Family DIY: Inner Santuary

Hello readers! It’s been a little while now since my last post here. At 26,000 views on this site alone and over 2500 followers, I think it’s time that I start adding some more content. Especially now that living life to the full us is even more important than it ever was before. Don’t get me wrong it was always important. But with the events of our current time, it’s really mandatory for survival to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually happy. You can’t forget about your physical health either. These days, many people are finding refuge and sanctuary behind closed doors of their very own homes. While I refuse to be a part of the indoor generation, I’ve made my home a sanctuary too. Just last year I’ve started doing renovations on the house. Well I intend on relocating at some point, I want to be able to enjoy the place that I’m living in now. It’s not easy doing renovations without the money to do it LOL. I was very lucky that I was able to find some cheap do it yourself ideas. many people are finding refuge and sanctuary behind closed doors of their very own homes. While I refuse to be a part of the indoor generation, I’ve made my home a sanctuary too. Just last year I’ve started doing renovations on the house. Well I intend on relocating at some point, I want to be able to enjoy the place that I’m living in now. It’s not easy doing renovations without the money to do it LOL. I was very lucky that I was able to find some cheap do it yourself ideas.

Since my house is a larger split level, I had an upstairs and a downstairs to do both. We bought the house back in 2016 when my father was still with us. It was his dying wish to leave us with some property that we could have some security with. He knew all too much throughout the years, how much of a struggle it can be in paying bills and trying to ensure that you have a place to live for your family. When he got this house, nothing made him more proud. Except for me LOL… Just kidding. My father was pretty proud of me though.

Nevertheless, we bought the house with a basic hardwood floorupstairs and then some laminate floor downstairs. The laminate flooring resembled hardwood flooring, but definitely isn’t the same thing. I experienced a flood in my downstairs about a year after I moved in and so the original laminate floors were destroyed. A person who my call my own Earth Angel, came to the rescue and helped me to replace the flooring. I had to, people do come here for readings and I didn’t want them looking at the old asbestos tiling that was revealed when the damage floors were lifted. The walls had been painted just prior to us moving in. As a cheap way to make things look nice, they painted every room in the house and even the outdoors, the same exact coloring! It was that peach colored that you get in the box of Crayola? You know the one that they used to make the kids use to color in Caucasian kids in a coloring book? LOL. It was not really all that nice of a color for interior decorating that’s for sure. It wasn’t good for your spiritual or mental mood either. We got tired of looking at it as it was everywhere.

Stairs and Upstairs

For our stairs, there are two sets each containing six steps. There’s a little foyer that has six steps left, taking you to the upstairs house, and then six stairs to the right taking you downstairs. There was some old wood paneling there and an old white rot iron handrail. Heading off into the downstairs all of the walls were drywall, painted white. It was really bland to be honest with you. We kept with it though, throughout the years because anything else would have cost a lot of money to do in order to dress it up a little bit. My father didn’t want me investing any money in doing so because for some reason he never really felt as though we’ve stayed permanently here. I know that he never thought at home here, partly because he knew he was going to pass on. He didn’t want to get used to the home and get comfortable knowing that everyone was going to continue life on in the house, without him. He was right about us not wanting to stay here though. But there’s no reason why we couldn’t enjoy living here until then. Plus, making the house look nice will definitely help raise the value. And so I’ve made some adjustments.

Living room before, 2017.
Later in 2020….

I started with the upstairs and ended up painting it a very light gray color. I was going to go with white but I felt that it was just too plain and overrated. I slapped some nice light gray on most of the walls and did an accent wall around the bay window. We colored that a dark bluish gray. I started adding some beautiful spiritual plaques. I then started working on the kitchen area. The kitchen had a stationary wall which is really just half of a wall to block off one room from the other. I always wanted a little breakfast nook in so I started a project and making myself a little bar area. But if I was going to work on the kitchen, I’d have to paint the kitchen as well. Therefore, I use the same light gray coloring that I used for the living room and dining room since it was all connected. I then took some decorative wallpaper which looks a lot like wood but isn’t. I wallpapered one side of the stationary wall and then added the bar platform. The bar platform was constructed out of plywood which I then added trim to and then added some tiling on top of. Are use the same gray scheme, as I did with the paint in the house so it would match. And then topped it off with some resin to give it a counter top like appearance. For the wallpaper, the paint and the materials to make the bar on top of the stationary wall, it cost me a total of $246. Now if I would’ve hired a professional painter to paint the entire upstairs and build me a countertop for the breakfast bar/nook, it would’ve cost over $1000 some dollars. I saved a lot of money just doing it myself and it turned out pretty fantastic. The resident itself is still stayed a little sticky after a while, but with some work, I could probably get it as it needs to be.

Since I had leftover materials I ripped out the wrought iron handrail going down the stairs. I took the leftover wallpaper that I had from the kitchen wall and I wallpapered over the brown wood paneling. It really brightened up the space. I then bought some LED disc lightsand I ran them up the trim lining the stairs. I added a nice fake vine around the lighting, and it really brightened it up even more. During the day it doesn’t have that claustrophobic feeling because of all the brown paneling anymore. It has nice texture and looks like a whole brand new space. At night time I hit one switch and it lights up the stairway and the vine makes it look very earthy. I’m truly proud of the hard work in those areas. To top it off I added two pendulum lights. I hung one over top of the stairs to make it somewhat like a makeshift chandelier. It was very inexpensive and I got it for 50% off at hobby lobby. I also took the fake vines that I had bought to line the LED lights on the stairs with, and I wrapped the hanging cord of the pendulum lamp with it. It disguised the cord and made it look even more earthy. The second Pendulum White was hung over the breakfast counter/nook. I really don’t do well with any kind of technology or artificial lighting. If it’s too bright or less off too much energy, I’ll start to feel drained. The pendulum light makes it so that it lights up the space and makes it look cozy. Before we had to turn on the light connected to the ceiling fan in the dining room area or the overhead kitchen light, in the middle of the kitchen ceiling. Those lights were far too bright for me and definitely didn’t make it feel warm or welcoming. I really love the pendulum lights.

Noah’s Room

After I finished off the stairway and all of the upstairs, then went to work on our upstairs bathroom. It was always very bland and boring. Like I said it had that peach tone to it for the paint job, and it really didn’t say anything other than being a boring basic bathroom. So I painted the walls with the leftover bluish gray paint that I had for the accent wall in the living room. There was still some left from when I had used it before. I painted over the peach coloring in the bathroom with it. And then I added a new shower curtain and some accent pictures to match. It really made it look like a totally brand new bathroom! For the bathroom space I had only spent about $50 in total. My daughter also went out and bought $19 mirror lights. They had white bulbs on them sort of like the lights that they use around mirrors in Hollywood? All she had to do was just plug them in and positioned them around the mirror. It turned our bathroom mirror from being a basic mirror on the wall to being that with a bit of glam.

My son Noah’s room before…

I decided that my son‘s room had never really had a makeover either. The poor boy was sitting at peach colored room with his bunkbed and really no curtains or decorative blankets. Most kids have a theme with their comforter and their curtain set. When we lived in the house prior to just moving here, my daughter and son had to share a bedroom since the house was smaller. There was only three bedrooms there. My parents shared one of them, and then I had one that I used for my bedroom/office space for work, and then the third was set up for my daughter and my son. They never really had anything decorative there either because my parents didn’t want them fighting over what kind of theme they would getI decided that my son‘s room had never really had a makeover either. The poor boy was sitting at peach colored room with his bunkbed and really no curtains or decorative blankets. Most kids have a theme with their comforter and their curtain set. When we lived in the house prior to just moving here, my daughter and son had to share a bedroom since the house was smaller. There was only three bedrooms there. My parents shared one of them, and then I had one that I used for my bedroom/office space for work, and then the third was set up for my daughter and my son. They never really had anything decorative there either because my parents didn’t want them fighting over what kind of theme they would get. I mean they were different genders and so it was in evitable that one would want one thing, and so with the other. When we moved here the house just remain the same and so I thought maybe my son could use a room or space all of his own now. So I went out and I bought a baby blue colored paint. I thought that I would hand craft some cloud lights that were trending online. After purchasing the paint for $18.98, I bought more disc lights and hung them on his ceiling after I finished the paint job. I then started crafting the cloud lights on the ceiling around the lights. They were color changing. He was really excited. I then went out and bought him a basic solid colored comforter and sheets it from Walmart which cost me only $20. To redo my son’s room I think it cost me just a little over $65. Now he never comes out of it LOL.

Now my daughter Amber is another story. Since she’s an adult, I left her room up to her, to decide. She didn’t want to be the only person in the house who’s room didn’t have some kind of nice Decour. She had already painted previously before I had even started the renovations. But she did go out and buy some beautiful lights and hanging vines and put them on her wall as well as brand new blanket set for herself too. Even though she’s 21 she did her room very trendy. It’s adorable.

Now that the upstairs had been completed, it was time to work on the downstairs. I had already painted down there myself after a while, maybe about a year or so after I moved in. I got tired of looking at the white walls. But, I needed a change. I had already had a few people that had visited and seemed to like my ideas of decorating down there and copied a bit of my inspiring theme. The theme I had chose originally was of white and gold. Yes there were some beige pieces of break it up a little bit, but I picked that because it really reminded me of heaven. But this time I thought that I would do something a little bit more signature. I wanted to use my own personal favorite colors and style. I’m not going to reveal what I did with it for obvious reasons but I am extremely happy with everything that I did with my downstairs space. It’s warm, it’s full of love, and it makes me feel very safe. People that go down there often feel such a mystical vibe, but they can also sense my energy so strongly because I’ve put so much of myself not only into the atmosphere, but into the decorating ideas overall. It definitely speaks Alura.

Downstairs: Nursery etc

Since I have never use the bedroom, no matter where I’ve lived… I thought to use the spare bedroom downstairs across the hall from my office/living space as a room for my new babies. I had shared it with Adree when she was first born, but only in regards to our belongings being in the same space. She never slept in that room and neither have I. In fact I never really slept at all and so I never had a need for a bed or a room to put one in. I still had bought a new bed to fill that room up when we first moved here though. But it really just said they can leave. Now that I had two adorable little babies, I figured they could use the nursery/playroom. It was extremely cheap to do. My mother had already bought a toddler bed for my 2 1/2 year-old. All I needed was a matching bed for my one year-old. My best friend had bought one of those teepees that they’re selling on Amazon for kids to play in, and so that sort of inspired the rest of my theme. I went out and got my one year-old son Alexander, one of the zone. I placed both of the Teepees over each of their beds and stationed the beds, one in each corner of the room. And then I needed to pick a theme. It wasn’t easy. I think that was one of the hardest parts of remodeling the entire house overall!

I picked the theme based on things in my childhood. I am raising my 2 1/2 year old to be like a little mini me. I don’t really need to work hard at that either! She’s happy to follow in my footsteps. And now my one and a half year-old Alexander, also follows along. They really love their mommy that’s for sure. Still, finding a neutral theme that really expressed magical moments of my childhood took a little bit of time. I really did have a very magical childhood after all. I didn’t have any friends and I didn’t really hang out a lot with my parents either and so I only really had the heavens and spirit to be friends. they taught me so many things and it was like living in a whole other world of magic, while still being here on earth. I’ve always been higher vibrational and able to see worlds overlapping worlds. Since that was really the only special thing I had about my childhood, I tried to think about things that I had in my childhood that really connected to very specific times and memories. Since my father had just died, I thought that I should maybe remember him in someway. He was never really home during my childhood but I can tell you that when he was, he didn’t spend time with me doing the things I loved. He always took me into nature and around animals. Everyone knows just how much I love nature and animals. My spiritual mother is all about that. And so I picked a cute theme that represented nature and animals. I went with a woodland theme which kind of blended nicely with the TVs that I put over their beds. I bought a green carpet to look like grass and I put an arts and crafts table over top of it that I had already bought for the kids just a Christmas prior to that year. My best friend had also sent a soft camping set for my 2 1/2 year-old for her birthday when she had mailed in the Teepee. I also positioned that on top of the green rug as well. I then painted a plaque of their names and with woodland animals on it, by hand. On the walls, I added decals of woodland animals and trees. I positioned them beside each child’s bed. Alexander got a rabbit, a raccoon and a pine tree. Adriana got a bear, a fox, and a giant oak tree. It’s not really for them individually but I just thought it would be nice if they each had some thing to wake up to individually when they weren’t using the room together. The only thing I was missing at that point were matching comforters and a lamp. I finally found a nice tree lamp and then I had to customize an order for two blankets.

I had their names put on the blankets and for my 2 1/2-year-old daughter, I had them add roses underneath of her name. I did that as a little accent to remind her of her mommy since I love roses. For Alexander, I just added some cute vines and leaves under his name to make it more gender comfortable for him. The room turned out to be a great success! It cost me a little more to decorate than the rest of the house though. Both blankets were about $60 each and I had to purchase them separately so as to be able to afford them. The paint itself was only $20, but the wall decals cost me about $50 alone. The tree lamp cost me $20 at HomeGoods. The little carpet itself was very cheap and only cost $9.99 on Amazon. It really turned out great though and now my 2 1/2-year-old daughter doesn’t even want to sleep with me anymore LOL. Little Alexander still sleeps with me though. But at least Elora (Adree) is getting a lot of use out of the bedroom. A used leftover paint, to paint my half a bathroom downstairs as well. I use the same paint that I had used in my office/living space. I paid $20 for a matching bathroom rug set. And so the bathroom was done. The only thing that I really had to do with it later, was purchase drawers, to put some of my personal items in. That cost me about $40 on Amazon.

Before… when it was a vacant bedroom.

Everything seem to be complete but there was one space that continued to really irk my soul. My laundry room. It was dingy and it definitely was very unorganized. Overtime the family would just throw things down there without putting things on any kind of shelving. When we moved in there was a wooden shelving system that the owner of the home had crafted. It was big and bulky, and it was built right onto the wall self and so it wasn’t easy to get rid of. I had to use a drill and a sledgehammer both, to remove that piece by piece. After removing it, I cleaned out all of the junk that had been piled up in there that no one was using. That included things like all the crafts that nobody finished, some bags of clothes that nobody was ever going to wear again, and packages of paper towels and toilet paper that were never opened or put anywhere. We used to have an arts table down there too but I remove that as well for more space. I donated the bags of clothes and throw everything else away since it was almost ruined anyhow. I then painted the concrete brick wall behind my washer and dryer, whites. I had to use a paint with a sealer in it though. This was to make the wall look shiny and to fill in any of the little tiny holes or pores that each of the concrete blocks had in them. I didn’t want it to look like a poor paint job after all. I then went to the Home Depot and bought a shelving rack set. I had to use a drill to hang up the brackets to them positioned the shelves. I re-organized everything on the shelves and then I added a cart on wheels in there as well for cleaning products and extra supplies. I painted any exposed wood, a light blue color that I had left over from the kids nursery room. I added more white to the paint that I had left over from the concrete wall as well. Mixing them, really made a very very light color blue, that was Sophie you could barely see that it was blue. It definitely brightened up the space and made it a lot more comfortable to be in. I really hated even going in there to do my laundry because it was so packed that it was often claustrophobic. The laundry room was finally almost done. I really wanted to seal and paint the concrete floor as well. Seems the concrete is a very absorbent surface and so overtime anything that has spilled has been absorbed it is greatly stained into the floor. That included candle dies from making candles in there, and many other things.

I still haven’t gotten around to do the floor in there yet though. But for the most part mostly everything had been done. It really looks so fantastic in here. My mother was even generous enough to complement the new paint jobs and help me improvement projects, by buying a cheap sectional to match. While it isn’t the greatest quality of furniture, it really did make it look nice in here. Before we had a brown sofa that we had brought from our last residence. But my father had sat on it every single day before he was dying, and kind of sunk The one seat cushion in. You couldn’t even sit down on it or you would fall into the actual couch and on it’s Springs. I was happy that we finally got rid of it. Even though it had sentimental value because of my father having sat there before he passed, I definitely felt that if we were going to have visitors and such, that we should have a better piece of furniture to welcome them with. My mother made that possible and so I was really thankful. Now that all of that is done, the only thing I really have left now is to get to my garage. I want to clean it out and make it into a little bit of a she-cave. You know how they have she-sheds?Well it’s sort of like that. I want to turn the garage into a little space where I can do my crafts and work on making my products for my business. I still want to use it a little bit for storage but I would love to have more workspace in regards to making my products because sometimes we make so many of them, we don’t have anywhere to really store them. I don’t want to mess getting all over the floors like I did in the laundry room either. I’ll get around to it before the summer is over but for now, the garage is still pretty packed with all of the stuff that I still wanted to keep from the laundry room. I’ll post pictures when I finally get around to doing the garage.

Family time and Instilling Virtues

Ultimately, it was pretty cheap to do all of these projects room to room. I just use a lot of stuff that I had bought and whatever was left over from it. Any additional pieces I looked for on sale. There were a few other items that we got throughout the process of it. I did buy my son a new dresser since he had been using a small little plastic bin. That really made it look very nice and tidy in there to add to how beautiful it looked. I also bought a few little accent pieces for the kitchen and a couple of organizational cards for the kids. Everything really does feel very warm here now. And to think that just rounding it up to the nearest dollar, everything only cost me a little bit under $500! And that was throughout time. I didn’t just buy everything all at once. I had to save up money on the side, to be able to do anything. But it was a lot better than having to pay thousands of dollars right? To have had the upstairs and the downstairs both painted, it would’ve went over $2500 according to New Jersey painting contractors. To build the countertop space for the breakfast nook, that would’ve cost roughly about a grand as well by itself. And so just for those few things, I’m very grateful that I was able to be creative myself as well as thrifty. I really made the home a whole other place as well as a much more welcoming and happy environment.

If you are getting tired of how your inner sanctuary looks, you could probably do the same thing that I did. Save up a little money on the side and once you have enough, go out and look for paints and decorations etc. that falls within your budget. I also added a brand new kitchen faucet as well. I had to learn how to do these things on my own. Before my father died he asked me to buy him a Ryobi tools kit. I wondered what he was going to do with it since I knew he was so sick and weak that he probably would never get around to using it. And so I asked him who is it really for? He admitted that he wanted me to buy it for him for Christmas, but it was going to be mine in the end of things. I am glad that he made me do that. He knew I was going to need it for something right? So far throughout the process, I’ve been a carpenter, a plumber, a painter, and organizer, and I’ve also built pieces of furniture that came in, that weren’t built already.

It’s really funny. Amber and I have an inside joke that we often say to each other which gives us a little bit of a giggle. Amber often says that when we’re making brochures for our business in spiritual advising, that we should also add painting, plumbing, yardwork, landscaping etc. LOL. We are a jack of all trades my daughter and I. Were able to conquer pretty much anything we set out to do together. You have no idea how many pieces of furniture we built over the years. I guess that’s how it goes we don’t really have a man of the house. My son was always young and my father, always too sick. You learn pretty quickly when you don’t want to pay out-of-pocket for somebody to come and do it for you. in all, I’m really pleased with how the house is turned out. I truly would not have decorated it any other way. It’s true that your environment really does affect you. Not only do I have to keep up with regular atmospheric cleansers, but I have to also do aura and chakra cleaning on all of my relatives weekly. I do my own every few days. The energies out there are harsh and stifling. If I leave the house for even half an hour a day, I come back feeling like I’m dying. The peach colored paint really wasn’t helping anything. Therefore using the light gray really opened up the space and it’s a color that’s neutral with anything. If I ever decide to add accent pieces of A different color, it’ll go good with the gray. Right now we’re sticking with the light to dark gray color scheme with furniture and decor so far, but if I choose to switch that up with pink or any other color tan like gold or blue etc. it’ll all work wonderfully together with the light gray.

It’s a known fact that if you have a green walls and you’re always in that room containing the green walls, that is going to cause your heart chakra which is associated with green, to go over active. It’s the same if you were to reside in one color all of the time anywhere. Still though, the gray itself is a wonderful choice because it doesn’t interfere with your chakras or aura in anyway. Gray isn’t really a color after all. The energy of the atmosphere also depends upon the people that are in it. If others are feeling down, then it will fill the environment that way. Making the place look nice and renewing how it looks in the atmosphere, makes everyone else feel a lot better when they’re in those spaces. Therefore we have a lot more positive energy than we did before, for sure.

Elora & Alexander adding finishing touches to the kitchen.

Make yourself a nice inner sanctuary too. If you need any ideas let me know. I’m not a home decor expert but I do have some really wonderful ideas up my sleeve. Doing projects like this really helps you to bring your family closer as well. I need my 14-year-old son build his very own dresser which taught him a skill. He learned how to use new tools, and I got to spend time with him teaching in hell. My toddlers also didn’t feel the lend a helping hand at moments, with painting. My daughter Amber also helped with some things here and there when she was available. It was nice on top of that too because, when my children’s father visited, he also helped in painting Noah‘s room.

Noah learning values and life skills, building his own dresser.

I brought the two guys together and really shared that he cared while he was here. I really enjoyed doing all of this and I really hope to be able to share the renewed space is people, they get to come over and visit here. Since I don’t get to leave the house very much because of the energy and how it affects me outside, I really want to invite people to visit me. I don’t want to be isolated after all. I’m more than happy to travel out to others, where to spend some time outdoors, but for the most part I can’t go into too many public spaces because of how sensitive I am. Still though, take my advice, it’s really great to do you things on your own and nothing makes you feel better than a job well done when it’s done by you. Good luck on creating your inner sanctuary is everybody and thank you for reading.

Me and Elora, painting the kitchen.

It comes around

The people that we meet in life will be of all types of characters who all have different perceptions, needs, attributes, and flaws. Working with so many, I hear all kinds of experiences, and I can tell you… relationships are no less than hard when it comes to trying to have good ones. Most people think conditionally. Most of the time they have a reason as to why they are investing time into someone. Everyone has one expectations in others that they come to connect with. Even at times without realizing that they have those conditions. A good example if you will…

Solely for me….

There was a woman named Monique who started going to a depression support group which was being run by a woman named Carla. Carla put the group together under her therapy license and felt it would be good for her to use the time helping others to take her mind off of things. She had experienced a loss in her family at the beginning of the year and now six months later, she felt that she could try to let go and concentrate on making others feel better.

Monique and Carla had started out as just acquaintances but talking and texting outside of group, they became friends. Carla would always ask Monique to come by for company as she was lonely, but Monique always told her that she was busy. She hadn’t been. Any excuse that she told her had been a lie. She just didn’t have any plans. She just didn’t want to go out. However, Monique always called Carla . Every time something had happened that upset her, Monique would reach out to her therapist friend Carla. Upon realizing that she talked about herself quite a bit and that Carla stayed quiet and only ever did just listen… She felt badly and told Carla that if she ever needed to talk, that she would be there for her just as much as Carla had been there for her.

As time progressed, Carla started to feel as though she didn’t really have a real friend in the world. She didn’t expect anything from anyone. In fact she was a giver. But it would’ve been nice to have people actually show that they cared about her in someway. And so she isolated a bit and when it came time for the next monthly group, Carla issued an email notification that she was canceling it. But Monique had also been going through a great deal of depression and without her therapist fun to talk to you lately, she was really looking forward to that support group. She was a little angry at Carla for not keeping in touch to begin with, but when she found out that the support group to have been canceled… She called Carla up just give her a piece of her mind. She told her that she was very upset that she had canceled the group and that she didn’t think that Carla realized just how many people really needed that group. She told her that she couldn’t think of any reason that was good enough in her eyes that Carla would have canceled such an important and much needed tool for a lot of depressed people.

Finally, Carla kindly came out with the truth. She told Monique that she had been having some troubles of her own. She told Monique that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone by canceling the support group. It was only that she needed some time to work some things out within herself. Monique told Carla that she was selfish and that was the last that they spoke. Carla never answered the phone for Monique again and she canceled the support group permanently.

Expect Not

When you have people in your life, you will be in a position to always give. But the problem is, is that many people expect to receive back, what they’ve given in the same way from those individuals. That’s not really how it works though. You can’t have specific expectations. You’ll get back with you given to others through other people throughout time. You have to have a level of acceptance in the fact that everyone will give what they want to, or what they can. Everybody is different. However if you have a situation where it is only a one-way street overall, then that person isn’t the true definition of a loved one. That’s a person who has conditions and their own interest at heart.

The point is, everybody will give in their own way. What you have given, always comes back to you just through different situations and people. But here’s something to think about. How much easier is it to do for the people that do for you? Then it is do for those that do nothing for you at all? Jesus says to do want to others as you would have them do you want to you. But he doesn’t mean to help them in the expectations of receiving back from the same people, the same way. What do you means is that you have to treat other people the way you desire to be treated and that means even with others that do nothing for you at all. And that’s because he knew that karma comes in good ways and bad. In a good way, your karma will come back to you for the good things you’ve done through other individuals that you come across when you are in a time of need. They’ll help you just like you helped the other person. It comes back to you when you need it most.

Keep helping others. But if there are situations in your life like what Carla experienced, it may be best to cut the ties. A form of manipulation is when a person takes and takes and puts you down when they aren’t able to get from you anymore. Giving in your life should bring good things back to you in many ways. Loved ones will give in their own ways. Anyone who doesn’t try to help you in any way, is using you.

The Virus

It’s the year 2021…

Many people really anticipated the arrival of this brand new year because of how horrible 2020 was. For many people it was truly horrible. I have said many times in my blogs and courses, that we have been hit with a major curse. I have mentioned the term “Dark Consciousness” in many of my videos and blogs. Going into further discussion of it in my courses, I explained to my students how many are being affected by the so-called illness. I have spoken about many of the things happening today, long before they even took place. Referencing a specific blog entry on my “Spiritual Services” website from 2019, you will find an entry where I spoke of a dark substance that was breathed in and affected everyone’s ability to breathe, causing symptoms of illness.

“Pretty soon people are going to be getting sick and people will suffer in a lot of lung issues, even small children. Small children will have their immune system drop, which the body really cannot fight off illness.”

Alura Cein; (Alura’s World Mar.18, 2019)

I told everyone to install air purifiers in their homes for that reason. I was speaking of this so called COVID-19 virus, or Dark Consciousness. The virus itself is affecting people through the mind, not so much through their physical system. It is a form of consciousness that is being programmed into humanity in order to propose fear and maintain control. It was also used as a smear campaign for the president of the USA at the time. There are many tactics of psychological control in which people will devise platforms such as this one, to distract, ruin, and control, all at the same time. Why not? They’re killing a few birds with one stone, so to speak.

I won’t go into the subject further until I speak more on the vaccine and a few other important things. For now, I want to talk about my own personal experience with it…

Fighting the odds

It’s a battle that’s for sure! Everyday it has been a bit of a struggle for every person. Many of the symptoms of people are mentioning, aren’t just from having a cough or not feeling well physically, but from feeling pretty awful mentally and emotionally too. I know many have a cough yes. But many are also feeling the effects on a psychological level too. Because your psychological and emotional solves our half of who you are as a spiritual being, that means that it’s ultimately going to end up eating into your spiritual energy and your physical body to. That is the completion of four. With that in mind, it is important to make sure that you are fit in all levels of your self. That means making sure that you’re well balanced in all areas that make you who you are. You have to have many different types of activities and regimens in order to maintenance your help in those areas. Nevertheless, it is not an easy thing to continuously keep on top of everything. Life throws things at you, I get it. But if you slip up for one day, you have to get back on track on another. If not you’re leaving your self wide open. Even with protection spiritually around you, if you are letting your guard down, then it’s almost like saying to the dark energies that it’s OK to come in.

The energies themselves try to create arguments, contentions and hatred amongst people. It’s first starts with paranoia and suspicion. I always teach that you can’t really trust anybody. Not 100% anyhow. You might be able to trust certain people with certain things, but not with everything. A person should always have their guard up but not so much that they can’t be open just enough as well. It’s hard to explain but if you were around me and witnessed how I work with others, then you would see what I mean. It’s almost like you’re protecting yourself but you’re also trying to be open minded to the feelings of others at the same time. It’s having a balance in your duality.

The energy it’s self is a very strong force. After having experimented with multiple tools of protection, I have noticed that it is best to only protect one person at a time. You can put a protection grid around your house but it works a lot better to just protect each individual in the home instead. Having both would definitely provide a great deal of sheltering from it though. You have to imagine that if your house has protection and somebody from the outside comes in who doesn’t have protection, they’ll just bring it right in. And that’s because it’s like someone has invited, just through that person‘s entry. So it’s better to protect everyone so that they don’t bring it back when they come and go. Having the protection on the home itself as well will protect it from any energies that are not invited in and then to also put a protection around each person so they don’t mistakenly let it in themselves. I’ve noticed that this is what works best. However another thing that I’ve noticed is that if one person has protection and another doesn’t, the energy itself will just level up by multiplying itself so that it is a bigger force than your protection grid. Protection grades are made to sustain any force of entry from negative and evil energies from the outside. But if you have a very strong force gnawing away little by little at that protection grid, over time it will find a small wait inside. All it needs is to get a little speck of itself inside that grid with you through a hole in it, and then it’ll start to play on your feelings and thoughts. Through those implanted negative feelings and thoughts, it will just start to grow as it absorbs them. That is why it is so important that when a person begins to feel vulnerable or notices even slight changes negatively within themselves, that they regulate their mind and emotions to regain positivity. This way it doesn’t have a way to expand and ultimately in time, affect the person even more. When it gets that level, that’s when you know that you have a lot of the consciousness surrounding you.

At times, I can tell that it enters my home because of the way that it changes the character of each individual here. It will try to jump from person to person. It creates aggravation or continual irritation. I often find myself being the mediator between many people who come and go from my home. It’s almost as if everybody hates everyone and hates life. They don’t know how to stop for a minute and talk to one another. In my life coaching I give tips on what the righteous way of speaking to another person is. But forgive my French, another person that I know has referred to it as “kissing a%!”. However that would be the ultimate human perspective in looking at things wouldn’t it? Those who are of a heavenly mindset know that each person has their own way of hearing things, and their own perspective in interpreting it. In that case, Our heavenly father and his heavenly hosts have all agreed that it is best for humans to stop a minute, and think of what they want to say. Still, many people Donalds. And it has at times calls arguments. Even especially when someone is saying something exactly the way that they want to say it, with the exact effect that they wanted it to have. There are agitators in this world like that. It reminds me of how demons act. A demonic presence loves to stir up trouble. They actually thinks it’s quite funny when they get people angry. They love to play word games and especially love lying on an expert level to see if they can get away with it. The point is, I think everyone has come across somebody like that at some point or the other. In my home we try to act righteously and to always apply the virtues and all of the things that we do. But there are others who are still learning in the process of life and spirit. Even knowing that somethings are wrong, they may still do them just because they don’t really fear of the true consequence. Perhaps it’s that they do not know that there is a consequence at all. I have so many stories to tell you all about a specific situation but I’ll leave that for the future.

Now there came a time when the dark consciousness was really trying to shake things up at my house. I had opened my heart and my doors to a person you really need a lot of counseling and love. Because of that, they thought I was a pushover and that I just was openly loving to anyone and everyone. They would manipulate, and agitate those in my family and it would create chaos. Being a person who understands consciousness and the spirit a great deal, I know a thing or two about mind control and manipulation. I can recognize it instantly even in its most subtle of forms. I have taught my family to also recognize it as well. Especially my children. I am very forgiving and merciful though, and many times while I did openly acknowledge what I was witnessing, I gave the person the benefit of the doubt time and time again. Never have I seen such horrible behavior and a human being before standing in front of me. These are the types of people that you hear about in scary movies. No offense to that individual or anything as I still openly give my love as I do to all. But the energy was really getting intense. The person themselves kept coming to me telling me that they were experiencing and numbness inside of them. They explained that they would sit on their lunch break each day, having crazed thoughts run through their mental process.

For some reason though, the individual didn’t seem to put up much of A fight against these thoughts. Each time that we encountered them, they brought with them and energy that would fill you with such a great anxiety and upset that everybody would be on edge. I would have to clear my house every time that the energy was present from outside. Many times people told me that they have felt my energy and how serene it is. Whenever the dark consciousness would come in from outside through this individual, that serenity from my energy that filled the home, disappeared. It would feel heavy and upsetting. If I focus my attention outside on top of that, I felt the feeling of worldwide grief and stagnation. There was a sense of confusion and hopelessness. I had channel the angels so many times throughout the years, and which they had for warned about this. But I still in my heart had hoped that humanity would open their heart to love. That way it wouldn’t have as much power here on Earth. But Archangel Gabriel had explain time and time again that mankind really didn’t want love anymore. They wanted to be numb so that they wouldn’t have to feel badly for their actions. I started to see that more and more in the visitor at my home.

During last year, my littlest children were seeing things throughout the home. I could tell that little Elora (Adree) was viewing things because she would be looking right at what I would be looking at without me even having to prompt her to do so. There were many times that she had taken Michael’s (Amber’s boyfriend) hand and lead him to the end of the hallway where she would point up into mid air. Of course Michael being normal, didn’t see anything. But because he is more spiritually minded from spending time with me and my daughter Amber, he has started to be a little bit more open minded to the spiritual presence. He had said that he had felt something there but he could not see it.

Recently, Elora had been sitting on my lap and her attention kept being diverted toward looking at something behind me. The way that she kept looking side hide behind me, raise red flags that perhaps maybe there had been someone there. She has a very high vibration in which she doesn’t sit down, just like me. All day long we are walking around and doing different things. It’s not until late at night that she actually takes it down and arch. I was telling her bedtime story and her eyes just creepily kept looking over my shoulder to the side. And so I asked her; “What do you see”? I hadn’t looked in that direction yet and so I told her to just take me on over there to the location where she had been looking. When I got up to my shocking surprise I had seen a shadow figure outside the window. But I didn’t freak out yet. I just waited for her to take the initiative to indicate to me what she was looking at so as not to influence her at all. And sure enough she pointed out the window. The hairs on the back of my neck had set up because I had hoped that she wouldn’t have to encounter such things like I had when I was little. Knowing that she was an Oracle just like me I had expected that she would at some point though. Already she’s had very lucid dreams, and astral projections that have terrified her. But recently, she started seeing things. I take videos for just about almost everything that my two newest little ones do. We didn’t have that luxury when I was a kid even though the technology has gotten better over the years. I’ve had some videos of my son Noah when he was younger but because I had lost the phones over time, I lost the videos too. I don’t want to miss the moment of our memories together ever again. So during the one video that I have been taking, Elora was trying on her new little bear footed slippers and when she went to bend down to put them on she stopped suddenly and stirred up quickly and almost frozen position. I watched her eyes as she followed her presents that seem to swoop down near her feet and then back up toward the other window downstairs in my living space. Luckily I had caught it on film and I had showed my daughter Amber. These things are almost always attracted toward my home because of who I am and the work that I do. But it just seemed to be very coincidental that lately darker things started showing up. Each time we immediately begin to pray and then we like prayer candles in hopes that we will have the upmost of heavenly protection. I have constructed protection grids over all of my children and myself and so far so good. I know for a fact that my son Noah, my two youngest, and I have not had any major problems or attacks. I do empathically feel others feel throughout all of this, but it doesn’t affect me directly. My daughter Amber though, she works outside of the home around the public in her new job. There are many times that she comes home telling me about her thoughts and feelings for the day. They almost always sound very similar to the thoughts and feelings of clients are fans that email in about what they’re going through. However, once Amber has her three days off for the week, spending time with me makes her feel a lot better. Right now though, she seems to have a little bit of a cold.

Alexander is a different story. He seems to be unaffected by most things. He’s a very humble, jolly little boy who is so very loving and excepting. He just looks for acceptance from others and for their approval. He is so adorable and innocent and I’m truly blessed to have added him as a part of my life. I think him every day for agreeing there is higher self to be here. Since he doesn’t get affected much, there was one time that remained significant in my mind. The only reason that it is, is because I actually have a photograph of it happening. I was holding him and playing with him for a little bitthat evening. My vision is not like anyone else’s. I see in waves and colors as well as very specific codes if I zoom in so to speak, into the atmosphere. Which is generally everything is multi dimensional and wavy. I don’t know how else to explain it. I also don’t see color is the way that most people do either. So if something is in a persons aura, I will notice it right away. As I held him I was looking at him tenderly and just in Meyering how cute he was when I saw a black speck in his aura on the right hand side near his shoulder. What was odd is that it seem to just kind of hover over his shoulder and when I looked a little further into it, going behind him it seemed like it were long like a snake hanging down the back of his arm. So I sent light energy there and removed a lot of it but the rest of it just stuck there. It didn’t matter how much I attacked with a fourth of lights. The only other way to get out of it would be to reserve it within myself and then transmute it into a higher frequency. And so I breathe in through my nose. As I did, I had just happened to snap a picture at that moment. I really got lucky because there are so many times that I do this kind of work and try to take a photo of it and nothing will appear. You can see it below.

Absorbing dark energy…. 2020
See how I breathed it in through my nose.

Forgive forgive me for the quality of the photo because I had only just looked at the camera and snapped the picture without really trying to get a good angle or clarity. My main objective was just to try to capture what was happening as quickly as I could before it was too late. I do not advise whatsoever for a person to ever try this kind of energy work himself. As an angelic I can tell you that this is one of the most risky forms of energy work that there is. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with an entity inside of you that you can’t get out later.with that, I only went to this extreme because it was a little kid. I don’t like to see little children attacked and as you can see the energy in the photograph going up my nose is quite dark. Later on I raise the vibration of it within myself to a higher octave and then released it. I was quite drained after that though. The topic of this entire article was made especially to center upon that photograph though. I want you all to see what you have in your aura every day. You may not see it yourself because it is of another dimensional quality. If you’re not psychic, then you won’t be able to see it. But it does not mean that it is not there. Nobody else had mentioned seeing anything at Alexander’s or even up to five minutes before I took that photo and my daughter Amber and my son Noah both had been in the room just prior. When a child is being targeted like that, I will most definitely do whatever it takes even at the extent of myself, to help them. Alexander being as little as he was in that photograph is helpless to fight against energies or even to help himself physically. And so without it budging from his aura with just basic energy work, I had to do what I had to do to get rid of it. This is the type of energy that sits upon the aura and provokes thoughts within a persons mind either from the depths of their very own subconscious or by grabbing other thoughts from the atmosphere from othersWhen a child is being targeted like that, I will most definitely do whatever it takes even at the extent of myself, to help them. Alexander being as little as he was in that photograph is helpless to fight against energies or even to help himself physically. And so without it budging from his aura with just basic energy work, I had to do what I had to do…to get rid of it.

This is the type of energy that sits upon the aura and provokes thoughts within a persons mind either from the depths of their very own subconscious or by grabbing other thoughts from the atmosphere from others. It will act as a magnet for other forms of negativity and then attract it toward an individual who will then absorb it through their auric layers into their chakras and then into their physical body. It will then be absorbed through the mind. It is a terrifying thing to think about. That form of spirit is called, a parasitic leech. They start out long and skinny and then as they absorb more and more dark consciousness from a person that they have latched onto or from the atmosphere that they will implants into the person they have attached to, they will grow in size. Had I not removed it from Alexander, the energy more than likely would have felt very heavy to anyone else holding him. They would’ve wanted to put him down every couple of minutes because something about him would have just made them not want to hold him anymore. He would have felt that rejection and that would have led him to feel sadInside. Ultimately, that leech would have fed off of his emotions and expanded itself. In time it would have been almost the size of an entire entity. And once they gain that kind of power, they will try to multiply themselves by creating alarmingly aggressive situations.

There are parents out there that are actually harming their own children. Crime has increased so much so, that it reminds me of something I was told when I was a little girl. I remember that Metatron and I had been walking through the meadow near my home. Not he himself actually, but his essence. He was telling me of a time in the future where crime would be right out front of a persons own front door. I never did fully understand that because I thought that he was speaking literally. I always imagine that I’d open my front door and see people running down the street from some gunman. But he had meant it figuratively speaking. He was saying that even in the safest of towns, crime would increase. I can tell you that there is something happening out my own neighborhood almost several times a day. It is terrifying. And that’s why it’s so important to never allow this energy in. There have always been parasitic leeches, entities, attachments, generational spirits etc. But when the dark consciousness is opening up small doorways for others to have access into this world, it makes the fight a little bit more overwhelming to goBut he had meant it figuratively speaking. He was saying that even in the safest of towns, crime would increase. I can tell you that there is something happening out my own neighborhood almost several times a day. It is terrifying. And that’s why it’s so important to never allow this energy in. There have always been parasitic leeches, entities, attachments, generational spirits etc. But when the dark consciousness is opening up small doorways for others to have access into this world, it makes the fight a little bit more overwhelming to go up against. There are a lot of things that I want to teach to people in regards to truth. But even then I would be very careful in doing so. Not only do I have to worry about organizations robbing me of my information, but I also have to worry about people misinterpreting it. I remember speaking about Reptilians a lot in the past and people started getting extremely paranoid about giant lizards trying to take over their bodies LOL. I mean it’s not funny, but it does make me chuckle just a little bit at the idea of seeing a giant lizard. I do hope that people understand what I meant now. In regards to all of the stark consciousness though, what I’m saying is as real as it gets. Go back over former articles and read about it more. Find out the symptoms and try to protect yourself as best you can. Keep your mind positive and stay as physically active as you can. This will help in combating these energies. But most of all if you need anything you know where to find me. Just like I helped Alexander, I will always be here to help any of you.

Arrow of Truth- End of 2020 Holiday Reading

Greetings, this is the December 2020 tarot reading for the holidays. For my VIP clients, there will be more personal insight included in their newsletter.

Humans walk this Earth with an urge to understand. But what is it that they have a great need to understand? Is it the meaning of life? Is it the meaning of their own life or for all of life? Either way, everyone seeks their purpose. They seek to understand whether they are on the correct path toward it. But how many can truly accept it once they know what it is? The idea is that, everyone is seeking a meaning but is it they themselves who define it? Or is there a power higher than themselves that has already pre-destined it?

It’s a little bit of both.

Even when their purpose is finally discovered and accepted within their heart and soul, how many things within this world around them will come to distract them from continuing toward it? Is it really they themselves only, who reap the consequences of living without purpose? No. The answer is, everyone around them and everybody expanded out in this collective of humankind, experience is it. What one person does affects another. What one person does not do, but that’s another. For an example, what if two people were destined to meet in one location but one of those people decide to randomly go somewhere else that day instead? What if that meeting was destined

Our reading for the month of December leaves us at the end of the year. Just one year ago the “Angelic Herald” predicted all of the events that are taking place here today. How many people within that one singular year fell apart? How many of those individuals vowed in the beginning of their spiritual journey to always remain true to it?

Yet, it is through the path of illumination that one is tested. Their true spiritual nature gets exposed before themself in the mirrors of the Oracle, or in the reflections of life. Life is a much bigger Oracle itself. But even life itself cannot help a person understand why they tend to fail themselves or why they fail the people that they love… or even God. The answer to the question “why” is one that can only be revealed by someone who can see from the eyes of Hathor. 

Hathor’s eyes are situated so far beyond regular third dimensional life. Still, not even upon receiving an explanation, who can understand her celestial language?

The Cards

For the special event of Saturnalia which I always celebrate because of Capricorn and the fact that my birthday is on the 28th, I used a special deck. The significant card for the end of this year’s reading asks each and every reader to really reevaluate the year. that has just passed so quickly by them. How many have fallen? This reminds me of the Bible verse in which it said: “How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations”!

Things are about to change for a lot of people. There is a lot of news that I have surrounding this subject, including about the Saturn and Jupiter conjunction. You also have very specific details according to your very own. You may want to check into having a specialized report done in one of my holiday novelty readings. It will be on the front page of my website. This can help you understand how all of this is going to affect you personally.

Our card means that there are a lot of people that may think that they’re doing the right thing, but maybe they’re just not doing the right thing in the right way. Our card also represents that there are a lot of people that have ventured off into the wrong direction completely. It’s time to get back on track. Dark consciousness made all of what’s happening possible. Most people don’t realize how dark consciousness works. Yes, it has a lot to do with that. So how does it work then?

Dark consciousness and its role…

With dark consciousness, you could be yourself one minute, and suddenly your thoughts and actions are different the next. Afterwards, you are suddenly back to yourself again not really realizing what you had just done or said. You just completely oblivious to it, or unfeeling toward it because your inner self is blocking it out.

A good example of this includes a lot of the parents that are committing crimes against their children these days. Most of them just shifted suddenly. It’s much like the Los Angeles man who was convicted of decapitating his two children. I know it sounds awful and I hate to even mention it here, but it just goes to show how this type of consciousness works. He was a Zumba teacher and somebody that really have loved his family. How did he just suddenly go from being a health fanatic that loved his family, to a man who starved and murdered his children? Especially, in that gruesome manner? It was because of his consciousness being affected by the dark energies. Even though he was aware of what he was doing, it seemed almost as if he wasn’t mentally or spiritually in control of it. While a lot of people will not have such severe changes, a lot of people are experiencing them nonetheless. There has been extreme depression especially, without those who started suffering from it ever even knowing why. Many even suddenly give up on everything that they have worked hard for without understanding? There have been people whose attitudes and emotions changed towards their relationships in their lives. There are a lot of women especially that are starting to feel like they need to go back into getting sexualized attention or getting involved in vanity and fashion because of the spiritual energies that work within this type of consciousness, which influences them. It’s all about getting everybody on board with the new agenda.

Like I’ve said, I have more information about this but you should probably heed what the card is trying to say. Once the mind starts to conform to a certain way, it will eventually become permanent. It’s similar in how the spiritual shift happened back in 2012. It was like a light switch just turning everybody on to mystical and esoteric studies. That’s what happens within an agenda. It affects the masses. I said this in my teachings before, that in ancient times when media didn’t exist one person could come up with an idea on one side of the world, but yet another person on the other side of the world would be thinking the same thing. King Solomon tried to tell everybody when he said; “There is nothing new under the sun”! As a collective consciousness we are all connected in a web like energy structure. Imagine a spider web. If a vibration is triggered in one area of that web, it will vibrate on the entire web eventually. It’s the same with life here in this “web of consciousness”. Once a vibration or signal is triggered on even one line of our energy web, it will produce a wave that sends the same signal out to everyone caught in the web.

This means that every person who is linked together here, which is pretty much everybody (except fully transcended souls) will get the same signal at the same time. Who is sending it? Good question! Consciousness is a powerful thing and probably more powerful than any technology you’ll ever find on this earth because it is something that was created beyond this earth. It takes someone from beyond here, to understand it more. Not enough science could even explain it. Don’t allow yourself to be affected by that signal though. And believe me many people are affected, sad to say.

The arrow of truth is upside down it pointing in the forwards direction. This means that while many move ahead, they do so without guidance or in looking where they are actually going. Have you ever watched an arrow being shot off? It may have been aimed, but still missed the target. That’s how many will end up… either missing the target or, ending up directionless.

Or others they may find that they are just exploring some things from the past so that they can have a good time in finding where they need to go when the arrow it’s self is launched by an archer who has great aim so to speak. In other words, a person finally has the right tools and understanding in their life and can make the best choices that they can. That will start to take place as time goes by throughout the year.

We end this month with a great questioning. What will next year have in store for us? What will time be like? I have often said many times publicly that I have great difficulty leaving the house before 2 o’clock. I mentioned some time later that it wasn’t able to leave until after three or four in the afternoon because the energies were so intense outside. For my students who listen to the Indignation course, you will know why. But for now, just know that the energies are very overbearing and the sun is very dense it has a bit of a negative affect on me. Horrible symptoms arise and I have to go out when it seems subtle or tamed. There are times that I don’t even get to leave until 5 o’clock or six. Time goes by far too quickly as well and so with these energies making things as they are, it seems like no one is able to get anything done. Could this have a role in why humankind is headed into the wrong direction in life? Could it be that maybe naturally everyone is being guided that way by powers unseen? I mean if no one has any Millatti to get done the things that they need to do any stick to the same old daily routine, and the only things that they will have time to do will be the things in that routine and nothing extra. And that will mean everyone will stay exactly the same. Could it be that perhaps maybe this arrow also reflects a bit of a purgatorial like life for everyone?

Did you know that they just made it legal for people to commit theft in Seattle? Not totally, but all the consequences for stealing will not be as severe because they cannot control the crime while defunding the police there. So they subtly condone it. Just like Gabriel stated in The Angelic Herald’s “In the Dark” (a prophetic online newsletter). All of it was right!

Stay strong. The energies will effect everyone differently but just be sure to be steadfast in trying to hang on in all of your virtues. Don’t give anyone, or anything your own power. this means that if there are toxic people around you don’t allow them to get under your skin or upset you. Just totally overlook it. No idea for people starting arguments and being very negative towards someone is because that person themselves is unhappy inside. Therefore, misery loves company. Don’t join in their company. Additionally, this is the year that you will have to really focus on squeezing a lot of things in. It’s really important that you achieve the goals you have for yourself. But with time having sped up in the “quickening” you may find it harder and harder to have time. If you were feeling as if you can’t get up in the morning and get started that it’s likely that your kundalini energy has slowed down significantly and this could lead to very weak chakras. Make sure you have the best energetic essence keep up with your spiritual care. Try to be positive minded. Tell yourself things even if you don’t fully believe them right away. Eventually your mind will process the more positive idea.

Do you things for others too. You will feel better inside as well as connecting your energetic tie to somebody else through good deeds. As a result, the energy will stream back-and-forth between you and the other person. It’s a good feeling to know that you inspired good will even if for a few minutes here and there. Usually me and my children will go and volunteer somewhere in order to help. Now that we are experiencing so many limitations because of the COVID-19 virus, we can’t really do much except for our very own versions of charity. We have our very own plans for what will be doing with this. I have a huge story to tell in regards to my year this past year. I’ll save that for the next entry though and continue coaching you through what you’ll need for this upcoming year.

 Continuing on, be sure to make time for things you need to do. Cancel something that you do everyday in order to fit in goals. It’ll help to get you ahead. Follow the advice of the angels over there at the Angels website. The link is in this article somewhere when I was referencing Archangel Gabriel’s prophecies. Scroll back up tab to find it. Just to remind you here though, be sure to save up your money. You will need it. Don’t spend stupidly. This year was a very difficult financial year for everybody. I have had the most difficult struggles in terms of finances myself. Unemployment rates are horrific. It’ll be I am very fortunate thing for you to do the best that you can in verging and putting some fun, even just a little to the side for reserve. And less of a don’t give up. Energy out there is making people feel very suicidal and depressed these days. It’s not your own thinking. It’s influence and so the best way to fight against it, is to leave the environment that you’re in line it’s happening. Step outside. And then just taking some deep breath’s and try to think about something in your life that has always motivated you or something that has had a lot of meaning to you that you would not want to leave behind. Everybody has something or someone. That tip will help you to re-set your mind to think negative me. You should never harm yourself. It’s not a way to start over. It’s truly leading you toward having to repeat. Who knows if it will be worse? Just fight through life and get through it. Before you know what time is gone by so fast that life has flash before your eyes anyway. Things will get better for each individual depending upon what they do to make it better for themselves. Having help, support, reaffirming to yourself, being around positive people, and staying busy in pursuit of your goals. His path will be different but they will surely feel the effects of the conjunction and hopefully there will be many who get through their New Year’s resolutions. Reevaluate what you did this year and do it a little differently in the upcoming year. That will stick your arrow in the right direction.

Cyber safety

Just a quick post because I know more than anyone how important it is to be secure while online. I have had my share issues. I’ve had hacking, mobile phone mirroring, redirect looping, IP address circle redirecting, and shadow banning, not to mention an entire company that was hired to track my business website’s traffic to compete. Just recently my fifth cellphone was hacked and then my mothers, my daughters, and then my daughter’s boyfriend. It wasn’t a surprise to find out that couple of my clients also had a similar issue, those would actually spoken with me on the phone that is. I posted about this in another blog. So this morning I get a notification that yet again, we have another cyber issue.

Be safe

I was informed by my browser and my pc protection both, that 36 websites that I had logged into with my password and information, had been breach and that someone had to change my personal password even to my PayPal account. Can you imagine the horror? I just wanted to remind everybody to pick a password that’s actually secure. I’ve been choosing passwords that are more easier to remember than secure, because since I don’t really go by the time, it’s hard for me to really remember a lot of things. Before I share how to pick a safe password, let me give you some tips on safe internet use.

1.) Look for the little green lock up at the left-hand corner next to the search bar on your browser. If it’s not there, then don’t proceed to that website.

2.) Don’t click on short links or links that have a strange sounding word at the end instead of .com, .org, etc.

3.) Don’t click on sweepstakes or trash ads. Trash ads are the rows of ads at the bottom of a page that have crazy sounding news and miracle solutions in them.

4.) Don’t add unknown people to your Facebook. Look for their first post. If the profile’s first post is dated 2016 and nothing before, it’s probably a spammer of phisher. The profile shouldn’t be too new. If there’s less than 5 posts on an account than it’s fake. If they have less than that amount as pictures or a picture of a plant, cartoon…anything not them.. it’s fake. Don’t open messages in messenger from unknown people either. Ignore chain letters too.

5.) Don’t let your pc or cell track your location except when using map but give it permission just once. Also, don’t keep credit card or bank info in your phone or pc. If using a cell, have a spam iCloud account so that your private account isn’t at risk.

6.) Use a VPN.

The Internet is a lot like consciousness and so it’s easy for me to maneuver through it. I could’ve probably been a hacker myself. I should have picked a secure password myself and I intend to now. Here’s my method.

A secure password..

Choose a password that is a mix of caps and lowers with numbers mixed in there somewhere. I started using special characters too. Another pointer is, never let the site generate a password. Be sure to save your password on a piece of paper, not by allowing the browser to remember the password for you.

That’s it! Protect your Identity and your privacy!

Goes A’long way Soup

I love being a mother, a friend, a provider. To nurture others, involves many things. One of the things that I respect out of a number of things, is a good mother. A lot of people have troubles these days in trying to keep up with motherhood but I think simplicity really makes it a lot easier. Here is a recipe for a soup for the fall, that’s very quick and easy to make, definitely feeds a whole lot of people with very little ingredients, and is very cheap. It’s packed with vitamins as well for your little ones and for the health of your overall family. If you’re a singular individual making your way through this spiritual journey in the world, as soup can also be beneficial to you. Making one pot, you can have leftovers for about a week and even add to it as you go.

1 Sweet Onion or 2 small

2 Rutabagas

2 Carrots

4 Small Potatos

4 chopped celery sticks

2 Parsnips

Fresh Basil

Fresh Oregano

Fresh Dill

Fresh Majoram

If you want, you can add other things, but that’s the basic foundation of the soup.


It’s simple! Throw it all in a pot with about 7 cups of water., let it simmer of low for 2-3 hours or use a crock pot. You sure to use a lid to capture all of those savory flavors. 

The great thing about this is, like a lot of the other dishes that I make, it’s full of all kinds of vitamins. It’s great for lowering cholesterol, maintaining your weight, and it has magnesium, niacin, Vitamin E, Potassium, copper and dietary fiber. For a small family, it lasts throughout the week with leftovers. You could make some really wonderful bread with it. I made a small loaf of gluten free wheat.

I got a little extra fancy with it by cutting out one of my squash and hollowing it out to make it a bowl. I soften the sides of the slush though so that people who were eating it for dinner, could finish the soup and then scoop it out also the tasty squash. That with a side of bread sounds mighty good. Good luck with your soup if you decide to try it. And God bless you all