To give, is to receive?

Greetings dear reader, life is always so much easier when you have reached a path of being enlightened. Everything just seems to work out always so perfectly, and anything that doesn’t, does eventually. In the meantime, things that go wrong don’t seem to bother you anymore while enlightened and so things are still going good… in a sense.

I’m always talking about virtue. In a previous article where I talked about what it takes to be the definition of a righteous man, I included how always being there for people no matter how it affects you is so important. I went on to give an example. Let’s relate back to that first, before I go into something really wonderful that happened to me.

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I’m off to see the wizard

Dearest reader, welcome! It’s so good to have you here and I thank you for taking the time out to read this. You are very special to the heavens and to me. I’m excited to write this. At this time, I’m filled with anticipation for this new adventure. I’ll explain more.

To inspire…

This website is called a life of virtues, for a reason. There are so many things that happen in life in which we have to try to always be an example of Heavenly love through our behavior. We do so through the use of the virtues. It’s not always easy considering, that life itself is a very difficult thing. For the majority, it’s easier to take the opposite path. There are many times that people feel as though they are in a grouchy mood and they’ll just snap out on anybody that comes in their direction. There are many times that people no that they have to do something important but the side skip it instead. There are oh so many times that someone comes with an insult or complaint, and many will end up freaking out where there end up in a shouting match full of offensive and vulgar words. Not many stop to think. They simply just react. Living by the virtues takes practice and patience in moments like those.

But virtues should be applied also in how you pave your path in life, not only in how you communicate with others. You need them for both. I want to inspire anyone needing the inspiration, to always hold onto the virtues. Even in times of survival or while trying to get ahead in their lives. This article pertains to perseverance and endurance.

Hard times in Babylon

Throughout my angel prophecies, I’ve always expected that the angels were true to their word. Obviously, heavenly beings can’t lie. Therefore, I’ve always anticipated everything that they’ve ever told me would happen. I’ve tried to always be prepared as well. But I have to admit that there are instances where it’s a little hard to be prepared. I have a beloved cherished friend that I met through my work that often comes to me with the same issue. The blogs tell everyone to make sure that they have enough of this or enough of that, but some of the people reading don’t have a lot of financial resources. And so they ask me; “How can I be prepared, if I’m broke”? I totally understand where they are coming from. If they don’t have money to purchase some of the goods that they need to have stored away somewhere in case of a disaster, then how can they follow the advice of our heavenly ambassadors in being prepared? I always say, that if you have difficulties now, then there is always a solution. The angels don’t advise for you to do things, that are impossible. It only just appears to be impossible at the moment.

I have advised a lot of my students and clients that they should start doing different things in order to help themselves to get financially to be prepared. There are a lot of students in fact that come to me about their financial difficulties, looking for answers on how to solve them. When it comes to survival whether you believe it or not, many people look for the easy way out. Can you blame them? It’s so much more of a relief to know that there can be some kind of solution without having to break their back over it. But unfortunately, pain is gain in this world.

At times, and understandably… some of my students hadn’t always liked the advice that they got. There have been many ideas that came up in readings as advised by me or their spirit guides that included; upstarting a new business, going back to school, or just going out and hustling at a good old fashioned job. I understand where some of my clients did not want to take the advice. It all sounds hard, and like it takes a long time to get a result from some of those things. Then again, sitting around waiting for other solutions to appear isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. The more and more time that is wasted, a year or so later a person would be saying to themselves; “I would’ve graduated by now, or got that promotion by now, or my business could’ve been growing by now”… They definitely would have gotten somewhere over time. But people don’t want to wait. However, they idle time away doing nothing at all. I feel just horrible for them. They don’t realize that they’re wasting precious time, where they could be using it to grow. No matter how hard it seems to grow, or how long it takes to see results in the first place.

Yes! The world is in a state of chaos and there is still more to come. I’ve talked to a lot of religious people about these times and about two years ago many of them used to criticize me for promoting that we were in what many have referred to as “end times”. They would get very upset with me in fact, whenever I would mention it. But now, a lot of those same people agree with me. A few of them are very big religious leaders as well. It’s undeniable that the world is falling apart all around us. The planet itself is unhealthy, and humanity has not only been set up against one another, but they’re also at war within themselves. Babylon is getting ready to fall.

Can the world go back to barter trade?

I am very lucky because I have had the wonderful gift of working with a lot of people around the world through being a spiritualist. Even with the clients that I have had throughout time, they have been a huge help to me just by choosing me as their teacher or a reader. We play a role in even exchange, because I get to help them with Wisdom and Spiritual messages that they may not have ever had, while their orders help me to provide for my family. I’m so very appreciative for all of that.

I’ve always said that back in ancient times, people that had gifts like I do, were searched for all around the world. Even kings would send knights out on huge missions abroad just to find someone who had “the gift”. From prophets to seers alike, they were always provided for with shelter, gold, silver,jewelry, gems, food, and many other gifts, all tokens of gratitude for the help that their “gift” provided to those who went seeking for it. These days it just isn’t like that.

To be available for so many people and to continue writing, advising, and helping many people… I never really had time to work a regular job. I have had jobs, quite a few of them in the past as a matter of fact. I have had a lot of different types of jobs like working at department stores, telemarketing, babysitting, and then after college… I had a job helping people in the field of counseling. I even helped others who suffered from addictions since addiction had been covered in college. I had known a lot of people that suffered greatly from one addiction or another throughout my life. I went through a lot with my eldest daughter‘s father. I wanted to do what I could by helping people get better, so that they could get better for their children and themselves. But the truth is, I never really could work out in the public.

Why I didn’t work

As an angelic messenger, my psychic gifts are extreme, and I’m ultra sensitive. It could be why a lot of other seers and prophets of ancient times also lived their lives in very isolated areas and were so hard to find. I can tell you only from my experience though, and for me it’s too loud out there for me. Not just in the physical noise that you can hear with your ears, but in everything that I hear. On a Psychic level, I hear many frequencies, other peoples thoughts, thoughts of other living creatures, spirits, and even cross communication wirelessly. On top of that, there are a lot of projections that I get from other people, and there are lower vibrations of microwaves, radio waves etc, which all makes me very ill. It’s been this way all of my life, which is why I stayed isolated myself. I never really went anywhere, didn’t really have a lot of people around me, and I had that people around me that I felt but I can at least be safe with, when I did let people in. It’s one of few reasons (aside from the fact that I cherished them) that I stayed with my parents all of my life too.

I never stop “channeling”. I have tried and tried to block it all out, but I just can’t. Archangel Ariel told me that it’s because I am supposed to be an open channel at all times, in order to help whoever comes by, and I never know when the heavens will send them. With my having an open communication to heaven, it’s on their time and not mine. I could be anywhere when a message comes through. And so it has been really hard on me and always. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually… And just plain out energetically. It’s definitely a challenge.

A close friend of mine used to visit every year. As embarrassing as it was, she has even witnessed when the outside world really took a toll on me. It would happen even after we had just left the house and I had only been out for a few minutes. And trust me, you could ask her and she’ll verify that it’s a terrible condition that it puts me in, and isn’t something that I could fake. Nevertheless, I have my own messages from heaven that advise me for the better good of me and my family, while I obtain messages for others too. For mine? That leads me to the reason why I am writing this.

To Oz…

Again, I write this in hopes of inspiring other people. No matter how it’s going to be very hard on me, and the fact that I would be juggling so many more things than I already do… I may start looking for another job outside of this line of work, in addition to it.

I spend so much time worrying about the world and humanity that it was brought to my attention just the other day that I have to also start worrying about me and my family as well. Many things that the heavens have told me in regards to the future leave me with my biggest concerns of finding a home in a safe place and having means to survive while also being able to provide for my family.

It’s obvious that the angels never lie, and when they tell me that I should do something, I don’t ask myself about how hard is it going to be, or how long it’s going to take it in order to achieve my goals toward the accomplishments of my goals that lead up to their advice being taken 100%. Asking how impossible it could seem, will psyche people out from following heavenly instructions. Instead, as an angel myself with perfect faith and perfect trust, I’m going to try to ask myself what I can go about doing to take their advice, that would work. I ask myself: “What can I do to get there”? Indeed, I do ask the heavens for specific steps on what to do, and they do give them to me. But sometimes they try to test me to see my own wisdom as well. There are times that I get advice from them and it doesn’t work because of some other evil interference in this world that tries to hold me back. During those times, I’ll go back to the heavens for help which is when we will just counteract the interference with a new set of goals. We never give up. While planning, I will look at a balance of things in duality regarding the hardships and possible successes so that I can make a path that will be more productive.

There are many times that I’ve already known about what they wanted me to do, and I was only waiting upon their command on when I should get started on doing it. Even though it may seem hard, I trust them. I know that they have my best interest at heart. I know that in the area that I live in now, there’s going to be a lot of crime to come in the future. More so than there already is… Tenfold. They told me that. They also know that there will be some issues that arise later on with my work, even though I will always somehow be involved in teaching and doing readings for people.

The heavens know that I wouldn’t be able to pay a mortgage on an entirely new home while I’m a while paying a lot of bills… i struggle now. If I have difficulties financially later on because of the different things that the angels are predicting, then their advice makes sense to have some way to put a roof over our head, keep food on the table, and provide warmth. It’s really not easy supporting an entire family these days. My heart truly goes out to people that haven’t been as blessed as I have. That’s why I try with all of my heart to donate and give as much as I can.

And that’s why I need another job. I want to be able to do all of the things that I still do, while being able to look for a new home and provide for my family. I eager to prevent future troubles. I feel good about it. Eventually, I want to give even more to others in need, at times that God allows. For now, I do what I can even bring limited. Sometimes, I hurt my own situation doing so. But I put others before myself. These days, spirituality isn’t at the top of everyone’s list. People are losing interest in it because they are losing faith. Science is taking over the metaphysical and mystical. There are many people that are still very religious, but with all of the signs pointing to “end times”, out of fear a lot of religious people have given up on open spirituality especially. With the paths chosen by others out there, it goes in one direction or the other and leaves me kind of hanging in the middle. I also have to consider that a majority of the people out there believe that they are psychic these days themselves too. If they believe that they have some kind of gift or ability, they’re not going to look to me for advice. This also applies when talking about others out there that have entered into the spiritual industry. There are so many people trying to do what I do these days now, that it pushes me further and further into the background and makes it hard for others to find me.

I have to always serve Heaven, people in need and care for my family too. If I fail one, I fail them all in my eyes.

So with all of my strength, I say; “To Oz”. My friends, I am off to meet the wizard and what I mean by that is, is that it’s a confusing world out there. I refer to the wizard as being the one who is out there pulling all of the strings, making our world the way that it is. Many call this the system, while others have called it the beast. I am a non-conformist, but we do have to work to survive. I don’t support anything about this world whatsoever, but to live is to survive and the greed of the elite makes it difficult to survive without a paycheck. I know that it’s going to beat me down really bad getting out there in public, but I have to do what I have to do. I hope to make it all work, and save enough to help everyone.

Take these words from me as your trusted Oracle and sage, that while standing firm in your virtue and morals even then, sometimes you will have to do the things that you don’t like to do in life merely just to live. There are going to be a lot of hard things that you have to face up to, but to get anywhere you have to push through it in order to get to the happier moments that are on the other side. There’s an old saying that “the hard times don’t last forever”. But that only applies to those that are actually doing something to end them. .

If you are in a similar situation and the only other option that you have is to add more to your load of life by working harder or more, then add more load… Its a lot like a weightlifter at the gym. In order to get the gains he’s looking for, sometimes he has to add an extra heavier weight in order to keep growing. It may be unpleasant for the time being, but it will have a great rewards later on. Plus, it’s better than having your situation get worse off later on by doing nothing.

The idea of this entry is to inspire others to push past your difficulties by working and fighting hard through them. Remember that perseverance is the key as well as endurance alongside of it. If you have to go through some hardship at first with the promise that it could get better later, then be strong and courageous. Let me be a good example to everyone that even though I know that it’s going to be a ton of hard work on top of me as well as a lot of discomfort with my health, I’m going to get out there and do the best that I can to try to improve my situation and accomplish the goals that I have for me and my family. Yes there is no place like home, but Heaven is mine and while I’m here in Oz, I’ll try to make it work.

Even if you are in a different situation, the lesson in my article is that hard times end if you do something about it. Whatever your situation may be similar or not, you have to always try the very best that you can. And sometimes you have to do a little better than your best. It’s only through that experience that you find your own strength and what your truly capable of handling. A lot of people think they can’t handle very much. They say themselves out of doing this or that or in times of hardship they freak themselves out thinking that theres nothing that they can do to fix it. As I always tell my kids, there’s nothing in life that can’t be fixed. And even if it doesn’t, at least you know that you tried.

I hope to inspire you to also do the same.

If anyone is wondering as to whether I’ll still have time for my business and working with all of you, please just keep in mind that even though I’ll be a lot busier with more on my plate, I’ll still be working when is very same work hours as I do now. I start working at anywhere from 9 PM to 11 PM and my work hours and then this line of work, at 6:30 am. I do healings and prayers until 8 o’clock in the morning. My little ones then get up and I use the daylight hours to spend time with them and educate them. I’ll run some errands for my business late in the afternoon, do some administrative work, and make products from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The kids go to bed at 8 or 9 after their bath, make believe time and their bible study. I take a break for an hour and start readings again. Keeping that in mind, I will just have to take a few days to find another position. So I’ll still be available. I know that I can do this! Wish me luck in my search. I’ll keep you posted.

Contest Winner & New Challenge

My beloved followers! A few things to read this week. I posted another notice up on my spiritual services website if anyone wants to head on over there and read it, if you haven’t already. Here I want to elaborate a little bit on the scarecrow contest that I conducted back in October. I want to announce the winner end talk about a few things while I have the time.

For most of my contests, I usually have a pretty good number of contestants. I’ve done a makeover contest a few times, Plus other raffles that I’ve had on going on my spiritual services website. I still have them and I’m always happy to do them because it gives back to the people that support me whether through coming by and purchasing services, following me on social media and actively participating there by liking and commenting. I love when people have conversations with one another on my content. Anyhow I have had a variety of different prices throughout time end I’m sure that it’s helped at the winter out or at least got to enjoy it. This year, I wanted to do something a little differently by having a scarecrow contest. Autumn is a beautiful time of year because it’s closing out the hectic summer. Many people think summer is a time of having fun but for a lot of people it’s a lot of hard work. In Autumn, a lot of people get to wind down a little bit, going into the cold winter months ahead. Especially, for those that are in the northern United States and for all of us here in the North East. That’s true that the north east has a blend of unusual weather that often leaves us with cold bitter snow towards Christmas and day after. I can tell you from personal experience that I truly enjoy the fall because I know that I just had some time during the summer to explore outdoors and I know that in winter I won’t be able to do so as much.

The scarecrow is very symbolic. It represents a lot to those who view it spiritually. For farmers, a scarecrow keeps away predators that can harm the crop that they put their hard work into. Therefore to me, a scarecrow represents protecting one’s hard work from those that want to come along and destroy it. I wanted a contest to be that everyone made their scarecrow to represent something from their childhood. This was to be symbolic that those that feel threatened by anything in their lives that they’ve put their heart into, find protection in their purity in their innocence. And that’s why I chose this project. I didn’t get a whole lot of participants though

We had quite a few that emailed their results and as they were asked to, and a couple of members of my Facebook circle as well. Out of all of the entries I had to say that there were some who followed the instructions, and some who didn’t. There were others who really were greatly creative and some that blew me away. And so I would like to announce the three winners of the scarecrow competition for first, second and third places. I also am offering a free spirit choice reading to all participants of that contest. The prizes will be rendered to each of these winnersand participants by the end of next weekend. I’ll also describe why I liked each of these scarecrow entries.

First Place

My first place winner goes to a friend of mine named Isabelle. I was absolutely blown away with her theme because she stuck to the idea of the contest. It’s a magical little fairy scarecrow and it was made completely out of all natural resources such as plants. It being that she constructed this out of nature really showed her originality and that she really came from a place within herself to make it. She had a lot of Spirit but find her idea and so she wins the grand prize.

Second Place

The second place winner goes to my friend Toby who was really light on resources because of her life on the road. Keeping it in mind that I did say a person could make it from a few inches to a few feet tall and with anything they could find, I think she did a pretty adorable job putting this little guy together. I think it was very original and it showed a lot of love just in the fact that she threw something together just to be a part of what I was doing which shows support and that’s definitely a winner to me.

Third Place

My third-place winner is the author, Ena Whiteraven. You can find her writing at Superlative Deviation. I hope you enjoy her writings. I gave her third place because a lot of her young adult years were spent learning spiritually. In that, she learned a lot through Metatron‘s teachings with me. She put together her scarecrow from a cardboard cut out but the fact that the idea was original because she made it into the Vitruvius man, was really unique. I thought it deserved recognition and a prize personally. It showed that throughout her younger years whether a child or young adult, the one thing that really stuck with her magically was everything that she had learned in her spiritual journey. She even included the chakras in white to show enlightenment and creating this out of little material while still having it speak tons, was really impressive.

Thank you & Next?

Thank you to everyone who participated for the scarecrow contest. The prizes will be provided for by the end of next week. It’s really nice because the winner gets a $100 gift card prize to go to word Thanksgiving dinner or whatever it is that they need to use it for. But what is next? I want to keep these contests going to keep people motivated and inspired and so our next contest is going to be running for several months because you’re gonna need time.

The next contest…

The next contest is to do something amazing for someone out there the rules go as follows:

You have to be creative in finding something selfless inclined to contribute to someone or a cause. You have to have a picture to show proof of this. And you have to submit your deed and photo proof by March 10 of 2022. You can feel free to save the photo posts below, as a reminder. This is to help everyone feel motivated to still act in the form of light and love. Lately everyone has been feeling down and hopeless and sometimes it does a world of wonder not only for someone else, but for your self to do something kind. The winner will be judged upon how wonderful their deed was as well as the creativity put into it. There can only be one winner this time and the prize includes:

Grand Prize

In the grand prize winner is the only winner. There is no second or third place. One lucky person who has put in the effort to help me spread the word will win a $150 gift card, a free VIP membership for one year to my website, an Angel Reading and spirit goody box. I would also like to write a post about it for this website to inspire other people about what the winner had done in order to help someone or something else out there. Let’s get back on track with trying to spread positivity.

Shaping a Virtuous Family: Part One

“Gold is the color of friendship, divinity, joy, clarity, and strength. Family should be led entirely on these things”.

Alura Cein

If you are trying to have a good family, then applying the virtues is also a good way of ensuring a happy family life. Divinity should always be the foundation of your family life because is from the divine that your values and morals are rooted. Some of them include having mental clarity, strength, perseverance, endurance, love, charity, humility, generosity, patience and understanding.

Courage with divinity as your inspiration, should be your motivator at all times to walk your pathway as a family in those virtues. That is because it takes courage to begin with, to always exhibit many of you have endured time and time again that one family member that incessantly gets on your nerves? Come on, every family has one. Think about the typical American family. I’ll provide for you an example of a family that I once knew.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your own family, friends family, or your in-laws. It takes a great deal of strength to have to persevere through the ups and downs that each individual relative will bring. I have taught my students time and time again that you can’t make people be, as you want them to be. You can only hope but you can’t expect. Having expectations means that you have conditions.but as you know love it’s truth for must be unconditional. However, it is very hard to cope with relatives that sometimes don’t make it as easy as they could.

There are all different types of characters in a family. Many people in the family will have disagreements and bump heads. Right now at the moment in the world, families are very estranged during these days due to technology. Like I’ve taught my students many times before, being alone and isolated while looking at social media all of the time tends to draw a person into a self-absorbed bubble. Many times a relative may be calling them from another room and they’ll snap at them in response, because they don’t want to be bothered. They’re alone in their own thoughts and drifting into them so much so, that they’d rather stay there than be bothered with reality or every day life. They don’t want to be bothered by even their own loved ones.

There are a lot of times that there is a lack of patience even with parents in their parenting. I have toddlers myself, and so I find myself teaching other parents that it’s important to have perseverance and patience. Children are learning and their attention spans are very short. You’ll tell the child know about something one minute and they listen as you explain “why” and then they will stop, only just to go right back to doing it a few minutes later because they forgot what you said before. They have to have constant redirection. For change and growth, your thoughts need that same redirection. And that’s because just like children who need to be redirected and patterned, for a new way of thinking you have to have the same method. But alas, while I patiently guide my children over and over again even in the same situation hundreds of times a week, other parents wouldn’t be able to handle that. They would have yelled at them or disciplined them the first time, rather than gently explaining why they shouldn’t touch some thing or get into something. Authority only creates fear though. Love and wisdom and creates compassion and gentle kindness.

I think relationships are also very difficult. Men and women often have very different minds. Women think with their hearts whereas men think logically. Women are more intuitive rather than men who are realistic and do things according to what’s proven and is known to work. There are a lot of times when women really want affectionate moments of love and compassion, but their significant other doesn’t know that they need to provide it. There are many times they don’t even know when is a right time to provide it. Women are very complicated creatures that’s for sure . And that’s because of their emotions which create a lot of insecurities. It’s the same even in same-sex relationships as well. There are a lot of times that one person is more passive whereas the other is more aggressive. Unbalanced, these two different personality types are going to get into a lot of arguments. Still relationships are complicated as a topic just by itself. Siblings often have a lot of rivalry or competition too. There are a lot of reasons as to why siblings argue and fight.

Whether it’s your own family that you live with or your in-laws… There will always be someone who is to directly spoken. There will always be that one person that’s too much in your business. There will always be that one person that has the ability to help but doesn’t want to. Then there will always be that one person that wants to help even though they can’t. There will be relatives that sparked rumors and deny them. There will be relatives that start rumors and admit to them while putting you down in your face. There are many who don’t want to put up with each others issues and so they throw their hands in the air easily. Then there are relatives that just stay away all together, so that they don’t have to walk away at all. In any case whether you have wonderful relatives or difficult ones, it’s still remains the same that there will always be hard times and good ones in a family. There will be great moments of joy end of suffering. But the foundation of family life should always be anchored into the teachings of heaven. If you apply the virtues you will get along with your relatives, and you’ll be guaranteed a much better life and relationship with them. This means being forgiving and patient with them when they’re going through difficult times. This also means to be patient and listen when they speak as they may not always come off great way the first time. It also means to help when you can and always put in 100%.

Someone always told me that I was too loving and too forgiving. Well that’s the idea of applying heavens teachings! As an angelic I wear my heart easily on my sleeve and I always give people repetitive chances. That’s because I know that in time with love, and a good person standing by them, anybody has ability to change. The change takes time.

I’ve also been told that I allow a lot of people to walk all over me.I’ve been told that instead of just going a mile with my family members, I often go 10 miles. But isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for your family? This is how everyone should be toward one another family or not. Jesus or as I call him Yeshua, was a great teacher. He taught that if someone asks you to go a mile, then you should go two. If they ask for your coat, they take it off, give it to them plus the undergarment to. You can’t just tell somebody to keep warm and not offer them a coat or to tell them to keep dry in the rain and not give them an umbrella? What I’m saying is that you have to go 100% in when it comes to family.

Today’s family is full of relatives who put everything on one another. They feel that this is one person‘s job or that it belongs to another. When asked to do anything they often get an attitude and easily irritated. And again that’s because of social media and how easily everyone is slipping into earthly patterns and habits in life. Remembering to be virtuous would create the attitude of telling the person asking for help that they’re happy to do so and that they’re there to accommodate them with whatever else that they need. That’s being loving. Not to argue the point or to deny that it’s their job at all, even if it’s not. Yes, offering to do it anyway shows family support. But yet it’s hard for family members even do simple tasks for each other anymore. If it cuts into their time or energy or even their financial pocket, family doesn’t really want to stand by their relatives anymore. But a loving family would. They would give their last five dollars to help their relative, and they would rush out to assist them when bringing in groceries or carrying of laundry, even if it had nothing to do with them at all. Or if they are vacuuming their own bedroom, to run the vacuum through the whole house for everybody. These are a little things that mean the world to the people that you live with believe it or not. Even if someone else has trash duty and you see it sitting there, just pick it up and throw it out. It doesn’t really matter whose job it is great if you see it and you know the persons not there or they’re busy, help them out. Families don’t want to work together though. And that’s why it takes a great deal of courage and strength to restructure your family based upon the golden rules. The most infamous golden rule is that of, treat others as you would wish to be treated. That means always keeping in mind that whatever you’re going to say, that you should ask yourself if it is something that you would feel hurt by? Some thing that you’re about to do, ask yourself if it is something that would agitate you? The golden rule really helps in keeping stability in families. It takes a lot of courage to do so. Of course you’re going to have a little bit of a rift while trying to gain cooperation. But once everything comes together in terms of everybody playing an active role in the family, you’re going to see such a major turn around.

Family will act loving, and help each other out when needed. To be forgiving of their shortcomings (even if horrible at times), and to not speak badly about one another behind each others back will create peace. Listening to your relative when they have something to say and to hold off on arguing also helps and shows concern and consideration. You should make it a point to make their feelings and thoughts valid but also explain a little bit more deeply on where you’re coming from at the same time. All of these things would make life easier in the path of a family life.

Pay attention to the joys over negative things that happen in your family. Focusing too much on the hardships will create depression and everybody in the family will feel it. If even one person in your family feels depressed, their mood and character will change because of it. Everybody will feel it…believe it or not. Try to stay upbeat and talk things out instead. Focus on the positive things in your blessings. If there are hardships in the family, sit down and talk about it as a family. If you’re having difficulties with each other, sit down and talk about them too. Allow each person to speak without cutting in, or getting offended. Try to see from their perspective and stand point. Feel what the other person is saying. If they say something that seems offensive, ask what they mean. More than likely, how they’re saying it isn’t how they mean to come off. A lot of people when expressing themselves don’t always know how to word it right the first time. Give them a chance to explain. Pray together pray together as a family too. When two or more pray for the spirit of God, it’s more present. I’m sure many of you have heard that saying too. It is true. All of you together being happy and upbeat, working together with compassion and love, and thinking virtuously with God on your mind, can create a positive cloud of consciousness in your environment together.

Another thing is that you have to show your family that you love say that you care about them and leave them all alone to work through things when they get into a pickle. You can’t tell them that you care about them and not help them when they’re asking is because we thing is inconveniencing you. If you love your family, and then they come first. I mean if you head situation I feel bad about not being able to help at all. But if you know you could do it. Your family will always remember the kind things that you do for them. Don’t think that it’s not your job to do this or it’s not your business. Always remember that everything that all of you do in a family, affects one another too. Even if you can’t see it clearly.

Believe me, everything that each family member does, comes back into the household eventually. Help one another without pride.

Help them out from your heart and even when you don’t feel like it. help them even if they have been jerks to you in the past, having denied you help when you’ve asked. It doesn’t matter what anyone does or doesn’t do for you. Humility is about being compassionate, and generous without anything in mind to expect later from it. You may not get their help the same way from them in return. But heavenly father sees your actions from his post beyond this world. He will always reward you in the way that you need most in your life. Only… your life may be too preoccupied or busy or loud for you to see those blessings in your life. Look for his grace in every day life around you. God does help you in mysterious ways, and even in the direct ways that you especially ask for. Being virtuous and loving, considerate, compassionate, and helpful, that is the way to a happy family.

I wish you the best of luck in trying to restructure your family based on the virtues. It isn’t easy and you may not find a lot of cooperation from everybody to begin with, but it’s worth a try. You also have to keep in mind that perseverance is going to be one of the biggest Virtues that you’ll need for this. And that’s because even for those that do give it a try, you may find that they fall backwards over and over again. It’s all about just showing them a better way with lots of love, so that the love is enough motivation by itself to keep them wanting to continue to help you build.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


It’s deeper…

This will now be in a shadowbox frame on my wall.

I was thinking deeply lately and
alongside of my posts on my social media for my mystical work psychic readings and spiritual teachings, I’ve decided that I’m going start using the pages as a diary of sorts too.

So here it goes.

In this line of work it is very difficult to maintain level of positivity merely because I absorb the sadness of others. I am not just an ordinary teacher. As an angelic Oracle I walk the path with them. I go through what they go through with them, so that I can understand them even more when I help them. That’s some thing a person cannot fake. They feel the realness of it because when they come back to me they can feel that I just know and understand. Other teachers just teach merely thinking that their students have to take in what they’re giving, but I don’t do that. I give them what I have according to who they are uniquely and individually, but pertaining much to the truth. This helps them understand the light according to their own Thor. There would be no other way for me to ever get the message through them to show them how they each would understand they have them selves. But to do that as an Oracle and an angel, I have to take in their sufferings and their good times too. It’s not really all that easy at times.

I love what I do and I wouldn’t change any of that for the world and I don’t want anyone ever apologizing to me for any of it. I love every single person with all of my heart and I will walk to the end of the earth with all of you. But I know people have other doubts in there and different feelings toward me but even for those that have stepped away in the past I still even love all of you. I love what I do, and I wouldn’t change any of that for the world and I don’t want anyone ever apologizing to me for any of it. I love every single person with all of my heart and I will walk to the end of the earth with all of you. But I know people have had their doubts here and there and different feelings toward me, but even for those that have stepped away in the past I still even love all of you.

Still, life itself also brings darker shades toward my own personal life as well. Through the many lessons that each of my family members face for themselves individually, I treat it all just r hurt nurture it through time. While it grows the bees will sting, the bugs will bite… but at the end you’ll have a beautiful crop. The cultivation of such, takes great love. Therefore, I know that if it were to take many years, even in how some struggle and repeat mistakes, or for those who take it out on me… the kind and loving things that I say and teach will make all of the difference in the world for them permanently later on. Yes, enforcing change immediately is only but temporary.

Yet, it doesn’t change that yes I do go through it with them.When they’re down, I feel it. When they feel unloved or insignificant, then I feel that with them as well.

There are a lot of times that through this line of work I come across a rough situation or two but more so in my own personal face-to-face life, there are people that just don’t understand the way that I do things. I get questioned in regards to why I accept the people that I do in my life, or why I am so forgiving of their shortcomings when they hurt me. I know that I’ll never be as great as Yeshua but the one thing that I can definitely say is that I relate. He is a wonderful teacher. And the answer to a lot of those questions get back to you excepting people that were in need of love because he knew how powerful love is and that those are the people most help. He said: “It’s the sick people who need doctors”. And he’s right. If I myself this perfectly, then why would I want to only be around other people who act perfectly? I’m not here for that. It’s hurts that they don’t understand that I AM love.

I’m here to be a good example to others in how they can be better people. Sometimes it takes a lot out of me to do so, because there are moments in my own life where I feel down or I want to cry. It’s like being wise, I know that people are going to make their own mistakes and do what they choose, regardless of what I teach them. But when they fail themselves, I feel like I failed them and I wonder why it was hard for them to apply what I taught them or the heavenly perspective.

Then, there are these moments when a lot of all of those emotions are channeled thru the intimate ties that I’ve made with the beautiful people that I have come to work with, and I need just a little bit of something to bring me back up. It said those moments when I needed the most that things like this come in the mail. Beautiful letters from people I’ve actually helped because they actually get it. They understood a lot of things that others couldn’t create of course there are other students that are like them, ascending and awake, but it’s just knowing sometimes directly from them how much I’ve made that impact in their life and continue to… That really continues to provide me the hope that I need to continue doing so.

Today I received three cards all at once. I already knew that I was going to be getting them because I had a few visions last week of the same articles, a cheetah, and a camera. I went out and bought this background paper that I was going to use for some other things related to projects that I’m working on. But there was one piece of that paper that I saw that I really had no other use for them to make into a pretty wall hanging. I knew that I was going to receive some really cute stuff that I could add to it for the picture. What was inside the guards was truly moving and really made me cry a lot out of happiness.You see, when a person can write to me using my own quote then elaborate on it through what they’ve learned within themselves in their own life, that’s when you know that you’ve done a good job. And in the cards that I received I can see that these three students really learned a lot and I can be more proud. They really made me feel so good about myself too, because I know that I’ve provided hope and growth to them in the kind words that they’ve added to the expression of what they’ve learned in their journeys.

I just wanted to use his time to say that all of the positivity really helps. I’m so happy that many of you out there have found yourselves and even though you’re still seeking a little bit here and there, I am always proud of you through the ups and downs all of the way and that I’m here beside you every step.

Blessings: It’s the people not the outcome

After moving into this house, we realize that there were a lot of things wrong with it. My father didn’t like it because it was far to open in the backyard. He was a military guy and so having a yard exposed to a main road with a shady store behind it, and no fence for protection really bothered him. He really didn’t like the layout of the house either. He was a particular guy.I always understood my father and the things that he said because I always try to visualize and relate, going into another person when they’re speaking rather than just only listening. When he was dying he had me by him a Ryobi drill set. I thought it was a great gift but I wondered in my mind how he was going to use it since he couldn’t do much of anything anymore. And so I still bought it for him and in the back of my mind I knew he was going to give it to me. Finally, went Christmas came I handed him the huge box with the drill set in it. Right after opening it, he slid it right back to me. He told me: “Merry Christmas, you’ll be needing this”. It’s still bring steers my eyes when I think about it. He was right. I am both man and woman of the house. I have to always fix everything and this drill set really came in handy.

It’s true we had a lot of problems with the heater, back puff coming in through the ventilation system, and so many other issues overtime that I couldn’t fix. It was becoming costly and on top of many other things that I had gone through from the time that my father passed up until now, I realize just how much parents really do for their children. But it was my turn now, and I was excited to be the head of the household and provider. But admittedly, it was more to bite off than I could chew. Recently, our central air conditioning unit broke down. It was not so bad the first time that happened because it was not as hot, but it was still pretty humid. My mother and I pitched in together to pay for someone to come out and fix it. However, they weren’t honest and ended up ripping us off because they made us pay $300 for a part that isn’t even available for that particular unit anymore because of how old it is, plus $70 for the consultation and another $150 for the supposed labor of fixing it. It’s a shame what people will do to other people to earn a buck. And so while it was rigged to work for a little while longer in order to make it look as if it were fix for the time being, the air conditioning unit finally died on us. It’s called a single stage carrier unit and they were made from the 1960s into the 1970s. Unfortunately they don’t sell refrigerant or parts for it as much anymore these days. That’s just my luck LOL.

Looking into trying to replace it with even a better use one that actually still works, it’s too risky. The heating and air-conditioning technician said that it would be a waste of money to buy the same one because it would more than likely break down being so old anyhow. I suppose he’s right. Why would I want to spend $500 buying the same unit, only for the old thing to break down soon anyway? Asking him how much it would cost to get a new one, he told me and my mother that it would be anywhere from $7000, to $10,000. We have enough bills already, but we were desperate to put the air back on for the sake of my mothers health with her being elderly, and for the little ones.The heating and air-conditioning technician said that it would be a waste of money to buy the same one because it would more than likely break down being so old anyhow. I suppose he’s right. Why would I want to spend $500 buying the same unit, only for the old thing to break down soon anyway? Asking him how much it would cost to get a new one, he told me and my mother that it would be anywhere from $7000, to $10,000. We have enough bills already, but we were desperate to put the air back on for the sake of my mothers health with her being elderly, and for the little ones. It’s known that the very young and elderly as well, both have more of a chance dying from heat stroke than anyone else. Therefore, my mother and I tried to go for financing as he offered it. He went for the financing options for us, from the cheapest unit at $7870, to the second cheapest which was $10,341. If we didn’t get approved for those two options and it was obvious we would not get approved for any of the more costly ones. It’s known that the very young and elderly as well, both have more of a chance dying from heat stroke than anyone else. Therefore, my mother and I tried to go for financing as he offered it. He went for the financing options for us, from the cheapest unit at $7870, to the second cheapest which was $10,341. If we didn’t get approved for those two options and it was obvious we would not get approved for any of the more costly ones. And so after trying, we just gave up. I went out and bought my mom two fans that she could stick in front of her bed so that she could at least just lay in her bed and relax with the fans blowing on her all day. As for us, I did get a bigger fan for me and the rest of the family but it’s just blowing around hot air.

Looking at the situation, many people would be pretty angry at what they had to experience and go through. my eldest children were getting a bit agitated that’s for sure. I knew of a lot of people in the past that had lost their air conditioner in extreme heat, who had also gotten extremely irritable. But for me, I saw it as an opportunity for a great lesson to be acknowledged. It was a sign to teach my son appreciation and not to take the luxuries of today’s technology for granted. So I figured I would bring back some of the childhood summer fun activities that I used to do to keep cool and so I brought out some of the things necessary for the little ones to do. It wasn’t too bad. I figured I would put up a post about how people don’t have to look at bad situation always as if they are negative. There are positives so many things even if they involve some kind of suffering. And believe me we were suffering through the heat but I found more enjoyment in doing things with my babies then I would have been just staying indoors keeping cool. And trying to provoke that kind of inspiration, the post had inspired compassion as well. One of my students went and organized a little fundraiser for me to get some help.

This is a lie considering it varies from company to company and there’s always a catch.

I wanted to say first of all that I am extremely full of heartfelt gratitude that my friend Preston was compassionate and concerned enough that he started a go fund me to put in a new central air conditioning unit. We’ve been struggling over here with excruciating heat for a couple of weeks and the other day I was getting so faint I thought I was going to pass out. The little ones were crying and really agitated by the heat but we tried to do the best that we could by finding other means of staying cool. I wasn’t angry or upset and I certainly felt that all things happen for a reason. I have always appreciated that we had central air in this home. We moved here at the end of 2016.

Growing up I lived in a house that was over 200 years old and we never had any air conditioner. Not even the window kind. We were extremely hot all of the time and the smell of the old house is it in this heat it up really added to the discomfort. Even though this experience presently has been a painful experience to go through, we have had a lot of fun doing other things like water balloon fights, getting wet with the sprinkler or hose, getting the kids to swim in a kiddie pool, and also eating tons of freeze pops LOL

I wish things were affordable for every person.

The sun is a very difficult thing for me to bear with because of my psychic energy. I can’t even go outside at a certain time, let alone be in direct heat like that and so it was really hard on me for my work and for other visions that the heavens were trying to channel through. Seeing that someone tried to fundraise for me without me even having to ask, brought tears to my eyes because I don’t really have a lot of people in my physical life that care about me. I really feel bad about it though, because I know there are other people out there without air conditioner and I don’t feel any more important than they are. I wish that I had millions of dollars only to be able to fix everybody else’s problems. I would heal every single sick person, and provide a home for every homeless person if I could. I never wanted anyone to feel badly at the face that I am getting help and they aren’t . And so I hope I truly didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings by accepting the fundraiser.

The Outcome, and the real blessing

Doing some research I found out that the system itself is so old and it was all installed at the same exact time. That means that the ventilation system etc, is all from the 1970s. They are suggesting everything get replaced. I was looking at a lot of different prices and I found that it’ll cost $3000 or more just to have it all installed. Then the air-conditioning unit itself will cost about $1500-$3200. I figure I’m pretty much out of luck when it comes to replacing this thing unless by a miracle I end up getting enough money raised up to cover all of the costs. but in my heart I felt as though the real blessing was in the people. Sometimes it’s not really about having the entire situation figured out or fixed. The miracle comes in just the fact that there are people that care a lot about you and are willing to do anything to protect you and keep you safe. As I said, I don’t really have a lot of people in my own life that care about me. It’s just my kids and my mom left in my family really. It was more reassuring to see that people cared about the situation that I was going through, then actually having the problem repaired and getting out of this heat. I never really did ask for the help anyway but to know that people have the heart enough to come up with the thought of helping someone in their own mind, shows that there are really truly good people so left in this world. I’m very lucky that I have a friend who is always contributing it’s my life by means of helping me. I’ll never forget all of the wonderful things that that person does for me either. But just seeing my group come together as a family, really showed me that people that haven’t even met each other in person can still love each other even more so than blood relatives do that you spent your entire life with. And it also reminded me that even though my father may not be here anymore, that I’m not utterly all on my own here. The true miracle and blessings are found in the people that I have in my life and the fact that they are beautiful souls at that.

I just wanted to say thank you to Preston personally for coming up with the idea for the fundraiser and for all of the people that contributed. If it continues, I’ll wait and see where it goes. If I ever get enough raised up to fix the central air conditioning unit and there’s some left over, I’ll kindly donate it to others that I know of that are having air-conditioning issues as well.