Winter has a different meaning, different associations. and a different tone of energy for magic! We still have until December 1st before the Autumn will actually start to makes its descend to allow the Winter energy to emerge. This is in terms of energy, not weather. Still, I motivate you to start planning your Winter spiritual space now. Lots of thought should go into it anyhow, it’s sacred!

And don’t forget the “Embrace your space” contest for spiritual altars. Decorate your altar, submit a photo to me by email with a short summary as to why your spiritual space means something to you and gain a chance to win a gift card and other cool prizes! Enjoy the rest of Autumn and it’s celebrations!

Into Thanksgiving- truly giving thanks

Gratitude #1. I’m thankful for this little girl who brings me the innocence and purity that matches my own soul, which I have craved to find and see in this world.

Samhain 2019 is over but it’s still the angelic end of the year. The dead zone according to heaven begins officially December 21st. It’s still harvest time for now, and the festivities from September 21st up until November 1st now come to an end to prepare for one more feast day of the end of the year celebration. In traditions here, Thanksgiving was created to honor the discovery of the new world and their ability to build and sustain a life there. They ate what they grew to say thank you to Earth, the workers and the Indians who taught them how to work a new land. However, angelically we have one last feast of the end of year in November 21st to say thanks not just for our necessities but for many other things too. Showing appreciation is more than saying it! Actions speak louder than words do they not?

It’s a time to give! Even though a portion of my profits go to charity throughout the year, giving never stops from this heart within me here! Life in who and what I am, is all about giving. But giving comes in many forms, and in it… yes there is also a need for thanks. So this time of year is just as special because while I give daily, I have the chance to show gratitude for what I myself have received. As we move towards Thanksgiving tine now, I want to say that firstly I am sorry on behalf of the humans who murdered their allies the Indians for their land. Humankind is like that aren’t they? People that you love and help in your life, are usually the ones to hurt you most no matter the good you have done for them, it’s more true than not. Heaven says to love anyway and even in hurt, each person has touched your life for some reason to be thankful for.

Let’s use Thanksgiving not as tradition has it, but instead change things up a bit! From now until the 21st, activities will be posted in the FB group Truthian Circle… to inspire gratitude. The Dead zone approaches and many will feel its shift, leading into hibernation of sorts and a melancholic undertone. It doesn’t have to feel that way though. We have to find joy if it’s not going to come to us anymore as the worlds condition gets harsher. We started with the Autumn Harvest Celebration days of our end of the year festivities called Grianstad in ancient Ireland, now let’s celebrate the blessings themselves and lift the mood of darkened winter months ahead before they get here.

Check Truthian Circle, or my Facebook profile for more on this upcoming day of gratitude! Life can be fun, magical, and is what we make it! Get ready for for fun and inspiration!


In the land of my ancient ancestors, all of the holidays were different and actually responsible for inspiring many of the holidays that are celebrated today. The 4th of July, as everyone knows marks “Independence Day”. The history of the celebration is that America wanted to be liberated from England who at that time still power and authority over this country. Ever since America became an independent country, Americans have celebrated on July 4th to remember. But July 4th is not Independence Day to me, nor was it to the people of the old way, in Ireland.

It actually marks the day if the Midsummer Festival. They have different dates for that all over the world, but July and August are the hottest times of the year, making it Summer around those months. July 4th through the 27th, Midsummer. It’s a time to celebrate crops that will be abundant at harvest time, marriages, and the Solstice but a bit later. It’s a time where we celebrate magic and the changes of Earth and energy due the shift in the season.

So, if you like the fireworks and want a more whimsical reason to celebrate rather than feasting over warfare then this is the reason to go with, Midsummer. For me, I grill some fish for my meat eating guests and delicious vegetarian recipes for myself and my family. We have a bonfire offering herbs up as gifts to the Gods and during nightfall we still see the fireworks. In light of the war, I pray for the soldiers who fought in it and even for soldiers today who are in a dangerous position too. We make it a summertime Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy the celebration!

Father Time makes a visit

In 11 days at 4:44 we will be paid a visit by old Father Time. That’s right! Saturn will appear brightest and closest to our planet in a line up. This has great spiritual significance.

Actually it’s called the opposition. When Saturn is almost directly opposite the Sun in the sky it looks like its closest but it’s an illusion. Since the Sun reaches the furthest below the horizon at midnight, the opposite point will be the highest in the sky, at the same exact time. That’s when Saturn passes by that, making it also appear to be brightest in the sky. It also comes a bit closer to our planet. This happens because when Saturn lies opposite like that… the Sun in the sky, and our solar system are lined up so that the three seem single file. That’s right, Saturn, the Earth and the Sun too, all form a perfect line with the Earth in the middle. This happens on the same side of the Sun as Saturn. This is spiritually important because Time will be sped up even more than usual! It also appears as “wormwood” a sign of the times. You will want to see my new article on for the information on that, because it gets deep. I’m always following the signs of the times. For those under the zodiac of Capricorn which Saturn rules, get ready for good luck, opportunity, and needing to balance with all of the energy from this portal! The time of the event starts at 21:27 ending at 4:44! 21+27=48, 4+8= 12. Not only that, 4+4+4=12 as well! 12+12=24, and 4+2=6. 6 is the number of points on the star tetrahedron which symbolizes Saturn! What’s more is that it rises 9 degrees above the southeastern horizon and when we add 6+6+6, which is the number of the perfect triangle in the center representing the all seeing eye… it equals 18 in which 8+1=9. Imagine that! It shows that we have significance surrounding 6 and 9! 9 means unity of the both sides. With duality being momentarily held still, it opens a true portal. Remember the nine gates? This is it. Something will come through as a huge vibration that is actually a consciousness, a soul. But bigger than you can imagine. Recall my predictions on dark consciousness? Well this is bigger! And it’ll add to the changes in the world and society. The material world will find much infiltration. I said we may be in Aquarius but the consciousness for the Age of Capricorn is also slowly being introduced. If you don’t understand refer to my courses at

So prepare as time changes yet again, and not just time literally but time as in the ways of the world that we are in too. Saturn is the great architect of the world and a new world is what we is being built! Keep your eyes on the 2020 elections too! We may have a strange candidate who has a ton of support who may contribute to major changes in sexuality in the world later as well. Lots of hidden stuff going on there! Get your magic going! Saturns line up is the best time ever!